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    (POL-BUL) Piotr Nowakowski got 5 killed blocks, 3 aces but no successful attack. Polish players were rotated everymatch and everyweek, do not know who will be in final roster if they through in the final 6, especially for the OH and OP position.

    I think that on OH it's quite clear, Kubiak has free time till the end of Nations League, Mika is still injured, only four sunames remains and it's Szalpuk, Kwolek, Bednorz and Śliwka.

    It's going to be very corious season to watch USA national team. For me the most corious player on the list is defnitely TJ DeFalco, I hope he will get a chance from Speraw.

    I hope that Bartosz Kwolek will get a chance to play in starting line up in stronger Warsaw team next season. He is very talented OH, in last season had problems with regular shape, but I think that if he'll obtain trust from Stefan Antiga he may be outstanding player in Plusliga.

    Muzaj for sure have big potential - he is tall, left-handed, have huge spike reach, but he still have a lot to improve, especially in keeping spike directions. Despite this he is already good opposite, one of the best in Plusliga. We have to remember that he had only two seasons in Plusliga as first opposite in Jastrzębski Węgiel - earlier he wasn't playing to much in Skra Bełchatów and had serious shoulder injoury. Now Muzaj possess very good conditions to development. He is playing in very good team and his coach - Mark Lebedew - is great specialist, that's very important. I think that in next years he would be only even better. Now I hope that he'll get some chances to play in NT this summer.

    I don't now what happened with Lube. Before the Final Four in Rome I thought that they can beat Zenit in the final after exciting match on high level, but they were not able to beat even Perugia in semifinal. Just on Tuesday they were playing really well against Trento in Serie A and in Rome somthing spoiled in their game. Lose against Perugia is one thing, Yesterday it was really close to tie-break against Berlin, but then Juantorena went to the service. :obey:

    Of course big congratulations for Zenit, clearly the best club in Europe right now and Leon showed that he is still the best volleyball player in the world.

    I don't think that Zaytsev will finally leave Perugia if he 'll be forced to play as OH. But in my opinion the fact that he is playing as OH is not the main reason of his weak shape in this season. At the begining of the season, when Atanasijevic was injured, Ivan was playing as opposite and in those days his performances weren't very good. Also it's difficult to say that his main probem is physical shape becasue he still serves on very high level.