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    Regarding Bia, she just had a bad season playing with Fabíola and now her connection with Roberta is completely garbage, which is funny considering they're a couple irl lol

    Jaque hasn't played in months, so I'm not sure if she'll be able to help much. She was still better than all the OHs that are currently in the team in her better days. She still wants to be with the NT though, so that's something.

    Really? I don't know that. I thought Bia was with Suellen or did I got that information wrong? LOL

    I love Roberta since she took over Rexona from Courtney Thompson but I always think her connection with the middles are a bit off. Out of all the MBs I can say Adenizia is the one that fits her sets very well (if we are including Juciely) and that is a little bit of a reach. And that is where Dani Lins will shine over her because Dani Lins can sets her middle very well - back when Thaisa and Fabiana were guarding the net. Let's see if Dani Lins can keep up with the new waves of new generations MBs. I know she used to play with Ade and Bia so I think it wouldn't be problem for her.

    It's the same squad that played throughout the preliminary phase. The only change is Jaqueline (as OH) in for Drussyla, as she got injured earlier.

    I dunno if Jaque is an upgrade from Drussyla but the outside wings don't look good on Brazil right now. I love Brazil but it will be hard for them to win.

    And I rewatched most of the matches, I am curious is something wrong with Bia? She changed her approach for her a and b quick, approaching the ball with one leg jump like she is doing her slide attacks.

    I always thought Sato is going to be the next Sano. if you look at the way she moves in court anticipating attacks, she is so quick on her feet - reminding me of the legendary Sano. and back then when they have Miyashita and Sato on the back court, the ball barely touches the floor; just like when Takeshita and Sano were guarding the back court back then.

    floor defense is Japan's identity. with this new coach, it seems like everything goes missing. they barely defense, and their attacjing is so and so. i have not been convinced that this new coach is going to take Japan to the next level, or even close to the 2012-2015 Japan.

    And Haruka Miyashita is one of the best floor defenders in the world!

    please bring this Japan team back. I miss their high flying full on defense and fast and powerful attacking. long gone were the days of Kimura, Ebata, Sakoda - the best triangle Japan I have ever watched. now every single position is almost a down grade. the liberos are so unimpressive. the setter is nothing special. i need Miyashita back as soon as possible.

    Japan has a very strong young players and it will be good for them in the long run. I hope they can finally step up to the same level as their women who seems to be going down a little bit. The departure of Kimura is really felt. I have high hopes for these generation of young player. Hope they can play more games together and improve more.

    Otake did well last year on World League. That was the moment I fell in love with the Ishikawa-Yanagida-Otake. I wish Japan will utilize him more. Nishida is a great surprise but Otake can be lethal weapon, too.

    Anyway, who is his dad & sister? This is new info for me.

    Yamauichi is my fav of the two starting MB. He seems like a warm person on court. Fuji used him very well. In fact, Fuji uses his MBs very well. Is Fuji the startting setter? Japan always favor their setters short, it seems. :lol: :lol:

    If Ishikawa is injured, I hope he will be fulky recovered in time. I need my dosage of Yanagida-Ishikawa duo. Isn't it right that Ishikawa & Yanagida are both playing abroad next season?

    With Nishida on the rise, Otake is no longer needed? I think his height is his advantage.

    What happened to Ishikawa anyway? I have been waiting for the Ishikawa-Yanagida duo since last year's World League. This duo worked really well together.

    Is Yamauchi the usual starter MB? He improved a lot this year compared to WL 2017.