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    I think both Zhu and Boskovic were the two most dominant players that was a difference maker all those years prior and in Rio. They were both young yet crazy talented. Egonu was still developing at the time. The gold medal match between China and Serbia solidified that comparison. Zhu then joined the Turkish League which continued that rivalry. Now Egonu is on the same playing field with them.

    IMO Serbia are slightly weaker of the two because of that 2nd OH position, but then you still have to deal with Boskovic and Mihajlovic. On the other hand, Italy is running like a well oiled machine. Firing from all positions.

    I think both China and Netherlands will want to avoid Italy. Instead take a chance against the Serbians.

    So USA is out, and in a few hours Japan is also likely out. Looks like tomorrow is just friendlies..... 😂 😂 😂

    I wouldn't say so just yet. Tomorrow's matches determine who gets paired up with who. And at this point it could be anyone's ball game. ITA vs. SRB match is before CHN vs. NED. China or Netherlands will decide who they want to pair up with by either winning or losing.

    At this level, Xiaotong is an average player in pretty much everything except her serves. Unfortunately, Zhu is also China's better receiver and back-row defender. This China team really needs a healthy Zhang CN. After that, they need a solid 3rd MB and the 2nd setter who can really change the tempo if needed. Yao Di is just not capable of doing that.

    I agree with all of your points. Liu Xiaotong might lose her spot if China can find a solid OH that is decent in attack but excellent in receiving. That 3rd MB is still open as well. It's risky for Lang Ping to use Hu Mingyuan as her height is a weakness, especially with China's current passing problems. Maybe Yang Hanyu can take that spot if she gets more experience. I don't see Lang Ping bringing Yao Di to Tokyo. Hopefully Diao Linyu or Sun Haiping improves.

    btw.. seems L..Ping doest find Xiaotong Liu an option..why is that ?

    Liu Xiaotong is more of a last resort for Lang Ping to use in this tournament. Right now Zhang Changning along with Li have a better ability to score than her. Zhang when healthy has better floor defense, hence her playing beach volleyball in the past. Though Liu is a veteran, I think Lang Ping is mainly focused on preparing Li Yingying for Tokyo 2020 and giving her the opportunity to play under pressure. Her development this year and next will be important.

    she did. but she also got blocked at least 3 times, and is a liability in backrow.

    That's still something she's working on. After all this her first time with performing at this level so its expected of her to struggle at times. But when it came down to crunch time, she shined and that's something I'm sure Lang Ping praised her for.

    The only way for her to gain experience on these areas is for Lang Ping to put her in. As a coach, in order to allow new players to develop you need to put them on court. Yes, they may have a hard time, but it's something they're going to have to learn first hand. Otherwise they aren't learning anything at all. It's all about knowing WHEN to put them in.

    Dong Mingxiao is an interesting player, long arms, long legs, but is still young and growing. Maybe she will join next year. Physically, she kind of reminds me of Zhu. From what I read in some news article though it could be false, her jumping ability is really really high. Tomen do you know what her stats are?

    Anybody can tell me why Lin Li is not in the starting lineup most of the time? Is she having any injury or they want to give the second libero more exposure?

    I think it's because shes making more mistakes and errors than Wang Mengjie. The second libero is just simply doing a better job and Lang Ping gives her the start.

    Because of what happened at the 2014 WCH with Xu Yunli getting injured, Lang Ping took the risk of bringing a 4th middle blocker instead of a 3rd setter this time. Yang Hanyu has yet to play a match. Even if Diao Linyu came, I don't think she would've been able to change the result.

    Right now every position on Italy's team is strong.

    Zhang Changning isn't 100% healthy and this is Li Yingyings first year with the NT. Liu Xiaotong was also ineffective. All 3 couldn't help Zhu.

    Gong Xiangyu plays more of a defensive role (reception), so I dont expect her providing that much offense. Is Zeng Chunlei still injured?

    I agree that China should be on the lookout for new talent. It's only a couple months till 2019 then it will be a year till Tokyo 2020. The main goal will then be getting them experience, but will they have enough time to catch up to other national teams?