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    Since the introduction of the Q finals in the 18/19 season all semi-finalists were from either Turkey or Italy (a Russian team would have made it in 22 out of an all-Russian QF but they were then banned)

    QF participants:

    Stuttgart ......................4 (19/20/23/24)

    Dinamo Moscow ........3 (19/20/22)

    Rzeszow ..................... 2 (22/23)

    LKS(24)/Kazan(22)/Kaliningrad(22)/Chemik(21) ...1


    Stuttgart...getting to the quarters every year, when it was possible.

    That's actually not true, the exception was 2020/21, the season when the competition was played in tournaments due to covid.

    Schedule for the intermediate round

    Group A

    (1+7.2 CL S-P)

    10./11.02. 5-2 1-Dresden

    17./18.02. 2-4 Dresden-5

    (21.2 CL QF either S or P)

    24./25.02. 4-1 2-Dresden

    (28.2 CL QF away game @Fener, 3.3. cup final S-P)

    09./10.03. 4-5 1-2

    16./17.03. Dresden-4 5-1

    Group B

    (1.+7.2 Challenge Cup Wiesbaden-Novara)

    10./11.02. Wiesbaden - 7, 8 - 9

    14.02. 8 - Wiesbaden , 9 - 7

    17./18.02. Wiesbaden - 9, 7 - 8

    24./25.02. 7 - Wiesbaden, 9 - 8

    09./10.03. Wiesbaden - 8, 7 - 9

    16./17.03. 9 - Wiesbaden, 8 - 7


    I checked it. From January 30/31 to March 3 we get the Stuttgart-Potsdam game 5 times.

    2 times in the Champions League

    1 time in the Bundesliga

    1 time in the intermediate round

    1 time in the cup final

    Stuttgart's scheduled to play CL against Potsdam on Thursday Feb 1st, the Bundesliga match in Stuttgart will follow on Feb 3rd and the CL game in Potsdam on Feb 7th. Feels like a playoff series. Let's hope the games will actually take place...

    Dresden has posted a report about the match against Neuchatel (they lost 1:3 and were eliminated from CEV cup):

    They had to place buckets inside the arena and mop the floor because of the leaky Margon arena (<insert joke about hall name sponsor being a water bottling company here>). They almost had to cancel the match.

    Berger started but was replaced by Timmer in set 1 already.…hStatistics.aspx?ID=69815

    So Dresden in dire straits as well.

    So this is the situation after this week's matches:

    Group A

    Vakifbank would need something like a 25:11,25:11,25:11 win over Milano to claim pos 1, otherwise it's Milano 1, VB 2

    Group B

    Ecza needs a 3:0 win over Scandicci to take first place

    Group C

    Fenerbahce has won the group. Potsdam will be in 2nd place unless Budowlani defeats FB and Potsdam loses to Calcit.

    Group D

    Conegliano has won the group.

    Groups D+E

    Here's the tricky part. I'm assuming FB defeating Budowlani so the 3rd placed teams from A-C are out

    If LKS defeats Le Cannet:

    • LKS wins group E
    • Rzeszow qualifies for the play-offs
    • Stuttgart qualifies for the play-offs with a win over Asterix
    • Blaj is 2nd in group E with a win over Dnipro. If Dnipro wins 3:0,3:1 they are second. In case of a tie-break win for Dnipro either Dnipro or Le Cannet are second
    • If Asterix wins the 3rd placed team from group E qualifies, either Dnipro or Le Cannet

    If Le Cannet wins over LKS:

    • Le Cannet wins group E on matches won
    • It's very complicated:

      • Rzeszow will likely lose to Conegliano so they will probably stay at 3 wins, 9 points
      • Stuttgart need a 3:0,3:1 win over Asterix in this scenario to go to 3 wins, 9 points. They will be ahead of Rzeszow by set or point ratio unless Rzeszow manages to gain a point against Conegliano
      • LKS would be at 3 wins, 9 or 10 points. edit:in case of a tie-break loss they would qualify for the next round since Stuttgart can only get to 9 points
      • Blaj win => Blaj would be 2nd in group E. LKS qualifies if Stuttgart fails to get 3 points against Asterix (or Rzeszow gains a point and Stuttgart wins 3:1)
      • Dnipro win=> A 3:2 would be enough if Asterix wins against Stuttgart. A 3:0 or 3:1 would put them at 3 wins, 9 points but in all cases behind LKS so they would be 3rd. Dnipro would need Asterix to snatch a point from Stuttgart to qualify.

    Just looked at the replay (24:50 minutes): Harbin lined up before the match but was called off by the referees as she was not in the starting six. Taubner hurriedly walked in to take her spot, and was then subbed out before the first point. I didn't see any injury but of course it could be an issue with a hand for example.

    Stuttgarts instagram stories from Aachen show Rivers so it looks like she's ok. :thumbup:

    edit: Renkema: Nothing is torn or broken. Her ankle still hurts but "Krytsal Rivers is able to deal with pain"

    Source (paywall):


    Stuttgart will travel back home after today's match to save on hotel costs and go back to Aachen later this week and then stay in Düren and go to the CL match in Belgium from there.

    I had the impression Rivers' fall was more due to fatigue then injury. I hope I'm right. They taped her foot and she was able to walk but it has to be seen how serious it is once the adrenaline wears off.

    Stuttgart used her way too much this week due to the lack of other reliable attackers.

    I think Knollema could be a real weak point for Stuttgart this season. I don't know what Renkema was thinking. Maybe she's now working undercover for the Dutch Volleyball Association.

    Do you know how much money Stuttgart is paying her and which other players were available on that budget?

    I think that players who are as good as Rivers or Simone Lee are usually well over Stuttgart's budget. Rivers stayed in Stuttgart due to her health issues and the way Stuttgart accepts them. I don't know how Stuttgart managed to keep Lee for so long but we cannot expect to have a player of her abilities each year.

    Anyway this was a total failure by Stuttgart and garantees a negative outcome of this CL campaign

    I actually disagree with both these statements. Yes, Rzeszow has not excelled so far this year in the Polish league but a loss by a German team in Poland is not a sensational result. Without Lee and Künzler, Stuttgart just isn't as strong as last year, that's not news, we knew that before yesterday's game.

    With a win at home against Rzeszow and two wins against Asterix, Stuttgart would liekly still reach the playoff phase, there it will depend on the draw if there is a chance to reach the quarters.

    In Germany "nobody" knows what VNL is so I don't think you could call it more prestigious here. Among those that do know VNL I think a considerable part considers it as a series of exhibition games.