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    Who stay? Drussylla and Jucielly

    Who must be looked for? Macris (S from Minas) and Dani Lins ( S from Barueri) , Mayany (MB from Minas), Lippmann ( OPP from Firenze) or Rahimova (OPP from Thy) or Martinez (OPP from Aydin BBSK) and Kelsey ( Libero in national team or OH in Vakif)



    Who stay? Thaisa, Natinha and Tainara

    Who must be looked for?Bia (MB from Sesc) or Sinead Jack (MB from Denso Airybees) , Roberta (S from Sesc) or Macris (S from Minas) and Fe Garay (OH from Praia) , Vargas ( OPP from Fenerbahce) or Smarzek (OPP from Bergamo) or De La Caridad ( OPP from Chieri)

    rumors from Brazil (only europeans and asian proposals):

    Carol (MB) = Monza (Adams) or Vakif (Rasic)
    Lloyd (S) = Monza (Micha) or Pomi (Skorupa)
    Natalia (O) = Novara (Plak), Conegliano (Kim ), Scandicci(Vasileva), Eczacibasi( Larson) and Tianjing ( Crncevic)
    Gabi(O)= Vakif (Kelsey) or Conegliano (Kim )
    Roberta (S) = Volero Le Canet (Mori) and Galatasaray (Akin)
    Ana Beatriz (MB) = Volero Le Canet(Lazarenko) and Beijing (Dixon)
    Drussyla (O) = Busto( Herbots) and Moscow ( Havelkova)

    I hope this is not happening. Sinead Jack is much better than Carol and had a very good season. I really thought Anne Buijs could be a perfect match for GS since she hits fast sets very good, but GS also needs an OH who can receive so Gamze can set fast. If Buijs was benched in Vakifbank and now in Brazil for that reason, it is a bad sign.

    A small question, is Ajcharaporn Kongyot playing as OPP or OH in her clubs?

    both, in NT she plays as OPP, in club with OH cause Diouck from Senegal play as OPP.

    Ops, sorry! I did not notice it!

    But for me is not possible buy all these player. With what money?

    the most expensive is Furst. Ferreti, Costagrande and Manzano isnt expensive anymore and De Bortoli is cheap to hire. My Cicero will may to continue (paying cheap players like De Bortolli, Olivotto, Tonello, Pamio, Degradi and Rimoldi) but as second sponsor, the principal sponsor will do all them others.

    Manzano is playing in Serie B1 in Scafati. She was one of the best blocker of Serie A1 few years ago. Her spiking is inconsistent on high level, but her blocking is very good; and we have no idea if Pesaro going to fight fir the relegation or has higher ambitions. I'm more worried about Ferretti and Costagrande. Francesca is far from her golden days and lately I find her a troublemaker with her setting, I didn't like at all her last games. Costagrande was just invisible in Conegliano.

    exactly, but Pesaro dont have many money yet, about it they look for them, cause they arent top in this moment and should be fully acessible to hire with low money. Btw they intend to renew with MB Olivotto and Tonello, Spikers Pamio and Degradi and setter Rimoldi.

    Rumors about the new/old Pesaro team on next season.
    They want Ferreti, Manzano and Costagrande (about their history in club)and the german MB Furst again. The young libero De Bortoli from Club Italia will join to.

    Costagrande/ ???
    De Bortoli