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    You are the ones who definitely don't get it... If all the sports decide to have 1 representative of each continent and then fill the other spots with the best teams/athletes, from which country do you think will appear between the best? Yes, Americans and Europeans mostly. So, this "meritocracy" discourse is pure BS.

    You guys have better NT in volleyball because, even though there is a lack of popularity of the sport in some countries, most of the governments have enough resources to invest in sports. You guys have well-structured leagues, which makes easier for players to compete in a high-level tournament, making it easier for them to develop. However, at least in South America, financing sports is something rare, and whenever a government face a crisis, there are many cuts in the budget addressed to sports and athletes. In addition, it is already hard to find private companies to finance sports, and if less-skilled teams don't play, it is unlikely that private companies will sponsor them. Thus, they probably won't get any better.

    You guys are so selfish that you forget to think about WHY African, Asian, Central and South American teams are not at the same level than the Europeans. And since you can't realize that, I don't think we have to keep this discussion, because you'll never be able to at least acknowledge our point of view and you'll be always stuck with this stupid argument that your NT deserves to the in the OG because they are better than other who are in. Poor you, probably a white person with first-world problems.

    So why give any points for OG why they are about uniting nations ? :white: Don't they play for fun and enjoying other teams? Why Brazilians were crying after QF loss to China in Rio :lol: They should be happy, it's all about having fun by integration girls !!! They didn't get it somehow :whistle:

    Nobody has said that here, so your argument is totally non-sense. :aww:

    I agree. I like the inclusion of teams from all over the world but there's no reason that there has to be just 12 teams, even just expanding to 16 would be an improvement IMO.

    They don't allow 14 players per team because of the lack of available facilities, and you guys want to expand the number of teams competing? Geez :aww:

    THIS!!!! :obey:

    Thank you very much, Sidney!

    Yeah that's exactly why Serbia is a powerhouse right now:whistle:

    I am talking about SPORTS in general, not exclusively about volleyball. Is Serbia a superpower in all Olympic Sports? No.

    What I was trying to say is that in Northern America and Europe, in general, there is better conditions for players' development and way more money to invest in Olympic sports. I remember watching an interview with Kenyan players who were competiting in the 2010 WCH, and only one out of 14 players had volleyball as a profession because there was no investment in volleyball in their country nor a professional league for them to develop.

    My point is that if we consider only which is the best team, we're ignoring the whole idea of the event. And if it is to consider only that, we already have WCH and VNL.

    Which would be fair enough, I think Dominicans and Korea would for sure have a chance as well as don't forget about Japan. I doubt it would be 7 Europeans. But either way, everyone would be presented + the bests would be in the tournament and would have a chance to qualify at least. Which imo is great :whistle:

    The Olympics is indeed the most prestigious tournament for athletes, how fair is it to have teams that barely even play the sport have a spot instead of teams that have fought for it for years and are actually good. I don't think its fair countries automatically have less chance to qualify despite their level only because they're European

    I got your point and everyone's point. But you guys are forgetting that the OG is not to put the best teams/individuals of a modality to play. It is about creating a space for diversity and representativeness in sport.

    And c'mon, just a little History... Why do you guys think there aren't better teams in South America and Africa? It's because there is not enough money to fund all sports. And why there's no money in most countries that, unsurprisingly, were once a colony? Maybe, but just maybe, the European teams are better because they have more money to fund all sports, money which was historically looted from former colonies.

    Im fine with representation of each continent but there should be a balance of these principal and keeping the best teams in the tournament since this is supposed to be highest level of this sport and most prestigious tournament.

    I think making the continental tournaments first and letting the best of each continent get a spot would solve all the problem. Then we will have at least one team from each continent, guaranteeing the 'diversity' aspects. Yet having world qualification tournaments after continental qualification would allow the best teams in the world to be qualified and make this prestigious tournament as competitive as possible.

