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    With all due respect, Z Changning deserves a much bigger team than Monza. 93% of "spring rumors" is FAKE: you can write anything you like, but the players' WILL is never taken care of.
    Anybody wants Stevanovič, yet she'll never pick up a non-top team, nevermind good offers from smaller clubs.I see Bartsch in Turkey and Robin in Fenerbahce alongside Bricio and Carli Lloyd, whereas Mina Popovič may prefer to keep on playing in A1.
    Karakurt will replace Sloetjes, in light of Guidetti's "turkization" of Vakifbank, and Lonneke is likely to come join some big italian team (Imoco?)...

    Rosamaria is not fit for european leagues. Natalia is injured. I believe no more brazilian players will cross the scenes in 2019.

    As 4 FENERBAHCE, GONCHAROVA could well be the top opposite (if they have the money...), BRICIO the supertop OH and a turkish fantastic receiver the missing link in the "power-chain".

    CARLI LLOYD/ Natalia GONCHAROVA/ X/ Samantha BRICIO/ Robin de CRUIJF/ Eda ERDEM/ X would be an astonishing, amazing setup!

    That said, for Vakifbank is losing power and ZHU won't extend her contract, FENER would soon become Team n.1 in Turkey :teach: :teach: :teach:

    Modena has now at least 2 more slots to fill, due to CATERINA's injury:

    OH/receiver + MB.

    Don't actually know about transfers between playoffs' contenders, like Liu Jo, and out-of-the-game teams like Pomí, but, just in case, I'd keep in consideration

    MARET GROTHUES and HUTINSKI, who are both likely to leave Casalmaggiore and Filottrano anyway...

    :box: :box: :teach: