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    I wonder why the sudden change. Back in February they said they were going to send a U23 roster to Montreux, but now they want to send the A Team.

    Is the tournament in Cavalese, Italy just friendly matches between China and Italy or will there be other national teams?

    From another post I've seen tagged to her IG it said that she needs to time off to spend with her family/husband. The translate feature then said something about a surgery for her mother. I'm not too sure though.

    Do you know who is in the B Team training camp, the Montreux tournament is almost a month away.

    Her passing is getting better and better, and She is as OH needs to recive and not have someone to cover her. Lol

    And It looks like everyone should go to China because they have shorter league. Who will stay in Europe ?

    In Chinese NT and some Chinese clubs, the OPP is used to receive in cases where the OH are better in attacking. Bartsch's main focus will be offense so expect someone to receive for her once she starts having a hard time.

    Rumors I've heard:

    Bartsch > Beijing

    Louisa Lippmann / Jordan Larson > Shanghai

    Zhu Ting / Lonneke Sloetjes > Tianjin

    I was just re-looking at the dates and I wouldn't be surprised if Lang Ping sends a weaker roster for the final round of the VNL since they already qualify as hosts. The IOQT will only be a month away and she will want her main players recovered and ready. It'll be like what she did in 2015 when she sent a young team to the World Grand Prix final round while the veterans were getting ready for the World Cup which was also a month later.

    Bartsch's future is still unknown, 'cause AGIL choosed to change the opposite, but nothing has been decided so far for the other positions. They also made a try for a world class player and she was willing to sign for them, 'cause she liked the project, but few weeks later she got offers twice higher than what AGIL could give her and she won't go there anymore. So now AGIL is looking for other options and they are expecially looking for a team player, in order to create a strong chemistry, which was completely missed lately. Nizetich may stay in Novara.

    I'm beginning to think that the world class player AGIL were trying for was Sloetjes who also got offers from Chinese clubs that are willing to pay her more money. :win:

    You guys watching NCAA? Do you think there's any chance that Hawai'i's Patrick Gasman will make it to team A of the national team?

    I was thinking the same exact thing! He's been a nightmare up at the net. The attacks he made against BYU was full of power and their middle Miki Juahianen was just in shock. How does the coach expect him to stop that.

    By drama queen u mean Diouf? :lol:

    Italy's future is already set in the following years having really good and young players. I think all they need is a backup OPP and a younger libero who can replace degennaro coz that is such a huge shoe to fill. Degennaro is amazing.

    I was thinking of her also. Haha. I agree, I think Italy has the most youth potential currently. With Egonu leading the group, they will be a tough opponent for a long time.

    Didn't Cuban fed. like ban her? I'm not sure if she'll ever go back there, not many talented Cubans have these days. Pretty sure TVF has her eyes locked on her, missing Vargas out is also like gifting another NT so Turkish Federation will act keeping that in the back of their minds. Personally I feel they're already working on it tbh.

    So sad and messed up on their part.