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    Great review.

    Ironically, the liability of passing for Nebraska is their DS, I wonder why not try keeping Jazz Sweet on court when she is in backrow and getting more backrow attacks involved, and Kubik is a great passer (given her age) and Sun's passing has also improved a lot. Hames' setting is indeed an issue for Nebraska. They need Stivrins to step up in order to win, but the balls to Stivrins were mostly really bad.

    I think Pressley is special in her attacking skills. She is able to deliver what many NCAA players can never do. I don't know if she wants to play professionally after she graduates, but I think she could be an upgraded version of Rivers.

    I was a little disappointed by Samedy this season, I have higher expectation for her, but it seems that she did not reach the standard of OPP that USAWNT needs.

    Plummer is so good. I know I said it but it's so nice to see her being so good. I knew she had a kinda rough NT season this summer. But I think it's because she hasn't found her rhythm yet in NT. I really wish she could find a professional club where she can brings all her capabilities on court.

    I said it before that Vargas is not a perfect and very mistakble but she contirbute in few mathces a lot with number of points(mistake are not unquestionable, she makes them a lot always i know that)but i still think that Drews simply will not look good as she now look in JT and this summer at Usa NT. Anyway i would be thankfull that i would be wrong and Drews shine in Fener because i love Fener a lot especially since Terzic is in Fener and he deserved a big cups at club level too.

    So why agreeing with Vargas >>>>>>>> Drews? I think "Vargas > Drews" is understandable, an argument with logics, but given Vargars's performance so far, "Vargas >>>>>>>> Drews" is just BS, a typical troll-like comment.

    Wow, Louisville 3-2 Texas. Unbelievable! Honestly I'm never a Texas fan. Texas never lack powerful hitters, however I think Jerrit Elliot is not a coach that can produce players with great passing, defensive or ball control skills. I think this might be one of the reasons why Lexi Sun transfer to Nebraska.

    Samedy is not at her best form recently, I hope she finds her rhythm back. Kubik, again, I love this girl. Future Jordan Larson. I also think Stivirins has good potential, her slide is such a pleasure to watch.

    Can anyone who watched the game talk about your impression on Pressley? She seems very athletic, but 17 errors statistically is too error-prone. Do you guys think she has a good prospect in NT/professional volleyball? And she plays Ouside, right? How many rotations on court? Does she have serve-receive responsibility? (Sorry I cannot watch any of BU games due to geo-location, only have watched very few HLs from youtube so far).

    Madi Kubik is the best surprise for me this season. As a true freshman OH, she plays full-time on court, and receives in 5 rotations (covering Sun a lot!). Her style reminds me of Jordan Larson, and moreover, she is also wearing #10 shirt.

    STANFORD defeated OR 3-1; Kathryn Plummer didn't participate at all in the match; I will check sources to see what happened there. Others came through.

    UPDATE: evidently, she is out for the weekend, meaning SU will be without KP for the road match in Corvallis vs OSU. She had been having a massive amount of taping around her upper legs, butt, and core area. The team changed it up a lot: Fitzmorris played 6-ro; Kipp was OH1; McClure OH2; C. Keefe DS>Formico.

    Geeze, I hope she is okay. Take more rest, health always comes first.

    Zhu got 2 MVP at the World Cup, but if I remember correctly she's not the only one, Agüero got it in 1999 and 2007

    No, Gioli was the MVP of 2007 World Cup. Zhu is the first player ever in volleyball history to do this. Also, she has three MVPs from the three major tournaments, the most in volleyball history as well.

    Would like to see KP in Germany. :win: Think our League is not the badest Way to start a Pro Career.

    I actually think Germany is a good starting point for her. She doesn't have to be in a top league right away, but gaining the experience, adjusting to pro volleyball is more important. If she does well, she can go to better clubs the next full season for sure.