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    I think brazil and usa will still dominate this tournament every year. China uses world grand prix now vnl as practise ground for young players every year. European top teams must consider ech into account.

    You have chance to play vnl every year. However, ech is organized once every two years. WCH, world cup, olympic is organized once every four years. The priority is obviously clear to every top team which fights for a gold medal in big tournament. The big tournament deicdes the ranking in FIVB!:teach:

    I can understand why turkish fans are so exciting about their team. It is the best result that their senior team get till now. Here is the record of wgp from 2014-2017.

    2014: Brazil, Japan, Russia
    2015: USA,Russia,Brail
    2016: Braizl ,USA, Netherlands
    2017: Brazil, Italy,Seriba

    USA deserves the champion in this year's vnl. The real A-team, and all players are healthy and playing in this tournament! China beats brazil with 3:0 is a surprise for me. Anyway brazil made mistakes and lost to turkey. It is their own fault! :teach:
    Turkey young players really make big surprise towards these top teams! I think italy will be a big surprise in wch 2018! :teach:

    I believe the final will be between usa vs brazil. brazil has bigger chance to be the champion. Winning fivb grand prix is their tradition! :teach:

    For my point of view, serbia plays well against usa~~~~ they are using two new outside hitter who are far away from the level of miha and malesevic. Serbia will still be the strongest team in WCH2018.

    For China vs brazil, Langping turns the match to training match again. It is great choice to train young players in this match. The ball distribution is totally different from the one vs netherlands and she did not free zhuting's reception when the important moment came. And she gives lots of chance to different young players.

    How is it giving up if both Drussyla and Brankica got injured and are unable to play?

    I think if the small injury happens during the world championship,I believe they will continue to play. It is good for them to have rest and recover before the world championship~~~the most important one. That is why I think they give up the vnl~~ :win:

    China will be stupid if they would send their A team to Germany. They are in the finals and due to travel distance (which they would have done for the first time in the VNL) and time difference when they need to travel back to China for the finals. So it does make sense to rest the players.

    It is true. And it is bad news for italy~~~ and good news for The Netherlands~~~~ :lol:

    According to current performance, I think netherlands can win over turkey. Then, group of final 6 in vnl: China,Serbia,netherlands for one group; Usa, brazil, turkey is another group! :teach:

    I bet usa will be the champion in vnl ,because they play with the compelete roster and no injury~~~ :teach:

    It is just the regular season now. The NO.1 of regular season does not guarantee the final champion in the play-off phase. China, Serbia, brazil haven't show all of their cards yet.....

    it seems they have the same strategy till now. The most promising gold winning teams~~~ :teach:

    Regarding the JAP vs KOR match, what is KYK's efficiency rate? anyone knows?

    I think kyk is already past her prime. Larson is obviously stronger than her now according to kyk's performance recent years. Anyway kyk is better than meliha but much more expensive. I think ecz vitra builds the most expensive and strongest team on paper again.

    I still think ecz vitra will fail again! The key to success for ecz vitra still relys on boscovic. Italian teams will make much more trouble to turkey teams next season! :teach:

    zeng chunlei is probably past her prime... that was last year.

    No. she is also in good status this year and played the final of chinese league this year~~ langping lets her rest this month and she has already began the recovery training in national team. She will be the starting-6 in wch. :teach:

    but i do not think zeng chunlei can keep the good status untill 2020 olympics~~ :lol:

    why? who is missing for CHN? ZCN?

    You can check the starting 6 of China in last year's World grand championship cup. Zhang changning and Zeng Chunlei was among the starting-6. Langping tries all kinds of combination today. She still wants to improve the cooperation between the setters and different spikers. :teach: