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    Service and opposite are the real problems. I'm fine with everything else.

    Smith and Muagututia are the only ones serving well since yesterday. Our service since the game against Russia go 3 ways: net, out, candies for the receivers. :read:

    In the last points the blockers are always on Smith and Sander, Clark is completely free! :whistle:

    Totally agree with you mate. Our service game has completely went from hero to zero. Clark also missed a few spikes. Indeed its becoming a women's system

    One of the worst WL editions in last 10 years if you ask me

    I would like to agree but i have not followed this sport until recently. But i feel bad for the italian team. This year I consider their leagues as the best in Europe because of teams rosters overall. But with this years WL performance, its quite telling that they cant produce a decent team B inspite of hosting the top league. I mean they are missing only 3 from the 1st 6. Is this the next best thing? Quite scary for Blegini

    No, they won't. FIVB are considering a new WL format and Italy will have a place in the 1st division for the next 7 years.

    Wow lucky for Italy then. What is this new format if i may ask, and why a 7-year long assurance in top division? Same with top countries as well?

    Thanks guys for the replies!

    Now im missing the live chat on youtube. The first time it was taken off I was happy because of all the non-sense, trolling and racial discriminations. Now im kinda hoping it will be back up again for live discussions like this