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    Kwolek got injured. I looked away when they showed the replay so I can`t really tell what happened. But it was a bad landing after a block. He got carried out off the court. I hope is nothing bad

    Damn Warsaw can't catch a break

    Polish League Federation didn’t allow for medical transfer so Warsaw left with one Opp.

    Bit questionable if they allowed it in my opinion. In any case I think they can still win with Sharone, I think people are underestimating him

    Probably never gonna happen, but Wallace and Evandro are already out of Brazilian Superliga. If only they could/wanted to join another team... :whistle:

    lol can you imagine? Jastrebski hears that kurek is injured and starts celebrating...only to hear that he is being replaced by one of the like three opposites in the world that is better

    No, only club season. Warsaw has problem because they need a new Opp player and according to the rules they can use “medical transfer” rule and it means if they will contract a new player because Kurek is injured then Kurek will be prohibited/blocked to play until end of the season.

    Wouldn't vernon-evans be better than any opposite they can get this late in the season?

    I think Leon/Kubiak is a no-brainer for the starting spots and compliment eachother well. As for the other spots I would go Szalpuk>Sliwka>Kwolek>Mika. Mateusz has had a pretty brutal season and there are simply too many other talents at the position.

    I agree that Schulz is having an average season, but think he will get a look based on his performace last summer. Muzaj has been playing out of his mind for Gdansk though so I think he should get some consideration by heynan as well.

    FIVB will create a new test ranking beside the one which is in place at the moment. Instead of earning points for places in tournaments, the points in test ranking will be attributed for each match. After some time they will decide which ranking is better and represents good the strenght of each team.

    Whoa this would be big news. Like an ELO score for volleyball. Where did you hear this?

    Thanks for all the responses and solving this "mystery" to me :). I'd hope that there is a forum where men's volleyball would be discussed more, and inside.volley is already the best I've found. In the past I've heard from different sources that men's volleyball is way more popular than women's in Europe. However, I've observed the very opposite here. It's likely that English is not the first language in most European countries, so this forum is not representative of the fan population from Europe in general. A lot of members here are from (southeast) Asia, in which women's volleyball is more popular. Perhaps that explains why.

    There is a lot more men's discussion than women's on reddit /r/volleyball. Although it is more of a general volleyball forum and not specific to the pro game.

    The Club championship is the official club competition of CSV and awards one quota for Club WCh to the winners. It's usually played by two argentinian teams, two brazilian teams and bunch of clubs from the other countries (some years more, some years less, it's a bit inconsistent).

    The Copa Libertadores Voley is more like a private enterprise between argentinian and brazilian leagues that started this year (it has the approval of CSV though) and sees the top 4 clubs of Argentina facing the top 4 clubs of Brazil. As an interesting sidenote, both UPCN and Sada (who play the final of CSV championship today) played the Libertadores recently and both missed out of the top 4, finishing 5th and 6th respectively.

    As you may notice, the format makes it a much more competitive tournament compared to the south american club championship. Personally, I would scrap the south american championship entirely since it doesn't make any sense for argentinian and brazilian clubs to play clubs from the other countries (they always play them with the B team and still win easily) and I would establish Copa Libertadores as the main competition. And maybe, someday, allow clubs from other countries into it if their leagues get competitive enough.

    I agree, the Copa Libertadores is what the CSV championship always should have been.