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    Kosheleva is not in the roster for Montreux, and I don't expect her to be for WCH either. Voronkova is doing well enough, and having a semi-healthy Kosheleva as 2nd OH on court would destroy any kind of reception Russia might have.

    Totally agree! Voronkova > Kosheleva. Kosheleva's reception is horrible.

    Meliha will probably still play some, but will have less role than this year. Hande should find a new club, she will probably stay on the bench a lot, just like this year or maybe she will be used more as a backup OPP. I do expect they rest KYK and Larson a little more in TL this coming year.

    Regarding the whole Meliha/Hande topic: I don't think they'll be on the bench all season. In fact, they'll probably have plenty of opportunities to play in TL, perhaps just not against the other big 3. I wouldn't be surprised to see Meliha subbing in for both KYK and/or Larson throughout the season.

    It is true many a high-profile player has left Turkish league (while it seems barely any has left Seria A). And, at least thus far, not many world-class players are announced to join Turkish clubs.

    But it's still early in the post-season. Give it time. We'll speak come September how strong league will be. Although yes, as things stand right now, Zhu and Boskovic are primed to ride roughshod over the competition (even more than thus far, that is).

    Bricio left Imoco for Fener.

    I do agree that Italian league is improving. But I think Volleyball is like many other sports, you have a few players on the very top, and below them, you have a large pool of good players. Depending on where KYK ends up, there is a chance current top 3 players in the world will still be at Turkey next year.

    There's one thing that worries me about her though: she keeps playing even when she seems to be injured. It happened last year in the GP and this year in the CL F4. Sure she makes the difference for any team she's on and coaches must have her on court whenever possible, but I wonder if that's not gonna take a toll on her health eventually.

    You definitely have a valid point, which is why I think there is a good chance she might move back to China after next season and be ready for 2020 Olympics. EU volleyball season is too long and for teams like Vakifbank and Chinese NT, you play deeply into almost every tournament you participate.

    Good thing is both Coach Lang Ping and Guidetti are aware of it and seem to have a long-term plan for Zhu. As I said in the other thread, Zhu only played a total of 50 sets in VVSL regular season this year as compared to 74 for Boskovic. But still, if you count championship league, Turkish cup, it's still a long long season.

    By the way, I don't expect Zhu to play much if any in Volleyball national league until maybe the final round.

    One of the main reasons Zhu decided to stay at Vakifbank is coach Guidetti understands/cares about her physical condition and kind of protect her during long season. Zhu only played a total of 50 sets during VVSL regular season. As a comparison, Boskovic played a total of 74 sets in VVSL regular season.

    Coach Guidetti did the same to protect Rasic after her injury during the playoff last season, Rasic only played a total of 46 sets during regular season.

    Greatest thread ever, let's party!!! :drink:

    Who really qualifies as Zhu Ting hater here? I am new to this forum, the only name I can think of is "beri". She immediately won my vote when she commented "Zhu no shade to her but her passing/reception was imo one of the biggest problems of VakifBank today" after Vakifbank's VVSL final game 2 loss to Ezcai when Zhu spiked over 50+% exc.%, 40+% Eff. and received 22 serves with zero error. After the loss, she just couldn't help but jumping out.

    Just realized that she is a girl/lady, i guess sometimes girls' feeling tends to be more extreme and aggressive :) But I still like you, EDA ERDEM! :dance4:

    I really don't see KYK joining any Turkish club other than Fenerbahche. Why would she join Eczacibashi or Vakifbank at this age and serve as Robin to Zhu and Boskovic? How would that help her legacy even the new team wins everything? Switching to a 2nd option would be hard for her. I think KYK probably is using other team's interest to get better offer from Fener.

    In order to help get away from all this negativity, I would just like to point out the incredible last 12 months that Milena Rasic has had.

    In that period, she won almost all that there was to win. First, with Serbia she won the WCH qualification group. Then she got bronze at the World Grand Prix (one of only handful of competitions she did not win with her team in this period) . The she won gold at the European Championship (there are only two players who were members of the team in both 2011 and 2017 gold-winning squads, Milena Rasic and Tijana Malesevic). And then the dream-season with Vakif, with 4 titles in the bag.

    She is quickly becoming one of the most decorated European players of all time (and she is still only 28; she can play at the world-class level for 3-5 years more). :heart:

    Indeed a great player. That's why I always think re-signing Rasic and Robinson is a no-brainier. Now, let's see if Vakifbank will bring back Lonneke. Personally i think Vakifbank needs a little more than Lonneke to stay competitive in both Turkey and EU considering they just lost Gozde and Naz.

