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    Yes, you are correct.

    Overall there is no champion but I still wonder if Hyundai is the regular season winner since they did ranked all the teams.

    Yes, the wording was ambiguous.

    The way I see it, there's no regular season winner, the competition was cancelled. KOVO ranked teams after 5 rounds in order to pay them proper share and prepare ground for the upcoming rookie draft and tryout (It's highly unlikely that this event will take place on schedule, Prague is in a state of emergency).

    Hyundai will now face certain post season disadvantages (in salary cap, draft and tryout) without any real prize. Source


    For what it's worth, this article states that "Hyundai is the top team in regular season, but not regular season winner".

    Previously, you mentioned last Asian Championship semifinal, I had very similar impression. Especially since many of Taiwanese players are in fact under 23 and are lead by a Japanese coach. Today they really gave Korea a scare, but ultimately lacked consistency in later sets. It is a promising team.

    About Yang Hyo-jin zone three open attack against Thailand. Actually, it strikes me as weird. Is sharing your plan for the match during the interview a good idea?

    And you're absolutely right. Kim Young-koung is almost always doing well when she's most needed, her dedication to National Team is quite impressive. We'll just have to hope for the best.

    I'm really worried about the final outcome. Some people are still not giving Thailand enough credit.

    In the last four years Thailand won arguably every significant game against Korea. In 2017 - semifinal at Asian Championship. In 2018 - semifinal at prestigious Asian Games and shortly after another game in World Championship. I've recently looked at some of these games and was reminded how difficult Thailand serve is to Koreans. In general, it is the host team who has an edge on serve and tomorrow it might be a crucial factor.

    Additionally Thailand thoroughly prepared for this one game since August. On Korean side jet lagged Lavarini reunited with his players on December 28th and had only one week to make things work. These injury reports are worrisome. I don't think they can win this game without Kim Young-koung. She'll probably play anyway, but in this condition she needs her teammates help more than ever.

    Despite all this, I think Korean team is constantly growing under Lavarini's command. Lee Da-yeong is a fine example, she improved a lot during last year. Also Lavarini is a clever coach, I'm pretty sure tactically Korean's will be well prepared for this game. Besides, Thais also must deal with enormous pressure, match against Korea will be their first game against top team since August. This is a long time, meanwhile Koreans competed in World Cup and in Kovo League.

    I would like to see both teams in Tokyo Olympics, It saddens me that it's not possible at this point.

    Best scorers so far: 1. Lutz (GS) 95 points, Anae (IBK) 73 points, Atkinson (Hi-Pass) 72 points.

    From my point of view, Kovo Cup was much more fun without the foreign players, we've got enough of them during the regular season.

    With Hwang Youn-joo on bench, Korean Opposites are going extinct. I wonder where Kim Hee-jin will end up with new coach on board. With this lineup she'll probably play as an MB again.

    Official Korean NT squad for Intercontinental Olympic Qualification Tournament in August.

    Outside hitters:

    • KIM Yeon-koung (Eczacıbaşı)

    • KANG So-hwi (GS Caltex)

    • LEE Jae-yeong (Heungkuk Life)

    • LEE So-young (GS Caltex)

    • PYO Seung-ju (IBK Altos)

    Middle blockers:

    • LEE Ju-ah (Heungkuk Life)

    • KIM Su-ji (IBK Altos)

    • JUNG Dae-young (KEC Hi-pass)

    • YANG Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C)


    • KIM Hee-jin (IBK Altos)

    • HA Hye-jin (KEC Hi-pass)


    • LEE Da-yeong (Hyundai E&C)

    • LEE Na-yeon (IBK Altos)

    • AN Hye-jin (GS Caltex)


    • KIM Hae-ran (Heungkuk Life)

    • OH Ji-young (KGC Ginseng)

    Unfortunately Park Jeong-ah is still recovering from ankle injury and won't be able to join her teammates.

