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    Madden has the same problem as FIFA. There's no competition on the market because EA bought all the rights. So the games are essentially the same each year, just as money grabs for the pay-to-win modes.

    I don't think EA would ever make a volleyball game though, it wouldn't earn them the same amount of money

    I mean, I kinda agree with the original poster. Volleyball is actually a VERY popular sport worldwide. Poland, Italy, Iran, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Russia, Serbia...the level of competition in both male and female volleyball is becoming better and better, so we also have totally new countries (like Slovenia) joining the scene.

    According to Google Trends, when it comes to popularity of Olympic Team sports during the last 5 years, only Football (obviously) and Basketball are bigger than Volley. People were generally searching for more info on volleyball than on Ice Hockey, Handball or even Rugby. look here

    I think if they developed a Volleyball game, it would actualy sell pretty well. I mean, if they find baseball or even NCAA games affordable, why not volleyball?

    And everything is clear. Latvia will make its second ever appearance at the Eurovolley (huge congrats to this team. I really enjoyed their style of play), while Spain, which reached the play-off stage in 2019 may not qualify at all. Everything depends on the result from other groups. Based on the 2019 Eurovolley qualification results, 12 points should be more than enough to be amongst the 5 best 2nd ranked teams, but we'll see.

    All in all, it was a pretty interesting group, despite Spain being the clear favorites. I'm personally very happy for Cyprus. Two wins and five points is a great final result for them, one that they'd probably accept no questions asked before the tournament started. Their team spirit was incredible, I think the atmosphere in the Cypriot team must have been fantastic. This was their first major tournament since 2017 and it's great they managed to perform well on their home soil. I think if they had a good budget to cover the expenses, they might actually become quite a decent team, the potential is definitely there, especially their block was outstanding. I hope this isn't the last we saw of this team.

    All in all, in these dark times, it was great to see some competitive senior men's volleyball again, even if the level was not really what I got used to after watching countless World/European championship matches. I hope the other qualification groups will be as exciting as this one.

    Day 6 results

    Spain 3-0 Moldova / sets: 25-19 / 25-22 / 25-23

    Latvia 3-0 Cyprus / sets: 25-15 / 25-21 / 25-23

    Final Standings:

    PlaceCountryPointsGames won-lost Sets won-lost
    1.Latvia124 - 214 - 6 (ratio 233.33)
    Spain124 - 2
    13 - 9 (ratio 144.44)
    Moldova72 - 4
    8 - 13 (ratio 061.54)
    4.Cyprus52 - 4
    7 - 14 (ratio 050.00)

    Spain wins 2 sets against Moldova and guarantees themselves a place amongst the top 2 teams in the group. Now the question is who will win it and qualify directly - Spain or Latvia. Latvia has, on paper, an easier task, since all they have to do is beat Cyprus, but the host team showed incredible motivation those last couple of days and I don't think this will be an easy match at all.

    Wow, who would expect this group to be so competitive? Spain was supposed to win this easily, followed by Latvia, while Moldova and Cyprus were supposed to be happy with every set they win. The reality turned out to be much different. It's only 1 leg to go, but we still have 3 teams that can win the group and qualify directly.

    After suffering yesterday's defeat, Spain beats the group leader. Since Spain managed to beat Latvia it was basically certain Cyprus lost all chances of qualifying and it was made clear when Cyprus lost 2 sets against Moldova. Still, today's win is another huge success for them. They beat two much stronger teams in a row. Hopefully this will give them the strength to play well against Latvia.

    Side note: I haven't seen someone get sent off the pitch in volleyball for a long time until today referee showed Bahov yellow and red at the same time :what:

    Day 5 Results

    Latvia 1-3 Spain / sets: 25-27 / 25-18 / 26-28 / 22-25

    Moldova 2-3 Cyprus / sets: 20-25 / 25-19 / 25-19 / 22-25 / 10-15

    Standings so far:

    PlaceCountryPoints Games won-lostSets won-lost
    1.Latvia93 - 2
    11 - 6 (ratio 183.33)
    Spain93 - 210 - 9 (ratio 111.11)
    3.Moldova72 - 38 - 10 (ratio 080.00)
    Cyprus5 2 - 3
    7 - 11 (ratio 063.64)

    Tommorow 2 final games will be played, both very important: Spain - Moldova & Latvia - Cyprus

    Another day, another disastrous result for Spain. I am really happy for Cyprus, that was one of the biggest surprises in recent memory.