    Don't know how you got that expression for Robinson, you can check this year's Turkey League season stats below. Robinson was better than Gozde in both reception and attack this year. I think they are comparable at least.

    why are you guy so sure zhu will extend contract with VB? she is a very welcomed addition for any team desiring the top of the podium

    I think Zhu will stay in Europe for at least one more year, and if she stays in EU next year, Vakifbank will be the place. I definitely can see her go back to China for 2019-2020 season and be ready for the 2020 Olympics. EU volleyball is too long and it can really wear you out.

    Can Neriman receive very well? Don't think Meliha is an viable option, coach Motta is smart enough to keep her. Maybe they can sign a local OP to replace Lonnecke, don't know who they have, most likely a downgrade as well.

    The question is who is better: Zhu+Robinson+Zehra+Kubra vs. Zhu+Tugba+Rasic+Zehra/Kubra, Hard to say... :wall:

    I think Neriman is the only one that can replace Godze....and maybe Meliha.

    One of the main keys of Vakifbank's success especially in the past 5 years is obviously having Naz, which is the best Turkish setter there is. Not wasting 1 spot for a foreigner setter is very helpful. Let's see if Cansu can keep up the good work. Is Naz OFFICIALY pregnant and out of the team? I've heard the same story other years...

    Coach already said in the post-game interview he will lost both Naz and Gozde. Either already pregnant or trying to be pregnant, pretty sure Naz will not be at Vakifbank next year.

    i think playing knowing Naz is behind her and to play without Naz are two diffrent things.without Naz she can feel the pressure.also Gözde will be absent.She was not a Ting Zhu both she was some kind of player that the setters can set to her anytime they wish .she alway plays with heart and brave..Now Lonneke(if stays)) or Kelsey (if stays) are to take that responsibility to help Ting Zhu

    Glad that Vakifbank still has a lot of leadership there. Rasic is the captain of Serbia NT and Zhu Ting is the captain of China NT, arguably the two best teams in the world now.
    CEV championship, World club Championship, Turkish Super Cup, Turkish Cup, Turkish League, and CEV championship, six championships in a row, what a run, wow! :obey: Congratulations!

    agree..i really really wonder how Vakıfbank will look like without her in the upcoming season espeacially in TL

    Gozde will be missed big time next year! If Naz indeed takes 1 year off, I hope Vakifbank will sign a veteran setter backing up Cansu. Based on what I see, Cansu can be out of control pretty easily. They definitely should re-sign Rasic and Robinson. Also eager to see how being Turkey NT coach the same time affects the coach's decision to build the new team.

    [font='&quot']I know Kirdar retires today and I admire her a lot, but I had to disagree with you on that top 5 OHs list. I agreed with [/font]Matthias more that she is a glue player and teammates feed off her passion and fire. If you really talk about the on-court impact, she is not even close to top 5. YOU have KYK, Logan Tom, Costagrande, Glinka, Fe Garay and many others. Kirdar has much bigger stage than most of other players because Vakifbank almost has a great team every single year.

    [font='&quot']I think Kim Hill was a better player than Kirdar[/font] when Hill played for Vakifbank. Vakifbank improved significantly after Hill took over in CEV Championship Final 4 last year. Do you think Vakifbank would start Kirdar over Hill if Hill was a Turkish and Kirdar was an American? Kelsey Robinson will probably be fine also replacing her in Championship league next year, but Vakifbank will have problem in Turkey League because Robinson is not a Turkish and you can only start 3 foreigners there.

    I wonder what you have to do to be a true legendary player. Winning 4 CLs and several national championships, having some continental medals with your NT and a few individual awards, participating on the Olympic games, being an amazing all-around OH with balanced receiving/attacking skills, being a true leader in the court... all of this isn't enough?!

    I acknowledge Kirdar's passion and amazing skills. I will miss her for sure. She was one of the best OHs in the world in the past decades IMO. A true player, a true fighter, who never hides from the game. She was surely more interesting to watch in comparison to those "only-spiking" or "only-receiving" OHs who are praised so much sometimes. For me, top 5 OHs I've seen play in the past 15 years were Kirdar, Sokolova, Piccinini, Jaqueline and Larson, in no particular order.

    As I wrote before, the TV sign saying "Gözde Kirdar - Most Valuable Player" when they showed her name when she went to serve already yesterday probably means that she was meant to be MVP even before the tournament. Knowing CEV I assume Vakifbank handed them over a little extra money in order to have Gözde receive this farewell gift :whistle:

    However I'm not saying she doesn't deserve it at all. She's the glue that holds Vakifbank together with her passion and quality in all elements, and she's been that for many years, even if she has never been their biggest star. She's impossible to replace IMO, it's a role that players grow into over many years and the question is who's next to grow into that role for Vakifbank.

    I saw that subtitle yesterday at Semi-final also :thumbsup: . 100% agree with you on your assessment about her.