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    No no, those are just rumors...She's yet to recover and since that'll take time, at least until november, she's more likely to sign with a much bigger and richer team than Pomí.
    Arrighetti's close to the "end game", Rahimova is not a young player herself anymore, Radenkovic is just "average": I believe Caterina will pick up something like SCANDICCI or ZANETTI BERGAMO in the end... :teach: :teach: :teach:


    C. Bosetti is gonna sign for Pomi Casalmaggiore ?( :?:

    I DO AGREE and still, Imoco is about to sign her, along with a couple of more foreign players (?!?), not to mention Tirozzi or Macron and the second libero and and and...: IT'S NOT QUANTITY, BUT RATHER QUALITY THE WINNER !!!
    Yet, they don't seem to be able to learn from the recent past in Conegliano: they were this close to beat the "Zhu Team" 1 month ago and they missed their chance thanks to JW's choices.
    THEY should have change HER instead of producing the usual, messy transfers.

    I can't believe they'll put on court Wolosz/ Fabris/ Hill/ Hodge/ Danesi/ Folie/ DeGennaro, benching both Sylla and "X" (DeCruijf?).

    AS FOR GROTHUES, I'd sign her back, if I was Fenerbahce's G.M.

    Mmmmmhhh, let's see...: "the rule" says 3 italians on court, right? And you state "Sylla should be used in A1 only", right?

    OK, let's do some maths:

    DE GENNARO + DANESI or FOLIE + SYLLA = 3, thus ROBIN won't be put on court during the Italian League. Nice one on Santarelli!

    HODGE is 30 (t-h-i-r-t-y) years old this year, multiple times injured, not training and clearly NEITHER the same player as that of Villa Cortese back in 2011, NOR that of 2015/16 Imoco. Get over it: SYLLA IS NOW STRONGER THAN HER.

    Santarelli can easily put on court Wolosz/ Fabris/ Hill/ Hodge/ Robin/ Folie/ De Gennaro on court during the CL and yet...not be able to grab the CL. Cause Hodge is unreliable.

    That said, I'm non a fan of Imoco. I'm A FAN OF SYLLA :D :box: :D

    The main goal of Conegliano next season is to win Champions League, after a silver and a bronze medals in the last two editions. So they need an OH like Hodge for that, Sylla is not enough and she was signed only to play in Italian League (where they have to comply with the rule of the 3 italians on court).

    MEIJNERS BUIJS VASILEVA BARTSCH will all play in Italy next season... :teach: :teach: :teach:

    I still think that Meijners, Buijs, Vasileva, Bartsch would be a good option if you want OH with strong attack. If you don't care strong attacker because of Fabris and Hill, it is better to get Grotheus, Tirozzi who are considered both reception and not regularly attack. But about Hodge-Easy I am not sure how strong she will be. If to be honest I don't think Megan can handle it, yes she is better version of Sylla on attack because of her height but not more things on reception and defence IMO.

    There's NO POINT in signing Hedge.

    CONEGLIANO should stop now and decide they'll be starting with:


    Anything else, having Bechis, V Battista, Marcon (+ Tirozzi?), Folie on the bench, is absolutely pointless

    And Logan was 19 in her first Olympics.. not every player is a huge talent.. some need more work, some are late bloomers.. look at Gozde and Larson

    The big deal is NOT Tirozzi over Hodge, as Valentina, as someone said, is 32 and could well be ok with being benched...

    The real big deal is SYLLA BEING WAY BETTER THAN "MULTIPLE-TIMES-INJURED" 30 years old Hodge !!!
    She was ok back in 2015/16, we can agree on that, but always going back to her as if she "owned" the spot as OH is PATHETIC.

    I want to stress this: coaches who are unsure of themselves (Santarelli, Guidetti), amazingly don't trust italian players, regardless of their age/ talent/ skills etc.
    Really, almost everyone could achieve success with ROBIN & K HILL on court: so, why the hell do you want to take back 30-years-old-Hodge after signing a thunderous Miriam SYLLA, experienced yet only 22 ?
    Non to mention the fact that you'll be putting on court mediocre Wolosz and Fabris as well (2 + 2 makes 4, right Santarelli ?), which will eventually end up being the same, disastrous issue of 2017/18: "who'll be benched this time? Robin? Fabris? Wolosz ? Hodge". :whistle:

    I strongly believe either DE CRUIJF or SYLLA should decide to LEAVE Imoco.
    Or the upcoming season will be hellish... :box:

    Compare Tirozzi with Cella it is ridiculous. I don't think Tirozzi will be a bench player in more games. Hodge-Easy's reception is not good and stable and I think Tirozzi can replace her and even can be main player of Conegliano. She has a good reception, fast attack. Bricio was a bench player at the beginning of championship but East's injury gave a chance to be the main player. Tirozzi's situation is different she is not type of Cella. Tirozzi has a good reception plus a good serve, a good defence. She is a more suitable player for Imoco and Wolosz. When Dijenkema played in Novara, more people could think Cambi had not a chance to play on court but before championship start we can't not say accurate things :|
    Some times Italian players feel theirself more into the game than foreigners. They can be more useful than foreigners :whistling:

    THAT'S SO DAMN RIGHT...!!! :teach: :teach: :teach:

    I've seen this happening since time immemorial, BUT it's rather Santarelli' s fault than Mazzanti's, as this WRONG mental approach has dangerously become Imoco's worst benchmark lately. Not to mention his will to take back italian NT's setter OFELIA MALINOV, who had just grown grandiosely in Foppapedretti, to put her back on the bench in favor of super-mediocre Wolosz ( ?( 8| X( ?( ) !!! MALINOV has then luckily been acquired by super-smart SCANDICCI's G.M. Toccafondi...

