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    Zehra did a really good job. She acted like an expericed player to me. and I'd like to see Ebrar getting more playing time, she is so fun to watch. USA's fast system is still working, but they need to bring in some powerful MBs to easy the burden on OH.

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    I have no idea how I feel about that. It would rule out Brenda Castillo, but they could still sign Arisa or Kitoe. Seems like a good match personality-wise. I often refer to Chun-lei as a court jester. But it would probably mean bench time for Yamauchi. I wouldn't like that. Zeng isn't much better than Yamauchi, if at all. It would be a cold blooded zero sum move, but I could learn to live with it. Maybe. She is more tall.

    rumor says: players who're from Asia would not be considered as foreiners in japanese league. it's new policy looking to expand the league.

    Fener has almost no chance anymore. Their team is really weak, and I expect Galatasaray to win against them in Turkish League on sunday. Who‘s idea was to bring Jerkov to this team, really? They should have never let Maret go. Rahimova is all about height, for me, she has no technique and she is not a smart player. She just hits strong and high thats it for me and if the block is in a good position she gets blocked and blocked.
    Fener will play 2 difficult games in Italy, playing in Italy is not easy.

    Gala still needs to deal with their big problem at receiption. Neislihan is an all-round player but her receiving is not stable enough facing strong serving teams.

    Egonu is very talented and athletic, but she also makes a lot of unforced errors. I noticed that when she spikes, she just uses her forearm bring the ball down rather than using her wrist snapping down the ball. it's a difficult way to controlle the ball. that's why she’s more likely to hit the ball out.

    It is vakifbank's losing formula. NAZ+Slotejes very low successful rate~~ :teach:

    for my point of view. some players are just unstable and arrogant. They should know only zhu+rasic are the top of the top stars of this team! :box:

    This the worst match that slotejes played this season. Amazing low spike successful rate!

    it's not that bad. losing one set to a weak team gives Vakif even a higher probalility of winning the next games. :win:

    Hello, all! I love volleball and want to know more about the games, clubs, players and everything. This site is absolutely the best one of volley-forums. cheers!