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    I don't understand what happened at this point. Did the reff called Tandara out for spiking over the 3 meter line? I thought her foot was way beyond the 3 meter line?

    It is possible. But the problem is, Brazil always has so many great duos, it is a very very tough competition and only 2 teams per country can make it.

    Last time I checked Brazil had 4 duos in the Top 10. And only 2 will qualify.

    Next OG cycle won't be any different. But will be interesting to watch their journey.

    I am rooting for them. Mari was the reason why I fell in love with international volleyball. Watching her downfall in 2011 was a heartbreaking moment for me. Hope she will do well in beach volleyball.

    Seems like it is a tough love from Guidetti to Ebrar. Maybe he believes so much in her, expecting so much from her, and he thinks she cannot deliver. Maybe Ebrar as OH is Gui long term plan for Turkey and Ebrar knows that. I don’t know. Just my opinion. Who knows what really happened.

    OMG just saw that Amanda is the new captain of SESC-RJ. From serve substitution to team captain - Amanda has came a long way. Just curious tho, is SESC gonna be playing with Amanda-Drussyla duo through out the season? Who are their other OHs?

    Thaisa doesn't have many friends in volleyball. I think she just doesn't care at all. She rarely goes to their birthday parties or weddings.

    I have read about this somewhere else. too. But back in 2010 - 2011 she was really close to Mari.

    Thaisa and Daroit were in a heated moment during the 5th set but they hugged it out in the end. It was an intense match and although it is not acceptable, but the trash talking in understood. It was nice to see them hug it out for a moment there. Nice touch from them.

    But I see that Thaisa didn't hug or kissed Garay and Walewska. Maybe I am just looking into it too much.

    but now that fe tome and ellen are injured, they depend on bjelica as OH even more...

    i noticed that too, jaque is always pointing fingers at her teammates... sheesh, she's not the coach.

    Jaque has been annoying for me. She is way over her head. She acts like she is the best player that can do no wrong most of the times.

    Osasco is in big trouble. Having non-functional OHs with a setter that plays mostly on the wings is a huge disaster. Roberta really needs to step up her game. If Fabiola or even Juma out played her this season, she might be kissing Tokyo 2020 goodbye.

    That's weird. I remember Lucarelli was not part of last year's WCH because his club did not let him go. Thaisa has been denied by Osasco a few years ago too (in a smaller competition), among other examples...

    Also, almost 10 players refused to play in Brazil NT this year. I do not think any of them got any suspension. I had never heard about that.


    Men or women?

    AFAIK, clubs are obliged to let players go for NT competitions, and there even is a fixed date for when they have to let them go, I think it's 14 days before the start of the competition. The license of players "belongs" to the federation, so if Turkey summons Neriman to NT there is no way her club can not allow her to go. Well there is a way, they could threaten to cancel her contract, but it would be ethically waaaaay wrong.

    The same thing happened in the men's side. Lucarelli was not allowed by his club to play for the NT back in 2018. Which was a blessing in disguise because Douglas got to shine and snatched the Best OH award. :box::box::box: