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    They did that because Zhu's reception was not that good. Her reception improved considerably this year. She received better than Kelsey in a lot of matches.

    I agree with you in general, but during the clutch time when you only have one consistent scorer, I would not allow Feberbahce to force you to go to 2nd/3rd options by targeting Zhu on serve. That's always my point, even if Zhu has the best reception in the world, the other team would still target her on serve especially during clutch time, because she is such a great attacker. Why would Vakifbank allow that to happen so easily?

    I have also no idea about this....erbar gets one point from 4 spikes. I only see one time this season that gui lets zhuting free of reception and focusing on attack! Maybe gui saves this strategy for more important finals~~:what:

    Vakifbank's best line-up in clutch time last two years have always been replacing Sloëtjes by either Robinson or Hill and free Zhuting off reception duty. Vakifbank uses this strategy a lot during clutch time last few years. They only have 2 reliable OH this year, that's why Coach Gui rarely does it this year. Last few points in the 5th set, if i have to replace Erban, I would replace her by AYKAC AYCA and let Zhu focus on offense.

    Take it easy.I think gui still saves some cards for the final of turkish league and champions league. Vakifbank does not prepre well for this match and they has only one day to rest. Moreover, fenerbachee plays really good especially in set5. Fenerbache has 81% spike successful rate and vakifbank has 0 block in set5. That is why vakifbank loses set 5!:teach:

    I am still scratching my head why Coach Gui decided to replace Erbar in 5th set when they were up 8-7 and clearly had momentum, Erbar was about to serve, one of her best weapon, very interesting decision to say the least.

    No, Kelsey did fine today. Her role isn't exactly to attack like Sloetjes or Zhu Ting. She has an extremely good balance of both attack and defense, and she was why Vakif could win that second set.

    Vakifbank didn't win 2nd set, neither 3rd set. She was not able to attack at all for the first 3 sets and received/defended average, that why she was replaced by Tugba, rare. KR was much better last two sets

    It's really annoying Sloëtjes always gets criticised. This season many times she was really important. As you can see now, she is really important for Vakifbank. Today she wasn't playing good and they couldn't win the match:roll: Ebrar couldn't kill any ball at important moments, so she wasn't playing that great either.

    The problem for Sloëtjes is if she doesn't hit the ball well, she wouldn't be able to contribute in other areas, average blocker, average defender.

    You guys are too harsh on Eczacibasi. Unfortunately they have to fight against probably one of the best teams in the history's of women's volleyball in Vakifbank last few years. The best hitter in the world being able to receive the ball allows Vakifbank to add another hitting specialist (Sloetjes) in the lineup is just a natural advantage no other team is having right now. When you complain about Larson not being able to hit the ball consistently, well, she is a OH who receives/covers a lot. Which OH in the world can hit the ball consistently now? maybe Natialia after Zhu? Even Natialia is not that consistent as well. Of course losing to Minas was bad, but Vakifbank could easily lose to Praia as well. The Brazilian clubs are always dangerous because of fast style they play.

    Boskovic's injury was unfortunate and Imoco has a great team this year. You guys saw that last year Vakifbank with an injured Zhu Ting stood no chance against Imoco as well (3rd and 4th sets). Eczacibasi will be fine, I still think Eczacibasi holds slight advantage in VVSL this year if both Boskovic and Beyza stay healthy. Vakifbank's dominance will probably end after this year, they will still be competitive next year, but Haak+Gabi won't be as good as Zhu+Sloetjes for sure.

    Not only Kelsey. Zhu killed many balls just because of her power against a bad positionated block or spiking reach. Cansu's setting is generally weaker for the OHs. There was a ball in the 4th set, God only knows how Zhu killed it between the blockers and the net, that pissed Guidetti off: you could clearly see him calling Cansu and telling her to set higher.

