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    Interview (in Dutch) with Celeste Plak.

    She tells that she had some good conversations with new head coach Selinger about her future in volleyball. She is also being seeing a sports psychologist. Recently she started to train and practice some volleyball at the national training center (Papendal) with the Dutch youth NT. She didn't know the systems anymore, so she had to ask the sixteen year olds where she had to be on the court:rolll: She wants to explore if the fire and eagerness to play volleyball will come back. At some point the interviewer asked if she could join a event in the summer, but Plak said she doesn't know if she would be able to join, because of the duties she would have playing for Dutch NT again. Hope this is a good sign and we will see her again on the volleyball court :)…nDqu/?igshid=rzqnfjpyal4u

    Bongaerst is not a top setter yet who ,,DESERVES BETTER” :D you have to prove yourself to advance to a better team, you have to earn that spot. Why would she deserve to play in a better team when ŁKS is underperforming and its not like everyone is awful and she is great :what: you are saying that she has bad reception but last year they played with the exact same trio of Wójcik, Lazovic and Strasz and their game looked way better, the middles were being used in a right way. Actually since 2018 Alagierska was shining in LSK and was constantly one of the best middles. This season she is unnoticeable and IMO mostly because of the trashy sets she gets. Something is wrong when there is one game left till the end of the regular season and she still hasn’t found the connection with her middles

    Well, we clearly disagree and see it from another point of view. It doesn't mind, because everyone has his own opinion:)

    It's best if she leaves after this season, because it's obviously not a good fit!

    Yes, she did play well against Radomka. Deserved MVP, but I am curious what do you mean by saying 'haters gonna hate', cause it is not hate, it is description of her skills and it is not only about our opinion here, even our ex players and experts commenting matches say that everyone expected more from her. Simply as that. I get that everyone has their own faves, but at this point no one is hating Bongarets. We just expected more, because she's really hyped here. I recommend you watch some previous games and see how low she's setting to MBs, today her sets were good that's why players like Alagierska had 70% in attack. No hate at all😊

    Indeed Bongaerts is one of my favourite players, so I will defend her☺ I've almost watched all matches from LKS Lodz, so I don't have to watch the matches back to see how she performs. Even I can see she doesn't have her best season:( Technical she isn't the best setter, so sometimes it makes her look messy when she gives a bad set on a perfect pass/ free ball. She defenitly should work on that to become a better and more relaiable setter, but I believe LKS Lodz isn't the right place for her to do that.

    I see the bad performance of the whole team as a result of her poor performance this season. Unlike most who seems to blame Bongaerts for the bad performance of the team, so that's what I meant with "haters gonna hate".

    Reception is really bad so far this season, which doesn't make things easier for a setter. Especially for a setter like Bongaerts, who is better in system and likes to run a fast system. For example the semi final of the Polish Cup against Chemik Police. She had to bump set 60% of the times, becaus of the bad reception. Than you can't blame the setter for not involving the middle blockers. I mean, put Kowalewska in LKS Lodz and she wouldn't be able to show the same magic as she does in Chemik Police... On top of that, the middle blockers aren't known for their attacking, but mostly for their good blocking. That's why I'm happy Pacak seems to have taken over the starting spot frok Ninkovic, who couldn't score a single ball even on a good set.

    I suggest you watch some matches where she played for Schwerin and you can see how good she can involve her middle blockers when there is decent reception;)

    I should have used other words than "haters gonna hate", but I wanted to emphasize that the poor performance is not only her fault:)

    For next year I just hope she will transfer to a team like Firenze, so she can develop furter and become a better setter!

    Reception of the Orange team is really weak and it doesn't help to have Vélez as their libero... But I have to say, all libero's aren't to best receivers.

    King is really disappointing. She did a decent job in Dresden last year, but she has so much trouble finding the right rhythm in her sets. Bruns on the other is playing like I know her from Suhl. Nothing spectaculair, just doing her job.

    All pressure on Herbots to score, because Smarzek can't kill the ball as usual and also Bosetti has difficulties to pass the block... I really don't get why Smarzek is still in the starting 7 all matches, although she underperforms badly week after week:whistle:

    As Smaash said it's hard to understand why they have so much trouble despite their good roster, but IMO the roster isn't well balanced. They have 3 very good MBs but only one good OH, a weak libero compared to other players in the league, and also Kicka isn't nearly as good as in her Dresden years.

    I agree! Next to that I think Hindriksen is way past her prime and her back-up Sorbo isn't good enough to play for any team in Germany...

    3-1 Busto win, I'm not sure they can repeat that in Istanbul tbh besides Poulter who did a good job distributing, everyone was bad against a crippled Eczacibasi

    Poulter makes the game for Busto, the rest is nothing special IMO...

    Hope Eczacibasi wins the next game, because at least they could put up a fight with an healthy squad against Vakifbank and I don't think Busto is able to do that...

    I agree the reaction of de Kruijf wasn't correct, but it's just her way to wake her team up and get the opponent out of their rhyth. You can say all you want, but it's working, because before she entered Conegliano played really weak and without any spirit. In the end it's not about making friends with your opponent, but to win the match. Aslong as you treat eachother with respect, wich wasn't completely the case here🙈