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    According to Voloch, Tandara won’t play the continental championship. She asked to be out to solve personal problems, and it seems her decision didn’t pleased Zé and the technical staff.

    IMO Brazilian players are really loosing opportunities to prove themselves. I know Tandara is great, but now Lorenne is doing well and we all know that Sheilla will be in Tokyo even if she reaches just like 60% of her best shape. Players shouldn’t take their spot for granted... Look at Carol’s example, she was a beast in Superliga, and now, after taking a month off to go on vacation, she’s barely playing.

    If the OGs are that easy as you guys are saying due to the presence of South American and African teams, then the European teams should try to manage to win it more often tho :whistle:

    And I mean, I’m done with all this discussion. See you guys in the 2024 topic where you’ll present the same old arguments about fairness (that are just covering your xenophobia in a more polite wAy).

    unfortunately, yes... Bradesco returned to Osasco and they were investing well, so they decided that it is time to tear money

    Do you think it’s gonna be that bad? I think Jaque is amazing at defense, and she’s good at reception. And Osasco will need that with Bjelica as OH.

    What I didn’t like from Jaque in past seasons is that she always joined teams in the middle of the season, and consequently she was out of shape while the other players from Superliga were already achieving their peak. By the end of the season in Barueri, for example, she started playing better, but then it was too late to classify for semifinals. I think she can do better and achieve her best shape now that she’s joining a team for the pre-season.

    It's a weird "choice" for me. Lloyd wasn't at her best, but I think she could assist the US team at least until next year. Even though Carlini is playing better than her at the moment, Lloyd could be the 2nd setter of the NT, since I don't think Poulter is ready yet to compete in an OG.

    Tainara has more projection than Maira and Lana together.

    Being better than these two is not really hard. Maira is a mess, she can’t hit the ball hard in any occasion. Her reception is terrible, and her block too despite her 1,87m. And about Lana... I didn’t even understood why she was there.

    She is the new Amanda but worst and i thought that it wasn't even possible... Maira in Tokyo 2020!

    Amanda has a good defense tho. But Maira, damn... She's a taller than most of Brazilian OH and despite her height she can't do nothing on the court.

    I agree that it isn't all the fault of Morrison, because the players aren't in great shape. But the technical plan has to be right. And you have to anticipate during the match.

    A large part of this is the task of the staff.

    But it's hard to say that the technical plan wasn't right or that the staff wasn't prepared, because the players are the ones responsible for implementing the strategies on the court. So my point is that as outsiders we'll never know if the defeat must be accredited to a lack of a good plan or a lack of skills of the ones who should make the technical plan work. What I can see right now is that NED's offensive players (i.e. Buijs and Sloetjes) are struggling to score more than 10 points in a match since the club season.

    I don’t follow all matches of the NED team, but I think the problem is not just Morrison or the technical staff.

    When Netherlands was doing great at international competitions, Slöetjes was unstoppable. Buijs was also performing great, and Plak was also a good option. This season, Slöetjes was bad/unstable all season long, and the same happened with the NT jersey. Buijs barely played, and when she did, she was just awful. Plak was simply terrible this season, she played well in like 2-3 games and the rest was a huge mess. My point is that they underperformed under the supervision of great technical staff other than Morrison’s. In addition to that, De Kruijf was injured and Yvon was out for a long period.

    He should call her way, way before.

    I had the chance to see Hooker perform in the past three seasons and she wasn’t very stable. Yes, she played some amazing matches, scoring 25+ points, but overall she was average with a little low % in attack.

    She played several times as non-receive OH in brazilian league. As far I remember in Osasco, Campinas, Praia... and she was champion 2011/2012 as receiving OH with Jaque and Hooker as OPP.

    Actually only in Campinas she was a non-receiving OH because they had Kristin Hildebrand as a passing OPP. In the other occasions she was passing all the time as OH, but it’s just not her thing. After the season she had in Osasco playing as OPP, I don’t think she’ll ever want to play as OH again.

    Brazil's roster for the OQ:

    S: Macris, Roberta

    OPP: Tandara, Lorenne, Paula

    OH: Gabi, Natália and Amanda

    MB: Bia, Carol, Mara, Mayany

    L: Léia, Suelen