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    Five-set match, both teams had match point opportunities... at the end the Sichuan team had the better day, won 20-18. Miao Yiwen contributed one of the last two points, she is the main OH of Sichuan team (#12). Must be quite bitter day for Zheng Yixin (#3), the captain of the Fujian team -- I think this result is an upset.

    There's only so much Zheng Yixin and Lin Li can do for Fujian without any help. They need more support, but good thing their youth OH Zhuang Yushan is showing potential. Hopefully she can join the adult team soon.

    Anyways, I sound critical but really I just want to see more opportunities for young players.

    I agree. This postponement really puts youth/upcoming players behind as far as development. They don't have the opportunity to get a chance to gain more experience. Even in next years VNL (2022) we might not see that much new faces because the World Championship is also happening so national teams might be focused on their current veteran players (some of which should be cut by then, but won't be).

    My biggest concern with both Liu Yanhan and Li Yao is that neither is really known for their reception or defense. They're more of an attacking opp/oh which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but China already has Zhu, Zhang, and Li. Both Liu Yanhan and Li Yao will be targets for opponents and the big question will be if they can remain stable during crucial moments? Another thing with Li Yao is that she hasn't even been tested yet. It's too early to say that the second opposite spot is hers. Her performance at VNL will either make or break her.

    Yao Di will be the second setter. She can be inconsistent and shaky at times, but she is the next best setter after Ding Xia. I love the fight Diao Linyu put this season and how she managed Jiangsu before her injury in the finals. Hopefully she keeps it up for the next cycle.

    Wang Yuanyuan is the clear front runner between her and Yang. Although Yan Ni and Yuan Xinyue will be the starting middle duo, Wang still needs to be prepared and ready if either gets injured or needs some rest.

    If Li Yao doesn't do well during VNL China should just take one opposite in Gong and bring 4 middles Yan Ni, Yuan, Wang, and Zheng. Zheng could be a wild card because she can play as opp and also receive.

    is she one of Opposite in Beijing team? So she was a MB. That's quite explained a lot about how i always thought she has a little bit weird spiking technique from zone 2 & 4.

    She (#8, 191cm) has played as their opposite on a couple occasions when they needed, but their main opp is Ren Kaiyi (#1, 183cm).

    I think she's better suited as a middle blocker than opposite, it seems like a more natural position for her.

    Some names I would've liked to see (at least for training).

    Gao Yi: She's made fast progress since transferring to Shanghai and rejoining the A Team in training the beginning of this year.

    Chen Boya: Her reception and defense are valuable as a future seedling. I think she has more potential than Wang Yizhu if she was given more opportunities.

    Chen Peiyan: There's not much attacking opposites in the league, but with her height she has potential to become one. It's also good that she's taking responsibility in learning how to receive.

    Xue Yizhi: Athleticism is her biggest advantage against other Chinese middle blockers, she's quick and can jump well. If the coaches teach her how to read opponents and put up a strong block she could be really good for the NT.

    Your links in each comment all point to the same picture (Zhu Ting and Wang Yuanyuan)

    I'd be surprised to see Duan Fang as well...

    I'm not really good at linking stuff, but it's from this weibo account.

    Nevermind, that's Li Yao between them. Here's a video that shows them better.

    Liu Xiaotong's performance recently hasn't been convincing. She still looks to be in bad shape. Liu Yanhan might not be in a good terms as well since it looked like she left training earlier that the others.

    Li Yao could be a surprise, but we still have to wait and see how she does at VNL if she makes the roster.

    Was hoping Xu Ruoya got a call after the season ended, but she didn't. If roster size wasn't limited I would like to see Chen Boya and possibly Chen Peiyan get a call for training for VNL.

    Gao Yi could move up in the middle blocker rankings. Not only does she have the height, but she's made more improvements than Yang Hanyu in my opinion.