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    bumpsetspike wow! happy to hear your family members and kitty cat are safe!

    So you live(d) in Lahaina? I can't fathom what this must mean for you. Do you have friends and or family that live in other parts of the island so you have a place to breathe? Oh my. Best wishes to you moving forward

    Yes, that was my hometown, born and raised. My house was ground zero, the center of it all. I'm on the other side of the island where the smoke has not reached. It is safe here.

    Thank you.

    Hi everyone, thank you for your kind words. It is really appreciated during this difficult time. <3

    My family are all accounted for, safe and alive. My brother suffering the worst, singed hair and burns on his head, ears, and neck as he went back into the blaze on foot since he had to leave his car in search of me and my farther. He stayed low to avoid the smoke as much as possible and since he couldn't see anything he used the sidewalk as his compass to lead him in the right direction. At one point he picked up a bike to travel quicker passing cars stuck in traffic. He was found covered in soot and ash, but is doing better now.

    My cat Cece is alive!!! I can't imagine what she went through and how she survived, but she's a fighter!

    Death tolls is at 93, but there's a lot more. Rumored to be above 500s, but less than a 1,000, majority children and elderly. ;( They are asking for people who have loved ones missing to do a DNA swab to identifty bodies.

    The situation is BAD and the media are down playing the realistics. This all could have been prevented had our government been doing their jobs. Earlier that day, a fire at the top of the island was reportedly 100% contained (the fire departments exact words) so firefighters left the scene. The 70mph winds which was already expected as a hurricane pressure system was passing below us reignited that said contained fire which spread straight down the city. No alarms or sirens went off to signal people to evacuate so by the time the fire reached their houses it was already too late.

    The military, marines, coast guards, and cadaver dogs are continuing to be flown in to inspect the land, to search of surviors and recover bodies. They will also help efforts in rebuilding. For the areas not impacted, electricity is hit and miss, no phone service and the water is all contaminated meaning unusable.

    There are people looting dead bodies, breaking into homes, stealing from cars, and even holding volunteers at gun point stealing item after item and the police are denying it saying there have been no calls about looting. Of course there is no calls because there is no service to report these crimes! :mad: We have a whole strip of jelewry stores near the oceanfront and people were going into restricted zones taking what they could find.

    The other part that is upseting are the tourists that continue to fly to the island knowing that we are in a crisis with already with limited resources. Boat tours taking them snorkeling a few miles away from where dead bodies were just floating.

    I can barely get any sleep at night. I have no appetite. I just wish this nightmare would end. Everybody that lost their home, that lost a loved one is in disbelief and are unsure of things moving forward.

    I will be taking some time off from this forum to focus on my well being and my family. A devastating hurricane with strong winds tore down power lines in my community that created a massive wildfire burning everything in its path. My home and all our belongings are gone, my pet cat Cece is gone, and a couple of my family members are still missing. 😭 Lots of lives lost including fire fighters, first responders, and emergency personnel.

    Evacuation was a nightmare, fire on your left and right, visibility was nonexistent, and smoke would eventually enter your car air conditioning unit. People left their cars and opted to walk on foot because of traffic were either burned alive or died of smoke inhalation. Everyone was stranded with no power/service to contact each other.

    I have since relocated to the other part of the island where it is safe for now, but I feel numb seeing videos of what's now left of my home.

    Until we meet again <3

    I’m guessing maybe they will bring Yin Xiaolan, a setter in the Fujian team.

    And, yes, I also think Xie Shengyu is the best setter in this age group...b.2003, 2004.....

    tomen ...hope you don’t mind, I replied to your post from the u21 thread here. I wanted this to be closer to the China NT discussions...

    I agree, out of the young setters Xie shows the most promise. Their chances decrease if she's not there which is a shame because this group has potential.

    Zhao Yalun from Beijing is the other U21 setter currently training.

    I checked Chen Houyu's height, I was surprised she is 197cm...I know some girls still grow taller even when they're 16 or 17, but Chen seemed to have grown 5-6 cm in less than a year 8|

    But she does look taller than no.11 Gao Jiaqi who is 194cm. I would like to know what she's been eating :lol:


    below is from VW player bio..

    I think her height listed there is inaccurate. Gao Yi (#6 below) is listed as 194cm on the VNL website and she looks slightly taller than Chen Houyu who is on the right of her. I know in youth categories sometimes they lie to make it seem like the player is taller.

    Shanghai 2022/23

    I still think Yang Hanyu should've been here. I don't she's above Gao Yi and both are at equal positions on the NT, but if Gao Yi's block continues to be strong then Yang may be in trouble. Yes it's only Universiade level, but Yang Hanyu isn't a blocker which is something the NT needs more than her attack.

    Anyone find a replay?

    Great additions adding Xu Xiaoting, Zhong Hui, and Gao Yi from VNL.

    The only player I'm not familiar with is Ma Wanyue.

    Hopefully she's there for the academics :lol:

    their coach quit this week and the fill in is someone who has never coached before lol…jones-schoonderwoerd/5685

    Crissy Jones of Washington? I remember she played against Hawai'i and bounced a ball hard off Nikki Taylor's wrist. Nikki continued playing in pain the remainder of the match. I'm sure Shoji would've pulled her off because of the pain on her face, but I think she had career kills that game and wanted to stay in.

    Bajema was playing middle at that time too. lol

    They certainly are gaslighting fans with that post.

    Although not as popular as Nishida, Miyaura did a respectable job and will surely challenge him for that starting spot in the coming tournaments with Yuji being injury prone.