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    Ok I still don't know if Nia Reed and Odina Aliyeva are awful or great. They are definitely not average :lol::lol::lol:

    I'd say awful. So far, Reed's advantage is that no one actually knows her so it's hard to put together a defensive strategy. In general, I think she lacks power for an opposite and need to work on her angles.

    I haven’t watched the game, so just guessing. She plays both OH/OPP, but in Osasco she has been playing as opposite full time so far. I think she’s staying on position six for defense because her attack is better from there compared to her efficiency in position 1.

    I really wonder how they managed to hire players like Tifanny, Fabiana and possibly Adams considering they're running out of money and still have debts from last season. CBV is a joke in controlling these things.

    What’s the point of inviting Macris considering she’s not recovered? I’d like to see someone else instead

    And I won’t even comment about Kasiely instead of Maíra (or instead anyone else, I’d rather see Ana Moser than Kasiely). :gone:

    Not ideal, for sure, but they should consider Hooker, Jaque or another foreign to sort of complement the group. At this moment, if Tif plays as opposite, their 3rd outside hitter would be Silvana, who is a very limited player.

    Bruno Voloch said that they are trying to sign Sheilla :aww:

    I don't think they need to sign anyone tbh, but Osasco does what Osasco does

    I'm not sure they can consistently perform well with Carla and Michelle. Despite the fact that they're unstable attackers, they are also very weak blockers, which would mean every opponent setting to position 1 and 5 the whole game.

    Amazing game by the USA. Basically they did nothing wrong and were superior in every single aspect of the game. Totally deserved!

    I am super happy that Brazil reached the finals, just feel sorry they played their worst match in the final. They made history in this Olympics and this should not be forgotten.

    Agree. When Brazil tied the game in the tie-break I was thinking: why didnt Renan let Cachopa, Isac and Alan play in the fourth set or even before? He just sent them in the court when it was a do it or die situation.

    Mauricio Souza in this tournament has been just...:gone:

    Exactly. He should’ve tried replacing Wallace for Bruno, and not the double change Cachopa-Alan.

    Maurício had an awful tournament and it’s crazy that Isac joined the team only in the final set.

    What a FANTASTIC match by Argentina. Players were so dedicated, did their best in defense and also were very disciplined tactically. The energy and motivation was also something really good to watch.

    Marcelo Mendez did a fantastic job, while Renan was really bad and did not bring anything good to the game. Isac, Cachopa and Alan should’ve played way before the tie break.

    I hope this was the last time we saw Mauricio, Wallace and Thales in our NT.

    On the same date Tandara was tested, all of the other Brazilian players were tested as well and she was the only one caught. So, there's no chance that we will be punished for her doping. Now it is confirmed that she tested positive for Ostarina.

    According to the news:

    "Ostarina is an unspecified substance, prohibited in-competition and out-of-competition. It belongs to class: S1.2 Anabolic Agents – Other Anabolic Agents – SARMS from the AMA-WADA List of Prohibited Substances and Methods."

    The two best teams from the pool stage will play the final of the Olympics. Kudos to Brazil and the USA. As far as I can remember, this didn't happen in the last 5 OGs. :super:

    Besides, congrats to the Korean players! They've fought hard to reach this semifinal again despite the drama regarding the Lee twins. KYK is a living legend and it's always a joy to watch her.