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    Szakmary - Agost as outside hitter duo doesn't seem strong in serve receive...

    I would play with one of them and Alsmeier to stabilize the reception.

    My guess will be either Aydin or THY.

    Aydin has a balanced team with decent players at every position. They have a talented setter and one of the best Turkish opposites with Boz. A great offensive outside hitter in Anthi and Balkestein-Grothues is one of the best defensive outside hitter who is able to cover Anthi in service reception. Compared to last season they have a way better libero with Pinar. The middle blocker position seems also strong with Janset and Adams.

    THY did a really good job they've transfered Ebrar, Carlini and Asli. The rest of the team is a bit dissapointing in my eyes... So I think Aydin has the biggest chance to finish fourth, but last year I also had high hopes for them so we will see.

    In Aachen she played a lot, there was no clear nr 1 among her and Divoux but I think Imoudu played more than Divoux back then. And concerning Potsdam, honestly I think the main reason why Nichol was first setter there was being Hernandez's girlfriend. Whenever Imoudu got to play I thought she did much better than Nichol...

    Don't know if Nichol or Imoudu was better last season, I dind't watch Potsdam a lot. I only know Nichol was the main setter.

    In Aachen Imoudu was the starting setter at the beginning of the competition, but Divoux eventually took over the starting spot. Divoux was the starting setter in all of the important play-off matches.

    IMO Stuttgart and Dresden are stronger anyway. Only id Lippmann stays they are more equal...

    Both Imoudu and Stoltenborg aren't stable setters. Imoudu has bigger potential, so she should be the starting setter. Last 2 seasons she wasn't a starter though, so for me it wouldn't be a surprise if Stoltenborg takes over the starting spot eventually.

    Dutch volleyball federation wants to develop a team with toung talents from 17 - 21 years of age that the national A-team has to complete in the short future. The young team will train and travel in the winter of 2021-2022, with matches in Brazil, Japan and Italy. Variants are possible, with half training weeks at the National Sports Center Papendal.Eventually these players has to fill in the gaps at the WCH 2022 in home country the older generation will leave.

    IMO it isn't a bad idea, because the level in the Dutch league isn't good, so they can learn much more from training against better teams and facing a lot of different styles of play. Don't know if they will be ready to play at the WCH 2022 though...…nenteam-van-1996~b14ca4a4

    Also: I think, eventually, Kentucky will make it to a FF. Concurrent with that I feel that the SEC (most likely Florida and Mary Wise) will finally win a national title.

    I mean...for nearly10years...experts" said Stanford couldn't win!

    There is always a chance for "a first time". Let's go orange :thumbup:8)

    Yes probably Florida would have the biggest chance from the teams in SEC. Last couple of years Florida had and have some talented players like Monzeres, Hall, Hammons, Kramer, Snyder, Alhassan and Knop.

    Thank you very much!:D

    Yes it such a shame they always fail when it matters the most:( I think a big reason for that is that SEC isn't the strongest Conference. The only real rival is Florida. In this way they play against teams in the NCAA tournament who faced better teams for a whole season, so they are better prepared than Kentucky...

    Last year was their big shot to reach the final 4 IMO. Unfortunately Curry had one of her worst matches against Washington, so their serve reception wasn't good. In this way Lilley couldn't play her fast game and she became to predictable...

    For next year I hope Skinner can do a good job. Most important is she has to receive on a decent level, so Lilley can play her fast game. The one playing on the right side has to take over Edmond role and scoring the most points for the team. They will for sure suffer from the loss of Edmond, but with one of the fastest system in the country they can upset some teams!

    Davis for sure can't take over the spot white left. I mean they already had trouble receiving with Eggleston, White and Petersen. Davis isn't a good receiver, so I don't expect the reception to be good. That's so sad considering their talent at the middle blocker position! Butler is just a beast at the net when she gets a good set and O'Neal has a great slide attack! Sorry to hear she had such a major operation, wish her all the best. Luckely Phillips is more than capable to take over the starting spot.

    Yep... They kept all their starters... They already were scary dangerous, now they will be probably unbeatable. And even losing Ogbogu, they signed with Fahr, so they are good in the MB department once again

    If I'm honest, I'm not so sure Conegliano will be unbeatable next season...

    Last year Vakifbank almost beat them in semi final of club world championship and Vakifbank didn't had Bartsch and Kübra (injured) back then. Next to that IMO they had a more sollid bench last season with Geerties, Ogbogu and Sorokaite. Especially on the outside hitter position I would have liked a better back-up. We all know how unstable Sylla is.

    Any news where Mayany will play next season? I think she could be a good fit with Osasco. Mayany - Bia as middle blocker duo looks pretty sollid.

    To me Osasco looks better than last season, on the other hand Rio looks weaker...

    Maybe SESI/ Volei Bauru could make some surprises next season:) If Dani Lins can play like she did last season and they find an outside hitter who can cover Tifanny together with Castillo. Any news who could be this outside hitter?

    Watching this match gives me mixed feelings:S

    First of all it shows how sad it is Radenkovic couldn't keep the level of play she showed in Sopot. She made life easy for Balkestein - Grothues with her fast sets. Balkestein - Grothues many times was top scorer for the team, something usually doesn't happen...

    Radenkovic could have been a perfect back-up for Ognjenovic and evantually take over her spot IMO.

    Second, it makes me happy Polish league seems more competitive next season! So hopefully we can see the same level of play as it used to be some seasons ago!^^