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    STANFORD defeated OR 3-1; Kathryn Plummer didn't participate at all in the match; I will check sources to see what happened there. Others came through.

    UPDATE: evidently, she is out for the weekend, meaning SU will be without KP for the road match in Corvallis vs OSU. She had been having a massive amount of taping around her upper legs, butt, and core area. The team changed it up a lot: Fitzmorris played 6-ro; Kipp was OH1; McClure OH2; C. Keefe DS>Formico.

    Geeze, I hope she is okay. Take more rest, health always comes first.

    Zhu got 2 MVP at the World Cup, but if I remember correctly she's not the only one, Agüero got it in 1999 and 2007

    No, Gioli was the MVP of 2007 World Cup. Zhu is the first player ever in volleyball history to do this. Also, she has three MVPs from the three major tournaments, the most in volleyball history as well.

    Would like to see KP in Germany. :win: Think our League is not the badest Way to start a Pro Career.

    I actually think Germany is a good starting point for her. She doesn't have to be in a top league right away, but gaining the experience, adjusting to pro volleyball is more important. If she does well, she can go to better clubs the next full season for sure.

    I don't get it. Is it the same in other sports that a NT member can suddenly "disappear" with no explanation or announcement?

    BTW, there's still no official or unofficial explanation on why Ogbogu was suddenly removed from the IOQT roster right before the tournament. I hope Chi is ready for World Cup.

    Some of the uncertainties:

    1) Hancock or Poulter as 2nd setter?

    2) Tapp or Adams as 4th MB?

    3) Lowe or Rivers as 2nd OPP?

    4) JWO as 2nd libero or Foecke as 5th OH?

    But I agree with most of your choices, here's my best guess:

    S: Carlini, Hancock

    OH: Robinson, Bartsch-Hackley, Larson, Hill

    MB: Ogbogu, Washington, Dixon, Tapp

    OPP: Drews, Lowe

    Libero: Courtney, JWO

    I like Big-10, it reminds me of the Italian league, really balance and very competitive. Every year, there are so many surprises from this conference. I am so looking forward to the new season!!

    Another major fun watching NCAA is to predict which player has the future NT potential. Like last year, I knew that Poulter would be an International rising star. And she proved herself during her half season at Chieri. As a USAV fan, it's always a great pleasure for me to watch these girls becoming better.

    Yeah....I knew 'bout the upcoming conflict with the NCAA season; I have already eliminated many university players from my roster-to-be. Strange rumors are running rampant over on VT (why change now?). I feel more, here, are Truly "plugged into" their respective countries' situations. Any 2020 roster predictions?

    I still think it's too early to predict the 2020 roster now. Like two months earlier, I would've never thought Carlini would be the front-runner in the four-setter competition (I like Carlini and support her a lot, but she has received lots of criticism here and can be inconsistent sometimes). A lot of changes can happen in twelve months.

    Welcome! I've been constantly on both VolleyTalk and InsideVolleyCountry. I am a USAV fan, so I am on VT for mostly USA volleyball info and discussions. During NCAA season, I also check VT regularly as I love watching college kids, especially those with great potential.

    With that being said, while VT is heavily focused on NCAA, Inside provides me with abundant information on professional and international volleyball. I follow closely the Italian and Turkish leagues since there are lots of American players in these two leagues.

    Nice to have you here!

    I don't know what it means but it looks like they updated the training block roster for the wnt and theres a couple of interesting changes. Along with Aiyana Whitney and Kelly Murphy, Carli Lloyd's name was also omitted.

    Can you share a link here? I am not surprised that Whitney and Murphy are not there, but I would be shocked if Lloyd is not there either.

    So far, USA has played all its four setters on the VNL roster. Now, what do you guys think of the selection of the setters? It seems a done deal that the two setters for all the rest of the major tournaments of this squad will be chosen from Lloyd, Hancock, Carlini and Poulter. What are the pros and cons of these four setters, and which combination do you think is the best?

    Santana is recovering from an injury, so my guess is Foecke will start with Daalderop at the beginning. Anyway, I'm happy for Foecke. Playing at a club at such level is surely a challenge for her. Hope she will do well.