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    Stuttgart and Moscow are still arguing over a possible venue for their match. Moscow wants to play in Turkey, Stuttgart wants to play in Switzerland. Both teams have rejected the other team's proposal citing travel and quarantine restrictions.

    According to Stuttgart's facebook account:


    Nach aktueller Planung wird unser nächstes Match jetzt in der Woche vom 20.-24.Oktober gegen Dinamo Moskau stattfinden. Erneut ist vorgesehen, die Runde in nur einem Spiel auf neutralem Boden auszutragen. Da dies aufgrund der aktuellen Lage wahrscheinlich in einem Risikogebiet sein wird, stehen wir aktuell noch in Abstimmung mit Behörden und Gesundheitsämtern, um die Rahmenbedingungen für die Partie zu klären.

    The game against Moscow will probably be played in the week of 20th-24th Oct in one game on neutral ground. The game will probably be played in a country that is currently declared as risk area by the German government so Stuttgart is checking with local health authorities.

    They do not state which country the game will be played in. Poland is not currently considered as risk country, so maybe Turkey? Regional laws for the state of Baden-Württemberg state that you have to go into quarantine if you were in a risk country but there are exemptions if you:

    - have a negative test

    - or were abroad for less than 48 hours

    - or were travelling for business matters

    However, there is talk of tightening the regulations and I wonder what their Bundesliga opponents will think when they play Stuttgart after they return from abroad.

    I am worried by the new restrictions that Italy wants to implement where they want to close a lot of the economy. I have the feeling the government is panicking now. The economical impact will be huge and that will lead to suffering.

    I wonder if the government has understood the dynamics of the disease. It seems to take about 5 days before people show symptoms. For severe cases, people are hospitalised 5 days later or so. If they die, death occurs another a week later. All in all, that is almost 20 days from infection to death. So almost all the people dying today have been infected before the lockdown started. So I don't see why anyone can say the previous measures are not working.

    Obviously they want to avoid another Bergamo. Italy and the other countries will need to find a way to handle the crisis without totally wrecking their economy which will have serious consequences and people will die in various ways from the effects of that. We will have to make sure that the measures taken do not cause more harm than the disease. It is a very difficult decision of course seeing how bad the situation in Bergamo and other places (Mulhouse, Madrid for example) is at the moment.

    Nobody really knows what the true mortality rate is. The numbers heavily depend on how many people are being tested. In Germany we had 50+ cases of people getting the disease who went skiing in South Tyrol (Bozen area) last week during carnival school holidays. On the other hand just two or three days ago there was only 1 reported case locally in the South Tyrol area. Media from the area have reported that only a total of 20 tests had been made until March 5th so it's not surprising they found only one infected person.

    I guess it will be quite a while before we really know how serious the disease is.…/die-coronatest-wahrheit/

    A good decision to cancel Conegliano-Stuttgart I think. Much better than making both teams travel abroad to play another 3:0 match in these exceptional circumstances.

    I guess the other matches will be played behind closed doors? I can't imagine the Slovenian health services allowing Italian fans at least. But two weeks is a long time, it's still quite possible the plans will need to be changed again...

    Stuttgart's sporting director Renkema told SWR tv that their return match will "definitely" not be played in Italy. It could be played in Stuttgart (without spectators) or in a neutral venue. The problem is apparently that Germany's main sports association DOSB requests players that travel to risk areas to be quarantined for 14 days so the team could not play Bundesliga afterwards. Apparently CEV has accepted this reason.

    I fail to see why Moscow will necessarily play Novara.

    I am only aware of two restrictions:

    - A group winner (best 4 winners) will face a runner-up/Moscow

    - Teams that played in the same group cannot face each other in the QF.

    Weirdly enough Stuttgart press is quoting club officials that they would prefer Moscow as they think that's the only team against which they have any chance at all but I don't think that's possible.

    Rivers played for 1 1/2 sets. Some very nice points but she also got blocked several times. She is clearly not at 100%. Hamson also had a good game, especially in set 3, but Stuttgart will obviously try to use Rivers in the cup final as much as possible.

    Nice game by Cansu, I expect her to start in Mannheim too.

    For parts of the game Stuttgart was playing with both Lazic and Lee as OHs. Risky in reception but that could be an option for the Bundesliga (Lee is not eligible for the cup final).

    If I'm not mistaken, VB is now the first team that has qualified for the QFs. The other Italian and Turkish teams will surely follow. One place will go to whoever will top the mess that is group E (all 4 teams can still win the group 😳). A 3-0 or 3-1 against Yuzhny would give Stuttgart the final spot.

    Caserta announced that they are going with 14 little girls in the next game vs Brescia since they couldn't make any official transfer yet and they say they want to protect the few remaining players.

    How can Legavolley still allow this mess to go on? :wall:

    Very loosely quoting Marx: History always comes in two phases, first the andata as tragedy, then the ritorno as farce...

    So this should be the list of teams already qualified. (with the final ranking of 2019 EuroVolley) . #12 Slovakia is the best team from the 2019 edition that has not qualified as Romania as host takes the final spot.

    1 SERBIA
    2 TURKEY
    3 ITALY
    4 POLAND
    7 RUSSIA
    11 CROATIA
    13 ROMANIA

    LVF site now lists Bechis, Gray, Cruz, Holzer and Alhassan as released players from Caserta roster, so right now their roster is down to 6 players, and there are rumors that Poll won't return after OG qualifiers as well. I don't see any way how they're still gonna survive, and I feel sorry for each of the players, it won't be easy for all of them to find a new club midway through the season :thumbdown:

    I feel especially sorry for Poll. First she signs with Aachen, they then find out they do not have enough money and now this. And in addition she didn't get much playing time as Caserta had other great OHs. I hope she finds something else. She'd played quite well last season and at the ECh but this season has been one to forget so far.

    From Caserta's homepage


    A malincuore si sono divise le strade tra il club Volalto 2.0, alcune atlete e una parte dello staff.

    "Unfortunately the paths have split between Volalto 2.0, some athletes and a part of the staff." And they wish them all the best for the future.

    So at least some conciliatory words from the club this time. But no words on who will actually go (if it's the ones mentioned a few days ago) and what the plan for the remainder of the season will be. To me it looks very likely that if they play the remaining matches at all, they will not field a competitive team.