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    yeah soft is the best word to describe Yali. he is good because of his height but I don't think he improves much. he is not even such an important player for his club in the local league. there are better opposites in the league but Kolakovic picked him probably only because of his age. if Mahmoudi is in shape, Yali will lose his spot as second OPP.

    btw that was a very good result for Iranian volleyball. but I didn't like the idea of using Hazratpour for example in this tournament. he was already exhausted after the VNL and there are still lots of tournaments this summer ahead of him.

    I think if anyone is capable of playing a lot of volleyball games in one summer, it is a 20-year-old libero.

    Makes sense, all the starters can just hang out in Chicago and train for two weeks. Surprised at no Stahl though

    It should be Kyle Ensing. There're some hints in that video. He's a new guy in NT, and NCAA champion this year (Long Beach).

    Averill is not the new guy. He's been with NT for a while, and he's a starter MB in some games during WCH 2018.

    Also Averill has already signed with Olsztyn in Poland. Wonder if Patch will have to battle Ensing for the starting spot like Kyle Russell last season.

    The ball didn't got through, right? it was supposed to be Iran's point. The net touched happened after the 4th touch,

    And Marouf is being rude once again. What else is new.

    It looked like marouf grabbed onto the net while the ball was still live. Can't believe Portugal got a red card and not Iran. Shameful reffing.

    Damn Speraw really taking Muagututia over Langlois every week. Hope we see Ma'a at outside a bit

    Canada about to throw a game to Serbia's B team, yeesh. I have yet to be convinced by them this VNL.

    Also I hope Vucicevic manages to grab a spot as Atanasijevic's backup in the near future because god I wouldn't mind watching him whenever I can. :roll:

    41 errors to 19 of Serbia sheesh. One of the worst games I've seen this group play. Canada is very talented but they won't make final 6 if they keep throwing up stinkers like this and the Bulgaria match.

    Canada roster for week 2:

    T.J. Sanders, London, ON

    Gordon Perrin, Creston, BC (Team Captain)

    Steven Marshall, Abbotsford, BC

    Nicholas Hoag, Sherbrooke, QC

    Justin Duff, Winnipeg, MB

    Stephen Maar, Aurora, ON

    Jason DeRocco, Winnipeg, MB

    Sharone Vernon-Evans, Scarborough, ON

    Lucas VanBerkel, Edmonton, AB

    Ryan Sclater, Port Coquitlam, BC

    Graham Vigrass, Calgary, AB

    Blair Bann, Edmonton, AB

    Arthur Szwarc, Toronto, ON

    Brett Walsh, Calgary, AB

    Guess they are looking to sweep at home as this is probably the guys they will send to the Olympic Qualifiers (maybe jay instead of walsh & vandoorn instead of duff)

    I guess they really want Giannelli to develop a connection with the new generation of players

    I also had to intervene when you guys mentioned the experiment with Ma'a. They tried something similar with Daniel McDonell already last year when he was converted from MB to OH. Well, it wasn't really a tactical trick but I guess they just have a bunch of universal players. Ma'a played quite normally as OH and didn't do bad at all. Although obivously, apart from the second set when he scored 6 points, he wasn't trusted that much by the setter Tuaniga and was there mostly for the service and the reception. Still, I didn't know Ma'a is a universal player. This is not common in modern volleyball and impressed me a lot.

    McDonnell just played OH out of sheer desperation though for a brief time. Ma'a legitimately can play OH and did so for a lot of the college season.