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    What do you think about the new 6+1 of Busto Arsizio?

    Setter: Orro
    OPP: Grobelna
    OH: Meijeners (Herbots)
    OH: Gennari
    MB: Berti
    MB: Bonifacio
    L: Leonardi

    I believe it is a good teams eventhough depeds a lot from the recovery after pregnancy of Meijners and from the 2 belgian players that never played in Italy.

    Confirmed Rumors from Busto Arsizio:

    Bartsch (OH/USA) to Novara
    Diouf (OPP/ITA) to China
    Spirito (L/ITA) will leave
    Stufi (MB/ITA) will leave
    Wilhite (OH/USA) will leave
    Chaucheva (OH/BUL) will leave

    Enright (OH/POR) from Novara to Busto
    Leonardi (L/ITA) from Modena to Busto

    Unconfirmed rumors
    Orro (S/ITA) could leave
    Malinov (S/ITA) could arrive in busto
    Barun (OPP/CRO) could arrive in Busto

    someone knows if it is possible to watch streaming the F4 of italian cup! I am a busto supporter but actually I am in Mexico because of my job and I would like to support my team;)

    Busto Arsizio in the 2 two matches of the seaon showed a very solid organization.
    I recognize that the match of Saturday was quite easy one but after years in which the team wal built with nosense now the situation changed.
    Bartch is really amazing player. She is not so spectacular but she easily do whatever very well. Her serves are always difficult to receive, she hits porwefully and she can dig very well.
    Saturday Gennari seemed to be the one paying in Casalmaggiore few years ago... very balanced player with good defense and hits.
    The weak point as at now are the connections between Orro and the MBs. Studi and Berti are not receiving so many balls and when they receive are not so much precise.
    However I believe that Busto can compete for the 4th place in the ranking (Novara, Conegliano and Scandicci are really stronger than Busto).

    As at today according to my personal believe the starting grid of next serie A will be

    1° Novara-Conegliano
    2° Modena-Casalmaggiore
    3° Scandicci-Busto
    4° Monza-Bergamo-Firenze
    5° Pesaro-Filotrano-Legnano

    Conegliano has the best team but they must play with 3 italian on field considering that Novara can really be at the same level if Egonu will alreeady play at top level.
    Modena and Casalmaggiore appears as expiered strong teams but actually quite far from the top 2
    Scandicci and Busto will be completely renewd with very young and talented teams. If they are able to assembly the team quick they can compete with Modena and Casalmaggiore. At the contrary in case it requires long time they will compete together with Monza, Bergamo and Firenze
    Pesaro, filotrano and Legnano will compete not to be relegated.

    this is my personal feelings

    Have any information about Angelina Giulia ??? Where will she play next season ??? stay in serie A2 or will join to serie A1 ??? ?(

    This year I really liked her performance in some games. She is a young and strong attacer and her receive also seems okay. Why new clubs in serie A1 Lardini Filottrano or Mycicero Pesaro are not interested in her :whistling: it's waste time for her playing in serie A2, I'd like to see her in serie A1 and maybe she will improve her game day by day and will be new face of Italy who knows. I do hope clubs from serie A1 will give a chance to her :whistling:

    She signed already with a team in A2 said that Busto completed the OHs diagonal with Gennari: does that mean Whilite will be titular? O.o
    I hadn't understood that...

    Gennari will be titular. Whilhite will start from the bench.
    Busto will buy other 2 OH. Rumors says about Bartsch and Marcon.

    Liu-Jo Nordmeccanica MODENA wants a wildcard from CEV to play CL (qualification, I guess). Because they were vice champions and only via special rule of Italian league Conegliano gets the qualfication slot in CL and considering the CEV cup as not interesting, they decline to play CEV cup, for which they are formally qualified. Now we will see, how much of a favor the CEV will do for an Italian team :lol: .

    Conegliano is in CL because they win the regolar season. I think that 1 slot is fair for whom dominates the regular season.
    I really hate that italian team does not want to partecipate in CEV or challenge. I hope that Scandicci or Busto can partecipate in CEV and challenge

    In Busto will probably arrive Botezat for Pisani, Orro for Signorile, Gennari for Fiorin.
    The last two are known but I didn't remember anything about Botezat and I didn't know if Fiorini was staying anyway; I hope it's not a double.

    Botezat was the first name written in the local newspaper. I believe she is a good blocker she needs to improve in attack but she can be a good bench player.
    As far as I know Orro already signed the contract and Busto will probably announce it next week.
    Gennari should sign next week.
    Fiorin is not staying in Busto.
    The only 5 remaining are Diouf, Stufi, Berti, Spirito and Negretti. A small chance to stay is for Martinez. busto is evaluating the situation. Possible alternative are Plak, Santana and Bartsch.
    Vasilantonaki will be probably substituted by the american OH Wilhite

    From the info I have Egonu wants to play close to Milano and the only 2 teams actually negotiating Egonu are Novara and Busto. It is likely that Paola will play in Novara but Busto has some small chances.
    Enright will be the second OH (or even the first one) and Novara will look for a third one in the next weeks. Plak is leaving.
    As said Gennari will play in busto as second OH replacing Fiorin. The first OH will be Egonu (or most probably Plak). Busto is aldo trying to sign Bartsch

    S: Orro
    OPP Diouf
    OH Plak - Gennari
    MB Stufi - Berti
    L: Spirito

    S: XXX
    OPP XXX (Mingardi???)
    OH Bartsch XXXX
    MB Botezat
    L Negretti

    I am Luca supporter of Busto and I would like to say my feelings related to the incoming final 4 in Treviso.
    I am reading in this topic that mosto of the users here believe that Conegliano does not have so big chances. Actually I think the opposite. I watched many matches of Conegliano this season (some live most on TV) and I really believe that Conegliano is really a strong team with few or no weaknesses.
    Of Course I know that the overall techinical value of Vakif and EZC is higher but playing at home will be a big advantage.
    I believe that Conegliano Moscow will be very tough match.

    SETTER: Skorupa is playing very well this season and actually I do not see so many setter playing in Europe that are superior.
    OPP and OH: FAWCETT is playing well and I believe she is not a world class OPP but not so far from them, ROBINSON (I love her because she is so equilibrated playergood in bith attacking and passing), BRICIO I was impressed by her, she is improving so much she will be a world crack.
    MB: Robin (if playing) is a world class MB strong in attack and in blocking. Folie is a step behind the World best MB bust she is great in FAST and good in block
    Libero: De Gennaro is just amazing. In my opinion together with B. Castillo the best libero in the world
    Bench: very long bench with MALINOV (very talented setter), ORTOLANI, CELLA (very good in passing), COSTAGRANDE, DANESI (best young italian MB) and BARAZZA