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    Trying to move on:

    I do think it would be best for Naz to leave VakifBank just because I feel like VB won't help her grow as a player anymore or challenge her as a setter. Personally I believe she could become even better playing for another club now however I can see VB struggling big time if she decided to leave indeed.

    yes highly agree. She is the most consistent Turkish setter but VB simply has too much resources to buy the star attackers. By following the instruction of the coach and setting just moderately good will earn her the gold in all club level competitions. She has all the techniques of a world class setter but have too little chance to overcome adversity. So when she has much fewer attacking options, she couldn't help the team much. that makes her look like 2 completely different setters in the club and national competitions.

    But being the best setter in turkey, it makes no sense for her to receive a lower salary in order to challenge herself. And it makes no sense for VB, being the most resourceful cub of women volleyball, to let go the best local setter that do not occupy the foreigner limit on court, that they can choose as well.

    why so complicated? I am also a big fan of Zhu,
    but imo if you would like to show your appreciation or admiration to a player, do it, make a comment, that's fine. Why always act/speak like the world is under-rating your fav player or she is not fairly treated by the world/ the coach/the setter?? And make a "virtual" complain about this? that's really annoying.
    I think it is normal that fans would like to see other people showing respect to their favorite player(s) but one should have no complain if others do nth.
    For example, even if Boskovic is doing excellently and triumphed over Zhu, I would not say anything about her, that's normal. Why you would expect everyone think in the same way as you?
    Well, I think Zhu has definitely proven herself in multiple aspects already, and do not need any accreditation.

    I think JL refer to Jordon Laeson

    If the given game is first, it should be CNZ (Chang-ning Zhang) and JL (Jing Li).
    If the surname is first, it should be ZCN (Zhang Chang-ning) and LJ (Li Jing).
    Zhang Chang-ning's elder brother is Zhang Chen instead of "Chen Zhang" if the surname is first.

    If the given game is first, it should be CNZ (Chang-ning Zhang) and JL (Jing Li).
    If the surname is first, it should be ZCN (Zhang Chang-ning) and LJ (Li Jing).
    Zhang Chang-ning's elder brother is Zhang Chen instead of "Chen Zhang" if the surname is first.

    The most boring Ech ever......none of the team are playing at their optimal level, maybe Germany is closest to its best form. It's rare for me to find a 5-set match boring.
    For the individual awards, yes Kaliberda is playing good but I think Kovacevic deserved the award more as he really played a pivotal role in his team. Grankin is doing an excellent job except the final but Kampa is the second-most important factor in the complete turnaround in the semi, that I think he can be awarded the best setter.

    Though it seems irrelevant, I would give Ze Roberto the MVP.
    He was the only coach that makes every substitution with a reason and with an effect. We can see that he really made good game plans for his players.
    After the heartbroken defeat in the Rio olympic, he successfully leads his team to overcome the trauma and rebuild the team. [though sometimes I really think he benefited a lot from using many good players trained up by the even more legendary coach Fabi Natalia Juciely Gabi Roberta Drusylla Carol]

    Well, of coz she needs a team around her, one cannot play alone. But I can say that if she is in any of the top 8 teams in the world, then that team will be the favourite of the champion.

    The last time I saw that kind of saving match points with that clutch was during London Olympics Russia-Brazil quarterfinals match. Sheilla was practically on fire. :super:

    But Zhu Ting Jesus. What a monster performance. It didn't matter if they were out of system. :super: And they said she is not a good player. She needs a team around her. :whistle:

    I have to say Liu Xiaotong also did well during the serve. That was a great hold. I can only imagine the pressure on her. :drink:

    Any body playing or watching the match almost know at those critical moments, Zhu will be the only option of the Chinese setter. Blockers ready, back court defenders ready, but she is simply controlling the rhythm, jumping far higher than the blockers, powerful spikes that give no chance for diggers to react. Highly reliable, with such a player in the team, it is hard to believe that China would lose in any match.

    throughout the 6 matches, imho the most important player in Japan is Shinnabe! I dunno if I have missed some moments of the match but rarely can I find Shinnabe make a mistake in reception. She can defend in any of position 1,6 or 5 in the back row. She is almost the shortest OH (OP) in the world but she can still score effectively with her skills. If she is not there, the other 2 OS and the libero would never be able to ensure reception in such a high quality.

    I really don't understand why Simge is still here......can anyone tell what is her talent as a libero? not receving well not defending well not passing well and leaving some easy balls away

    yea! travelling time is not more than 3 hours from each city. Not to mention Hong Kong and Macau are 2 of the most generous hosts among the 9, above average accommodations are offered.

    Wooow, I just noticed that China is actually being host each week of this Grand Prix. First week was in Kunshan, the second in Macau and the third is in Hong Kong. Yeah the last two are autonomous territories but nevertheless. And even the Finals are in China so this must be the most comfortable Grand Prix for China ever even without big travels. :white:

    Guidetti is resting those who performed fairly (just fair but far from satisfactory) in Ankara, adding in some even worse players and bring them all to Macau.
    I wonder what the remaining squad can do. Apart from Ezgi, i have no hope on the remaining squad,

    Very often, when there are 2 groups of three playing for the semifinal spots, the team not playing in the first day will not qualify for the semi-final.
    I really doubt that Is it a fair schedule for the 3 teams.

    And watching the match, I cannot find an overhead screen broadcasting the match at the central of the field. I wonder what can those seating outside the central stadium know about the match? I think they may find it difficult to even follow the score, not to mention things like ball in/out , block touch...etc.

    Agree,they should be arguing that the ball touched the floor first before she touched the net. it's understandable that a coach would like to create a short break for his team who has just lose a point. I think you can protest everyone know your purpose, but not in such kind of manner. And from the replay I think Fatma touched the net first. Btw though they lose, Fatma do have a good game. And I hate simge's style of play, seems like she is always criticizing other players (for making some mistakes). Volleyball is a team sport, criticism should never exist on court.

    Sometimes I really do not understand why she can receive almost 60-90% of reception while Mihajlovic is only receiving not more than 10%.
    Isn't it a better tactic to serve more to Milhajlovic?
    Or the libero and Malesevic are that good to cover all the balls for her? What they are doing is not much different from doing 2-men reception?

    Serbia-Bulgaria 3-0 (25-12. 25-15, 25-14)


    Those numbers by Malešević :what: