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    Thank you for this input. But can you explain more on why Gabi's number is so far compared to the others?

    I miss MBH. She's super stable in receiving, digging, and setting out of system balls. She may not be the explosive attacker in her last season in Vakif but she sure did know how to contribute to the team.

    Frantti is not yet there but stats alone, she is okay. She's not shining because she's not the first choice in offense unlike in her former mid level team.

    MBH is definitely missed on Vakif. She might not be the best attacker but they have Gabi & Haak for that. MBH made things easy for Gabi in terms or receiving & covering the floor. I don't think as for now anyone can do what she did when she as there for Vakif. Gabi might be able to do it but they need someone who can share the burden of attacking with the opps and since no one has stepped up, she has to do it. I think her attacking stats is worse this season because like some user mentioned before she is doing double duty all over again.

    Frantti's stats is looking 😱