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    Oh, and I have to say I was extremely disappointed in the lack of interest in Cannes :( Sure, it's hard to call Nations League a top-tier competition, but I thought after recent successes of their NT, and last year's amazing final tournament, people in France would be more interested than that :(

    So Bulgaria managed to win, and I think that with 3 wins so far they along with Canada are pretty much qualified for the next year's VNL, especially since they play on their home ground and are more than capable of beating Japan. I still believe Australia will be the team that's relegated this year. Portugal should beat China, I wouldn't be surprised if they got a 3-2 win against the extra-experimental Serbian team, and I think they'll have more points then AUustralia after this weekend.

    Great second set for Portugal :D Even one set against USA is a pretty good result for teams like that, and they keep fighting, so I hope they'll be able to win at least one more.. .They'll play home next week so I hope they manage to beat China, and who knows, with a little bit of luck they can even beat or at least get a point against Serbia, if they continue to play like they do.

    Someone said Kubiak was banned for 6 matches? What happened?

    They have not played against Iran yet, then drama already started? ^^

    He said some really disgusting stuff about people of Iran (someone posted that in Polish NT thread). To me the punishment is ridiculous, as it's only goal is not to punish Kubiak ( it was known a while ago that he'd only play the first week of NL) but to make sure he doesn't get a bigger punishment from FIVB.

    I'm happy for Portugal :D I was quite surprised how well they played today. I actually expected them to win some games, but I never predicted they'd win against Bulgaria :D Sadly, I feel like Australia is going to be the worst challenger team. Too bad, as they really made some progress, and even after this weekend, they deserved more than just 1 point.

    As I have heard some complaints over the years as to how Bulgaria (and no one else) fails to be a good organizer (by some wanna-be pundits only, of course, but still), with last year's WCH as the latest example, I now have to point out that USA and Brazil, two of the game's powerhouses, are playing in front of an iconic but empty Spodek Hall in Katowice. Nothing more to add, without aiming for a brawl in any way.

    Otherwise, 3 from Long Beach State's recent back-to-back collegiate champions start for USA (the setter Tuaniga, DeFalco, and Ensing). Tuaniga is doing great so far. I liked Ma'a more, to be honest, don't know what his form is or how he's been doing this year so far.

    I enjoyed watching the very young German roster today. There are some other promising players in VCO Berlin, for instance, and they should have bright years ahead. The most impressive performance so far today belongs, in my opinion, to Pouria Fayazi.

    According to FIVB's official stats, almost 6.000 in attendance at the USA-BRA game in spodek. Also according to FIVB, 420 fans in attendance at FRA-SRB game during 2nd group stage match in Varna at 2018 the World Championship.

    Personally, I don't think it's ONLY Bulgaria, but horrible attendance at both 2018 World Championship and 2015 European Championship, especially at the games played in Varna, is simply a fact.

    Poor Ruben Acosta :( First Graca & co. ruin the World League, now this. :(