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    Zhu is likely to join Guangdong Evergrande club for the tournament according to the rumors. TianJin volleyball club is a shitty place with awful reputation. keeping player healthy is never their priority. the fans there are also notorious. I hope Zhu stay away from TIanjian for her own benefit.

    Because there are rumours Chinese want her back in China, and not to spend herself in long Turkish seasons, for Tokyo 2020. I heard they even tried to buy out her contract this off-season, but Vakif refused.

    None of rumors came from credible sources. some chinese media/people like to make up stories and spread over the web for whatever intent. any sensible person can see the issue with team china is not about Zhu, but the subpar performance of her teammates. Pulling Zhu back to China from the high level competition will be such a deplorable short-sighted action and never a real solution to the problem.

    well, saying "zhu is unbeatable" does not mean vakif is undefeatable, there are plenty weaker links in vakif. also, how many times fener and ecz lost to vakif and other teams for the past two seasons,let's compare the win loss ratio

    Ecz vitra beats vakifbank 4 times this season. :win: 3:0,3:0,3:1,3:2 :win:

    this is not true,

    jenny has been the strongest supporter of zhu playing oversea . unlike other short-sighted chinese coaches/volleyball bureau, Jenny has the greatest vision and open mind from her own experience abroad. she, herself, would not do anything that limits the development of Zhu while she is the head coach of china NT. she simply wishes the best for Zhu.

    Get ready for the incoming Zhu fans :sos:

    Personally I think KYK has to be up there with any of them. OK she is not quite an all-rounder like those you've listed but her receiving skills are pretty solid and her attacking is incredible. Logan Tom as well.

    don't pretend be self-righteous and innocent, you were the initiator of the feud, can't help yourself, right? should see a shrink

    Zhu is all about spiking. I don't care a bit what other players say. The only one skill player I like is Kosheleva, since she brings something more in the game like passion and emotion.

    You made a strong case why your opinion should be ignored :box: , your bigotry serves no purpose but to disgrace whoever you are trying to defend

    Btw the team doesn't have the four years for 2020 OG, less than three years but most likely around two years to groom or identify any good substitute with good all round skills like Hui, she is not very bright in each position she played but over all she's good, dependable and relatively stable, an all-round player.

    Let see whether this year Montreux and WGP series may help identify any good prospect, just like last year's Montreux helped set the attention in to Gong Xiangyu, was tried, recognized and affirmed in WGP serie

    When did average becomes a synonym for all-round ? Judging by her performance, Hui is an over-rated average player

    it's not necessary to lower the bar to recruit athlete for Ph.D program. as long as you show your potential on theoretical study of a specific field, you can do your Ph.D.

    No need to argue, since none of us know how well she does academically. plus what can people expect from a phd program in sports major in a 3rd or 4th tier university anyway. I only care how well a player plays the sport, not how she sings, dances or acts. This is Volleyball!

    she confirmed after she got her master's degree, she directly continued her Ph.D study. I'm not sure about the major, but I'm pretty sure it should be related with volleyball.

    admission to the Ph .D program does not prove Hui's academic excellence as athlete gets special treatment with a much lower bar for academic performance. Programs like to recruit gold medalist to boost the image/reputation. As to Hui, she appears to position herself more of entertainment start than a volleyball player, she is unfit physically and technically for the national team

    Who cares what you think of Zhu's reception skill. and how on earth did you get to know Guidetti's mind? Zhu is unanimously recognized as the most valuable player in the current professional world. so save your breath and self righteous attitude

    KYK did win the CL first season she came and she was the MVP, and I said exactly she is 23 and a lot can change! Let´s see what she can do. KYK also was MVP in 2012 RIO with a worse team then what Zhu had in China. She was MVP even though her team wasn´t even in final, people really are underestimating KYK here I see. Go watch Kim´s matches in Olympics 12 and 16, Turkish league matches and everything. Zhu and Kim have a similar carreer so far but Kim is still going strong at 29 while we have yet to see what Zhu can do at that time. It´s imo stupid to compare them when Kim is clearly the better player and don´t come at me with stats again lol. KYK and Ezgi/Nootsara prefer to use Kim not that much against the weaker Turkish teams and let her other team mates play more, she is only there when necessary. That´s how good she is. Please don´t underestimate Kim Yeon Koung guys, she is so far the best volleyball player in the world from this era easily at least for me.

    Zhu is not that far behind and she can be as Kim if she grows but imo Kim was better around her age then Zhu is now... But she´s only 23! She doesn´t have to be the best in the world and she already is in some people´s hearts so that´s great. And she was AMAZING at the Olympics of course.

    Boskovic is already the best Opp in the world imo, she just needs a little more experience and boom, nothing that can stop her. 8)

    No one says KYK performs badly and she is a good player, however, some people's infatuation about ranking her #1 is quite annoying in view of her lack luster performance in the Rio olympics and the recent play off matches. With that said, every one is entitled to their own opinion. there is really no point of arguing in the absence of objectivity

    Before that happens, I suggest you to do a reality-check. if you can't stay objective and choose to be ignorant, keep your prejudice to yourself. Zhu has beaten up KYK in all international tournaments and she will do in the court of professional league soon.

    Put KYK in Vakifbank and let's see what happens. Anyway Zhu Ting will never be at KYK's level, she is all about spiking. :whistle:

    Very nice job Galatasaray. It was really nice when Guidetti sent Zhu Ting in and she got aced right after. And there are people here actually comparing her to KYK. :rolll:

    Shame on you for your derogatory and condescending remark on Zhu !!! For KYK fan, a winning is all her credit, a loss is always the teammate's fault. unfortunately, the stats speak the opposite story