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    As VBTV broadcasts some BigTen matches I watched one last week, however it's still a bit confusing to me. I feel very dumb but hopefully one of you guys can explain some things to me :teach: First of all their subbing systems, they have offensive and defensive OH/OPPS, and then liberos are serving but not always? And how many of these subs can they make, because I think I saw more than 6 in a set? :sos:

    Furthermore, I wanted to check a score sheet but only found this on the NCAA website. Is there an easier/other way to find a score sheet (like with dataproject/volleystation) or can someone explain how to read this one? :rolll: (I guess it's Successful, Attempts and Errors but what does the PTS on the right mean, and where can I see the total amount of points they scored?)

    There are 15 substitutions allowed per set. Libero is serving for one of the middle blockers.

    PTS is the total amount of points they score. But their point system is weird, because they count a block assistent as half a point:wacko:

    Next week new season is starting!:cheesy: What are your predictions?
    1. SSC Palmberg Schwerin
    I think they are the most balanced team! Great depth on the outside hitter position and a stable libero in Pogany next to them. Baijens is the best middle blocker in the league and White not standing out, but always doing her job! I liked Kästner her game recently, but her substitute isn't great. Same goes for Tutku on the opposite position. Good season last year, but is she able to play on the same level again?

    2. Allianz MTV Stuttgart
    Wouldn't be suprised if they end up on top again, because they can always rely on Rivers. On the other hand they look less good overall to me. They lost 2 really good outside hitters in Lee and Künzler, excited to see if Knollema is able to deliver on the same level! Next to that I think Schölzel is better than both Strubbe and Haneline.

    3. Dresdner SC
    Their receiving line-up could be really solid with Janiska - H. Jasper - Jegdic, but I'm curious if they will have enough firepower on the opposite and middle blocker position?:/

    4. SC Potsdam
    They look a lot weaker than ast year IMO... Especially on the outside hitter position and I think they haven't a good replacement for Savic. On the other hand I think Lazaro and Wong-Orantes are good transfers and they have 2 good options on the opposite position!

    5. Ladies in Black Aachen
    Some good transfers, excited to see how they can develop as a team!

    6. Rote Raben Vilsbiburg

    Did surprisingly well against Novara! If they can play at their best, they can have a good season:)

    7. USC Münster
    Not a spectaculaire team, but they seem well balanced overall.

    8. VFB Suhl LOTTO Thüringen
    I can't see them performing on the same level as they did in recent years with their current squad.

    9. VC Wiesbaden
    Not that familiar with the team, but they look weaker to me than last year.

    10. VC Neuwied 77
    No words needed:gone:

    Well national team season is over for the Dutch team. It's a pity they didn't qualify directly for the Olympics, so that means they have to play the whole VNL with their best squad. That's not good news for the players (mental) health, since the schedule is already too crazy:( Overall I think Dutch team can be happy with the season, some good development for some players and they played the most enjoyable volleyball since years! The result was a beautiful bronze medal at ECH^^


    I'm really happy Koslowski gave a chance to van Aalen this season! She still is a bit unstable at times, but when she is able to play her own game, it's a pleasure to watch! Great speed and creativity. I especially love her connection with the middles:heart: I hope playing in Vakifbank will gain her experience how to keep her head cool in the important moments. I hoped Bongaerts would return to her Schwerin shape, but unfortunately that wasn't the case. Her sets were too unstable a lot of the times. On the other hand she played some good matches, like the 3-0 win over Poland in VNL! Dijkema her experience is important for the young team, but her setting isn't good enough anymore. I think it's better to fill this third setter spot with an extra outside hitter or middle blocker.


    We finally saw some of the old Plak:super:She carried the team in some matches and her attitude on court is real important for the team! Despite that, she isn't as reliable in attack as she was in the past, so she needs a better back-up than Dambrink. Dambrink is just awful to watch and she shouldn't be with the team if she doesn't develop into a better player:down:

    Outside hitters

    I think overall Daalderop did a good job this summer! She can be a bit unstable at times, but especially her defense and serve improved much:) Marrit Jasper is the biggest suprise to me this summer! Great to see she took her chance when she got it. Her reception and defense is rock solid, but her attack has improved much! Still her attack is a weakness against the top teams, so I hope Knollema will start in Stuttgart this year and can challenge Marrit Japser for the starting position next summer. Marring also is a big suprise! Great attacking, but her reception isn't that bad either for someone who mostly played opposite in her career. I think next summer she should be used as opposite, so Plak has a better substitute. Especially since Savelkoel will probably be a extra option on the outside hitter position when she returns from her injury. Next to that, I hope Buijs will return to the team next season! She can be used as outside hitter, but also as opposite as she did in Praia.

    Middle blockers

    Baijens finally gained the confidence and she took it! Her attacking power is real threat:box: In my eyes she makes to many unforgettable mistakes at times and she should improve on that! Pity she stays in Schwerin, because she has a lot more potential. Lohuis is the perfect example it's important to play in a good competition, because she grew a lot in Italy! Especially her blocking and serve is important to the team. Timmerman lost her starting spot this summer and I think it's justified. Her attacking is better than Lohuis, but her block isn't good enough. Hope she will also go to a better competition next year.


    Reesink showed she can be a solid libero, but also made too many mistakes in reception at important moments. Unfortunately playing in Swiss league won't help her to develop furter... Knip played bad during VNL, but never got a real chance after that. She should have been used more IMO at the moments Reesink was struggeling. She still doesn't have a team for next season, so also that's bad news?( I agree Hester Jasper could be a possibility on the libero position!


    It has been a great move to hire Koslowski! He implemented a fast playing style again, which is necessary to have some success in modern volleyball. He makes all players feel important, which creates a good atmosphere within the team and everyone wants to work for each other! The only thing I have to complain about is that he can change earlier every now and then.

    Knip is doing really well, so she should stay on court! I wouldn't mind if Timmerman also stays on court. Maybe try Knollema for Jasper to add some hight at the net? Also van Aalen should be back on the setter position.

    I just hope Dutch team will play their own volleyball in the third set:)