    Source: 1, 2

    News Update:

    • IBK Altos and Hyundai E&C have decided to re-sign Adora Anae and Milagros Collar respectively. Both players will be earning $200K USD in their 2nd season. Sources: 1, 2, 3

    This also means that KGC and Hi-Pass released Alaina Bergsma and Fatou Diouck, respectively. I think Alaina will most likely sign a contract with another team, after all these years spent in Korea she's relatively low risk signing.

    I was really surpirised to see Taylor's Simpson (Cook) name on the draft list, maybe she's aiming to get back as a potential replacement.

    My guess is Mr Baek Seung-ho is not very popular individual among Hi-Pass fans at this moment. If BYN really leaves, Hi-Pass might want to sign Kim Na-hee as a replacement. She's the same age as BYN and still a very decent MB.

    News about transfers/trade won't come out until after the season has ended.

    At the end of this season I think the following players are Free Agents (not official list so not 100% sure):

    • Expressway Hi-pass - Yim Myung-Ok [Li] and Bae Yoo-Na [MB]
    • IBK Altos - Lee Na-Yeon [S] and Go Ye-Rim [OH]
    • Hyundai E&C - Hwang Youn-Joo [OP], Yang Hyo-Jin [MB], and Go Yoo-Min [OH]
    • GS Caltex - Pyo Seung-Ju [OH/OP] and Lee Go-Eun [S]
    • KGC GInseng - N/A
    • Heungkuk Pink Spiders - Kim Na-Hee [MB], Shin Yeon-Gyeong [OH], and Gong Yun-Hui [OH]

      : 1

    KOVO announced an official list of players who qualify for FA status this year.

    No surprises here, it's exactly the same list as the one already posted.

    Source: 1

    Whatever the outcome, Heungkuk staff is probably very content.

    Once again GS Caltex showed true fighting spirit. KOVO playoff schedule is rushed,

    both teams have only 1 day to recover after playing two intense 5 set games. I think in this situation GS-Caltex have a slight edge. Average age of their starting lineup (in today's game) is 24. Hi-Pass is much older team: 31+. I'm really looking forward to final game.

    After watching it again: Bae Yoo-na didn't touch the ball after all. Previously I saw it only from one angle (Heungkuk side of the net) plus Tomsia reaction looked very convincing, you have to admit.

    What puzzles me is situation in first set; (cant remember the exact moment) Lee Jae-young made an error and was trying to sway the referee. in situation like this, theres always a replay but they've decided not to show any.

    Yes indeed, but to be fair video verification officials made two controversial decisions against Heungkuk. At the end of the first set ball touched the shoulder of Moon Jung-won and in the second Bae Yoo-na finger moved after one of Tomsia spikes. At least in tv coverage replays it looked that way.

    Definitely this season, Ivana is not performing. The ball she hitting ain't getting pass the defender or finding the floor. It a mystery as to why she not getting the result like last season. If she can just get her mojo back Hi-pass can get back into the mix.

    Hello, as always it's a real pleasure to see theloneracer superb match reports.

    Apparently Ivana is no longer a Hi-Pass player. They're looking for a replacement for her.

    Sources: 1 , 2

    I think Heungkuk performance eventually will improve, new players need some time to adapt. Are they good enough to dominate the league like some people predicted is a different matter.

    It looks like former Heungkuk coach Cha Hae-Won will lead Korea NT this year. I wonder what prompted this change. 1
    By the way, something went wrong with NT photoshoot for VNL this year :) Lighting is just so unflattering.

    Game 1: Korea Expressway Corp. Hi-pass 3-2 IBK Altos ( 25 - 23, 25 - 20, 23 - 25, 23 - 25, 17 - 15 )

    What a tense game. Hi-Pass won despite losing two close run sets and being down 10-14 (!) in 5th set. Park Jeong-Ah had a great match, with some crucial spikes, 27 points and almost 50% efficency rate.
    I'm really happy for Hi-Pass. It's only one game, but this victory may prove vital.