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    We had Lana as a starter in 2019 along with Maira, Tainara and young Bergmann. That was the worst lol

    Good point! That’s indeed worse. But wasn’t this team some kind of a B group for the Lima games?

    This might be the worst group of OHs we had in years. It’s weird to think that the 2nd OH spot will be disputed by two players who cannot receive at all (Tainara and Rosamaria) and Pri Daroit.

    It gets even more depressing to think that, except for Natalia, there’s not even a single player who could be called and do the job.

    I don’t think Daroit will make all the way but she deserves this call more than Tainara for example. But for me it makes no sense that Kasiely didn’t receive a call yet. She’s not brilliant and also don’t think she’ll make it to an OG or something big. BUT she was the best Brazilian OH in Superliga.

    (By the way, I hate the way they’re calling players. It’s for marketing purposes but we never know if a player is actually out or if they’re going to make a new announcement within a day or so).

    I’m now happy that Kenya was called to join the VNL. judging from this roster, I think Claudinha was in the staff’s plans (Zé hardly even works with only 2 setters).

    How damn ridicolous ppl can bê. Just because this player hás not the same point of view in polítics she can bê personally atacked.

    Só here aré the ppl who really belive that anyone can have his particular point of view of Any matters.

    go fix this autocorrect plzzzzz. I cánt énimôre

    Thaísa at age 21 = Olympic champion

    Zehra at age 22 = Zehra


    on a serious note though, Thaísa is a polemic and sometimes an awful person so we should just leave things as they are. Bad attitude, but nothing new, unfortunately. The same goes for Sheilla, but in this case I think you guys are making a big deal out of nothing. She talked about Baladin on her Instagram, years ago when she was retired, and it’s not completely false: Baladin is a mid-level player (not that I approve these kind of public statements, but it’s not a personal offense like in Thaísa’s case, it was in the context in which she was commenting on matches and players).

    (by the way this is getting too off topic so maybe we should move the discussion elsewhere…?)

    The clubs always say that they are being robbed because of the lack of video-challenge, but I don't see them doing something about it... I think they are okay with it, because sometimes they are the ones that are favoured by the lack of it.. If they were really annoyed by that they would do like Sada did and have the equipment for themselves or forced CBV to buy one... But it is empty words, it always has been

    I agree that there’s too much talking and little action, but at the same time it is not ideal to have clubs having the challenge system on their own when we have a federation responsible for the competition. The ideal would be to pressure the federation as you said, but then there’s also the hypocrisy: like yesterday Bernardo and Reinaldo shouting at the referees when in fact they are the biggest supporters of the current CBV managers.

    I think his roster will involve pretty much the same players from the Olympics, like Macris, Roberta, Carol, Bia, Gabi, Natália, Ana Cristina, and Rosamaria, plus players that served the NT before: Nyeme, Natinha, Mayany.

    I also think Lorena, Diana and Karina will be called, although I don’t think Diana and Karina are performing really well this season. Zé will also need to try other opposites and Lorrayna might be one of them. Kasiely and Maíra are also two players that are doing okayish so far.

    I just finished watching to Bauru vs Fluminense. I think what separates Bauru from the big ones is that they can’t easily win against those “smaller” teams. It is always a struggle (like the 3x2 score against Valinhos LOL), and the defeat today against Fluminense.

    I know Flu has a nice team, I like them a lot, but in theory Sesi should have won against them. If they want to fight for titles, they need to change their looser mindset.

    (On a side note, so sorry for Pamela. Her injury was really really ugly!)

    Edit: just saw that Dani Lins posted a Instagram story showing that Thaisinha’s attack was super in and the main referee decided to call it out even though the line referee said it was in (it could have been 13x13 in the tie break). It is already hard to be a referee without the challenge system, and the job gets even harder if you decide not to trust your colleagues :mad:

    Douglas posted on his Instagram saying that he talked to the club’s managers the day before taking his flight. He said that the club knew he was leaving but the contract still has to be cancelled and his agent is working on that.

    He basically said he left because the experience in general wasn’t being nice and he wasn’t happy. He also said he won’t play the Superliga this season and he’s taking time to be with his family. In general, it sounded quite unprofessional to me.

    I want to see what Douglas has to tell… we have heard awful stories of how some foreign clubs manage their players.

    But if there’s no proper reason, that’s very unprofessional of him (and I even find it weird the way he’s dealing with everything on Instagram, like updating about his upcoming lives and such…)