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    According to Voloch, the following are the players that can compete in VNL (that doesn’t mean that they’ll get a call).

    OPP: Tandara, Bruna, Paula Borgo, Lorenne

    S: Macris, Juma, Roberta, Fabíola

    OH: Julia Bergmann, Tainara, Natália, Gabi, Rosamaria, Amanda, Lana, Michelle, Maira, Edinara

    MB: Bia, Carol, Lara, Carol Gattaz, Mara, Mayany, Milka

    L: Suelen, Leia, Natinha, Lais

    Well, he could always use Tandara as OH and move Lorenne or Paula Borgo to the OPP position. No team in the world would be able to handle that. :obey:

    How could you forget Edinara? Shame...

    And there you go, Drussyla is out too. Unspecified medical reasons.

    Well let’s see which OH 35+ years old player Zé can invite to the NT... Érika? Paula Pequeno? Sheilla as OH? Ana Moser?

    This year is gonna be a mess!


    Taubaté was lucky to have Wallace while they could (and they still messed up twice then), because otherwise they have no idea how to hire good OPPs. Vissotto is not the player you want in order to win titles these days. And to think they wanted an even older Evandro next season too lol...

    These days? I've never seen Visotto performing well in a competitive team in any of the recent Superligas.

    According to Voloch, Brazil's official list to VNL is the following (but it is expected that only 22 players will be in training with the team)

    OPP: Tandara, Bruna and Paula Borgo

    S: Dani Lins, Roberta, Juma, Lyara and Macris

    OH: Natalia, Garay, Gabi, Drussyla, Rosamaria, Gabi Cândido, Michelle, Amanda and Lana

    MB: Bia, Milka, Lara, Carol, Mara, Carol Gattaz and Mayany

    L: Léia, Brait, Natinha, Suelen and Tássia

    Those in bold are already out due to personal reasons.

    Malinov raised 2 balls for her in the whole game

    According to the official stats, she attacked 5 times in the match and scored only at one opportunity (and I've watched from the third set and on and I think it was more). Anyway my point is for her as a player and not only in this match.

    Yeah, I don't exactly blame Zé though, because what can he do when there aren't younger players showing up? I think he could take more risks, sure, but at the end he might always come back to the older guns because who wouldn't find themselves cornered in big competitions when you know the younger ones aren't enough?

    Who knows, maybe this year will actually be good for the future with all these players stepping out. I can only hope so.

    I agree, but my point is not actually about renewing the team. I do share Ze’s perspective that we have to invite the best always, even if they’re older. BUT, these players should be able to be in the team for the entire cycle. I mean, Thaísa almost hasn’t played with the NT in this cycle. She hasn’t played against renewed Italy, against new Chinese players like Yingying Li. She hasn’t played against this renewed Russia. So she actually doesn’t know what’s going on with the other teams and this is pretty bad for blockers for example. More time you play against someone, greater are the chances for you to learn about your adversary (and that’s how we won against Russia in London quarterfinals).

    I expect from Zé some kind of enforcement. It has to have consequences for those who are solely relying on their status in order to be in Tokyo 2020.

    Yeah, I agree with you completely. And that was exactly one of the main things that made the Brazilian NT good in the past: continuity. I'm scared we're gonna see that exact same thing that happened in the WCH next year, with a bunch of players coming back after barely playing for over a year. It kills any kind of confidence some players have and the tactical system that was built during the season. I'm afraid Zé is kinda lost and doesn't know how to rotate the squad like some other teams have learned to do (like China).

    Exactly. And this is a problem given the fact that the current team has no identity. If Brait, Dani, Thaísa, Adenizia, Garay decides to join the NT next year (since the beginning), we can have a competitive team in the Olympics. But I am specially worried about the future. It seems Zé doesn’t know what to do anymore.

    I do believe Dani too. I'm sure she'll be back next year. She loves Zé lol

    But yeah, there are clear signs of wearing-out (I'm lost in the English here lol I mean "desgaste") in the team. There needs to be some changes come 2021.

    Yes. And since Zé has already said that the best players will be invited in spite of participating in the entire Olympic cycle, there are no reasons for players like Thaísa, Dani, Garay, Adenizia, Brait and others to play the classification tournament because we can win without them.

    But I don’t know how to feel about that. I mean, take Brait as an example. I love her. But if she’s willing to come back to the NT, she should be back this year and not in the following one. It would be really unfair to players like Suelen who have been there for the past 3 years. This thing of Sheilla coming back is also crazy. She hasn’t been there since 2016 (and hasn’t played at all). And I mean, some players return hasn’t been as great as expected. Garay was not playing her best last year because she came back only for the WCH, and her connection with Roberta was awful. Anyway, I think players should participate more in order to deserve a call.

    Dani Lins announced that she won’t join the NT this year. She said that she had suffered throughout this season with injuries and pain. So, she said that she need this break to recover.

    Well, I believe that what Dani said is true. But even though it seems that the players don’t want to be part of the NT anymore.

    As per Worldofvolley, Thaisa is going to Minas next season she rejected an offer from Japan.


    Edit: This means either Natalia or Gabi leaves. Or maybe both of them will leave since a team can only have 2 7-point players. The three of them are worth 7 points.

    Macris is now a 7 point player as well. So both Natalia and Gabi are leaving. They’re rumored to play for Eczacibasi and Vakifbank, respectively.