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    So what is happening? I didn't get it from your post.

    It was confusing. Sorry for that.

    What I meant to say is that I don't know if this guy has internal information of the situation between Nicola and the team, or if he's just agreeing with Voloch's argument due to his external opinion.

    Voloch, a Brazilian journalist, created a thread on Minas today's defeat, saying that Nicola Negro kinda freaked out by benching Sheilla from the beginning and Macris after the 1st set, stirring the pot as usual. But the most interesting thing is that a guy who's friends with Gattaz commented on the IG post: "Exactly what is happening".

    I don't know if that's what happening and to be honest we'll never know whether this comment represents reality. What I know is that Nicola was never recognized by a good job in Italy, and that Deja and Acosta were bad transfers. Actually, not only bad... both were terrible transfers for a team that just won everything last season.

    i never understood why tifanny only receive serve overhead... has she never trained to receive with a bump set/bagher?

    i also find rahimova hot and cold... unstoppable one minute, a hot mess the next...

    She has trained, but she is just awful and doesn't seem to be improving.

    About Rahimova, I agree with you, but I can't criticize her since she's all the time playing with high and mostly imprecise balls - since Bauru doesn't have a decent reception system - and even though she is scoring pretty decently. The only thing I think she can do better is her approach to attack from position 1 and 6. Many faults in today's and past matches.

    This team of Bauru is a shame. 28 errors by Sesi Bauru, in a 3 set match, against 13 by Sesc.

    Besides these 28 errors, what I see from Sesi Bauru is a complete mess: Tifanny cannot do a simple bagher. She is absurdly weak in reception and defence. And I don't see her being decisive anymore.

    I also think it's absurd having Glayce as starter and Gabi Candido and Wilhite as subs. She was really awful in reception today and she has like zero experience.

    Anderson has to give more court time to Gabi Candido and/or Wilhite, otherwise, they will fail to succeed this season since I don't believe Glayce will evolve as much as they need.

    Nyeme and natinha are 2nd n third best... leia is actually first

    Geezz... You live in a whole parallel world where a different Brazilian league is broadcasted. This is the only possible explanation for these opinions. :lol:

    I tried to say something "a really stressful place to play".. For me Anderson is so "addicted to perfection" that he exaggerates in his demands or he reacts a little too much aggressive and this negatively reflects on players, affects their confidence. You could see last year, games that SESI played like champions and others like amateurs and this certainly has to do with the confidence that the players have in themselves and the effect that Anderson and the coaching staff have on motivating or discouraging the team

    Agreed. And his instructions are always so bad during time out. His team is falling apart on the court and he don't even care to give a technical and tactical feedback to them.

    Diouf was unstoppable when the season starts last season, she carried the team a lot actually.. but throughout the Superliga her volleyball faded away... Let's hope that it isn't the same fate of Rahimova, but I have my doubts... SESI is a really unstable place to play

    What do you mean by "an unstable place to play"?

    Just a side note: Rosamaria is playing well in Italy as OPP. 32 points in this 6th round. I think if she keep up playing like this, she'll be considered by Zé for Tokyo.

    Interesting fight for OPP position - Tandara, Rosamaria, Lorenne and Sheilla. The advantage of the first two is that they can play as OH.

    Its ur choice. Id probably placing her 4th setter

    Dani Lins, Claudinha, Fabíola, Macris and Roberta are all way better setters than Juma. And I don't think this is a matter of choice or opinion, this is a fact.

    Winning the Paulista is a huge achievement for these girls from Barueri.

    And I also think it is a good way of showing that younger players can assume important roles in our championship, even though they lack experience. Look at Nyeme: never played in the main division; never played a Paulista championship. And she was a beast in the semifinals and finals.

    Teams in Superliga are too conservative and they often rely on old, thus to some extent experienced, players instead of investing in younger prospects.

    nyeme has been amazing in my opinion. Only Diana seems a bit off in this team. But she is young.

    I think she will need more time playing. She is a good prospect, and she was really good in the quaterfinals. I think the other players are ahead of Diana because they have more experience and have already played for top teams - like Lorenne in both Sesc and Osasco, Mayany in Minas, Tainara and Maira for Barueri - and also they had some opportunities playing in the NT this year.

    Btw, forgot to say that yesterday... Jaqueline played well against Pinheiros yesterday. I caugh me wondering yesterday that I don't I won't be surprised if Ze invites Jaque for training to Tokyo.

    If Sheilla can be in after 3 years of inactivity, who knows who else can come back.

    PS: Not saying that I agree with it.

    Rosamaria is a much better OPP -- she proved that while playing in Pinheiros and during her first season in Minas iirc. She started to decline once she switched to OH permanently, so she might bounce back if she realizes full-time she can't play as a receiver. It sucks the reason for her switching positions was Zé telling her she had the build to do so.

    Well, Rosamaria should have looked at Mari's career. She was never the same after switching to OH after Ze's recommendation. She was a surprise in 2007-2008, but the her club seasons after that were not as strong as it used to be.

    Geez, what a mess by Bauru. 10 serve mistakes in the golden set. They were real amateurs today.

    Btw, this match shows they’ll go nowhere without Rahimova’s 20+ points in every single match. Tifanny is not reliable and these middles are a joke.

    Sarah Wilhite played a couple of points in the 1st set and was simply awful. I mean...I don't know why Sesi spent money with her. There are better players that would probably cost the same thing or even less.

    I think Juma is one of the worst setters in Brazilian league when it comes to setting to the middle. She is a good blocker and server but she can't do the basics for a setter which is obviously setting LOL I know she was MVP in the U23 2015 but I don't see her career making any progress and I can't see a bright future for her.

    Sarah was awful in the beginning, but she did a decent job in the third set.

    About Juma, I think exactly the same. She’s not good setting to the middles and this weakness kinda forces her to be a very conservative setter. Another point is that she’s too slow while approaching the ball for a set, which is a point that even Zé criticized her about in the match against Sao Caetano.

    São Paulo/Barueri 0 vs 3 Sesi Vôlei Bauru in the first semifinal match of the Paulista championship.

    Dani Lins was so good today. Rahimova, Mayhara and Andressa were consistent too.

    On the Barueri’s side, Lorenne was the only one who was actually good. Tainara is awful... she needs to start controlling better the strength she applies to the ball when attacking. Too many unforced erros by her. What I am surprised about this team is about Mayany. I was expecting more of her, and she’s apparently a ghost on court at the moment (in addition to her terrible connection with Juma).