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    1. Iryna Zhukova

    2. Leo Lo Bianco

    3. Fofao

    4. Maja Ognjenovic

    5. Taismary Aguero


    1. Taismary Aguero

    2. Paola Egonu

    3. Keba Phipps

    4. Toni Zetova

    5. Elisa Togut

    (6. Carmen Turlea)

    Middle blockers

    1. Heather Bown

    2. Simona Gioli

    3. Christina Bauer

    4. Yuan Xinyue

    5. E. Tishchenko

    Outside hitters

    1. Natasa Osmokrovic

    2. Mirka Francia

    3. Zhu Ting

    4. Antonella Del Core

    5. Aury Cruz


    1. Elke Wijnhoven

    2. Stacy Sykora

    3. Brenda Castillo

    4. Zhang Na

    5. Yuko Sano

    I think there's something else to consider. Regular season in Italy was far from over, so taking into consideration a partial ranking is not fair either for me. Teams like Scandicci will only be damaged by this situation so it will be wise for me if CEV tries to help them and find other solutions

    My Games are:

    Italy vs Russia 3-0, European Championship SF 2007

    Dominant game by Italy, almost every player at her peak especially Del Core and Barazza who had stellar performances. And of course Aguero, who imo elevated the team to the next level.

    Italy vs Brazil 3-0, World Cup 2007

    Beating Brazil was usually a mission impossible, especially without injured Lo Bianco, but then Ferretti did a good job eventually. I remember Ze Roberto was a bit pissed and said Italy won because of Aguero or something like that.

    Italy vs USA 2-3, Olympics QF 2008

    Italy was close to the SF but then Lang Ping changed the diagonal, Berg made the difference, not just with her setting but especially with her jump serves.

    Italy vs Czech Republic 2-3, World Championship 2010

    Another upset that basically eliminated Italy. The Czech team was lead by the young duo Havlickova-Havelkova, especially Havlickova who was unstoppable that day.

    Italy vs Germany 3-2, World Cup 2011

    Germany swept Italy at the European Championship but at this tournament Costagrande was back at her natural position and made all the difference for Italy, not just in this game but in the whole competition.

    Italy vs China 3-2, World Championship SF 2018

    The 4th and 5th sets were heartbreaking. After losing the 4th set, I thought Italy would have mentally collapsed but then special mention to Egonu who showed such bravery until the end.

    300-400k less of budget for Busto. They already signed Olivotto, Gray and Mingardi and have tried without success with Beljen, Stavanovic and Gibbemeyer (too high salary for Busto) the dream would be Fefa, she could also reduce her salary to stay next to Lisinac.

    Just translate.

    This sounds a bit weird for me. If UYBA can't afford Gibbemeyer (sorry Gibby :D) how can they sign Adams or Veljkovic? :/ Usually the source of the article is very reliable though

    I remember that Germany upset USA, Angelina Grun really changed the German team when she decided to come back to indoor volleyball

    I saw also Heather Bown in the video, in my opinion she wasn't inferior to Scott-Arruda or Akinradewo at all and I still don't get why she was cut in 2012 :mad:

    Ferretii introduced the fast ball system in early 2000's. Lots of respect to her. When she sets, ball doesn't get any spinn, her tecnique is unique.

    I personally think she moved slower than a turtle and lacked leadership. She was often average when she wore the Italian jersey, imo the difference with Lo Bianco was just too big... I was not a fan :D

    Oh God, there's nothing to agree. Do you think a 30 something yo player like Skorupa asks for the same money of a 22 yo player like Orro? The first won many titles during her career, the second won just a CEV Cup. As long as a player like Skorupa has a decent level, she will always ask for bigger money than a youngster that has everything to prove in her career.

    Yes but in this case it's not about small or big contracts, because Orro had already an agreement with Monza before coronavirus happened.

    but she's nothing special yet compared to Cacciatori, Lo Bianco and Ferretti.

    I sincerely disagree about Ferretti, imo she was very overrated.

    I also think that some teams will withdraw from the league because of economic problems :(

    BTW Scandicci's director complained about the qualification to European Cups (the ranking of the 19th round was taken into consideration and Scandicci was 4th and therefore, not qualified for the next CL).

    "We are not in line with what has been established regarding the qualification to European cups: if the ranking has no value for assigning a Scudetto or defining retrocessions, the same cannot apply to the qualification in Europe. For these reasons it seems inappropriate to give value to the regular season for some things and not for others: with 6 games still to be played and the consequent play-offs the final result of the season could have been different from what the ranking said at the time of the stop, which remains too partial to express true judgments ".