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    In theory, probably yes. But she has been playing well for the NT in the past couple of years. I would probably take her, Thaisa and Carol.

    The problem with this trio is that none of them are reliable sliders. That's why I think Fabiana and Bia, even though they're not in their best shape, are somehow needed in the NT.

    Rabadzhieva is very tall and strong and still has a quite good reception, I think she would be an asset for most of the teams in Brazil + she is experienced and has played in many dieffrent leagues so it won't probably take her long to get used to living in Brazil etc.

    I think she's good/average. Better than every OH in Minas right now. As a Minas fan, I just don't want to create many expectations because Rabadzhieva is not an expectional player.

    Rumours that Deja McClendon will be released after the match against Flamengo and that Dobriana Rabadzhieva will replace her in Minas (it seems almost 100% true).

    I don't think Rabadzhieva will save Minas, actually I don't even enjoy her game, but she's better than Deja - but that doesn't mean much, right?

    I have sources. I wouldn't spread any rumor if they came from nowhere but I do agree that people make up many fantasies towards vball players.

    I am sorry if my post came as a mistrust, I just wanted to highlight that there are so many nonsense rumours that sometimes it is better not taking them into account.

    It seems there was more than just game stuff. I'm not going to confirm this because I haven't seen it with my own eyes but I had previously heard that Gattaz and Kasiely were a couple in the past months. Maybe some personal stuff came out from their mouths yesterday, that's why Nicola had to shut them up (I actually think he shouldn't have done that, that was an ugly gesture).

    I never heard of these rumours and it's hard to judge if it's true or not because there are so many fantasy made up by Brazilian volleyball fans. I remember one gossip in particular: when Bruna Honório was playing in Bauru, some fans said she was bissexual because she was living with a girl. The girl in case was her sister.

    And totally agree, and forgot to mention that in the previous post: touching players is just not the way you end a discussion between your players.

    According to Bruno Voloch, the discussion between Kasiely and Gattaz was motivated by the way Gattaz came to her attackers in tie break (look at 2:49:30 in the video) due to their decisions to tip almost every ball in that set. Kasiely called her out by the way she talked to Lana and Bruna, and it then triggered that ugly discussion during time out.

    I think Gattaz overreacted because at that moment because it was really hard to kill those balls in tie break, especially those sets to Lana. But I think she was angry by the way the team was performing overall and the lack of courage between her wing attackers. Sheilla is done and tipping is all she can do these days, Bruna is a player who's constantly getting blocked or tipping, which is something unusual for an opposite - she was one player when she has Natalia and Gabi, and another player now with Kasiely and Acosta.

    I don't get bad vibes from the team and although it got ugly yesterday, I think it was a just a normal situation of the game - discussions happens in every single team sports.

    I will never understand why the MBs are the first players Always to renew in Bauru

    Exactly... I never thought Andressa and Valquíria would renew with them to be starters. There were some rumours about their desire to sign with Thaisa but she decided to join Minas... Then I thought they'd sign a foreign MB. I caught myself dreaming with a solid foreign MB and woke up with Wilhite.

    Part of that was because Tandara played OH that season with Bjelica OPP. And Luziomar would replace Malesevic when she could not score, and Tandara is not the same player when she`s playing OH. Luziomar tried the same thing this season with Bjelica OH.

    And I remember fans online during live chat matches complaining about Luziomar because he was replacing Malesevic for no reason, especially because Gabi would come in and not do much. And remember that season he basically had 4 OPP, Tandara, Bjelica, Paula and Lorene....and I remember fans complaining about that too....

    That's all true, but it's not like Malesevic had a good season here. She was bad just like her teammates and she wasn't enough to cover Tandara in the reception line (like she used to do in the NT with Mihajlovic). In many occasions, she was subbed fairly.