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    long time no see friends.just boring with the virus these days.watching about Chinese players,I hope besides Zhu,Ding and Yuan both also can play abroad.Not sure if maja will stay in Vakif next season.But vitra truly needs a true world class setter...they have taste their bad choices those years so much.Yuan is also a choice for MB.Though her bloking skills is not as good as her attacking skills,she still could do better.

    to be honest,In rio.CHN vs USA match was later than Ned vs Serbia.Seibia lost to Ned 2:3 had ensured their 3 place in group.And even China won USA,they still was forth place.After rio,JENNY was interviewed by medias.She said Ned and Serbia had played the tacit ball.Eourope sisters are united. It is just like when CHN vs BRA,thailand and Japan hoped China conld win.Also CHN everytime got a ticket early,because they can give a spot for asian sisters.Because in rio,Brasil was totally No 1.the match of CHN vs BRA is an example that weak team won strong team.Lang Ping used all her cards . after losing set2, Brasil players were nervous and the booing of their people to China players made much pressure on them. If China met Brasil in Final match,China would lose.for Olympics,SF is a macth equals 2 matches.because winners will ensure a medal.So China vs Netherland and USA vs Serbia matchs were tougher than the final.After China and Serbia went to Final,Lang said she had more confidence to win the final.Because Serbia never played OG final.Terzic had no experience.that match is similar with the OQ match TUR vs GER a fer days ago When 2 teams are at the similar level,the coaches are the most important. After losing 1 set,Chinese players limited Mihjalovic very well.then the whole serbia team began to be did guys can look at her face. thats why popovic received badly and Rasic gave China the gold medal match point.Terzic cant keep his players clam.

    for tokyo,China never met Popvic(mb).so She will be a good card for serbia to beat China.For others,they wont Change too much.Also ,Italy 's problem is if bosetti can recover well.if she can recover, the whole team are formed. For China,their third MB,second setter, second OS are still problems.I dont know if Jenny will train several new players or just keep the same team of World Cup.

    you said Brasil,USA,China adont have competitors in their palce.that is right.but can you explain why they can get tickets before the OQ in every can see their continents always have 2 spots or 3 spots in OG .Eour teams have chances to get tickets from World cup or OQ these can those eour teams to fight for only one spot in continent,for example Turkey,germany,poland,netherland,bulgaria ?China.Brasil,USA 's ranking are matched their ablility.

    and I find one thing about top teams out of eour.Why asia,north and south america have top teams in the world and the whole level of those continents are weak.Brasil,USA,China,Japan always have good setters in every generation.even though some of them are not top setters,they still have pretty good level.but In eour teams,their setters training are not steady.

    I honestly disagree that Brazil lost to China because of the easy pool. Brazil won the 1st set so easily and could've won the 2nd set too. Lang Ping made some strategy and China eventually won because they simply played a little better after set 1 and especially during the tie break. Brazil lost by 15x13, it's not like it was an easy game to China. These things happen. China being #4 of the pool was probably not expected. If the Netherlands was #4 (which was the "obvious" thing to happen) Brazil would've made it to semifinals.

    i dont mean it is a easy game.i mean in the group,Brasil played 5 easy matches.they didnt prepare for tougher match in mental .if you rewatch the replay, you can see how nervous Brasil players were after set 2.we all know in 2016,,Brasil was surely top 1.Though China beat them in qf,they still were better.the problem of Brasil was Wei Qiuyue replaced Ding.Liu replaced Hui.Brasil MBs jumped high but cant block one.though Xu and Yan cant block more,they can block up the balls.

    so pool B is a so interesting thing.Serbia wants to save some energy for QF. so they choose easy pool.But OG is not Championship.In 2018,both China and Italy were tired after round 2.In OG,every team has enough time to recover their energy.bucause the schedule is not tense. after playing touch matches in group,they have warmed up and are read for tougher matches.thats why Brasil lost to China in2016.they met weak teams in group,but In group B,every team played very difficult.Also this time eour tems have bigger chance than before to get gold.because since 1992,All gold were gotten by Cuba,China,Brasil.and this time ,Brasil and USA are becoming weak.

