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    Only Kąkolewska is playing well but with that reception you cant play with the middles very often. I think Police has big bugdet so they should find good receiver if not they will finish this season very low.

    Chemik has no chance to win the title this season without Salas, Mędrzyk isn’t in a good shape after injury, Grajber is totally useless, one big mess. They have to contract another receiver but looking at Ferhat’s crazy ideas I wouldnt be surprised if one of the middle blockers would play as receiver.

    As I said few time already, Wrocław is horrible. I think 3-4 games and their head coach will be replaced by Dawid Murek.

    For me they are not horrible at all. Their problem is just opposite position. They need to hire someone from abroad or maybe try Bączyńska as opposite and Słonecka-Murek as receivers duo.

    Offtopic but anybody knows what is going on with Natalia Strózik right now? She was playing very good in Kalisz then moved to second division to Tarnów but she dissapeared during the season :| I think she still could be a very good player for Tauron Liga.

    Skorupa played really good, in Bydgoszcz - Mucha had only 3/17 - 18% attack and made 3 mistakes in reception :( I hope she will play better soon.

    I don’t think so. I used to like her but she can’t improve anymore, her best days are over. I wanted to see her in national team again but it won’t happen. When Regiane will be ready she will play for sure so Mucha will be back on the bench.

    Edit: Once again Volleykovic was faster.

    I'm really surprised by Janiuk. She didn't play a lot in friendlies and was just average MB in second divison. Today, she scored 15 points in 3 sets. wow

    If I remember well, Janiuk was one of the best middles in second division, she scored a lot of points so I am no surprised. Bielsko had very good reception, I will keep my fingers crossed for Szlagowska, one of the most promising polish receiver:thumbup:

    My god Jones-Perry was so invisible today :what:. I must agree that Wenerska was great but also Kukulska surprised me a lot, she played with block so many times, very smart player.

    This year our league will be really strong, it’s good to see so many good players not only in Chemik but also in the other teams, which rosters were often very weak. I can’t wait to start watching :cheesy:

    I also think that it’s almost sure that Piła will leave the league after this season, their roster is just horrible, maybe two good players and that's all. I will keep my fingers crossed for Radom, especially due to Skorupa comeback :heart:

    Is there any posibility that Chemik will hire another outside hitter or opposite? It looks like Martyna Łukasik will play as receiver this season so it may be hard for Jovana to play every match in league and Champions league. I think they can do very well in CL but one more solid outside hitter would be a great addition.

    So Seliger-Swenson is official. Radomka will be very strong, I hope they will sign offensive middle like Ewa Kwiatkowska to complete the roster and they can fight even for top3 :super::super: