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    IMO Zhana Todorova is an underrated libero! She is stable in every aspect which makes her a complete libero. Hope in the future she is able to transfer to a better competition, such as the German league, so she can develop further:)

    I wish Daalderop would have chosen a different team. It might have been a wrong choice for her to go to a team along with Herbots and Bosetti.

    I agree! Busto Arisizio would have been a perfect team for Daalderop IMO. She would be a starter and also would have played in CL. Poulter is a perfect setter for her and she would contribute so much more than Gray!

    Still hope Lavarini will try Bosetti as receiving opposite and Daalderop and Herbots as outside hitter duo, since Smarzek is underperforming. Bosetti has played opposite in the past, so she is used to play on this position and can help out in service reception. Next to that she can have a bit trouble with a well formed block in front of her and both Daalderop and Herbots are better out of system from position 4.

    This game again shows how important a setter is for the team! Hancock is playing great today, involving every single player in attack. So far this season she didn't play this good, so Novara didn't perform at their best.

    Herbots also playing great tonight! She is better at receiving Mikasa than Molten:lol:

    BTW Novara didn't had any blocks so far in this match, but finished the set with two important blocks:super:

    - Baijens is wasting her time in Chemik. She won't be all-around player like Trushkina. Irina played MB, Opposite and OH on some games. I don't think Indy is capable of doing so. I know she was practising as opposite during some friendly game, and she even played as OH during game against ŁKS...

    I agree on Baijens! She shouldn't have gone to Chemik Police... She is a talented middle blocker and on her age to develop she needs to play as much as possible! Now she barely gets a chance:( IMO she deserves more chances, because she could contribute more than Kakolewska, especially in attack. Unfortunately for her reception doesn't allow the setter to involve the middle blockers a lot. On top of that both setters aren't good at setting the middle infront. In this way she isn't able to show her potential when she finally gets a chance... Last match got me thinking Baijens could have been a good addition to Budowlani Lodz! Both middle blockers aren't the best and she would have had more time on court.

    - I don't like the new ŁKS at all. Britt isn't much better than Mori. Lazović is playing worse and worse and Zaroślińska. Hmm, she needs backup. I liked the duo of Bociek-Kowalińska more than those two.

    As for this statement, I get your point, but IMO Bongaerts clearly is a better setter than Mori! I had my doubts about her transfer to LKS Lodz and my doubts turned out to be right... Bongaerts just doesn't fit the playing style of LKS Lodz. She is a great setter when they are in system, but when they are out of sytsem she has some difficulties. LKS Lodz is barely in system because of the bad reception. Next to that all players have a slow arm swing, so the connection isn't optimal because Bongaerts gives fast sets.

    IMO Avital Selinger is a bad choice as the new head coach for Dutch NT:down:

    He had lots of problems with (talented) players the previous time he was the head coach. For example Meijners, who refused to play for NT for many years. I think appointing him as new head coach, could lead to many retirements...

    Only good thing he is coach for the talent team for last 2 years, so he know the talented girls and can develop them further.

    Old national team player and middle blocker, Francien Huurman will be his assistent. Other assistent coach will be Erik Reitsma, who is currently the assistent coach in Stuttgart.

    Stuttgart missing Papafotiou badly! Kästner playing too sloppy...

    They rely too much on Rivers in attack, both outside don't contribute much in that department. Middle blockers contributing well in both attack and block, but the bad reception doesn't allow to involve them that much...