    Cyprus' win over Spain means 2 things. First, Latvia has 3 points of advantage over the other teams and is now very close to qualifying to their 2nd ever European Volleyball Championship. Also, noone's officially out yet, remember that 5 best ranked 2nd placed teams also qualify. The difference between 2nd and 4th team is also 3 points which means that on paper even Cyprus could win both remaining matches and hope to be amongst the 5 best runners-up.

    Day 4 Results:

    Moldova 0-3 Latvia / sets: 22-25 / 17-25 / 22-25

    Cyprus 3-0 Spain / sets: 27-25 / 25-17 / 25-22

    Standings so far:

    PlaceCountryPointsGames won-lost
    Sets won-lost
    3 - 1
    10 - 3 (ratio 333.33)
    Moldova62 - 2
    7 - 8 (ratio 087.50)
    Spain62 - 2
    6 - 7 (ratio 085.71)
    4.Cyprus31 - 34 - 9 (ratio 044.44)

    Tommorow's matches will be very important, since Latvia plays Spain and Cyprus will play against Moldova.

    The first qualification tournament of group D has been completed. Originally, the qualification was supposed to follow the home & away system, but because of COVID 19 CEV decided to implement the qualification system they used before Eurovolley 2019. In each group there will be 2 tournaments hosted by one of the 4 participating countries. In pool D case, both tournaments will be hosted by Cyprus.


    Day 1

    Moldova 0-3 Latvia / sets: 10-25 / 21-25 / 20-25

    Cyprus 1-3 Spain / sets: 22-25 / 27-25 / 17-25 / 17-25

    Day 2

    Latvia 1-3 Spain / sets: 22-25 / 21-25 / 25-16 / 19-25

    Moldova 3-0 Cyprus / sets: 25-22 / 25-22 / 25-22

    Day 3
    3-1 Spain / sets: 23-25 / 25-20 / 25-21 / 25-19

    Latvia 3-0 Cyprus / sets: 25-17 / 25-16 / 25-11

    Overall, Moldova's win over Spain is the only surprise so far, but it was really unexpected, after all Spain reached eightfinals in the Eurovolley 2019. Spain seems however to be in a really bad shape so far, they even lost a set against Cyprus.

    Standings so far:

    PlaceCountryPointsGames won-lost
    Sets won-lost
    6 2 - 17 - 3 (ratio 233.33)
    Moldova62 - 16 - 4 (ratio 150.00)
    62 - 1
    7 - 5 (ratio 140.00)
    Cyprus00 - 3
    1 - 9 (ratio 011.11)

    I don't know, maybe they should keep the 24-team format for the women eurovolley and continue the male one with 16 teams? The girls' edition was an absolute success, here... the matches are boring as hell, even if teams like Romania ot Macedonia manage to win a set it's mostly because the favorite team loses concentration and starts slacking off (for example today's ITA - ROU match. The sets were : 25-14 ; 25-15 ; 23-25 ' 25-14. I think that says it all about the level of that match.) The only surprising result was Montenegro winning against Estonia, whereas in the Women EuroVolley we had already some surprises in day 4.

    It's also clear that nobody cares to watch these matches at all :( Look at the SVK - SRB match that takes place right now in Antwerp. One of the world's best team is playing, and Slovakia is no pushover either, yet there are like 100 people watching the game. It may be attributed to bad choice of hosts, but then again, Belgium, France and the Netherlands have quite big traditions in this sport, so I don't even want to think what would happen if a non-volley country would host this.

    Sorry for yet another rant, it's just I waited so much for these championship and actually was excited to have 24 teams participate, but so far it is just one disappointment followed by another.

    This championship is a huge disappointment comparing to the women's one :( Empty stadiums literally everywhere, even at host games, low quality of most matches, even weirder schedule than in the girls european championship, not to mention some weird, er, let's call them technical problems ( some weird sound issues at the Italy vs Greece game and, "pancakes" being declared as the reason of the video verification in some other group ( come on, I couldn't have been the only one who noticed that, right?)

    What's going on? I thought people in France, Slovenia and especially the Netherlands liked volleyball, why is the attendance so low :( ? Did CEV/FIVB get crazy with the ticket prices again?