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    They were practising with Dajana playing as OH and Rasińska as opposite :D

    I believe that Mogilno and Piła would like to win this all. Sokół's management is working to sign new sponsorships deals and they want to hire some additional players this year.

    They should practise with Drużkowska as MB, I don't remember when Efimienko or Cygan played the whole season without any health problems so it should be helpful :lol:

    I think it's time to bet on the upcoming season :woohoo:


    For sure there will be Chemik, Rzeszów and ŁKS. I think Chemik has the biggest chances to win the championship beacuse its roster is very deep and they can rotate players frequently. Nobody will be tired and overused. Grajber as a libero is a question mark but I think she will deliver anyway. ŁKS may have problems without Górecka, their reception line will be messy (a great opportunity for Piasecka to prove her worth) and it may be hard even for Roberta to make something extra. I'm also not convinced by Amanda, I think it may be a flop transfer. Of course they have Diouf, who probably once again will be the best OPP in the league, amazing middles, but this time it may be not enough. Rzeszów without Blagojević will be a totally different team, I'm not sure if Coneo will be able to replece her. Another issue - Orvosova, she has so many ups and downs during the season, and Kowalska is not a good substitution. I hope Makarowska and Szlagowska will play at least a few games and Centka will continue her improvement.


    Budowlani and Radomka will fight for the semis. Budowlani's game will depend on Łazowska/Polak and Bjelica's form. I hope May can help Mitrović in the reception, Andrea is great in attack but has so many problems with receiving. I'm so curious how Bjelica will cope. She may be the biggest star but also a huge dissapointment. Łysiak as an only libero is a risky idea, she is very injury prone. Radomka finally has a decent roster, Gałkowska is more than enough for our league, hiring Scholzel was a brilliant idea, Howe played great during VNL and I really like this move, especially since she is a player who is constantly developing, and not ,,a forgotten star'' like they used to hire. On the other hand Łyczakowska as first setter is a bold move, but she played quite stable in Tarnów with much worse roster around her. I think Bielsko won't make so many surprises like they did during last season. I'm really looking forward to watch Laak's performances and Pacak is a quite a solid replacement for Pierzchała, Bidias will be an added value too. I wonder if Nowicka will be able to repeat such a stable season. Kalisz will be a mess, probably they will have many troubles during the season with the injuries (all of their 3 MBs are really injury prone). They should invest in a better OH or MB instead of two really solid OPPs. But maybe Rasińska will become OH once again? About Opole, I'm so curious about Zaroślińska's form, it will be probably her last season, setters duo is very promising, middles are great and I think that Ana Karina may be a great deal, especially in attack. A second OH will be a problem (big problem) though.


    Wrocław, Tarnów, Mielec and Bydgoszcz will fight to stay in the league, but their rosters are just a joke. Wrocław will survive only because of Szczurowska, but I feel sorry for her because there is nobody else who can score during the games. She will be so tired, but maybe her performances will result in a good transfer for the next season. Tarnów at least has quite a deep roster, but I hope Dzaković won't hurt anyone :lol: I'm afraid that their financial problems will affect them again and they won't finish the season, but of course I wish them well. Mielec has a pretty solid team for a debut season, especially Lymareva is a great move, with better OPP they could be more dangerous, although Gierszewska is an interesting player, maybe she will surprise us. I don't know what can I say about Bydgoszcz's roster with 2 MBs... Because of the experienced players in their team they will probably survive once again... I'll keep my fingers crossed for Lipska to get back on track. If I had to bet, I would say Tarnów will be out.

    In the second division Piła, Białystok, Mogilno and Sosnowiec have quite solid rosters and I hope one of these teams will advance to TauronLiga. Probably Białystok is ready to fight hard for this, if they are arleady hiring an italian setter.

    It’s amazing how this team under Lavarini has changed. They finally are able to win the endings. A few years ago we could lead even 7-8 but lost in the most crucial moments. I am so proud 🥹🥹🥹

    I understand that some of us can be mad at Polsat, but let's be realistic - the level of the lower part of the table is just very weak and these matches are boring and hard to watch even for the fans. Will it be helpful to promote women's volleyball? I don't think so. Let's look at the rosters of Mielec, Tarnów, Wrocław or Bydgoszcz - their matches will be at junior level.

    The only thing I can't stand is the selection of matches to broadcast - of course every team deserves to show its games, but how they can skip the matches of medal contenders and show us the game against to the weakest teams? And of course PolsatBox needs to work better or became free. Btw, their decision to show 2nd division games is a surpring but promising step.

    Don't think Dijkema is the one to blame. Baijens not blocking on Gray on 13-13 and hitting in the net at 13-14 is the reason we lost...

    Celeste at the end of the 5th set also didn't finish many rallies when she was getting quite comfortable sets. So I don't think it is only one player to blame, the whole team just melted :(

    It is a pity that Chemik built such a strong team only now, and not when they were playing in the CL. I think they will easily win our league and can be a serious candidate to win the CEV Cup (if one of Varga-Honorio delivers 😝)

    By the way, it looks like both Kalisz and Wrocław will have only 3 OHs. 3 MBs became something usual, but only 3 OHs in the roster is a big risk. I hope it won’t become a new trend.

    OH/OPP Majka Szczepańska-Pogoda (Bielsko) has to undergo surgery and won't be ready to play for about 3 months :(

    I'm really worried when I am thinking about injuries in the upcoming season. Bielsko has deep roster so there is no problem, but there are a few teams which will have only 12 players. I guess we have to get used to 7-8-person match lineups :lol:

    Also Natalia Gajewska due to the personal reasons left Wiesbaden in the german league, so maybe she will be back to Poland? Milica Bozic will replace her in Wiesbaden, so the rumors abut her joining Chemik Police were just rumors.

    If you were to choose unobvious players, who made a good impression or surprised you during the group stage, who would you choose?

    My choices:
    S: Bozić (BIH), Lazaro (Spain)

    OPP: Sunderlikova (Slovakia), Marinova (Bulgaria)

    MB: Dorsman (Ukraine), Paradzik (BiH), Pekarik (Hungary), Jehlarova (Czechia)

    OH: Lorber Fijok (Slovenia), Ungureanu (Romania), Ruban (Azerbaijan)

    L: Llabres (Spain), Laaksonen (Finland), Toth (Hungary)

    Btw, Svitlana Dorsman should be in a much better club, she is playing another great tournament. Maybe she is not a blocking machine but her attacks are very effective and spectacular.

    3 polish players will join Famagusta on Cyprus - Piotr Matela will be a coach there.

    I've heard that Chemik Police wants to sign with Milana Bozic, I guess in the end Carli Lloyd won't play there and now they are looking for somebody on a decent level (I hope better than Oveckova :lol:)