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    Louisville on a roll! Beating Nebraska in straight sets:cheesy:

    They are a very balanced team, everyone doing their job. Next to that they have a low error rate! Dilfer as stable setter playing clean volleyball and distributing the ball well. Jones and Chaussee scoring when needed and handling out of system plays. DeBeer is a great all-round outside hitter! Playing both offense and defense on a high level:super: I'm also impressed by libero Scott! In high school she played as setter and only started to play libero this year. She is doing a great job:white:Stevenson one of my favourite middle blockers in NCAA! Hope she will play professional. Her playing style reminds me of Beliën:)

    I’m not sure what to say about the back-up setter for Minn, a lot of questionable things were done in the 5th set. I was literally screaming leave the ball you’re the setter!

    I agree, she was too eager in defense and taking balls she shouldn't take! On the other hand I think she is a better setter than Shaffmaster to be honest! Her fast hands are perfect for Minnesota style of volleyball and her connection with middles is pretty good. With Shaffmaster on court you barely dee a decent middle attack... Pitty McMenimen is short and sometimes makes questionable choices:D

    Nebraska playing so messy:pinch:

    One of the reasons is Hames. She just is a real inconsistent setter, which won't help the hitters to perform at a consistent level. Such a shame Orr isn't in a good shape after her injury! She could have helped the team a lot. The other reason for their messy performance is they still didn't figure out their best line-up. I would play with the following line-up:

    - Hames as setter

    - Sun as 6 rotation opposite

    - Batenhorst from the left at the net and replaced with Akana in the backrow

    - Krause also from the left at the net and Knuckles as replacement in the backrow

    - Caffey and Schwarzenbach as middle blockers (Stivrins in for Schwarzenbach wen she is fit again)

    - Rodriguez as libero

    I'm sorry for Kubik, but she is bad in both offense and defense this season, so no reason for having her on court.

    I've also watched some parts of the friendly matches from the German teams. I know most teams aren't on full strength, but I will share my prediction for upcoming season:)

    1. Stuttgart

    I think they have the weakest setters of the top teams and how their outside hitters will perform is a big question mark for me, but I think a healthy Rivers is such a big advantage and will help them to win the Championship this season! Lee is a great attacking outside hitter, but her reception isn't that good... Segura isn't the most stable receiver, so I think they will be vulnerable in reception. Luckily they have Hester Jasper on the bench, so curious to see if she will be able to claim a starting spot during the season. Middle blocker didn't change much compared to last last season. Timmerman is a good transfer IMO! If Todorova will have same weak performance as she has last season, I won't be suprised fo see Timmerman - Lohuis as middle blocker duo.

    2. Potsdam

    I know it's a bold move, but I really have a feeling they can surprise all teams this season! They have a well balanced team, with decent substitutions on every position. As Matthias already mentioned, Lilley made a good first impression! She can play a fast and clean playing style. Van Aalen has a different playing style, but I think that's not a bad thing for a second setter. I really like Nemeth fast left arm and she will work fine with Lilley fast sets. Helic has experience, which can be useful from the bench. All outside hitters are of the same level if you ask me, so lot of options from the bench when things don't work out their way. BTW Agbortabi was a pleasant surprise for me during friendly matches! Middle blockers also seem decent to me, especially Savic. Jegdic showed she is a good libero both in reception and defense, so also stability from this position!

    3. Schwerin

    Imoudu her performance will be crucial for Schwerin to succeed this season. If she is able to play the same fast game as she did most of last season, they can also finish first or second. However, I think they lack experience to play in the final. Laak didn't play much last two seasons and she didn't impress me during friendly matches, so I don't expect er to be the most reliable scorer for the team in crucial moments. I'm looking forward to watch Ruddins - Alsmeier as outside hitter duo! They could work out really well together. Baijens and Speech seems like a decent duo, but Baijens is a bit unstable with her young age and Speech isn't the most dominant middle blocker. On the other hand I think Imoudu- Baijens connection could be so enjoyable to watch:love: Pogany her defense is great, but her reception can be shaky sometimes. Curious to see if she can take her responsibility in reception with Alsmeier and Ruddins next to her.

    4. Dresdner

    Dresdner did a bad job on the transfer market if you ask me! Injury of Quade didn't made anything better:( Gray her performance by far was the reason they became champion, so I wouldn't have been surprised if they would have gotten a replacement for her. Weitzel is a big loss and van Buskrik isn't a great replacement. Only on the libero position they made great transfers and they are lucky they were able to keep Storck! Curious if they will be able to find a replacement for Quade. I'm praying for Edmond:saint:

    5. Suhl

    Last season they suprised everyone and I think they kept the core of the team, so hope they can show the same performance or even better!

    6. Wiesbaden

    They have Olympic Champion Wong-Orantes so who will be able to beat them?:P Jokes aside, I think they look stronger than last season where other teams look weaker, so that's why I put them on the sixth place.

    7. Vilsbiburg

    One of the teams who looks weaker than last season.I don't have high hopes to be honest...

    8. Münster

    Not familiar with most of players, so hard to predict their eventual place in the ranking.

    9. Straubing

    Seems weaker than last year, but some Dutchies playing for them, so reason for me to follow them:)

    10. Aachen

    Last year they already played bad and they don't seem to have a better selection, so don't expect much from them.

    11. Erfurt

    Not familiar with most of players, but selection seems weaker than all other teams mentioned above.

    12. Neuwied

    Not familiar with all players, but they seem really weak and no competition for the other teams:D

    Well, these young ladies don't disappoint!^^ Much respect for Raducanu she is able to play such an aggressive and confident playing style at her young age! Personally I like playing style of Fernandez a bit more, because I love these defensive plays:love:

    I haven't watched tennis a lot since Sharapova retired. Now I'm going to watch the final of US open, because I'm really curious how this young players will perform in the final and if they will be the future of women tennis! Who do you think is the favourite: Raducanu or Fernandez?:)

    My God JWO performed just okej, nothing special and for you guys She is the best player in ISA because She went from terrible libero to good one.

    The most overrated player from Olympics, like ever. :what::what:

    She performed good but She is not even near to be the best player in USA.

    Sorry for of topic but I just couldn’t read this ones again. :gone::gone:

    You just can't handle she outplayed De Gennaro at the Olympics:whistle: