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    A very meaningful win by the Chinese team over the Turkish one. And what a sweet repay(!) by CHN over all the kindness received from TUR throughout the VNL from prelim to the F6, not to mention the minor one in the Swiss Classic. The ZhuYuanZhang team backs into the action. From TUR team the youngster Karakurt is the most notable, moreover she's still so young. Nonetheless both teams will proceed to the next round, this is simply a match of confidence, a match of prestige. No more and no less.

    Every game matters. In the second round, the teams in the same pool will not play against each other again. So, the result in the 1st round will be carried over to the 2nd round. When a team loses two games in the 1st round, the chance for them to go to final six is very slim.

    The schedule would have helped Netherlands as well if only if Netherlands could make the final 4.
    The schedule did help Turkey, nonetheless, Turkey did play very well to beat Brazil. :wall:

    100% agree.... Just like last year Brazil played 2 games ...took a day off...and won the semis and final.... While Serbia and China had to play 3 games in a row....Fivb should consider 8 teams in the final and everyone has the same schedule by playing in the same days.

    The idea behind the schedule is to be fair for 4 top teams, Serbia, China, USA and Brazil. These four teams had to play consecutively from last day of final round to the final. Fivb didn't expect Turkey or Netherlands would be the final four. :wall:

    I think China has a better chance of defeating Turkey than USA. Turkey has always had problems with Asian-type volleyball like Korea and China but finds it somewhat easier to play against European and American countries.

    So if China wins against USA, then it would be interesting to see a China vs Turkey finals! :)

    The chance for china in the final is very slim. USA is a much better team now.

    I think USA have some issues with coach, after Marrison's arrival to Netherlands, USA NT have tactic issues. I don't think Alisha was better than Lloyd. USA NT have problem with their OPP but issue can be solved if they find a new coach. Karch himself made team worse :whistle:

    don't know whether it is fake news or not. Glass was asked to return after the 1st week of the tournament. She is now practising in Anaheim

    It is not the best roster of italy. I agree usa has serious issues when everybody else gets faster and has good serving! Moreover, USA has no strong opposite or OH can kill ball out-of-system~~~ :cheesy:

    China and Serbia will compete for the champion this whole year. :teach:

    With a good setter like Glass, USA could be a much better team. Hill, Larson and Robinson heavily rely on a good setter. You can see how well Hill played with Wolosz in CL.
    If Alisha Glass returns next year, USA will still be a very competitive team.

    It must be painful for Robinson when the team of your club coach targets you on serve. And even more failing in to do good and being sent off court. Don‘t wanna know how she must feel and think.

    She was kept on court to replace the Libero at the end of the match to take receptions. On defensive, she did quite ok but she was a bit rusty on offensive. Hope she will come back later.
    Overall speaking, OH's of US did not do well , Hill 15/49, Larson 7/24, Robinson 4/12. Good job done by Turkey' on defence may be one of the reasons.

    Guidetti will need a really good backup for Cansu with Vakifbank... She can`t read the other team ..she just set the ball without knowing what`s going on the net....a lot of her sets are slow and the block is right there waiting for the hitter.... of course Zhu and Slotjes can handle that...but that would be a nightmare season if she does improve. .

    Naz is a much better setter.

    Too bad Thailand couldn't take it to 5, they wasted a few chances in the end.

    I know it's way too early to tell, but from the first impressions it looks like Japan has dropped to being only #4 in Asia. Korea and Thailand look a lot better than Japan right now.

    Korea is falling. They played very bad in games against Belgium and Dom. Japan for sure is still better than Korea.