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    What a story for both Wenerska and Jurczyk.. from second division, one of the weakest teams in ligue to Olympic roster. They deserved it well but who would believe it 2 years ago

    so sorry for Witkowska though, she is one of my favorite players. Happy for Malwina, she was so sad before Tokio and now she will play on Olimpics ♥️♥️

    Now I have no doubt that they are getting relegated

    Why? they will have many players which can be beneficial and helpful.

    Gajewska - Cur, Efimienko - Mazenko

    Świętoń - Szczygioł/Przybyło, Pancewicz

    For me it looks more than enough. remember that Chemik will play with youngsters and it is sad but they can be relegated

    S Wiktoria Szewczyk in BKS Bielsko-Biała.

    Bielsko always hire so talented players, they now wat they do, but is she really so good? I heard she has amazing technical skills and can be next Wolosz

    U22 roster for European Championships

    Setters: Pola Janicka, Julia Sobalska

    Opposites: Natalia Godlewska, Barbara Latos

    Middles: Dominika Pierzchała, Natalia Kecher, Agata Milewska

    OH: Anna Fiedorowicz, Karolina Staniszewska, Natalia Rejment, Amelia Senica, Natalia Bandurska

    Libero: Natalia Pajdak, Klaudia Łyduch

    Very strong roster, I wish they played for medals

    I also leave it here.

    Today was the worst Wolosz’s match I ever seen since 2012 (Olympic qualies against Serbia) but despite that we won. I think she was nervous, maybe I’m wrong. She didn’t have problem with choices but with accuracy.

    Wolosz is so experienced and won so much in her career that I don’t believe she was nervous in QF game of even not the most important tournament this year. She is probably just tired and in bad shape but for sure she can play better after a few weeks without intense schedule

    But I think Wenerska fits better to the system and plays with better accuracy, especially with Korneluk. She should enter the court much often and earlier. Maybe tomorrow she will get more chances same as Malwina. This double sub is so strong

    I’ve heard Bałdyga will play for Białystok in second division. This team wants to advance to TauronLiga next season and will build strong team. Opposite Stancelewska will join Bielsko

    It will be first serious test for Centka and I hope she will do well. I wish Smarzek and Czyrnianska got a lot of chances. Interesting if Fedusio will be listed as libero or she is already healthy

    Setter Martyna Gorzkiewicz and libero Magda Saad from Bydgoszcz, receiver Wiktoria Przybyło from Mogilno, best opposite of second division Katarzyna Saj and great young middle Martyna Zięba will play in KSG Warszawa in second division. They want to advance to TauronLiga. it would be great to have team from the capital.

    so now with Fedusio injury, Medrzyk should play for sure during VNL. Comeback to Smarzek-Kowalewska-Medrzyk-Alagierska all on court would be so nostalgic (2019 vibes) :love:

    Besides Pola Janicka, also Oliwia Sieradzka will join Stal Mielec.

    They are also interested to sign Katarzyna Bagrowska, Rozalia Moszyńska and Aleksandra Adamczyk

    L Karolina Pancewicz decided to leave the team.

    + 2 players of Tarnow and 2 of Nowy Dwor, but I don’t know the surnames

    I got news that Chemik’s roster is already completed. I’m very curious who will play for them. They won’t use place in champions league so budowlani will represent us

    With Majkowska and Gryka leaving, I think Łukasik is needed in our league

    I wish we could see so dominant middles in our league once again like Ogbogu, Veljković, Jack or at least someone like Hage, Baijens or Pencova… I don’t remember any good foreign transfer on this position in last years… maybe Schölzel and that’s all. But i doubt it will happen cause teams will hire many young players on this position like Splawska, Serafinowska, Moszynska, Budnik

    Wait, what? How is this possible? She was rumored to play for ŁKS

    Majkowska is leaving so they keep her. + Mazur, Nowak, Ciesielczyk, Janiuk and Pogoda are leaving too. Libero Suska from SMS, Drabek from Łks and Bałdyga from Bydgoszcz will be new players

    Lana Scuka to Łks Łódź, Andrea Mitrovic will play in Japan, Budowlani signed 3 foreigners for next season

    Chemik’s manager confirmed in interview for siatka they will try to sign with junior players from SMS

    Weronika Sobiczewska and Adrianna Kukulska leave Grot Budowlani Łódź

    Chemik Police will try to copy Legionovia idea and make team mostly of junior players + some experienced

    I find it odd and even hard to believe that Korneluk had no offers from abroad

    her manager said in one interview that top clubs need middles with slide attack and Agnieszka plays only in front of the setter and it was the problem in many negotiations before. But please, she is one of, if not the best, blocker in the world.. Maybe after great performances during Olympics she could get more appreciation and more offers.