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    Yes. Sesc players were very nervous. Monique argued with Bernardinho again, and he was pretty calm so they probably started the game with some problem, i think. Roberta was benched, Drussyla returned but Carol Leite thought that she was 100% and overused her. Nothing good happened to Sesc

    I guess the problem is that Monique isn't satisfied with her new role in the team. She was supposed to receive only in a few positions, but since Kosheleva doesn't have the skills to help Sesc, Monique participates all-time in the reception line with Peña and Gabiru. That's not good for an opposite who is accustomed mostly focused on attack. Her performance decreased a LOT since she started receiving, so that's why I think she's unhappy.

    Yes, she is currently the 5th best spiker among the MBs, and the best blocker (points per set), but she is overrated.

    I imagine if she was Italian...

    In this forum we have something like "Adenizia is overrated", even being the best blocker of the league in the past seasons, and "Folie is one of the best middle blockers in the world". :gone:

    Brazil shud just copy what Italy did, make a club team for young players and play in Superliga. Club Italia is a club full of young italian players and it is where Egonu started including Malinov i think.

    I would love to see something like this around here. There are so many talented players benching all season long. Besides, I really think that these younger girls should look for a club in which they will actually have chances to play.

    just watched Barueri VS Osasco. I feel really bad for Juma. She seemed helpless with those wing spikers. Dani Lins couldn't help either. And what's the deal with Kasia? Most of the times she seemed very lazy to spike the ball.

    Juma sets were not good either. Kasia was having trouble to score with her sets. Dani Lins entered and did a better job by far, but as you've mentioned, Barueri's wing spikers are useless. They can't kill a single ball, and in many occasions, they were facing a single block of Carol Albuquerque. I feel bad both for Juma and Dani Lins. These girls can do the best job ever but their wing spikers are unable to score and also unable to receive. Their terrible reception compromises the team overall because Milka and Thaisa could have been more useful in attack.

    I agree on Destinee. Right now, I'm not sure any top club would want to sign her.. talking Vakif, Eczacibasi, Fener, Conegliano, Novara etc. So she stays in Brazil, where she's considered a big star, which she is, but her level has dropped for sure

    Well, unfortunately in Brazil she is also able to arrive like 2 months after the date scheduled and she is not punished for that... So I mean, she has reasons why she enjoys playing here.

    Ok guys, dig this:

    if a now already 32 YEARS OLD brazilian player gets injured every damn time she's defending a european team; given she's already made lots of money; also considering she's surely eager to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games; finally acknowledging her current team is wonderfully coached by S. Lavarini and winning almost everything at disposal,


    Who's this 32 y/o player that you're talking about? I guess it's not Natalia since she is 29.

    And btw, volleyball is not a hobby for players, they actually have to make a lot of money out of it, considering that in a few more years they'll have to retire and start a completely new career. So... the reason is simple: they need to make money.

    We've seen this kind of things before. Too much money used in a wrong way. But well, I don't think they are a disaster. I mean, they only lost 2 matches in the league (1 one of them was against #1 Minas)...I know they were bad at the world club championship but I guess the real surprise was Minas reaching the final, not Praia losing the semis.

    Agreed. But we have to take into consideration that Praia's level decreased in past games. They won most of the matches, yes, but they're performing badly in general (3-2 win against Brasília and Bauru, playing terribly in both occasions; 3-1 defeat to Minas in Copa Brasil, playing really beyond their potential; and now loosing to São Caetano). They are not terrible but they need to go back on track.

    What is happening with Praia? Internal problems? It doesnt make sense at all!

    I don't think so. I believe they're struggling to recover injured players. Lloyd is having problems with her back (additionally, her connection with the players got better but still bad). Fabiana had to come back before predicted after Fran's injury. Garay, Carol and Suelen are not 100% ok as well.

    Besides these problems with injuries, I guess Praia's transfers were not good. Rosamaria can't pass, but we all knew that, but since playoffs of last season, she can't attack either. Rosamaria, Garay and Suelen receiving is just a nightmare, plain and simple. They should let Michelle play.

    SESI build a team that is not suitable to Anderson's style of coaching. He destroys their confidence all the time! He screams when he needs to support, he says all the bad things his team do instead of trying to fix it. He is doing really bad.

