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    Good question, at first I expected Firenze would have hired a main Opp, but now I have doubts.

    Yes me to! Maybe they are going to play with Foecke as opposite and Daalderop and Santana as outside hitters, because I expect both Fahr and Alberti will get the preference above Bauer. So with Dijkema they will have 4 foreigners on court.

    I think the same - I mean I don't say Morrison is great coach or sth but honestly all Dutch players besides Robin are in worse shape than in 2016 and 2017. Sloetjes, Buijs and Grotheus are not playing that well so it is a direct effect.

    I agree that it isn't all the fault of Morrison, because the players aren't in great shape. But the technical plan has to be right. And you have to anticipate during the match.

    A large part of this is the task of the staff.


    (and before you start it: poor girl will be wasted on bench, she should go to a club where she would be starter blablabla)

    Maybe she will be a starter? IMHO she played better than Hanke last year. But Koslowski will probably choose Hanke, looking at NT.

    Maybe she should play as a libero for NT because Shoot and Knip very unstable. Daalderop and Buijs 're main OHs

    Could be a good alternative, but Daalderop and Buijs are both unstable at reception. M. Jasper isn't good enough in reception. So you have to use schoot or knip as receiving sub. I don't see that happening.

    It's time to Morrison to say goodbye, he doesnt know how to react to adversities, i don't know, if something does not work for him, this thing will keep not working because he never know how to fix it.. I think they should try to bring that guy from CSM Bucuresti(?), Akbas, i think that he is a suberb coach and could do a good job with a team full of great players

    Morrison has a lot of knowledge about volleyball, but he just isn't HEAD coach. I think he has a tougher job than Guidetti had, because Guidetti brought them to the top. Morrison has to stay on top and the things he has to improve are all details.

    Guidetti brought spirit and fire in the team, that worked really well. With Morrison all the passion has to come from the themself. So they need a verbal coach. I don't know if Akbas would be the right choice. When Morrison came to the Netherlands they doubted between him and Caprara. Maybe he would have been a better choice.

    There were some interviews in the Dutch media. The players are very frustrated and can't believe they've played this bad. Especially Buijs and Plak didn't look happy with the staff. All the plans they made didn't work en they couldn't anticipate during the match. According to them they should have focused on their own strengths and not only on how to stop Egonu. A conversation would have taken place last night between staff and players about things they need to improve and things that need to chance.

    They wanted to host the tournament this time, but Italy paid over 1 million euro. I hope they organise the tournament in January, because they always perform better in front of their home crowd. IMHO they also deserve it, because they are the highest ranked team.

    Bongaerts from now on has to be the starting setter, so she gets good connection with the starting players. Also Daalderop deserves more trust. Looking offensively Balkestein-Grothues isn't enough, she should be used as recieving sub. Also M. Jasper should improve her receiving, so she can play some defence in the backcourt. Beliën should step up in big matches, she is always choking when she has to play an important match. I'm not giving up on Sloëtjes, but if she doesn't improve, Plak should be the first opposite.

    Knip still hasn't made a transfer, hope she is going to a better team or league so she can improve. Next to that they should invest in H. Jasper as Libero, because she has good reception and is to short to play as an outside hitter. And I have to give de Kruijf some credits again! She is always fighting and never gives up! IMHO she should be the captain on court

    Congrats Italy deserved win. Really disappointed in the Netherlands! Morrison isn't a good coach during the match, so many stupid mistakes. I miss Guidetti;(De Kruijf is so good!:obey:When she was out, they lost many points. Also Bongaerts played good. Hope Morrison now understands she has to be the first setter! Sloëtjes and Beliën played really bad:down: