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    Well, just read the news that China has already claimed the the remaining matches are really academic. Wonder if the stadium will be empty like the recently held World Club Championship tomorrow or the fans will turn up in full force for the last match?

    I believe it's not a good move to put Zhu Ting as the captain of the team...perhaps in a couple of years time. She shouldn't be burdened with extra responsibilities like that. Just let her grow and improve her skills first. As for poor receiving by the team..well, this didn't happen overnight. The coach should know which player is good in that area..and if you assemble a team with most players weak in receiving, you will get that in court play.

    Frankly, China would have lost by a bigger margin if Italy didn't have so many unforced errors. They have taller players, but they sacrificed mobility . The players are not as quick and agile as the Dutch,Italians or Serbians. The Chinese team in the 2015 World Cup was a delight to watch, with their blocking, set pieces, leaving opposing teams in bewilderment. I don't see much in this Grand Prix team..just my personal opinion.