    Imoco'll be starting with DE CRUIJF, HODGE, HILL, which is logical enough, though leaving on the bench DANESI, SYLLA and TIROZZI, which is odd.

    That said, leaving the "Italian Issue" behind, Santarelli made almost a fool of himself last year, when he put an amazing champion and starter OH like SAMANTHA BRICIO :heart: :heart: :heart: on the bench after taking back Megan Hodge. No comment.
    If not enough, he recently tried to get brazilian international GABI, multiple WGP's and Superliga's WINNER and vice-champion in 2017 World Championship for Clubs, only to leave her, again, on the bench (Kim Hill being another logical starter, though not always).

    If I could, I'd recommend SYLLA and Tirozzi to STAY AWAY from Conegliano, regardless of their potentially rich contracts :thumbsup:

    Who will be the starter OH? Hodge? :?:
    Conegliano loves to bench Italian players :whistle:

    No jealousy, really guys...Believe us: even more so now that they're cutting BUDGETS in Turkey as well...

    Just go see or re-watch on Youtube or LVF-TV extracts or full games from SERIE A1 and make your comparisons with
    turkish, russian, polish, chinese, german...whatever games...

    "Jealousy" for the MONEY, that's the only truth: KYK, Zhu and Boskovic alone CAN'T make things look better than they are.

    That said, apart from these 3, to which BRICIO, LARSON and VARGAS should well be added, all the "rest" of the actual top players are eager to join the Italian League.

    Who would ever want to go see...Vakif vs Seramiksan (3 - 0 no doubt) rather than IGOR Novara - Saugella Monza ?

    You're right! Watching the SERIE A1 and the brazilian SUPERLIGA is exciting, whereas the Turkish League is BORING. You may get to SNORT during any game and even the "Top Four Teams" ' games are becoming less interesting than in previous years...

    I suggest by-passing the Turkish League and focus on Brazil and Italy only. Let alone polish, russian, german and french leagues being even worse than the T.L.

    SO, at the end of the day: YES, everybody knows Turkey is all about MONEY.

    Get over it !!!

    I think I am not only one who consider Turkish league for money. Even I think more players like Larson, Boskovic and etc...consider about money too...There are 4 teams always play semifinals. It is Galatasaray, Eczacibashi, Fenerbahche and Vakifbank. Sometimes Galatasaray barely play in final, they mostly get 4th place in Turkish league. I don't find Turkish league more interesting if to be honest. I only watch games among Fenerbahche, Eczacibashi and Vakifbank, sometimes Galatasaray's game.

    If to be honest, Italian league and Brazilian superliga are more exciting for me. They have more teams with similar powers :whistle: but I surely can say There are more star players in Turkish league. Their stars are much stronger than other championships.

    [quote='leo2017','index.php?page=Thread&postID=366023#post366023']I don't want to stoop so low as to argue with you. I just want to affirm and stress that Turkey's got a lot of money to spend ANYWHERE, AT ANYTIME... And it'll be lotta fun watching Malinov/ Egonu/ Lucia B/ Sylla/ Chirichella/ Danesi/ De Gennaro vs ?/Karakurto/ ?/ Ismailoglu/ Akman/? / ?... I don't even know who these turkish players are or come from: I just gatherZHU, KYK, NATALIA, RASIC, SLOETJES, RAHIMOVA, HILL etc etc etc are ghe ones that decide any match and any win...

    Any news/link about Rasic signing with the Bank ? And Sloetjes ? I wonder how will Guidetti be able to manage a turbulent Vakifbank, doomed by lots of important losses, and by the possible rivalry Lonneke-Karakurt...

    By the way: It'very unlikely seeing the Team USA losing from GGuidetti's barely watchable NT...
    It's impossible for this team of mediocre players to achieve anything remarkable in the VNL!
    Ok, Turkey's got loads of money to play for everything but, please, come on...

    And their coach, the Overrated One, in 11 years in Italy has managed to win just an italian Super Cup in 2002!
    And with an incredible Team, Minetti Vicenza...

    POMI Casalmaggiore is likely to play with:

    RADENKOVIC/ SOROKAITE/ GROTHUES/ CARCACES/ ?/ Arrighetti/ ? (Spirito).

    As for FENERBAHCE, I believe they should try hard and sign DE CRUIJF or RASIC, who are both
    not yet sure to stay in Conegliano And VakifBANK...

