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    let’s delete this thread and start a new one, mods...

    You can delete your message as you started replying rudely. This was supposed to be a good thread. I do not know but you want to always comment negatively to whatever post i make.

    oh lawd... did you need to start a thread with all CAPS???????

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    :drink: Cheers to this exciting year for the Brazil Women's national team for 2020! No official announcement from CBV or Ze Roberto as Superliga is still is on! Please Comment on your top 12 players that should be in the olympics! Note: Please comment on their statistics and merits! Thank you!

    i guess minas will do great in the coming rounds.... thaisa, carol gattaz, macris. leia, shiela.. dobriana and the venezuelan outside hitter...

    whereas rio will just work on what they have.. outside hitters are really there problem which is a miss or hit.

    on the part of sesi volei bauru, wilhite and tiffany step up. Rahimova also had impressive spikes even if there were 2-3 instances that she was hit by tandara in the head or in the shoulders.

    I also like dani lins' set distribution even if she doesnt set to ade. I understand that ade is really finsing her rhythm.. this is one of dani lins great game and im with her when her team got called for a rotation error.

    The libero julia is also great. I will be keeping an eye on her. Adenizia blocked tandara really hard which is amazing. She also aced a serve when it matters. Long way to go though!

    nice game between sesi and sesc. It's coming from a 2-0 but referees decide it one more time.

    Highlights: tandara 31 points. You would understand fabiola is she overloaded tandara during this time since outside players of sesc were aweful especially amanda and pena. Pena cant stabilize reception she is a liability. Drussyla is still a miss or hit. Milka had a great time with her connection with fabiola. Juciely isnt felt that much.. and damn fabiola can really block rahimova... natinha too played well in defense.

    This is a bit nonsense... He had 2 opposites, and decided to cut Paula, who was playing just ok, to bring Sheilla back. Her attack was like in an amateur level when she came back.

    But anyway, I think we're getting a little off topic here. So, let's go back to the Superliga :drink:

    I know its off topic but i just wanted to show why he invited shiella. Anyways, its even a good idea to let her start minas over bruna so the latter wont be complacent and for the former to be deserving to be called in NT again in 2020. Do you agree on this?

    Exactly. Sheilla was invited for the NT after a 3 years break. If she plays like 50% of her best, she'll definitely be there.

    Yes. She was invited but this is because bruna got operated and needs to rehab.

    Tandara asks to be dispensed. Also rosamaria. So ze was left with lorenne and paula. Hahahahaha

    With lorenne and shiela, shiela was second sub. I know you will argue she had 3 years of rest.. lol

    I don't think so.. Ze LOVES Sheilla, and she is finally improving her game, she isn't playing like she used to, by any means, but she is definitely improving.. Expect in couple weeks Bruna Honorio being officially benched... So everything is possible..

    We will see but i really don't think so. Its still bruna over shiella...

    No queation if nicola will put her as starter. That can be exciting but how long can she sustain? Tandara is waving to her by the way! Ahahaha

    best players: tandara and milka. I would give credit as well to amanda and natinha

    Many might criticize fabiola for setting too many balls to tandara but upon seeing sesc's player position, setting to tandara is the advantage.

    Fe garay and martinez are algo great from praia. Claudinha's sets were regular in the beginning and imprecise on the later sets.