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    Japan has always have special place in my heart. Brazil will always be my #1 favorite, but Japan comes close. Watching Japan plays is another type of excitement you can only get when you see their crazy defensive skills. Japan is no powerhouse when it comes to hitting, but everyone who loves volleyball knows when it comes to floor defense, Japan is on another level. I think the fact that they are shorter than all the other girls forced them to work on their defense floor more. some people say they wish Japan has taller players. i say, no. because their size is actually their advantages when it comes to floor defense. look at russia. they are almost, if not more than 2m, and they move like snail on court.

    japan has given me some of my all time favorite players. the legendary kimura who was one of the best all around players of all time. the best thing about kimura is her attitude on court. she never shows arrogance, always humble, and smiling. and during her last years on court, she was like the big sisters to the younger players. even when she was no longer on her glory days, she often rose to the occasion when needed. her floater serve is just amazing to watch and her defensive skills is always entertaining. kimura, ebata, sakoda, and the iconic takeshita and sano made me fall in love with Japan NT even more.

    these young players, especially this new Olympic cycle, is quickly caught my attention. the team on the Rio Olympic cycle lacked something, I don't know what. but i lost my interest watching them. but this Grand Prix team brought back the is nice to see Koga finally playing like that future star that she is destined to be. she is much, much better this time than the last cycle. Ishii and Shinnabe always provide the support system that the team needs. I might be bias but Miyashita is my favorite setter of Japan. I hope she will step up her game. her defensive skills are amazing but she lacks precision and connections. but when she gets it right, she gets it right real good.

    kinda funny as well that i also fell in love with japan men nt recently because of their performance in world league. yanagida, yamauchi, otake, and fuji caught my attention. and of course my japan favorite boy, ishikawa, these new generations of players, both men and women, seems promising. i am excited to watch these two teams in more tournament after this.

    Btw, I guess there are some changes in the roster of Turkey, Seems like Gamze is not playing the 2nd week, she posted a picture where she thanked the Ankara crowd and already wished luck to the girls. Maybe she is in maybe not. Özgenur is for sure in, she wasnt last weekend so is Dicle too, that mean she got the place of either Beyza Kübra or Asli.

    Btw, I guess there are some changes in the roster of Turkey, Seems like Gamze is not playing the 2nd week, she posted a picture where she thanked the Ankara crowd and already wished luck to the girls. Maybe she is in maybe not. Özgenur is for sure in, she wasnt last weekend so is Dicle too, that mean she got the place of either Beyza Kübra or Asli.

    Kubra is one of the most annoying player on court. Her face looks like she smells something bad all the time. And her attitude is off-putting. I wish she will jave a chance to go face-to-face with Rahimova and let Rahimova teach her how to be rude on court. She is not that good of an MB too. Her killing skills is average but her blocking skills. OMG. SHE IS SOOOOOOO EFFING SLOW. If I were playing against her I will be playing fast tempo attack all the time or combination play. That girl cant move quickly.

    I found the solution for the country restriction on YouTube. I can't watch it live tho, only replay. I will search the match on Google, typing full name of the match such as World Grand Prix 2017 Japan VS Netherlands, then the first option will be the FIVB video. I click on it and it will open the YouTube page and of course it wilk show the "blocked in your country" notification. Then comes the trick: on the url bar, change the word "youtube" to "youpak". Such as www. youtube. com/jsgaibdie to www. Youpak. Com/jsdhsjw then voila! I get to watch the remarch in all its glorious HD!

    So there will be no replay video on FIVB YouTube channel like they did for World League. Why?????

    PS Thailand VS Japan is always a pleasure to watch. These players always give all out defensively. It is interesting to see the battle of two future stars of each NT, Ajcharaporn from THA and Koga from JPN. I always like Ajcharaporn. I watch her during SEA Games and she was unstoppable. She has incredible jumping height and fire power. And Koga is playing much better it seems. She is definitely going to fill in Kimura's shoes perfectly.

    I don't have high hopes for Brazil this year. Their team seems underperforming although they won most of the matches they played so far. Especially without Gabi and Juciely around. Gosh, how I miss the Gabi-Nati duo.

    I just feel like the team is not up there with the standard of Brazil. I know they are young and new and most of them are playing on Senior NT for their first time but I don't remember Mari, Paula, Jaque, Sheilla, etc this green. I don't understand the deal with Rosamaria. She seems a bit over-rated for me. Natalia is not performing like she used to on Turkey. Carol is getting her rhythm on attacking. Tandara, as much as a beast that she is, she needs to lose some weight. Don't give me crap about she is beautiful just the way she is, this is highlyu competitive sport we are talking about. Roberta is inconsistent although I like her game play.