    Terzič, the world's best coach along with Lang Ping and Bernardinho, knows this is bis biggest chance to build his strongest team ever: I expect him to ask bis general manager for one of these amazing MBs AND/OR KYK
    :teach: :teach: :teach:

    I strongly believe that ZHU staying in Vakif/BANK is a bad thing for volleyball as a "movement"... :teach:

    People like her should change team every season -same as LOGAN TOM did in the past- in order to "spread the Word" and help this amazing sport being appreciated the way it deserves in more than just 1/3 country.
    She should play the part of the "global ambassador" of volley, instead of making tons of money which partially get turned to the chinese federation.
    She's too much of a money-maker now and after winning everything, including MVP awards, people is starting to get bored.
    Last year she was also on the brink of a physical breakdown due to the fact that EVERYBODY wants to see her perform/ play/ win regardless (and Lang Ping asks a lot from her too).

    In the CL F4, just days ago, we saw a failing team where she was playing on every spot, as if she had to "earn her crazy salary" in front of weaker, older, less payed teammates! She was fantastic at times, but also very close to LOSING the "collective" battle with Imoco.
    Next time she will risk a collapse on live tv, "POOR TING"...!!! :mad:

    I honestly believe staying next in Vakifbank would be POINTLESS and boring... :obey:

    Dinamo kazan offers 2 million euro to Zhuting for next season! Considering the trade relationship between China and Russia, it is not a bad deal for dinamo kazan.

    Source: Official CCTV5 Blog(CCTV5 is National Sports TV Channel in China).

    :cheesy: :cheesy: :cheesy:

    "I made her an offer she can't refuse...", said the Godfather in the eponymous movie.

    Guys, ZHU has to movie to Kazan and try to help the team win the CL !!! They already lost Voronkova to Kaliningrad, therefore ZT would be very welcome

    Bricio will play in Turkish club next year I think you will be a lot of time to watch her carefully. If Turkish clubs and Sultanlar league will be strong as past years she will not shine there. Everything depends on something. I can't say accurate things but her experience is not more and etc. Sometimes Bricio is really good and she attacks at everywhere of court but sometimes she is such a disaster for me.

    You really don't have a clue about what you're talking about.

    SAMANTHA BRICIO is the brightest Star of American Volley and, in case she switched nationality, she'll be the next Jordan Larson in Team USA.
    After amazing seasons in college, she had a wonderful first year in Italy, thanks to DAVIDE MAZZANTI, Imoco's previous coach, followed by an injury and by a messy + unexperienced young new HC, who understood nothing of Samy's SuperSkills.
    Let alone having to do with the most overrated setter in european volley's history (the 2nd consecutive polish one).

    SHE'S NOW FREE and rightfully so !!! Defending FENERBAHCE will be fantastic, having Master Terzic orchestrating a group of fabulous athletes, among which I'd LOVE to see Robin de Cruijf too, given that Mina Popovič has signed with a 2nd level team like Bisonte and Imoco already has Danesi & Folie as starters and loads of foreign players as spikers (on top of Wolosz...).

    I think Zhu might stay with Vakif for the 2018-2019 season, if they add more key players to help her out. With Gozde retiring, Naz being pregnant and if the rumours of Rasic and Lonneke possibly leaving are true, then the work load will be heavy on Zhu. Hopefully they don't overuse her and risk injury. Maybe she will return to China for the following 2019-2020 season, it would be a smart decision to keep her healthy and get a head start practicing with national team before the Tokyo Olympics since the China season ends earlier.

    Vakifbank is already totally and completely depending on ZHU: they should leave her move back to CHINA and keep the money to build a new team.
    RASIC is willing to go elsewhere, NAZ is pregnant, SLOETJES wouldn't want Karakurt on the bench, hence her discontent...

    They are at a crossroads, just as FENER is becoming bigger & stronger...

    And now it is almost 100% that Fabris and Robin will stay in Conegliano. My God if they don't have any injury it will be so nice to watch them playing together. After they didn't play this season. :D

    Waiting too see who will they signed, with Folie and Robin as MBs I hope for stabile reciver and I doesn't need to be so great attcker. When you have Melandri and Danesi who are not bad MBs but they aren't so good attackers as this two you need to have OH as Bricio, but with Folie and Robin you need to have good reciver.

    Still praying for Brazilian OH Gabi :heart:

    GABI JUST SIGNED WITH MINAS, is moving closer to her family and has no will to come to Italy, let alone not in Conegliano.
    When/if the time will come, she'll be PERFECT FOR SCANDICCI, as Lucia's replacement :teach:

    And now it is almost 100% that Fabris and Robin will stay in Conegliano. My God if they don't have any injury it will be so nice to watch them playing together. After they didn't play this season. :D

    Waiting too see who will they signed, with Folie and Robin as MBs I hope for stabile reciver and I doesn't need to be so great attcker. When you have Melandri and Danesi who are not bad MBs but they aren't so good attackers as this two you need to have OH as Bricio, but with Folie and Robin you need to have good reciver.

    Still praying for Brazilian OH Gabi :heart: