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    I also think that some teams will withdraw from the league because of economic problems :(

    BTW Scandicci's director complained about the qualification to European Cups (the ranking of the 19th round was taken into consideration and Scandicci was 4th and therefore, not qualified for the next CL).

    "We are not in line with what has been established regarding the qualification to European cups: if the ranking has no value for assigning a Scudetto or defining retrocessions, the same cannot apply to the qualification in Europe. For these reasons it seems inappropriate to give value to the regular season for some things and not for others: with 6 games still to be played and the consequent play-offs the final result of the season could have been different from what the ranking said at the time of the stop, which remains too partial to express true judgments ".

    Off topic, but I didn't really follow volleyball back then.

    I see Pesaro has Wijnhoven as their libero, while as far as I know van Tienen always was the main libero for the Dutch NT back than. Who was better of the two and do you know why Wijnhoven didn't play for Dutch NT?

    Thanks in advance!:)

    IMO Wijnhoven was one of the very best liberos of Serie A back then. If i remember correctly she left the Dutch NT because she had some problems with Selinger, but I'm not sure

    I wish Plummer will stay in Italy. But I don't get Monza. Their reputation is quite bad because how they handle this situation so maybe some players won't sign with them for this.

    BTW other rumors from

    Scandicci -> MB Popovic (Scandicci will likely reduce their budget,so it's not known yet if some players will accept to reduce their salary)

    Conegliano-->Fahr and OH Adams

    Monza--> Coach Gaspari, Bricio(?) and Meijners moved to the opposite position

    Il Bisonte Firenze-->Coach Mencarelli, Cambi and Guerra

    Interview to Alessandra Marzari, president of Monza. I just found out that she's a doctor :wall::wall:…rescisso/#comment-2050149


    "We are discussing the end of the contract - explains Alessandra Marzari who, in addition to the profession of emergency doctor at the Niguarda Hospital in Milan, invented the Vero Volley Consortium, the only company in Italy to have a women's A-1 team and one in male Supervolley -. Serena Ortolani let me know on the phone that she would not be returning to the gym. And as had already happened with the young American player, Plummer, who returned to the United States a few days ago, I proceeded to cancel the contract ».

    In the gym

    "With my two teams, I had explained my point of view from the beginning of this story," continues Marzari, who had the first European triumph with Saugella last year, the Challenge Cup. First of all, it should be emphasized that training is not prohibited by the various ministerial decrees. On Monday, after yet another measure, I stopped everything. I checked and double checked with my collaborators that there hadn't been any changes from this point of view and after making sure that things hadn't changed I decided to open once again the gyms of the Candy Arena, our Palazzo dello Sport in Monza that we use exclusively. All of our athletes have been super controlled, including body temperature. They live separate, but in a residence. Already at the beginning of the virus, we prescribed all our members a lifestyle aimed primarily at defending their health. With very rigid principles ».


    «If one asks me why we continued to train, I reply that as I go to work every morning or night in the hospital I think this is part of the" normal ". We have taken all hygiene precautions. We sanitize and clean the system twice a day and the same goes for all balls that are used in training. And of course we separate the accesses between the men's and women's teams ». Although Alessandra Marzari is not very confident that the women's season can come to an end. «I honestly don't have much confidence that the women's A-1 championship can be completed. It seems to me that there are too many people who want to end the season before and who don't want to wait for events »

    Rosamaria Montibeller talked about her comeback to a Perugian journalist.


    “I left Perugia and went by taxi to Fiumicino, I spent a lot of money but I was more relaxed. I flew from Rome to Rio De Janeiro, there was with me

    a friend who was a guest with me. As precautions for the trip we brought homemade masks using parchment paper because the masks were no longer on sale. We also brought denatured alcohol and sanitizing gel with us, we have always been washing hands constantly. At Fiumicino airport

    there was no living soul, the shops were all closed, a ghostly image. There were very few people inside the plane, almost completely empty.

    I noticed that very few departing flights had largely been canceled. Now I'm in Rio De Janeiro until Friday, then I'll move to my residence in Nova Trento. However, I will not see my family but I will be isolated in a house where no one lives.

    The regulations we must now comply with are international ones, those who have no symptoms but come from abroad must remain in quarantine for at least two weeks. This means that I will only see my family when this period has passed. I arrived in Brazil on Monday and the following day they underwent an exam recommended by the Brazilian federation, if it is negative I will normally continue with the quarantine while maintaining the usual precautions that today have become indispensable for everyone. I see that everything is changing in Brazil too, schools have been closed by government authorities, prevention rules are becoming more and more insistent, especially in Rio De Janeiro and Sao Paulo which are obviously the most populous states and with more confirmed cases of Coronavirus . I still don't know what image of Italy my compatriots have, I have not heard of this, but I see that all those who return from Europe are very careful to respect the rules. "

    This is CORRECT and fact! The Koreans handled the situation amazing and the numbers have slowed down there. There were sanitizers everywhere on the streets I heard, the health department taking every COVID case very seriously. Masks were everywhere. Truly respect to them, they proved what we already lowkey knew: that South Korea and Japan are passing the 'modern' western world as well these days.

    AFAIK Japan's approach has been different than Korea. Japan doesn't want to postpone or cancel the Olympics at all since of course there is an insane amount of money involved

    It seems no country except South Korea is under control or has enough tests to have it under control. At this point, number of infected people from all countries is just incorrect simply because no one has enough tests and only tests heavily suspected patients.

    I read that since S. Korea experienced MERS, when the Chinese scientists published the sequences of the virus, they immediately prepared tons of tests. I saw video online where they test people in their own cars, so everyone is less exposed to risks. Valentina Diouf was playing there and said she didn't feel any hysteria there.

    Here in Italy they were testing widely at the beginning but then couldn't anymore. The experts say the real numbers are way higher ( even 10 times higher) but laboratories' priorities is to work for the people who need the most right now. Staying at home is essential for the rest of the population. So far Italy made 137 k tests.

    Imoco Volley annouced that Ogbogu and Geerties left for their countries.

    Il Bisonte did the same for Poll, Daalderop, Dijkema and Foecke. reported that Brazilian and Serbian Federations are "calling" their players at home.

    Eventually China is the one and only country helping Italy. People won't forget.

    Yesterday G.Meloni was angry on TV about this and said that we should stop talk about the Chinese as saviors, since they brought the virus here in Italy:gone:

    These right-wing politicians of our country will never disappoint with their ignorance :aww:

    US players came back in America in these last days. USAV CEO Jamie David composed a letter requesting urgent cooperation in assisting all American players to return home.

    Have you seen what happened yesterday in Paris?

    I can't count how many people were outside the stadium for the Champions League game of Paris Saint Germain (played without audience). In the meantime the virus was probably spreading effortlessly among these people What's the point of playing behind closed doors? :gone: