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    After seeing robinson's performance in world club championship and recent games, now it is possible for vakifbank to get champions league title 3 times in a row now.:teach::super: Go vakif~~

    I dont see that big of an advantage for Ecz after buying Kim and Gibbemeyer, in the games against Vakif. IMHO, Kelsey surpassed Larson . And i would still say Vakif has better MBs . KYK and Lonneke is a close fight as they both have games where they are unstoppable and games where they are just basic, maybe KYK is more stable tho.

    And Zhu, Boskovic are both :obey::obey:.

    I think that the team whose setter perfoms better and whose coach do a better job in the finals will be decisive . And that the Ecz money just brought them closer to beating Vakif, but still didn't make them superior over them.

    I am not talking about the foreign players. You should check the local players of ecz vitra and vakifbank. Ecz vitra bought lots of experienced and stronger local players and they are on the bench and all ready to play!! Only three foreign players are allowed in turkish league. Gozda kirda retired. That makes vakifbank struggle in the local league.:teach:

    so about this match, it does not have too much is just related to ranking before play offs.i dont know if this season ecz can win champion.but last year is a good example. vakif lost 2 matches before play offs,but they won at the end. i am not a fan of vakifbank.but i am a fan of is good to see her team"s victory.but when most things are not so good,losing matches are acceptable. i hope ecz can win this league,because they every year spend lots of money to buy famous players and their results are not so good.they even dont want to transfer meliha or hande to vakif,just want to weaken vakif by the limits of 3 about turkish players in vakifbank,most are young and need a long way to is the weakness of vakif.Ecz said they want 5 campions at the begaining .now they have lost 1. so .....lets expect turkey cup

    take it easy. i already know the result before the opening of the season. After buying so many players, ecz vitra obviously has big advantage in the local league. I think it is high probability that they will win all local champions. However, the ones they want most are the title of cev champions league and fivb world club championship. They fail one already, I think they will aslo fail in champions league. Let us see whether my prediction is correct or not.:teach:

    As planned, guddetti begins to train turkish young opposite and give kubra chance to play. However, it is a failure trial.

    I think the result of regular match is even less important for vakifbank compared to last season.

    Anyway ecz vitra is still the favourite for the title in turkish league according to this year's roster.:teach:

    ecz vitra still has obvious advantage at turkish league and is still the favourite in local league. vakifbank young bench players still need lot of time to improve. But ecz vitra has to improve if they want to get good result in champions league. Italian clubs are much stronger than last year....:teach:

    Zhu didnt make any mistake at offence and she attacked 54 times:obey::obey:

    The W-P stats of zhuting is 28 points. The total W-P stats of vakifbank is 43 and w-p points of fener is 34. That makes the difference.

    That means if we take the mistakes into account,zhuting contributes 65% of positive points which vakifbank gets!:teach:

    Anyway I still think vakifbank is really weak compared to last season.:wavy:

    yeah but on other hand their reception is super unstable.

    Zhu is better reciver than Bricio, She improved so much so I we can say that Zhu become very stabile with her reception...

    Zhu is the main receiver in the national team and she contributes a lot on the defense. Although China loses to italy in the semis in world championship, china receives better than italy. Moreover,China beats USA twice which has the best receiving line in world championship. However, in vakifbank she has teammates like slotejes and robinson and milena rasic. She can focus more on attacking. The most important , she has much more rest now compared to the tournament in the national team. Gio really loves and cares zhuting! Vakifbank is really the best volleyball club to work at!!!:teach:

    Ok I get that its not the main tournament, but VNL silver and you see NO chance of them qualifying for Olympics? I mean come on...

    Ofc Gio cares about winning, he' putting his best team on court (Zhu has injury) but it does not work so he has to improvise > Ebrar OH.

    VB invests millions of dollars on volleyball, such teams don't really care about NT that much its about their investments, ofc Gio will start thinking about NT but VB is his priority right now.

    Because turkey is in the europe. There are teams like serbia,italy, netherlands, russia...... and russia is improving very very fast. Turkey has to be hurry now...:teach:

    btw vakifbank is also the main sponsor of turkey national team!:teach:

    That's really embarassing and even damaging their league standing: they lost third set and already one point against the underdogs... (Vakif)

    I do not think guddetti cares too much about the league standing. Vakifbank does not need perfect record now. He is also the coach of national team. In the fourth set, he begins to let ebrar receive. This is a smart move during the regular season!! Because now I do not see any chance for turkey to qualify 2020 olmpics with these young players according to the performance in world championship~~~:teach:

    In other words, vakifbank builds a excellent enviroment for these turkey young players. They can train and play with top players like zhuting,lonneke, rasic and robinson. That is what I think vakifbank is training camp for turkey national team!:teach:

    It seems ecz vitra is the strongest team on paper again this year. But I think imoco volley is real strongest team this year !!!! Good draw for vakifbank, there is enough time for vakifbank's foreign players to rest and be in good status gradually.

    I feel both teams are not ready for this match, especially vakifbank. Four foreign players just arrvied turkey three days before the match.

    This season ecz vitra has the highest investment again. I can feel the pressure of motta during this match. He can not afford to lose any important match with such a big investment this season. However, without naz and gozde, vakifbank will need some time to recover to the level as last season.

    For my point of view, ecz vitra has a better squad in domestic league now . Let us see how far can these young players in vakifbank go.

    As for champions league, i think italy teams will be much stronger than last year. Vakifbank and ecz vitra will have a very hard season. I feel that italy club will get the gold medal of champions league.

    Anyway, vakifbank has got enough champions and zhuting got enough mvps during last two seasons. Considering this year's squad, I hope they can get one gold medal this season.