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    According to one of the popular GS volleyball pages on facebook, Centoni, Guldeniz and Leys are leaving the team. For OH position, they are considering Meliha Ismailoglu and Kosheleva, since Vakifbank transferred Robinson. I wonder who will they prefer as defensive foreign OH then since Guldeniz is leaving? Meliha will be a good adition and surely will get more playing time with GS. Besides, young Ada German is also a defensive OH, so if they will transfer a foreign OH for that role, they dont need to pay to Guldeniz to sit at the bench.

    I thought GS already renewed Centoni's contract?

    Another stable setter??? Naz is one of the best setters in the world. Most great setters we talk about have a height handicap and while being almost 190, Naz is doing an excellent job as setter.
    According to voleyboldefteri, Naz does this every year, just to increase her salary. So I guess she wont be taking a year off after all.

    About Gözde, I havent heard more but I'm sure the salary is the problem in her transfer. She was probably earning alot from Vakifbank and she is probably waiting for the highest offer from Italy.

    Yes, Naz is an asset to the team being one of the great setters and a local player as well. If Gozde will leave, Vakifbank needs to look for a good receiving local outside hitter.

    Yeah I think Polen stays. Translate in FB is not very helpful.=D Anyway, here's the post regarding De la Cruz if anyone can translate:




    Well I've seen some posts saying how Adams played poorly. Isn't she american as well?
    This is a forum so expect different opinions from posters but, there's no need to call someone "american hater" or "kissing americans ass" if their opinion does not match yours.

    According Carli Lloyd and Samanta Fabris will play in Fenerbahce next season

    If this will push through, I think it will benefit Fener. I have only seen Fabris play last year in CWC so I'm not sure if I read her right. She's a strong attacker but she's easy to defend when she's the only good attacker in her team. With Fener, she'll be with Kim, Natalia and Eda who are also good offensive options so I believe this may be a good combination.

    Kelsey-Zhu-Slöetjes or Hill-Zhu-Slöetjes

    Which is better?

    I'd still go for Hill-Zhu-Sloetjes. In my opinion, Kelsey's only edge over Kim is floor defense. In all other aspects, i believe Kim is better. Her floor defense is also okay and has been improving a lot lately. Plus, she already have good chemistry with the team.

    Yes, it was from interview (for polish website) and I posted it here few weeks ago.…zycie-siatkarzy
    Kim says: I'm not going out in the evening. Me and other athletes used to avoid the places visited by tourists, now we avoid any place that is considered popular - she admits.
    American OH revealed she was afraid to even visit a mall near her place of residence.

    "Every time I think of visiting a new place, such as a popular restaurant, there is doubt in my head. I ask myself whether it is worth risking to go out, I conclude it is better not", Hill explains.

    Thanks for translating.

    Too bad. I really want Kim to stay with Vakifbank. But her reasons are valid and I will respect her decision if she will really transfer to another team