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    Does he have drama with Zhou Yetong too? He left out his own Jiangsu player who really should be 2nd/3rd option for opposite and picked up some tall girl from Henan not named Zhu. :whistle:

    Zheng Yixin was tried as opposite before, I think it was at one of the Montreux Volley Masters and it didn't work. It might've been Diao setting her too...

    Here's the thing about Zhu, Yao, and Wang: in the past when Zhu was in Turkey she was still listed but not called. Just like Ding Xia this year.

    We know that Zhu has beef with the Jiangsu sports establishment (more accurately, they have beef with Zhu) and Zhang Chen is still the assistant coach. Add in the non inclusion of Yao Di (direct competitor to Diao Linyu), Zang Qianqian (removed from jiangsu starting lineup for Ni Feifan), and Xue Yizhi (formerly with Jiangsu youth, never returned to jiangsu even though the latter are missing middles) and the circumstantial evidence adds up.

    I wouldn't be suprised at the chicanery behind the scenes.

    It might be too early to speculate things, but if Zhu is really left off the NT roster come this summer once she's available then the volleyball gods will surely punish Cai Bin till the end of time.

    Zhu Ting, Yao Di, Wang Simin, Xue Yizhi, Zhang Shiqi, Zang Qianqian, Zhou Yetong, and Zhuang Yushan could assemble a team and beat this training camp.

    bad coach, bad.

    Zhu, Yao Di, and Wang Simin being left out likely because they still need to finish their seasons abroad, but as for the rest it's a shame. They all should've been listed. Middles are boring, same ones and no new faces. I wonder if Xue Yizhi declined?? ;( Poor Zhuang Yushan who has the most fighting spirit in that small frame of hers than all of Yuan.

    Lolsss....I’ll believe them when I see the players playing in the league. Before the 22/23 CVL there was a rumour that Jong Jin Sim, the North Korean star was joining Liaoning, I got all excited over....nothing :(

    Rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, it may or may not happen.

    Either covid restrictions or other behind the scenes stuff may have prevented the North Korean player from getting in China. She could have also declined.

    Vargas expressed that she would like to join Tianjin again next season. Add that with the likelihood of Zhu coming back home surely with Tianjin. Zhu-Li-Vargas 8|

    This is Tianjin's best bet to participate in a Club World Championship. Obviously the other areas are still going to need a lot of work. For libero, Zhu convinces Castillo to follow or get Wang Simin. They need a good foreign middle, Wang YY and Zhang Shiqi ain't going to cut it. Even if Yuan joins I would still add one for depth. Maybe even get an extra setter too.

    Would be sad to see them have Zhu-Li-Vargas just to dominate the Chinese League and that's it. <X

    Quick overview of foreigners in the Top 15 teams of the preseason poll. I apologize if I missed some players.


    Jakob Thelle (Norway) S

    Dimitrios Mouchlias (Greece) OPP

    Filip Humler (Czech Republic) OH

    Guilherme Voss (Brazil) MB

    Spyros Chakas (Greece) OH

    Kurt Nusterer (Austria) MB


    Cole Ketrzynski (Canada) OH/OPP

    Guy Genis (Israel) MB

    Ido David (Israel) OH/OPP


    Skyler Varga (Canada) OH

    Sotiris Siapanis (Cyprus) OH

    Simon Torwie (Germany) MB/OPP

    Nico Lietz (New Zealand) OPP

    Penn State

    Michal Kowal (Poland) OH

    Sam Marsh (England) MB


    Yadiel Diaz (Puerto Rico) L

    Ball State

    Jakub Wiercinski (Poland) S

    Tinaishe Ndavazocheva (Zimbabwe) OH

    Eyal Rawitz (Israel) MB



    UC Irvine

    William D/Arcy (Australia) OPP

    Gustavo Gomes (Brazil) L

    Hilir Henno (France) OH

    Stefan Vartigov (Bulgaria) OH


    Justin Lui (Canada) L


    Simon Gallas (Germany) OPP/OH



    Loyola Chicago

    Vanja Petrasinovic (Serbia) OH

    Ohio State

    Alex Cabana (Cuba) MB/OPP


    Syver Drolsum (Norway) OPP

    Antonio Rodriguez-Elias (Puerto Rico) MB


    Alexander Mrkalj (Canada) OH

    Simon Xiao (New Zealand) L

    Rodrigo Fernandez (Mexico) MB

    The commentators said that Ndavazocheva actually tried playing futbol, but because he was slow he wanted to try out volleyball. But I guess the sport is not really recognized in Zimbabwe so he decided to make his own team. lol. Now he's here in the US playing at the college level. :thumbup:

    Hawai'i having those foreigners who've experienced playing in international competitions puts them one step ahead compared to other players. Chakas (Greece) and Voss (Brazil) play with maturity, like they've had pro seasons under their belt. Thelle's (Norway) setting was shaky, but they managed. Mouchlias didn't have a good night which was expected as he takes awhile to get to form, but Galloway was able to add offense in his place.

    For Ball State Jenness had a clean game and was the reason they were able to steal a set. Surely will get called again this summer for USA NT. Ndavazocheva (Zimbabwe) only a sophomore, still rough around the edges, but will get better in the coming years. He had some sort of injury after a serve and had to be replaced in set 4.

    Hawai'i (#1) vs Ball State (#6)

    This Yuan Xinyue fanpage claims she was spotted at a hospital in Beijing. Hopefully just a check up unless it's something serious that requires surgery (likely shoulder related) she might be out this summer. =O

    I watched a bit of the match and her setting came in clutch in the end. In the beginning and middle of the season she was shaky which is expected for a young setter like her, but she gradually became more stable. She's a good one to look out for in the coming years.

    I left her out the list because I think she likely be in U18/U20. These players are between 2004/2005. There's no official roster yet, but good options to select from. Lots of MBs, but still need to find a quality libero.

    S: Xie Shengyu, Zhao Yalun

    OPP: Wang Yindi, Duan Mengke

    OH: Wang Yifan, Chen Xiyue, Tang Xin

    MB: Chen Houyu, Yang Jia, Wan Ziyue, Zeng Jieya, Shan Linqian