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    Paulina Damaske replaced Olivia Rożański for the upcoming week of VNL. Olivia didn’t look very fresh during the friendly games against Netherlands, maybe she has some kind of injury?

    I saw somewhere in the comments that Zaroślinska will retire after this season, but she denied it on her instagram and will continue her career. It's a good news, she had really solid second part of the season when she finally was healthy.

    MB Nikola Abramajtys for one more season in BKS.

    The new setters of Pałac Bydgoszcz will be: Marta Łyczakowska and Kseniya Kuryerova. If I am not wrong, she will be the first Kazakh player in our league.

    The first camp in Spała began, these girls were on the pictures:

    S: Bińczycka, Janicka

    OPP: Smarzek, Gałkowska

    OH: Piasecka, Różański

    MB: Witkowska, Alagierska, Gryka

    L: Stenzel

    Kowalewska is overplaying Wenerska in the final

    It may be a little bit controversial, but I still think that Marlena is one of the best setters in the world and if not the injuries, she would be able to show it in the NT and some top clubs from Italy or Turkey could hire her.

    I would like to believe that she could be a part of NT during OG, because she is obviously better that Wenerska this season, but I am afraid it would be too risky for Lavarini to make such decisions.

    I hope it's not going to happen this year. She's really talented player but she's not even 17 years old. It would be better for her to stay at least one more year in 1. liga and play regularly.

    It won’t be Ornoch. She is going to play in USA after Szczyrk. Opole will hire players from Wieżyca.

    Opposite Julia Kavalenka from serie A2 to Uni Opole - maybe someone can confirm, if not take it as rumor

    I’ve heard about OH from Italian league (probably Serie A2) and OPP from Brazil. They will also hire some junior OH and MB who were a part of Polish NT team.

    Rasińska on this list looks so random, definitely either Gierszewska or Szczurowska would be a better choice.

    On the other hand, literally all of the MBs could be a good choice when it comes to OG’s roster and there is even no Wasilewska or Fedorek 🤯 We are so lucky bearing in mind that a few years ago we had to choose between Sikorska, Hawryła or Polańska.

    OH Amanda Coneo will leave Rzeszów and play in Japan.
    OH Regiane Bidias will leave BKS, Venezuelan - Roslandy Acosta will replace her. Also Julita Piasecka will play there, so Szlagowska won’t join them after all (they will have Ciesielczyk-Piasecka-Borowczak-Acosta)

    Slovakian OPP Karin Sunderlikova will probably replace Gierszewska in Mielec.

    Semi final

    Chemik Police - Budowlani Łódź 3:0 (25:17, 25:18, 25:18)

    MVP: Martyna Łukasik

    Sahin 14, Varga 12, Łukasik 11 /// May 16, Mitrović 11, Bjelica 10

    Serie: 1-0

    BKS Bielsko-Biała - Rysice Rzeszów 2:3 (19:25, 25:19, 25:18, 22:25, 8:15)

    MVP: Ann Kalandadze

    Laak 25, Damaske 19, Borowczak 16 /// Coneo 22, Kalandadze 21, Orvosova 13

    Serie: 0-1


    ŁKS Łódź - Budowlani Łódź 0:3 (15:25, 20:25, 20:25)

    MVP: Ana Bjelica

    Serie: 1-2 :what: ŁKS without medal this year and they won’t participate in Champions League next season as well.

    Campos 14, Hryszczuk 12, Gryka 7 /// May 17, Bjelica 15, Blagojević 14