    Agreed. And sometimes it seems there's something personal with Tifanny. She was their best player today and in every single time out he was like crazy with her.

    Exactly! I mean, even if she goes abroad again, I don't know why foreign teams would take the risk of signing her given how often she's injured. At least in Minas she already has a huge and very competent health department that can take care of her.

    I agree 100% with you guys. Definitely, this would be a wise decision. But I think Natalia will get better offers and will leave Minas, because she is thinking about earning more money. I don't think she will be able to play in a high level for many years (she's almost 30), so I believe that she will enjoy the opportunities she has to play abroad and earn some $$$.

    I thin she will renew with Minas especially if they reach finals and also especially now that they have a major sponsor.

    I am not sure about that. Natalia said that the reason why she chose Minas was to recover herself, even though she had way better offers from China, Italy, and Turkey. I don't think Minas will be able to compete with richer clubs, even with a new major sponsor.

    Claudinha is a good setter but her attempts of creativity can get her in trouble.

    It's difficult to assess a setter with such a limited playing time. Carol obviously having the bigger share of setting, more mistakes will naturally come to her as she plays more minutes but the times when I saw Claudinha play, she's not that good on perfect and out of system pass so I can't exactly feel Claudinha should be subbing for Carol.

    I agree with QueenPiccininiLover the age must've been a factor and sloth mentioned weather. The heat could've affected Walewska than Carol's setting as she looks really irritable when she's shown on the stream.

    But I am not talking about their performance yesterday. I am talking about the way they're performing this season.

    As I said before, I like Carol and I think she adds a lot to Osasco. But in the past seasons, she has demonstrated a lack of precision when setting to all positions, that's why I think Claudinha is better than Carol right now. And to be honest I think she'll be in the starting-six when she gets better physically.

    Edit: And about Walewska, in every single match that I've watched of Osasco this season, she was always pissed. I guess because she is underperforming and also because her team is a complete mess.

    I can get she isn't amazing, but, guys, she's 42 and does the job way better than Claudinha.

    Osasco was into the game for almost the whole time thanks to Carol. She has been saving their awful passing time by time. And whenever Camilina passed the ball, she runned the middles and got the kill. Claudinha with a perfect passing yesterday sent the ball on the antenna... :lol:

    I guess we haven't seen the same match then... Walewska was completely off yesterday because Carol's terrible sets. And yes, I know that their reception is shaky, but even when Carol had the chance to make a good set, there was no precision and balls were often really distant from the net.

    About Claudinha, I don't think she's an amazing setter, but her technique is better than Carol's. She has good precision when setting to the middles and to position four.

    Praia Clube 3-2 Sesi Bauru (24/26, 25/21, 25/14, 21/25, 15/11)

    Fabíola 2, Diouf 20, Tifanny 11, Gabi Cândido 7, Andressa 10, Valquíria 11, and Tássia (L). Arlene, Naiane, Edinara 3, Vanessa 2, Palacio 4. Adversary errors: 26

    Lloyd 5, Fawcett 12, Fe Garay 13, Rosamaria 13, Carol 13, Fabiana 20, and Suelen (L). Michelle, Laís. Adversary errors: 31.

    (Unofficial stats)

    I like Carol Albuquerque, but watching the match I realized that her style is not fitting to the modern volleyball. I mean... her sets are always too high, and somehow predictable. Her connection with the middles is awful, and particularly in this game, she was not precise in her sets. I know that Osasco has a weak roster this season, but I think they can do better with Claudinha.

    Minas 3-1 Osasco (25/21, 17/25, 25/22, 25/16)

    Macris, Bruna 13, Gattaz 15, Mara 9 (7 blocks), Natália 17, Gabi 8, and Léia (L). Bruninha, Geórgia, Lana 1, Malu 2. Adversary errors: 27.

    Carol Albuquerque 2, Hooker 14, Nati Martins 11, Walewska 8, Leyva 9, Mari Paraíba 9, and Camila Brait (L). Kika, Claudinha, Lorenne 2, Paula Pequeno, Natasha. Adversary errors: 29.

    (Unofficial stats)