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    sometimes i really cant get the point of turkish people .after getting the medal,vakif instagram post all players photos and say their name will be in the history and they are legend.but those photos dont have zhu.this is not the first time they did it rasist or they rerally hating us chinese people?real legend was 'forgotten' by them. now I really understand why they stolen zhus MVP in CL and didnt feel a little awkward. some people said we are family and get reward from you and the fact is they dont regard you as family .

    Eczaci should get Kübra now that Zehra is slowly becoming world-class and Kübra is less needed for Vakif. But at the same time realistically I don't think VB will hand someone like Kübra to EczV :roll:

    I feel Ebrar will either leave VB or become new starter of Vakif next season (likely) and Sloëtjes leaves. Esp since Olympics cycle is soon coming I can expect Guidetti to go with an almost all local team with Zehra-Kübra Ebrar-Cansu(Naz?) and Zhu (if China lets her stay) next to a local OH + Gizem. Actually if we notice VB is already slowly localizing but they are not losing their strength, this is good for TUR NT

    when ECZ send one local OS to Calatasary and keep Meliha sitting on the bench, it means vakif wont give kubra to ECZ. Ecz did a wrong thing this season.

    for Zhu's reception,I think she has improved a lot. better than most OS.Because she is good at spiking ,most people ignore her reception. we should compare her with other os, so we can know the results.

    This doesn't make any sense at all. Teaching how to attack or block is trainer's job not Zhu's. I can imagine federation wants Zhu's to join to NT trainings early since Chinese league doesn't last as long as Turkish one. All other reasons you guys claim are pointless.thats wrn

    i dont think so.good players like zhu have many good experiences and know how to solve problems when young players face issues. thats why many players want to play matches with good players.they can train,play together.

    As we all know ,zhu has the highest pay now. zhu still stay in vakif because vakif refuse CVA's request and raise zhu's salary.Zhu's agent wants a higher salary for her but vakif didnt accept it until zhu maybe will be a assistant coach in vakif .add a job ,so they can add money.anyway,this season zhu still improves her salary.we all know vakifbank has so many young players and they are not stable and dont show much talent Zhu will help in this part.we all know now Chinese NT has many young players now.they have same problems.CVA wants zhu to come back to China to help improve young players.we know Zhu is a good attcker and blocker.these things are important for a good team.she has improve a lot in receive and deffence now. so much experience she can share to young players.after 2 years in vakifbank,zhu got all MVPs and victories in Clubs. this season we can see she is so relaxed even vakifbank in a danger situation.we can see something from vakif vs fener.and this atitude will help her a lot.we can enjoy more good matches this season.

    for me ,I dont think E team is too hard for vakif.Kim is not in her good age.we can see her performance in Korea NT.Larson is good but difficult to spike bad balls.Boskovis is good at spiking ,but zhu+Rasic can block her.the problems are:\

    1 Cansu is too terrible at setting balls.she should be calm and improve her skills and connections with main palyers.

    2.Tugba 's defense and reception are not enough for good teams. she should improve and pay more attention

    3.please all young players know how to reduce errors.erbar and Tugba

    4.we need wait until zhu and slotjets recover from tired body and little injury. Healthy Zhu is too important for vakif.also,Robinson should get something back during those matches.especially spike

    5.tow local middle blokers should be patient and reduce errors and improve blocking.I still remember how many balls when larson spike was blocked by Yan Ni in Wch.they should learn something

    6.all players should improve connections .it is Gui that must think.hope next month ,a better vakif will show up. world club cup is coming