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    she used to be in china team in 2014 and won silver medal in wc. then she was replaced by Ding Xia

    I disagree. Its only recently that Kingdon is being shaky. The reason Wilhite was brought to the Wch was because of her serving. Kingdon is a better passer and defender than Wilhite.

    i watching all Beijing teams matches.Kingdon cant recerive well and ,poor defence and now cant spike well. not all chinese blokers are very tall.but she cant spike .i hope robinson will play oh again in us...

    I think what guidetti does now are make full use of turkish players.we all know turkish oh and op are not so good compared to strong team. you can say they are tanlented,but not good enough for some teams.hande receive badly but erbar has a potential to receive good and also can hit some balls. Gui wants to train erbar to be a mixed of ohs and ops.just like Zhang or Zhu in chinese team. It is not a bad desicion.because coaches should make full use what they have. miliha and other ohs can receive well but the attack power is not enough. if turkey wants to attend in 2020og,they must beat china in group match this year or beat nerthland or Italy in eourpean matches.every team in not bad.i dont think they can beat China this year .so they should build their system to beat eourpean teams. anyway,i dont think its a bad idea to make erbar as a mixture of oh and op.she is tanlented .if she can receive some balls ,team turkey can make more tactics.

    for me ,I think Zhu can fit in different styles team. She is tall and very flxible. we cant see have too many steps before hitting a ball. (in 2013,when she began to show in international court.she has more steps before hit the balls.)only one or two steps to adjust her tempo now.she can handle those out-system balls and also can hit the balls quickly. also we know chinese team has different tactics.such as zhu hit balls in zone 3.this is a typical Team china tactics.seems GUi learn it from Jenny .but I only see Zhu do this tactics.Maybe Robinson cant adapt to this type . Next year,Maybe Zhu returu to China league.but i hope she will go to other leagues after 2020OG.such as Turkey,brasil,Russia.

    Zehra is really really really ambitious player, she already said years ago that her goal was to be the best MB in the world or among the bests. I hope she is not too hard on herself, her journey so far at this age is very successfull if you ask me :rose:

    maybe playing in a top team makes her want to improve a lot.She trains or plays matches with Zhu,Boskovic,egonu ....these girls are shinning at a very young age. when they are 18 or 19 years old, they shows too much will ecourage young people to improve. and this year,i see a big improvement of zhu's reception and defence....

    the truth about chinese clubs is their players cant transfer can see something when zhu transfered to vakif in 2016. and most coaches and players are related to local sports bureau. so they cant enhance their skills and experience by coaching overseas clubs or playing vollayball overseas. training skills are not good. we can see something from current chinese MBs and Setters, liberos. we all know NT China had many good setters and MBs. and about medical seasons, because of money,most clubs are not so ....unscientific training and poor medical reasons make many talented players injured when they were young.....Chinese team organized an training battalion for talented 2000-2002 players.maybe some girls will replace some people in NT now.and we know this NT china has win two champions especially OG some people get sack and doesnt try hard to improve themselves. when people feel content,they wont is right china has the most people.but they dont have so many tall people.the ratio is very the training level of local clubs is not good. hope they can change soething.such as employ some experienced trainers and coaches from other countries.

    Just ignore that troll. Every time vakif loses, it's because they don't want to win, lmao, like, gtfo.:roll:

    so about this match, it does not have too much is just related to ranking before play offs.i dont know if this season ecz can win champion.but last year is a good example. vakif lost 2 matches before play offs,but they won at the end. i am not a fan of vakifbank.but i am a fan of is good to see her team"s victory.but when most things are not so good,losing matches are acceptable. i hope ecz can win this league,because they every year spend lots of money to buy famous players and their results are not so good.they even dont want to transfer meliha or hande to vakif,just want to weaken vakif by the limits of 3 about turkish players in vakifbank,most are young and need a long way to is the weakness of vakif.Ecz said they want 5 campions at the begaining .now they have lost 1. so .....lets expect turkey cup

    sometimes i really cant get the point of turkish people .after getting the medal,vakif instagram post all players photos and say their name will be in the history and they are legend.but those photos dont have zhu.this is not the first time they did it rasist or they rerally hating us chinese people?real legend was 'forgotten' by them. now I really understand why they stolen zhus MVP in CL and didnt feel a little awkward. some people said we are family and get reward from you and the fact is they dont regard you as family .