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    come on! You can't call a team with a reception line of Jacqueline and brait as a team without reception:what::white:

    A lot of setters succeeded without reception but Jacqueline-brait is not the good example of this

    The problem with roberta was the reception (sl 2018-2019) while her problem this supwrliga is not the reception. It is the third balll who can kill the ball and make a point for the twam. Because of that roberta was punished heavily by the brazilians fans!

    But what if Sheilla starts? Dani Lins then? :P

    LOL that wont happen! Shiella and dani are not their prime anymore. They can compete being in the top 12 but i dont think they will be included.

    My second point here is to suggest that macris and roberta are two players that should be playing for tokyo! It is because of their connection to the opposites (lorenne and tandara who i am sure will be the opposites of brazil come 2021). Furthermore, I did not explain about the outside hitters since as we all know both macris and roberta had connection with gabi and natalia.

    Now with regards to the entrance of fabiola and now dani lins, i said in my previous post that fabiola was better than roberta in 2018 and so so in 2019 in club season but the former did not participate in any NT games. Dani lins PLAYING FOR BAURU is not the dani lins of 2012-2013.

    Fabiola and macris are two setters that are artistic, brave, and sets precisely. THEIR PERFORMANCE HAVE BEEN COMMENDED BY MOST BRAZILIAN FANS DURING THE CLUB SEASON However neither of the two have i seen played as second setter recently. Fabiola 2016, macris 2018 that i locked roberta for now as the substitute setter.

    On the thought about opposites play alone in a volleyball match, well most unstable passes are most certainly set by setters to their opposite. And the setter connection to the opposite is one that i try to explain here that i wrote that If macris is starting, lorenne would start with her. And if roberta is starting, then it should be tandara.

    If you dont like roberta and you prefer macris startinf, macris should work a lot during NT practice games to set to tandara precisely in the pipe. Let us remember that in 2019 tandara did not play in vnl and world cup only the olympic qualifier and roberta's set to her in the pipe line is one of the sttacks that serbia, china, usa, and italy cannot handle.

    let us remember that with the stable pass, macris should be starting! She cans set her middles easily! Now when the pass becomes unstable, macris struggles so much... watch brazil games against netherlands, turkey, poland. When roberta is in court, she delivers especially in serve, reception.

    However, fabiola is way better than roberta. She and roberta have this awesome tandem with tandera in position 5 and in the pipe line.

    For now i would lock in roberta as second setter.. and let macris/fabiola do the starting setter position. This is just my opinion whatsoever.

    If lorenne is starting, then macris should play as setter. If tandara is starting, then it should be roberta. Prob with roberta is really her imprecise sets to her middles. 😒

    In the last days a rumour about Lorenne not getting an agreement with Rio it's start to get stronger, and now Gazzetta dello Sport puts Mammadova on Rio's target.

    Maybe Lorenne will play abroad, for Brazil's NT future that would be good, having both promissing opposites playing abroad (Rosamaria and Lorenne), i think we will discover very soon.

    Yes the rumor is true. There are talks of mammadova in rio/flamengo. Whereas lorenne will likely play in dentil praia!

    Talk about gratuitously inserting an unrelated point...smooth.:roll:

    Akinradewo did not play this season due to her pregnancy. She was replaced by fabiana. And mihajlovic play for fenerbache. I saw her highlights. Yeah, she blocked fabiana (because the set to fabi was very low) and annie drews but that doesnt make her an internstional sensation. She is still slow. An improved club season in a japanese league for me doesnt count much since players are usually 1.75 to 1.81 cm.

    My point is: don't over generalize much worse sensationalize. But i hope she improves further more. Her supposed entry to UCLA wont remains to be seen.

    Mayany is probably going to sign with Osasco.

    Since they already have Bia and Camila Paracatu, I think Gibbemeyer and H. Tapp are under consideration anymore.

    Happy with the turn of events! Rezende chose valquiria over her in sesc rio. But thats ok. Mayany alqqys has excellent transfers!

    Im loving osasco because of this.

    I don’t want this discussion be any longer but Hitachi paid Flamengo for her release in which the latter agreed upon. So I don’t understand why Tapp is to blame (as imposed) when she actually honored the agreed arrangement of the two clubs.

    Lol you dont get it. Well! That's your opinion and you are just fine with it. Lets say if a team already contacted a player. All agreements were paid and If i would be the player i will grratly honour my agreement because of my respect to the team who noticed my skills in volleyball meet the club's criteria. This is not because the other team paid the former any money. The main point here is honouring contracts. It led the former team to look for new players in the market. Do you even know the stress she made to Flamengo? You just said that was just alright because hitachi paid Flamengo but how aboud the result of it to the former? Uhmmm looking for new players to complete the team! have some time to understand this! 😅🤣😂

    The MB position an the setter position hurt ECZ to much this season. They could not evolve as a team with a huge gap in this position.

    Couldnt agree more. Vitra was peomising to get more titles when they hired natalia and kim but when they signed carli lloyd after an awful performance with dentil praia and gibbemeyer, i was like??? Maybe vitra has so many money to splurge on wrong people! Hahaha

    Yeah vitra should hire a good setter and an attacking mb!