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    I agree with mdacs. The situation of julia bergman and tainara is just the same with exinara and fernanda tome in 2017, invited but not played or barely played. At least edinara won 2017 montreux. Hahaha

    Praia - no movement from the market but they have garay and fawcett renewed and probably suelen as natinha transferred to canada.. michelle and monique were contracted

    Minas - thaisa/carol gattaz/mara/macris/lana/leia

    Osasco - bia/roberta/mayany/fernanda tome/vanessa janke

    Rio - fabiola/jucielly/drussyla/natinha.. tandara is close to signing but nothing’s official unless they are presented

    Pinheiros - edinara/lyara/juju perdigao

    I’d love to know who is your source for “official” news and rumors that you share in this forum.

    There is NO confirmation that Tandara and Fabiola will play for Sesc (I know it’s almost official, but there is no confirmation yet). And I haven’t seen anything on Suelen moving to Rio. It makes sense, but since you don’t share your sources here I never know if I can trust on your rumors.

    This is a rumor thread. Are u on the correct thread? No link for official news as transfers and done deal contracts to players on brazil starts on may!!!!!!

    I haven't seen anyone wanting her back to the NT, but maybe I just missed it...

    Well, if you look at the middles from Sesi/Bauru, then there is no discussion. There is no connection there, because the middle blockers are just average players. Also the team had no reception especially because Tifanny was playing as OH. The team only reached the semifinals because Sesc was playing its worst since the creation of the club. Sesi/Baru is awful.

    I couldnt agree more! Fabiola really has this perfect touch along with macris. Setters from brazil that i like are macris and fabiola they are bold and daring. Roberta on the other hand is someone that has a perfect connection to outside hitters, can block but most of her sets to the middle is really aweful.

    Dani lins is well read by opponents im sorry!

    Suelen is being courted by rio!

    Definitely rio has the promise to overtake praia next season!

    Confirmed! Fabiola-tandara-drussyla-juciely for sesc rio

    As for dentil praia, fe garay (2million reals) and michelle have been recontracted for another year! Wow this really shows how fe garay is prized and prioritized by her club! Michelle i believe did deliver an awesome season this superliga. She even ourperformed rosamaria and became a starter. Another tip set to be introduced to praia is priscilla daroit from fluminense. Hence, the current outside hitters along with michelle who are rosamaria and ellen braga might not be renewed.

    Rosamaria has proposal for osasco.

    Regarding osasco, it is confirmed that after camilla brait, bia and roberta have signed with osasco. This pair is like ann bujis and carol. But roberta and bia dont have good connection in court! Lol

    Hence - osasco - brait, bia, roberta

    Apart form Fe Garay, the other Praia players will need to improve their serving to unsettle Minas, because as long as Macris has a consistent ball, they will struggle to win over them. A strong point of both these teams is their blocking and defence though, so they can cancel each other out in this. Hopefully Mayanay can join at some point in the series.

    I really like the trio of Garay, Carol and Fabiana, but I really like how Minas plays.. tough to choose.

    I like the trio as well. But praia is more of cArol and carli lloyd. And not fabiana!! Fe garay has better connection with suelen and ananda!!

    In the year 2017 if i remember, bia has this so called ‘’awesome” slice attack during her reign in osasco, this was even evident as ze roberto noted in one of her 2017 interview. Bia is a warrior!

    She was even voted as the best blocker of the 2017 grand prix.

    2018 came, she wAs more than a starter to carol in the nt season. In one of their invitational games vs usa, she injured her shoulder causing her not to participate in the 2018 montreux volley masters.

    2018 world championships came, we saw haw often she made to tip the usual slide attack set bt roberta. This become more visible in the 2018-2019 superliga.

    Well, my point here is. Bia is a warrior. She plays the game even if with injury. She may not be 100 percent today but sooner she will be the bia we used to know...

    The only weird transfer for me is Claudinha back to Praia after being kicked last season in spite of her consistent performances...

    Claudinha is better than lloyd if u compare her season with praia! Claudinha already knew of praia’s attackers!!!

    Il keep an eye to osasco... camilla brait, mari, roberta, bia.. then hooker... wow!

    As for sesc rio.. drussyla, fabiola, juciely, tandara!!! Still looking for libero And an outside hitter

    Barueri will surely have a low budget.

    Bauru will have dani lins..

    Praia - garay fabiana claudinha carol suelen....

    Yeah! Praia team will win. Ive seen the connection between players and michelle is doing ok as starter! Paula and the second setter must be in the rotation as well.

    Carol can do a slide attack.

    Thaisa ive seen her doing it as well.

    But carol gattaz is the queen, her proncess is juciely. Hahaha

    Bia is getting there but her slide attack isnt a spike, its just a drop!

    Carol will i think be starter this season because ade is on leave and will fight for her spot next year!!!!!

    Im liking the idea of her, thaisa, mayany in the selection.

    Bia is ok though..