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    I would never bet on Sesi with or without Tifanny. I do hope this match goes to the tie break. I also hope Barueri manages to play well against Praia, especially because Mari won't play, so Anne Buijs (or Anna Balls like they speak on the TV lol) will have to step up.

    I love this Anna Balls thing! So fun

    But Sidney, you forgot their deadly weapon: Michelle. :lol:

    SESI did it once this season already without her... Tifanny was nowhere to be found, offensive-wise, at least, when they faced each other

    I get your point. But although she was horrible, she was on court. Now that she's out for COVID, Bernardo will not even have to worry about Tifanny, and he will create a strategy in which blockers will basically have to worry about Polina.

    Samara was training in Barueri until she left to play for Chemik. Barueri has one of the best (if not the best) physical and medical staff in Brazil.

    I think Chemik’s dissolved her contract only because they wanted to hire someone better and then invented some excuse for that.

    COVID outbreak in Osasco. Jaqueline, Mayany, Brait and Karyna tested positive. Luizomar too.

    It took too long for Jaqueline to test positive. She has been really lucky lucky considering that she’s constantly meeting with friends and doing some jobs as a digital influencer.

    When did she play as starter in volero?

    I follow volero till 2018 and the starters where carcases,mammadova and mari

    Maybe when the team go to france

    She was always a fl,in pomi she makes nothinh

    I remeber watching Klaric and Mihajlovic in the beginning of the decade playing the extinct Top Volley tournament. I believe it was in the season 2010/11.

    Hylmer said in an interview that he was expecting to put Mari in the starting six in the match against Brasília, but then she got an injury.

    I am sure she will be a starter as soon as she recovers. They'll do that to try something different due to their very weak roster. If this doesn't pay off, at least they will benefit from the attention Mari gets in Brazilian media.

    Does anyone know if Bruna Moraes is leaving Fluminense or has left them already?

    Edit: I gather from one comment above is that Fluminense is a weak team so let me ask another question. How has Bruno Moraes been playing this season in Brazil?

    To be honest, I think she's only tall and has some good attacks here and there. Fluminense has a weak roster this year and her stats were not great: 3,37 points/set, 64 points/19 sets played. On top of that, she's super unexperienced. Last year she played in the worst team of the league and she was not even part of the starting six. I wouldn't expect her to add much to Pink Spiders.

    This was Polina’s best match this season. She did everything on her own, and that’s an achievement considering that she had to score with Dani’s awful sets. IDK but the connection between them is always off.

    Too many mistakes by both sides. Not a great match, but it had some exciting moments.

    Tiffany is finally trying to pass properly and she's already doing a better job than Suelle.. which doesn't mean that she's playing well

    Tifanny is doing much better in every aspect. I think she’s more focused than she used to be. I honestly don’t know why she benched in ther 3rd set.

    About Suelle, the thing is that she’s not contributing in any aspect. She did well in the back row during the first set, but then all we got were shaky receptions. Her defense is not as good as Vanessa’s. Her serve is very ineffective (she was serving towards Suelen very often and Suelen barely moved to receive her serve). I don’t expect much from her in attack, but what makes me shocked is that she can’t kill any ball and in most opportunities she has short setters trying to block her.