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    It's really interesting how Ding used to be China's second setter, and when the starter retired everyone thought they're screw€d, but now Ding is recognized worldwide.

    She really is a fantastic setter, but Asian setters rarely do good abroad.. take one of the greatest ever Wei as an example

    most time it is the language things.Kun Feng ever played in italy,she did well. Wei is just in a bad time of China NT. To be honest,Asian setters are good at using MBs.this makes the match interesting. I hope Ding can play abroad after 2020.

    Dutch needs a coach to make the team connect better not a coach to train a team.just a tactics master just like Jenny Langping or ZE.I know after 2016OG,Italy and Dutch both give offers to Jenny.but it is impossible for those two coaches to train Dutch team now.Bonita and Barbolini are good options

    VakifBank should be really careful. THY, Aydin, GS and PTT even looked sharper in friendlies. The lack of Zhu is really something you can feel rn.

    this team changes zhu,robinson,this is the main problem.because both two can cover the court well.I think gui will find a best line in this team,at least,they should get one card for next year CL.because zhu will come back after 2020OG.

    after seeing many matches of serbia players,i think some of them improved, some people drop ed.

    for improving side:

    Boskovic improves a lot. controlling her errors and deffense.and also some attacking skills. but like what i said,their main competitor is China.because they have tall ohs line.

    veljkovic: her attacking but her blocking is still just so so

    Popovic:the new mb in the team serbia.they dont let her to play with china this time.because they dont want china to know her a lot


    Rasic dropped a lot in attacking.for blocking,she is still good.

    libero popovic:for her age imroving,her ability droped .but it is not a big problem of reception.but still need to know if she can cover that big court when face China and USA.i dont know if they will have new good libero.

    maja:she is experienced. for her age, she also droped some.but Boskovic only can spike her set well.she choked more often.but any setter could choke not a big problem

    mihajlovic:she improves some in her defense,but that is not her main duty. still she has too many errors .for her age, the attcking height droped a little.i will see if she can play well in the coming season.

    as for the Oh2 position,Busa is the best.because she can cover the biggest court in those three ohs .but many strong teams know her well.

    Lazovic and milenkovic can play well this time because those teams dont know them a lot. we can wait for next vnl to see if they can play well for strong teams.and the new setter of serbia doesnt show too much this time .

    Can somebody translate please?

    Reporter:Congratulations on China Women's Volleyball Team's eleventh consecutive victory. Yesterday you said that we should pay attention to our opponents and respect them, but I didn't expect that.

    Langping:Yes, we are not familiar with our opponents. The more unfamiliar you are, the harder it will be to play. In addition, it is difficult to determine whether an athlete can remain focused. I think it's still a tough game to play. I know I am the champion, but the game is not over yet. So we need to control our excitement and play well. I don't think players in the first half of the game are really involved, but that time is a bit dangerous. This is the case.

    R:In fact, it feels very warm when you put 14 athletes on the stage. I am particularly touched.

    L:Yes, it's actually quite difficult. 16 players, it's hard.

    R:To calm down, have you ever thought of winning the eleventh consecutive games?

    L:Never thought, in fact, it's 11 games. we just fight one game at a time.

    (Lang Ping cried here and walked away.)

    With the exception of Brazil.... China not only won this tournament but they simply destroyed every team into pieces.

    Besides Brazil, every team looked like a bunch of armatures.

    I knew they would win, I just did not know they would win this easily. Obviously in Tokyo only Serbia and Italy can compete with them. But Brazil is one team they will need to be extra careful with.

    agree.Brazil still has good chance to be the medalists next year.they need a healthy natalia and tandara.please shiella doesnt come to NT again.No offense to her,but her condition cant adapt to the team.the new opps is ok.for MB,ade and mara, mayany,bia for 3 positions.and i dont think macris is that good.the other setter is good for me.for serbia,i think china is their main year, China, Serbia,Italy,Brasil and USA have the biggest chance to be medalists if no other dramas

    And our 👑 Zhu...will be staying at home for the club season. She must be feeling super happy.

    yes,but after 3 years playing in vakif ,she can have a long time with her family.I dont think she will play all matches in Chinese league.most of time,she will cure her injuries and improve connection with their backup setter.also she can help her young teammates improve skills. she has much experience,trainning with her is a good chance to study.

    Lang Ping's relationship with these girls are beyond the ones between a coach and players. It's intimate yet serious. You can't see these kind of relationship in any other team. It's kind of remarkable.

    just want to see more women coaches in the court. just cant stand more men coaches make dramas in the court ,they acts like a bad kid.

    I think it is an easiest task to give an OH award to Robinson than finding any other award to give to someone else.. It is not possible to give all the awards to China (even if they deserve, and i think they do... I would give all the awards to China NT if was possible, trust me)

    I understand that.i mean maybe Zhu gets a MVP,Zhang and kelsey get best ohs.Best MB for Irina and Yan or ogbogu or Yuan.libero for japan or korea,setter for Japan.though Dingxia performs very well,but her statistics lost some.