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    Washington is a better MB1 and Bonifacio is a better MB2. Chirichella can play both. I guess Larvalini would probably rotate three of them. But Chirichella will always start in important matches.

    I think Chieri is also a team good at management. They are really good at hiring young and potential players. They made Poulter their main setter when she was just fresh out of college. I heard that their new Argentina setter is also young and promising. Ali Frantti, who had great two professional seasons after graduating from Penn State, is also rumored to go to Chieri. Peritrini is another low-key, and efficient player.

    They don't get lots of spotlight as they are just a mid-low level team, but if you watch their games this season, they actually played very fast, very enjoyable to watch.

    Since we're already on this subject, I'd suggest all of you to listen to today and yesterday's The Daily podcast hosted by Michael Barbaro from New York Times. The two episodes of yesterday and today provide a great cover in depth of how US squandered the valuable time during the early phase of outbreak, why China and South Korea got praised by WHO for their aggressive strategy to keep the virus from wide spreading, and why Italy was not praise-worthy, and how US is currently following the Italian path.

    Is there anything wrong with Plummer? She looked fine to me, and she played well during the first three sets, especially the second and the third, when Monza was leading 2-1, but then completely disappeared from the court?!?!

    Hope she is fine.

    I don't have a high expectation for Tokyo 2020, I just wish the girls could bring out the best of their games, and no regrets.

    Great review.

    Ironically, the liability of passing for Nebraska is their DS, I wonder why not try keeping Jazz Sweet on court when she is in backrow and getting more backrow attacks involved, and Kubik is a great passer (given her age) and Sun's passing has also improved a lot. Hames' setting is indeed an issue for Nebraska. They need Stivrins to step up in order to win, but the balls to Stivrins were mostly really bad.

    I think Pressley is special in her attacking skills. She is able to deliver what many NCAA players can never do. I don't know if she wants to play professionally after she graduates, but I think she could be an upgraded version of Rivers.

    I was a little disappointed by Samedy this season, I have higher expectation for her, but it seems that she did not reach the standard of OPP that USAWNT needs.

    Plummer is so good. I know I said it but it's so nice to see her being so good. I knew she had a kinda rough NT season this summer. But I think it's because she hasn't found her rhythm yet in NT. I really wish she could find a professional club where she can brings all her capabilities on court.

    I said it before that Vargas is not a perfect and very mistakble but she contirbute in few mathces a lot with number of points(mistake are not unquestionable, she makes them a lot always i know that)but i still think that Drews simply will not look good as she now look in JT and this summer at Usa NT. Anyway i would be thankfull that i would be wrong and Drews shine in Fener because i love Fener a lot especially since Terzic is in Fener and he deserved a big cups at club level too.

    So why agreeing with Vargas >>>>>>>> Drews? I think "Vargas > Drews" is understandable, an argument with logics, but given Vargars's performance so far, "Vargas >>>>>>>> Drews" is just BS, a typical troll-like comment.