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    From Thai Head Coach's interview last week, some of vetaran fab 5 will be called for training after volleyball tournament on 13-17 August 2020. This tournament will be lived on TVA facebook page, maybe TVA's youtube channel as well.

    The participant teams (Women) are;

    1. PEA-Srisaket - Members are current and ex-Thai NT who are working at PEA.

    2. Khonkaen Star VC

    3. 3BB Nakornnont

    4. Nakhonratchasima

    5. RSU VC

    As for Piyanut, she is rested after Thyroid surgery.

    Do you have a link to watch?
    Link in 1st page is not working outside thailand

    All matches will be available on True4U's youtube channel. Maybe you can use VPN if it's not working outside Thailand.

    Below is the link for today's 1st match (Men: Nakhonratchasima vs Rajamangala)

    Will be without foreign players or some chance they will be back?

    Double round robin or there will be semifinal and final?

    Foreign players are allowed if the teams can comply with Thailand travel restrictions and send the documents to TVA.

    It will be double round robin for final. 2nd week of final will complete on 28-30 Jul 2020. The schedule will be announced later

    The final round of Volleyball Thailand League is planning

    on 22-30 July 2020.

    Scheduled for 1st week of final round is as follows;

    21 Jul 2020

    13:00 Khonkaen Star VC vs Nakhon Ratchasima

    19:00 Supreme Chonburi vs 3BB Nakornnont

    22 Jul 2020

    16:00 Nakhon Ratchasima vs Supreme Chonburi

    19:00 Khonkaen Star VC vs 3BB Nakornnont

    23 Jul 2020

    16:00 3BB Nakornnont vs Nakhon Ratchasima

    19:00 Supreme Chonburi vs Khonkaen Star VC

    MKJ and joy16 was the last match of Supreme not important? Why did they play without 4 key players?

    Supreme without their key players are rather weak and I think they will be have struggled to win against the 3 lower teams. This year the lower teams are playing better game by game. They have challenge all the stronger teams in some sets and even won a set in some of their losing games. Wipawee, I think all these years on the NT, you haven't really developed much to warrant your NT spot. I think it's time some other young prospects take your place. Same with Pattaya, I hope she doesn't get a future NT spot just because she is part of Supreme's club. She is similar to Wipawee both in height and skill level, so it's no in my opinion if she ever gets a NT spot too.

    Ranking in 1st leg is only used for money award. Only points and ranking in 2nd leg will be used to determine the final 4 teams.