    And then we would have like China, USA, Brazil, a European and a African team and probably 7 more European teams. In this system, teams like Thailand, Korea, Dominican Republic are probably going to be out of the OG.

    wow... no disrespect, but with this system, we're probably going to see BRA qualify as one of the 6 world qualifiers, which means ARG will go to the olympics again as the s. american representative. whereas from europe, teams like NED, BEL, TUR and POL will be fighting for just one spot! so unfair...

    I guess the idea/principle of the OG is to be a representative competition, otherwise African teams wouldn't be able to participate and this is really unfair.

    I understand your point, but I don't think the main idea of the event is to have the 12 best NT. This meets best competitions such as VNL.

    With Fabiana coming back and probably Thaisa also coming back, I dont think Carol's spot is safe. There is Bia and Mara to fight for the last MB spot. Dont forget Adenizia, whom Ze Roberto loves...

    And there's also Gattaz... She was supposed to come back this year as well.

    I think this is a possibility. Maybe Ze will invite Jacke (from Barueri) as a backup setter since I don't think Claudinha is ready to play yet. There's also Lyara (she was in the broader roster for the VNL). I don't think Sheilla is ready too, she is super skinny and she has already said she needs to gain way more weight in order to compete. But since Tandara is coming back, I think Lorenne will be there for sure. I just can see Tainara playing the Pan Am if Ze invites Drussyla back. Otherwise, which OH would join the team for the Qualifier? Is Drussyla ready to play again with the NT? Maybe Michelle, Rosamaria or Edinara will be invited (they were also in the list for the VNL).

    About Fabiana, I think she can make it to the Qualifier roster, maybe replacing Mayany. Then, Mayany could join the list for the Pan Am Games. We know Ze is crazy about Fabiana, and to be really honest, I think she can contribute with her leadership outside the court even though she doesn't have enough playing time.

    Does anybody have a clue about what Ze is planning for the Pan Am Games?

    In 2015 edition we played with a mix of players from the A, B and C teams. But I am not sure if he will invite new players to join the NT since the tournament is already by the end of this month.

    Brasil will send B team to Panamerican Cup, so i read from a local media. however, Julia Bergman will not play either.

    She is no longer with the NT and I don't think she'll be. She's going to start College in the US (Georgia Tech) after the summer (or winter for Southern countries).

    1. Where’s the merit of being called to the NT after being out for 3 Years? She’s a legend for me, but she doesn’t deserve any special treatment just because she WAS once a great player. If she prove herself next season, ok, then she deserves it, but definitely not now.

    2. They said they’ve changed their minds and now they want to compete with the NT. How that isn’t a come back from retirement?

    3. And come on... do you really think Tandara sees both Lorenne and Paula as competition? Geeezzz... it’s Lorenne and Paula. On the other hand, how is Tandara feeling about Sheilla returning? She’s probably pissed because she knows that if Sheilla do anything good, she’ll be a starter in Tokyo even though she was away since 2016.

    I don't think Sheila and Fabiana are back simply because they wanted to and because they want to be in Tokyo.

    Ze Roberto has been bagging them to come back. They are back because Ze tells them the team is not doing well and he needs them. They are doing it for the country and not for themselves.

    Come on, of course they're doing this for themselves. They could easily say no, like Fofão and Walewska did. Zé Roberto hired Fofão in Fenerbahçe (season 10/11) only to keep bagging her to come back on a daily basis after the terrible season Dani Lins and Fabíola had with the NT.

    One thing I hate is letting players who decide to retire to come back after a 3-year absence. It's certain that they're coming back exclusively to the Olympic Games next year, and right after they'll retire again.

    I am not totally against having players like Fabiana in the NT. She isn't young but she still can play well and IMO she's better than Bia and Mara. The problem for me is not playing with the team throughout the Olympic cycle. This is not good for any team because it's hard to create an "identity" of the team. For example, last year's team was really good at blocking, and the current one is struggling with this skill due to the absence of players who used to be starters last year.

    I believe we managed to win both the 2008 and 2012 Olympics because we had almost the same team on the court. And certainly next year we will have a whole different team again because I am sure Ze is going to let Dani Lins, Fabiana, Sheilla, Brait, Garay play (if they want to).