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    hello everyone !!! after lurking here for a while i've i decided it was finally the time to create an account and start posting like y'all :whistle: what should i say about me? despite being a newbie volleyball fan i've actually played in the past (when i was 11 or 12, for like an year lmao) then completely abandoned it and focused on my studies, until this wonderful sport caught my eye again during rio olympics in 2016, so i started watching other matches as well (usually on
    YT, sometimes on TV) during my freetime, until now. i've got a lot to learn but the threads on this forum are already helping me a lot in understanding more of this sport. my favourite team is the italian women's NT (♡) but japan is a close second (even if it's rather difficult getting news about them considering i'm in europe, but nevermind). i also enjoy watching brazil and china even if i don't know that much about their players excluding their well-know names. that's all, have a good day ~