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    First Dante, now Fabi. The players from the golden generations of Brazil are saying goodbye one by one.

    Congratulations to Praia!!!!
    It's good for the league that there is a new champion but I'm really sad for Fabi.
    Sesc still did a good job this season considering 3 of their players had surgeries and are not 100% yet.

    well,COuld she do better than Natalia ?

    In my opinion, an injured Natalia can still do more than a healthy Rosamaria. Besides, I think Natalia will be fine already before the start of the next season. Regarding Maja in Fener, she stayed with Vitra throughout the chaotic season last year, I doubt she will leave the team now when they are actually doing great.

    Wait, is Natalia really the highest paid player in the league? I always assumed it was Zhu. Anyway, there was an article in the Brazilian media that said that in one of the games Natalia was the one who asked to be benched because she couldn't play with the pain anymore. They said she was already injured during the national team season. I guess it was Ze who overused her. She didn't need to play in Montreux and the South American Championship. FB also has a fault in letting her play through the pain. They said her injury is a chronic knee injury.

    The players ranked with 7 points are Fabiana, Sheilla, Dani lins, Natalia, Gabi, Fe Garay, Jaque, Thaisa and Tandara. I remember last year they came out with a letter directed to CBV. They even brought CBV to the court if I'm not mistaken. I think Fabi from Rio should also be ranked 7 considering that she's one of the best, if not the best, libero in Brazil.

    Regarding question number 5, I think the direct competitors of the 7 point ranked players are the foreigners. The highest ranked players and the foreign players are quite expensive so there might be some competition on who gets a space in one of the clubs along with a high salary.

    The players hate being ranked because they said it limits their choices. But, I think even without the ranking they'll have a hard time looking for a club because they are so expensive especially the 2x Olympic champions. Their salaries should correspond to what they can do now and not what they did in the past.

    Praia always seems to get lost in the important matches. It happened in the previous seasons with the Supercopa and SL finals. This season the team lost the Mineiro Cup (not sure if the name is correct) and now, the Copa Brasil. What I don't get is why does it keep happening since they always have veterans playing. It's not like the team is full of newbies, they actually have Olympic champions who are not new to being in decisive games. I actually thought they could win.

    Osasco, on the other hand, surprised me with how they played considering how they've been playing this season. I hope they can keep it up for the rest of the season.

    well, WGCC was/is totally meaningless!!!!

    For some fans, yes that tournament is seen as useless but some fans do actually enjoy it. I think the teams that were part of it this year actually took it seriously. China brought the A-team along with Lang Ping, Brazil brought who they could (the ones who weren't injured or pregnant), USA brought back the veterans, Russia brought Kosheleva and Goncharova and Japan also brought its best team.

    Some tournaments or matches may be seen as useless by some fans but certain teams see it otherwise. If a team joins a tournament, regardless of its level of importance, they want to win. Besides, as long as the fans are watching the games, those tournaments deemed as unimportant will continue because it brings money to the federation. For instance, like you guys said, in the upcoming WCh there will be some useless matches but I'm pretty sure fans will still watch those games via streaming or in the arena.

    I agree with you Aguerro regarding Gabi and Rosamaria. Although Rosamaria is a slightly more powerful attacker I think she lacks technique. I was only talking about strength of attack in my previous post but if I include technique, reception and stability Gabi would definitely not be replaced by Rosamaria in the team. I think that was clear during the WGCC when Ze preferred to use Gabi and Natalia as the OH duo. Gabi would have played all the matches too but Ze said she was hurt against China so she had to rest against Japan and South Korea but Ze put her to play in the most important matches against Russia, China and USA. For my choice of OH's I would go with Natalia, Gabi and Garay. The other OH would be between Rosa and Drussyla whoever is more stable this season.

    Watching the games I think Rosamaria's problem is that she becomes too emotional in the games and she feels the pressure when playing against strong teams. It happened in the Grand Prix, it happened last season in the league and so far this season it has been happening. Once she becomes marked by opposing teams she dissappears.

    Now with Paula, I think she's very inconsistent. I also think Lorrene is being wasted in Osasco. She should have gone to a smaller team wherein she could play. What has been happening to Osasco recently? It's like the team has only one game plan which is to set to Tandara. Btw, do any of you know what happened between Mari Paraiba and Fabiola? I saw a video of them fighting after a match.

    The strongest OH's of Brazil are Natalia, Garay, Rosamaria and Drussyla. The problem with that though is it will be a disaster in reception. I think Jacque or Gabi will always have a big chance of being called mainly because of their reception and defense. Remember Brazil doesn't have Fabi or Brait as liberos anymore so they can't play with just power hitters especially since in my opinion Brazil doesn't have great liberos anymore. Gabi Souza is a question mark for next year because of her injury.

    Gabi I believe was 19, yes. But that was coming after a superb season in Rexona early in the Olympic cycle (2013). Natália did play in the adult NT at a very young age, yes, but as I said, that was ages ago (12 years, to be precise) and she was just named MVP of her category. That hasn't happened in a while.

    What I've been trying to say is that none of the youth girls have been even playing as a starter (or imediate bench player, as a matter of fact) in Superliga so far, not to mention in one of the top teams. This fact alone drastically decreases their chances of standing out and thus, joining the adult NT.

    Yeah, I guess it's about opportunities. You're right none of the younger players now are really standing out because they haven't had the chance to really play.

    That was ages ago though, he's been far more conservative in regards to who he calls to the team since then. Would I like to see some 18yo like Tainara, Diana or Glayce explode in the club season and join the NT right away? Absolutely. But right now I don't see it happening. And truth be told, I'd rather have players like Rosamaria, Drussyla, Bia and Gabi improve even more than have new ones come and risk hindering their development.

    But wasn't Gabi called to the NT when she was just 17 or 18 and Natalia was just 16 or 17 when she first joined the NT? What makes them different from the other young players?

    Btw is Drussyla not joining the U23?

    In that match against the Netherlands, China only needed to win 2 sets to remain at the top of their group. After winning those 2 sets, the coach should have rested his main players to avoid tiring them out. What happened may have affected their performance but Italy also did its part to win the game.

    I do hope that in the next tournament, Lang Ping will be back to re-organize the team.