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    VCW vs VFB has a stream but the focus isn’t even on the court.

    Haha yes! I'm getting dizzy watching the match:lol:

    Laura de Zwart is playing much much better than in Dresden! Wiesbaden's defense has no answer to her attack:obey:

    Also Muller contribute in a good way as a middle blocker. Although I think they depend a bit too much on their opposite in attack, because their outside hitters are weak attackers.

    Some great defensive work by Wong-Orantes!:super:

    Fenerbahçe Opet 2-3 Nilüfer Belediyespor (18/25, 22/25, 25/23, 25/22, 13/15)

    Vargas 36, Eda Erdem 13, Busa 10

    Sarah Wilhite 25(%49), Willow Johnson 17, Maglio 15, Yasemin Yıldırım 14(5block)

    Good to see that Wilhite is doing a good job! She really dissapointed so far playing overseas, but IMO she has to potential to be an allround outside hitter. Hope she can keep it up and take over after the Olympics for Larson/ Hill.

    I'm excited to see Stafford play more. Wondering if she can get an invite from the National Team?

    I think indeed she is a candidate to play for USA NT in the less important tournaments, like Pan American Cup. To get invited in the A-team, I'm not sure. Definitely not before the Olympics.

    She is a good middle blocker, but USA has lots of good middle blockers! Players like Ogbogu, Washington and H. Tapp can play for another Olympic cycle. And they have lots of talented middle blockers still playing in NCAA, who IMO are better prospects than Stafford. For example Rettke, Stivrens, Butler, Pitmann, Hord and Gray.

    Luckely I've found a stream to watch Chemik Police - Legionovia Legionowo!

    Legionovia Legionowo won the first set:cheesy: I like them so far:) Never saw Oliveira Souza play before, but she is a pretty decent opposite with her left arm! Also Grabka and Rozanski are prefect players for Legionovia Legionowo IMO. I would switch Stafford with Tokarska, because Stafford is a great attacker and can be much more useful on the slide attack than Tokarska...

    Chemik isn't playing good, especially their serve reception is really bad... But they are playing without their main outside hitters Medrzyk and Salas. Kowalewska wants to play too fast, so she is a but imprecise in her sets.

    Considering her contribution at offense is almost non-existent, I think second libero also can do the work

    No way! Balkestein-Grothues isn't the problem in reception for Aydin, but Pinar can't handle 2 receiving system. Balkestein-Grothues showed she is capable of that when she has a decent libero next to her. She even did it a few times in Dutch NT with Schoot, who isn't a great receiver.

    I agree she isn't the best attacker and she depends on a setter who can play a fast game, but we all know that attack isn't her main job at the court. Next to that I don't think she is the worst attacker, considering she is a lefty playing at the left side and her short length. She scored 19 points points against Galatasaray, not bad at all I think:whistle:

    Aydın is interested in Eva Mori? I guess Duygu's injury is serious. If they transfer Mori they will have 4 foreigners but only 3 can play. I would put Ezgi instead of Maret, and if Anthi can't receive well, Maret would come in.…/1305983779140493314?s=19

    Reception is already a big mess... So what will happen when they don't play with their only relaiable receiver: Balkestein-Grothues:gone:

    I've watched back the friendly match against LKS Lodz and Legionovia.

    Bongaerts did a fine job at the setter position, although the connection with the players wasn't always there yet, but that's understandable at the beginning of the season. Now she is using Zaroslinska, who is the best scorer for the team, by far the most. I would like it if she could involve Alagierska more in attack. Reception doesn't always allow Bongaerts to use the middles, because it wasn't great. Wojcik and Lazovic are okay receivers, but when they have to cover a lot of the field, their serve reception goes down. The libero Saad dissapointed me, because she was the weak spot in serve receive. Is Strasz a better receiver? If that's the case, I would play with her as starting libero. In contrast to Alagierska, Bongaerts used Ninkovic a lot on the slide attack. Ninkovic didn't contribute much though in attack, so she should work on that!

    There will be a big transfer in our league, an agent Jakub Dolata told about it on twitter. Probably it will be someone who was supposed to play in China :super:

    But which team still needs a player? If indeed a "big name" will go to poland, I think only Chemik Police can afford these players. So maybe another oustide hitter like Robinson or Rabadzhieva, since Chemik Police only have 3 outside hitters.