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    I don't understand, why aren't the World Rankings getting updated for teams that participate? Wasn't the intention of this new ranking system that every match should count? Even if FIVB doesn't consider this a major tournament, they should still be getting points for playing friendly matches. Otherwise, what's the point of these rankings if teams aren't getting points because FIVB doesn't like the competition? Remember that the world ranking will probably determine the teams that play 2026 World Championship again...

    Keep in mind that situation is very specific. FIVB had to find already verified host who can keep WCH at decent level of organization having only ~5 month to prepare it

    Yeah, but let's be clear: are we really supposed to believe that Serbia, Qatar or Turkey, who hosted LOTS of international basketball, Handball or even volleyball tournaments were not up to the task? Serbia just hosted the womens eurovolley past year. Turkey did so three years ago, and they also hosted the basketball world Championship, which require even bigger and better stadiums . And, most importantly, they applied by themselves, so clearly they wanted to host this world Championship. This is just FIVB's stupid "conservatism" again.

    And my problem isn't even with this specific case. My problem is that FIVB keeps awarding the major tournaments to the same group of 3-4 selected countries again, and again, and again, be it the World Championship, the Volleyball Nations League finals, the Club World championship. Whenever FIVB organizes something, you can be fairly sure that either Poland, Italy or Japan (and to a lesser extent Brazil) will be selected at least as a co-host.

    This just is not very good for the sport, and as the Eurovolley clearly tells us, there is a lot of potential for organizing big events in "smaller" countries, like France, Finland, Romania, or the Netherlands.

    Of course the FIVB is going to just host yet another tournament in Poland 😔 What an awful, shameful decision. The interest in hosting was huge. Australia, Qatar, Turkey, Serbia... But of course the FIVB chooses easy money over actually having to promote this event.

    It's ridiculous what the FIVB is doing, awarding almost all the tournaments to their 3-4 favorite countries. I mean, I'm not even exaggerating. Since 1998 the World Championships have been held in:

    1998 - Japan

    2002 - Argentina (the only exception on this list)

    2006 - Japan

    2010 - Italy

    2014 - Poland

    2018 - Italy

    2022 - Poland

    LITERALLY no other federation is doing this. If Basketball or eveb Handball, which is by far a smaller sport, can host World Championship tournaments in a wide variety of countries, why can't volleyball?

    Thank God at least CEV isn't afraid of giving the European Championships to smaller countries. It's clear that Ary Graca's FIVB would be fine with pretty much killing international volleyball in most of the world, as long as they'd get to leech money from the countries where it already is popular.

    The interest here in Poland is not really even that big this time around. I remember the excitement for WC 2014. Now even the major Sport news outlets don't great this as Important news. Most people just shrug and are like "oh, so we have yet another volleyball tournament. Cool."

    This qualifying through the world ranking is just :gone:

    It's even worse because of how horrendous the FIVB ranking is. For example, while the VNL playing teams got points with each match, the teams that played the European League got nothing. Also, the "strong" teams get points for World Cup, World Championship, Continental Championship, Continental Qualification, Olympic Games etc, while smaller nations can only get points by playing the Continental qualification. They aren't allowed to play VNL,,the continental equivalents do not grant ranking points, and real World Championship qualificaton tournaments just got scrapped by FIVB. It's a nightmare, but something in me tells me this was done on purpose.

    If this continues, the difference between top 15-20 teams and the other 180 nations will be horrifying in a few years.

    I don't mind it. It eliminates some pointless games and ensures (most) of the best teams will participate.

    It'll only really be impacted by those teams with inflated rankings... but hopefully that balances out.

    Just checked the rankings. Because of this system decent teams of Australia (rank 28), Finland (rank 33), Czech Republic (rank 46) Estonia (rank 47) or Venezuela (rank 58) may not even get the chance of playing the qualification tournament, not to mention the World Championship itself.

    Again, hats off to this Olympics for being the most unpredictable ever 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    The level of all teams which made to quarterfinals is incredible, Canada and Japan may have lost 0-3, but they were always very close to their opponents and can be proud of themselves, with some luck both they could have won at least 1 set.,

    Nearly 150 thousand viewers on the Thailand-Turkey livestream ::obey:I have never seen that for a junior competition (or any sports competition) before.

    I sincerely hope FIVB sees this and realizes how much fans and money the lost by switching to the subscription model