    I can only laugh when I see about "guarantees" and "definitelys" and such when it's only freaking January! USA went to two Olympics being the favorite and still didn't win. China finished 4th at their pool and are the reigning Olympic Champions. A week ago we were imagining a final like Turkey-Ned or Poland-Ned and it ended up being Turkey-Ger.Turkey went from favorite to nearly missing the Olympics to quasil alifying for it. Winning an Olympic medal can drive even underdogs to do unthinkable things...Much more when the "underdogs" are teams like Brazil,Russia or Turkey....

    what you mentioned before rio

    China ever got 2 gold,1 silver ,and 3 bronze

    Brasil 2 gold 2 bronze

    russia after 1990,3 silver

    not mentioned they have got many medals in world cup and world championshiop

    what did turkey have?please be clam

    Could they beat Serbia/Brazil? They lost to Korea convincingly in Rio, the World Cup and Asian Games, not to mention Korea always brings their best game to the Olympics. And with the Dominican Republic you never know..... they're kind of a crazy team.

    I'm not saying they have no chance, but it would depend on their matches with Korea and Dominican Republic.

    USA hasn't lost to Russia in years.


    B:China ,Italy ,USA,RUS.turkey is good ,but they are not stable like those 4 teams.

    3MBs so kubra in if she can for ohs,,i cant know if they have better choices for 3th and 4th oh.Is langping the only person coach diffenent teams in OG and all of them get medals?2 silver and 1 gold so far.turkey's problem is they dont have a better spiker who can kill points in crucial gui just try their players in different matches.

    just as i said yesterday,Boz doesnt have any power today but turkey can win.Germany is a young team ,even their coach.he didnt have any experience to play those tournaments.anyway,i am glad that turkey wins.Because our girls are not familiar with germany players.and Jenny and Zhu know this turkey team very our group matches will be easier even though we are in group B. and for those years,guys here maybe know it is difficult for a young team to enter into OG.because they dont have too much experience.that is why germany lost.and even though south and north america,asia only have one good team(brasil,usa,China},but they still can get tickets earlier than those top Eour teams.HISTORY is a good thing.maybe next OG,there will be more eour teams to go to OG.

    I'm not Thai,Korean or even Asian but I'm balling my eyes out right now😭😭😭for both teams.Thank you,volleyball, for making me an emotional mess...

    if you want to watch typical asia style volleyball,2003-2004 China is the peak.and 2009-2013 thailand and Japan are also cant always rely on your old players,just like thai and Brasil.though Japan is weak recent years,they still have same style players.but for thai and Korea,they dont have.

    I think Italy ,China and Russia have good young players of U18. China just do a special trainning for their youngesters. I think after 2020,we will see more of them.I think Serbia,Brasil,USA will suffer some hard time after 2020.I just want to make asian volleyball play well.but southeast asia is too short,and west asia and middle aisa is so poor and their women cant play sports.

    I don`t think Sheilla will make it. She`s not improving and Lorene is playing for Ze`s team. He already said Tandara is fundamental for Brazil, so she`s certainly going. He will probably take Thaisa, Fabiana and 3rd people could be anyone at this point. With Tandara,Natlia,Gabi and Thaiza, Brazil can fight for a medal, even more if Fabiana plays good.

    but we always see dramas in 2016,nobody can think the final is CHN vs SRB. nobody can believe China could beat Brasil and Serbia won USA.after a clean win in group and powerful 1st set in final,nobody can believe serbia lost .so many dramas will happen.OG always affects a lot.

    Serbia is stronger than everyone in Group B besides China as they are same level.

    Japan were points away from eliminating Italy in the WCH. Russia and USA barely beat Korea-Thailand WCH and OG QL. Brazil only team to stand a chance against China in the World Cup.

    I actually like this Group. Playing against the host is always good because the crowd is crazy and that gets you ready for the finals when the pressure is higher. Playing against and beating Brazil is always a confidence booster. Turkey will be tough. And then Terzic can rest Boskovic and Mihajlovic against the 2 weaker teams without getting the heat of "cheating". He even rested is

    I still think OG is a different event.every team played so different .Brasil still is a good team.I dont think Serbia can beat them easily .but brasil should keep a healthy team.Natalia+Gabi+tandara cant hurt anymore.please give up shella.what they should think of twice is the middle blocker...Fabiana?Taisa?Ade?Bia?also other young mbs

    just realize one thing, we will watch dead group again in tokey 2020.just like rio.

    if Korea get the asian ticket,

    Gruop A:Japan,Seibia,Brasil,Korea,dominica,kenya

    Group B:China,USA,Italy,Russia,agentina,tuekey/germany

    if thai get the ticket

    Group A:Japan,Serbia,Brasil,Dominica,Kenya,Agentina

    Group B:China,USA,Italy,Russia,Turkey/Germany,Thailand

    Group B will play difficultly in group matches, Considering the history of fake balls between Serbia and japan,they can choose their opponents in QF