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    Most of the times I do think there isn't enough talent currently, especially for world level, but I agree with you that the ones we might have don't get enough chances to play. I think it's important to remember that for some players, this was only their second year with the NT (Roberta, Bia, Suelen, Gabiru, Rosamaria, Drussyla, even Tandara as a starter). And most of them had an injury one time or another. Failures are bound to happen. I think most of the disappointment right now comes from how the defeats happened, given the teams never reached the podium in any of the tournaments they played and that might be clouding our judgement a little bit.

    I said it before, but I just hope the younger ones can build on their best past performances and also improve their mentality in this next Superliga. That might be a little bit wishful thinking though.

    I agreee. If i am the nt. Id chose tandara garay and drussyla duo with gabi on the back row. Amanda on the serving sub for mbs!

    Natalia not having enough playing time and condition should have been left out. I dont know. This is just a bad year from brazil as compared to last yr....

    Drussyla in my opinion doesnt have enough playing time.

    i like the way you update your desired players list after every match..especially the Mbs..the rotation btw .Ade-Bia-Carol ..sometimes Ade in sometimes Carol and this time Bia in the

    This is because.. none of these three players are reliable as fabiana and thaisa before. One mb is good on one play and bad on another day! These mbs needs more confidence especially carol!

    I really think that Ze knows more than everyone else here thinks, and it's just a matter of time before we see some drastic change in the NT. He relied on her golden girls for so long, but this WCH is the last nail on that coffin. I'd like to see him do another post 2004 rebuff, and start putting younger people in the NT. This is going to be hard for them pride-wise, but Brazil just lacks superstars in this generation. It's going to be a slow build and it's gonna take more than just a single competition like this one.

    I think only tandara and garay will be left

    Fabi retired before 2016 Olympic Games. Tandara struggles because she can't handle pressure, she does not have the mentals to be the "number one" for Brazil - the same I think about Roberta, I don't know if she is mentally good enough for the task she needs to do . I think Fe Garay would be a great tutor of some kind to new OHs, Drussyla can do amazing with some directions, because potential she has, a lot! And I don't know why Gabi cannot be "the answer", she is young, she has technique and she has passion, with an organized team she can do amazing things (even Zhu Ting said that Gabi is a wonderful player)

    I hope next year.. the new ones will fill some vacacies...

    Setter - roberta

    Opposite - tandara

    Oh - gabi, natalia

    Libero - ???? Camilla brait or natalia autajo??? Suelen is coming from injury

    Mb - bia

    I like diana alecrim 19y.o. Mb from sae caetano and also the second opposite from pinheiros. She is a lefty

    Disappointed as to how serbia played against japan and netherlands. But i cannot blame them. They were already promoted to the next round of the competition.

    Brazil’s loss to germany is really the precursor of their elimination.

    On the other group, the one we call the group of death im not happy that usa won because russia got eliminated. In as much as i like serbia in their first round, i really commend china because they play to develop the sport even if they are already classified.

    I wish that china or italy will win it all.

    Serbia got me irritated when they play like losing the game in order to eiminate another strong team.

    Anyway, good luck to the world club championship!

    I wish garay and tandara even roberta and ade wont retire to nt, the rest might as well pack your bags.

    Ze really put an end to the career of drussyla and rosamaria with the insistence of amanda in the vleague.

    nothing wrong with someone in the philippines following the BRA team. we also have a brazilian here who's fanatical about the TUR team, so let's not get too crazy or critical here.

    Anything wrong with being a brazilian fan? I just love the way they play, their tactics, the way they block and how they dig balls and spike hard.

    So Amanda got cut.. I wasn't impressed with her this summer, but she is very useful as a serving sub.. The fact that they had to wait till the last moment to decide whether Natalia can play is nonsense to me..

    Knee problems of natalia has been treated. What she is feeling pain which took a long nod from ze is the pain she is feeling from her shin. I believe she got operated last 2011

    rosamaria is second opposite. Gabi will take the role of amanda if natalia will be starter! Reviewing some of brazil’s serves, jaque, drussyla, adenizia does jump serves..

    In the video posted by ruan florencio, adenizia, carol, fe garay, suelen, dani lins, and tandara are grouped in their practice games...

    Amanda should've been cut after Fe Garay agreed into coming back to the national team.

    We all knew she only survived this long because Ze is her coach in Barueri. Totally unacceptable and that only affected Rosamaria's confidence in VNL instead of growing it.

    that’s right!

    It is common sense having natalia. She is the captain of the br nt team..

    Accdg to news from globoesporte, she and ze had talked. And, being a selection player is different from club player. In nt, its ur love to ur country that drives you to win whereas in clubs, you are paid to do so.

    Good bye to amanda! Blockage to boskovic is one highlight to your name and to monique, who has been the second rate opposite of brazil as many forumers describe...

    In the next two years or so before olympics, you must find a second reliable setter, an attacking mb, and a stable libero!

    In my opinion if rosamaria and gabiru wont develop they arw the next to be cut.