    I don't expect much from them this year. Maybe next year they'll get better.

    It seems like Serbia has the best line-up of middle blockers as for now.

    I wonder where is Gabi and Juicely? Why are they not playing?

    Seems like everything is over-estimated.

    USA has a long road ahead of them. Alisha Glass is retired. Hope Lloyd can fill in her shoes and be able to play fast tempo attack like Glass. And, hopefully her connection with USA main scorer, Akinradewo, can be established better.

    Karsta Lowe also retired. Meh, don't really care about her though. I don't understand why Kiraly insisted on pushing her as main starter while she has been underperforming all through her seasons. Even Fawcett is 10000x better option. (Well, if Hooker is on the team, that is a whole different story).

    The golden triangle of Ishikawa-Nagaida-Otake is amazing. In a weird way it reminisce me of the Brazilian women NT golden triangle in 2008 of Mari-Paula-Sheilla. These Japanese players looks like high school students, imitating Haikyuu to the extreme I must say. HAHAHAHA. Cannot wait to see how these kids will perform in Tokyo 2020. With Otake current performance, I won't be mad if Shimizu is no longer the starting OPP.

    Also kudos to Fuji the setter. He always knows where to set so his wing spikers can have a blast. And the connection with his MBs is completely amazing. I don't follow Japanese volleyball league so I wonder how does he establish the connection with those MBs. I think Yamauichi will be one of the tops MB in the world in few years time.

    I think the problem with Natalia now is that she has to re-adjust with the Brazil style of volleyball -- fast tempo offence. In Fenerbahce she was given mostly high balls because her jumping height is insane and she can kill really high ball with her hard spike. I just wish Coach Ze will allow her to play high ball because she is really efficient that way.

    Natalia is filling in Mari Steinbrecher's shoes very well, having being able to play both OH and OPP position very well and can kill high ball. Hope Gabi will step up to the plate to become the next Paula because she has the jumping ability. She just need to be very smart with her target placing like Paula. Brazil need another Mari-Paula duo since the block is getting faster and taller.

    I really hope Coach Ze will not develop any problem with Roberta. Compare to Naiane (which is also a good setter) she has a better prospect. Roberta and Naiane will be another Dani Lins - Fabiola battle to fill in the starting place. Unless Macris slays everyone out of the blue.

    Japan's serves are insane. They are putting a lot of pressure of Turkey's passing and to make it worse, Turkey's OHs are being inconsistent with high balls.

    The triangle of Nagaida, Yamauchi, and Otake is doing amazing.

    The referee made some really bad call, especially that carry that he called on the Turkish player on serve-receive. I thought overhead receive is legal in any form for receiving serve?

    I have a question, if the USA had a league similar to other leagues would they be able to draw foreign players to play here?

    i think for the first few years it will be hard because they have to establish the league first in order to attract sponsors. i am sure it will be a competetive one but players don't really think about competetive league without reasonable salary - which only come from good sponsors.

    Well her international career has lasted 2 sesons, and not one of them has been as good as everyone expected judging from her 2015 Grand Prix performance..

    agreed. she was nothing special. there were a lot of buzz surrounding her debut but she didn't live up to the expectation. shame that coach karch chose this girl over the killing machine that is destinee hooker. i would have brought fawcett instead.

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    anyone knows where Nootsara Tomkom will be transferred to next season?
    It was said she will take one year break due to personal reasons. I am happy that Lyod came but Nootsara is a great setter and she shouldn't be sent.

    Nootsara said she was very tired after playing a season in Turkey. Europe has longer league and continuous tournament and it took its toll on her. There are talks in Thailand that she is focusing on Olympic Qualification to help Thailand go through to Tokyo 2020 and will be retired afterwards. I don't know if she will be able to make it to Tokyo. Her understudy, Pornpurn, is coming on her own.

    do you know how to download directly from their channel because i have been trying to download them but it said forbidden -failed. i have been using keepvid and tubeoffline to no avail. any other method i can use? i cannot use idm because my company's computer won't allow me to install any apps/ :down:

    Do you guys know which site I can download all the Group 1 videos? The FIVB site won't let me download their videos. Any other channel providing full coverage for Group 1?