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    Italy or China will fight for Gold and Italy is gone win it with crazy performance by Egonu in tie break :lol:

    China and Italy have 50% chance to meet in the semi-final. According to the regulation, winner of A2/B3(B2) will play against winner of A4/B1. Italy and China are very likely to be top 3 teams in Group B. It is a bit unfair. For Pool A, A1 will not play against A2 again before the final.

    Sometimes people pretend like that Eczacı had right environment but Boskovic failed . I'm sure nobody could have done much better than Boskovic. But this is not the time for this discussion now, let's focus on the match.

    What Boskovic need is a good setter. I am sure she will come back as long as there is a good setter.

    You need to realise that this is not the same Egonu like in 2018. And in this year She was already great.

    She improved so much in the last two season under Santarelli wings. If you had watched her in Imoco you would know.

    I have watched some imoco games this season. No doubt, Egonu is a monster. However, she has not yet been under real pressure in this season.

    CEV finals is decided by one game only and it is a different story. Whether she has improved mentally, time will tell.

    Vakifbank needs to win this match in 3:1, because I don’t believe they can beat Conegliano in tie break. Simple Egonu...
    Yes you can stop her here and there but in crucial moments I don’t think so.

    Like Realista said Conegliano is used to, to fight and to be on pressure. Last two matches were great against Novara and I’m so happy this matches happend.

    Vakifbank haven’t played official match for 3weeks. This is huge blow for them and We don’t need to talk about last match against Fener was low quality.

    I think otherwise. Egonu is not so strong mentally and she always make mistakes in the clutch. Can you remember consecutive mistakes she made in several tie breaks against China NT? No one stops her but herself. If there is a tie break, Vakifbank has a better chance to win, no only because Egonu is not mentally strong enough , she will be also exhausted after 70 or more attacks in 4 sets.

    If gabi were that good she will take the spot of bartsch

    She is good but struggles sometimes in attack even if she do a good job in other areas

    You don't understand what I am talking about. With Cansu on court, Vakifbank could play with Bartsch, Gabi and Haak altogether. And, Vakifbank is better offensively with this combination.

    I am not saying Gabi is better than Bartsch or vice versa.

    yes, have the same feelings.

    Vakifbank did not play well in the begining of this season. However, they keep improving under Guidetti's coaching, especially Haak, she is now a different player.

    On the other hand, ECZ is going downwards. No chemistry at all.

    What a pity of ECZ! Motta has to go.

    As far as I can remember, Zhu Ting did have her last name on the jersy when she was with Vakifbank. Haak is not the first one, and for sure she will not be the last one.

    Morrison has been dismissed. He should have been fired a long time ago.

    However, it is quite difficult to find a good replacement in such a short time and it also takes time for the team to adjust to a new system.

    The replay cannot show everything due to the angle. Physically, it's impossible that Zhu touched with that ball last, because it's one motion with Zhu pushing forward and the ball moved back ward to China's side.

    BTW, that Bartsch net touch in the first set was right caught by the camera. No replay, no shouting and finger pointing from China's side either.

    Not to mention Bartsch got away with the net touch in the 3rd set when it was 6-6. During the challenge, the referees only focused on whether Washington had a net touch but ignored Bartsch's net fault at the far end.