    I saw that too. As I said Candy was pretty bad, Unfortunately there is no room to play another foreigner at setter. One thing I don’t like about KR is that you don’t just tip the ball when the set is bad. Try something harder during those situations: find the block hands or the gaps between defenders, just making the defender a little more difficult, I think that’s what Coach told her during one TO, vakifbank is not a defensive team, giving up the ball like that is almost equal to giving up points. Obviously she didn’t learn much during national team season as Jordan Larson is great in that regard.

    Is Robinson the new Aydemir? Because I give up right now.

    She has to cover both Zhu and Gizem and still does the job. And spiking those trash sets she is quite ok, IMHO.


    we all agree Rasic needs to play and I agree part of KR’s offensive struggle is due to Cansu. I guess it depends on who is more ready to play: backup oh or opp

    I see Vakif players scoring more easily out of system. And Gizem Orge is still the shadow of herself.

    Time to leave Lenneke on bench and try the young opposite and Rasic in the middle. Milena is deeply missed. Kubra and Melis are too weak.

    yes, Cansu, Kubra, Libero are pretty bad. Is TugbA that bad? Kelsey Robinson is average, and TugbA still not able to replace her and let Rasic play..

    Please. This is their moment to shine. Don't even try to steal it.

    no no no , sorry about the misunderstanding, I didn’t mean to blame Serbia at all, they have every right to decide who/when to sit against who. I just don’t like the format and scheduling part, that’s all. I said it before the final 4, I wish we had a less complicated format and had a day off between the semi and final.

    Congratulations to Serbia! I wish every team played hard every single game but the schedule just simply doesn’t allow them to do so. 13 games in 20 days including all the travels, crazy! IMO, the difference in the final is that Serbia knows when to lose but Italy (and China) don’t know. Serbia doesn’t want to play Brazil and China and they were able to avoid both by losing/winning at the right time. There is no day off between semi and final, Italy should have played Sylla in the semi final.

    Zhu supports her teammates the best and they respect her very much. Don't assume something just because of her serious game face. Zeng Chunlei always has the happy face on. Every player has their own approach to their game.

    The only bad sets I can think of is setting the ball low to Zhu, which will be blocked by good blockers. She likes the balls high so she can hit over the blockers. Yao Di is the best at setting bad sets to Zhu so hopefully she does not have to play.

    Zhu has been playing subpar thus far and she is mad at herself because of it. Most of it is adjusting to a fast tempo offense. We will see what happen tonight.

    Zhu is exhausted... She is the best receiver for China team and receives a lot of balls every game, and plays defense all over the places. I don't think China will win the trophy because semi-final and final will be played on back to back days, so even they win a tough game against Italy...

    Nervous + angry = frustrated.

    You are 100% right. Sylla seemed the most frustrated one. She spiked in so many different tempos (diagonal, parallel, lobs-way too many- and so on), however she was well digged by japanese defense. After scoring, Sylla kept seeming quite frustrated. I guess I also read some parolacce :lol:. I clearly understood a "fa***lo valla a prendere" a couple of times.

    Egonu seemed the same in the fourth set. But then she totally destroyed in the 5th.

    It is understandable. Almost every single player has suffered that against japanese defense.

    They were easily got frustrated because they thought this should a easy game for them. One of my favorite coaches told us "I liked you guys a lot better when everybody told you that you were terrible. Everybody told you that you didn’t have a chance to win the game". I think this Italy team probably took this win for granted and did not have a good preparation for the game.

    Kudos to team Japan for the fight!

    I find her a complete OH, and in my opinion, should be China's OH2. Decent attack, can pass ok and serves well. Lang Ping is seeing something we are not seeing. Maybe she is the type of player that performs best from the bench and not as a starter? My guess

    At this level, Xiaotong is an average player in pretty much everything except her serves. Unfortunately, Zhu is also China's better receiver and back-row defender. This China team really needs a healthy Zhang CN. After that, they need a solid 3rd MB and the 2nd setter who can really change the tempo if needed. Yao Di is just not capable of doing that.