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    It's fake.. there was no such thing as a list of players to train in Portugal. Brazilian teams and NT are not sending players to Europe


    IMO even if the NT decides to start training, I don't think Ze will call so many players - it would be risky and costly to have 25 players in Portugal or somewhere else.

    Where did you found this list? It is not on the federation website.

    Yeah I saw that Ana Cristina is going there. Is she good? She is an OH or Opp? Seems like SESC-RJ starting line up is basically the same as last season minus Tandara.

    She's a prospect. Hard to say whether she's good because she is just a very talented 16 years old who never played in high-level. She played as OH in NT youth categories, but her reception is shaky. But as far as I know, she can play as opposite too.

    Is this Ariel in SESC-RJ any good? So SESC-RJ will be playing with Drussyla & Amanda next season? No other transfer?

    Ariele is not a great player and honestly I would say she's below average... I don't think they're going to make any big transfers and probably the OH duo will be Amanda and Drussyla.

    To complete the roster, it seems they've transferred the youth Ana Cristina - Ze Roberto confirmed that in an interview.

    She was announced by Schwerin just 1 week ago but not they will have to find another player.
    That is already happened with AS Cannes and Kyle Russell in men this season.

    This is super weird, right?! If you're shortlisted in the Korean draft, why in the hell her manager would make her sign with another club? They should've waited for the results from KOVO.

    Sorry but I'll need to say this... I don't think it makes sense to say which setter should be starter based on who's the opposite of the team. When you say that you're basically saying 2 things: 1st: opposites play alone; 2. setters are basically there to set the opposites. I don't think it's your intention, but that's how it sounds.

    Is Roberta THAT bad on your book? 😂

    I think Gabi-Natalia-Amanda is the OH trio that are surely gonna be in Tokyo. They might bring Lorenne as backup and push Tandara to OH if Natalia fails to perform.

    I like Roberta and think she’s talented. But Osasco this season was a mess and she couldn’t do anything alone.

    I think her game this season was really poor - bad decisions in many occasions, but what surprised me the most was the lack of precision in her sets.

    Jaque and Camila Brait covered the whole court. Not so easy. Even Robinson struggles to do that in Fener.

    That happened when Luizomar were still insisting with Bjelica as an outside hitter. But this strategy was soon abandoned and from mid-season on - if not earlier -, Ellen played in the starting six and she divided the court evenly with Jaque and Brait.

    Jaque could be there in Tokyo 2021 as the Larson of the Brazil NT. If we are looking at defensive OH, Gabi is doing good, too. Gabi-Natalia duo is almost 100% locked as starter for the next cycle since no other OHs in Brazil can take their place now. But having Jaque there will provide experience and stability for the team. She can play the role of Sassa in 2008 if needed.

    I think Jaque's reception skills are not good as it used to be. But anyway she showed a consistent season in defense - as usual - and was an okay attacker. I would have invited her for the OGs mainly due to lack of options.

    I understand your point, agree that it might contribute to Drussyla's lack of motivation to play volleyball/be in the NT, but I don't think the presence of older players is the cause of it all. Younger athletes doesn't seem to be mentally prepared to deal with the routine it takes to be in the NT - and this is valid for many sports. Honestly, I think this is a generational issue. Take Bia for example: she was playing her best in the past olympic cycle and she decided to quit the NT because she had a Disney trip scheduled. She could have been in Rio Olympics or at least put a good fight for a spot.

    Quick note: Dani Lins hasn't played due to pregnancy/injuries. Fabíola hasn't played because she doesn't want to. Different situations. And I don't think Dani was any worse than Fabíola - who basically spent a whole season setting Tandara and forgeting about her middles. And I don't even have to coment about Roberta, right? She deserves to be in the NT just because she was there for four years? Honestly I don't think so.

    I understand your point. The only thing said here is that she doesn't seem to have any aspiration to play for the NT, plus she deals with volleyball exclusively as her work. Although people often say that it's their jobs etc, being an athlete is a very different kind of work indeed. When I mentioned the lack of desire is that in the past being an athlete meant that you'd try your best to be in the NT, to compete in an OGs which used to be everyone's dream. And the young girls now just don't have the same desire - and I am not judging them for that.

    The reason why this thing got bigger is that recently Drussyla is basically being a fool on social media. The way she positioned about the ranking was really bad, she then was backlashed by the many 7-point players and responded to bad to it too.