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    Louisa Lippmann play in Beach Tour ?
    She will come back in indoor ?

    i think it's just temporal, she's probably just giving it a go and exploring new possibilities otherwise she wouldn't have participated in the NT training session terminated a couple of weeks ago.

    it would be a stark surprise if we dont get to see her in the indoor domain during the new Olympic circle, both on the professional level as well as the NT level.

    According to the newspaper article Luisa Keller might leave despite having a contract until 2021. I could imagine Koslowski wants her as backup OPP in Schwerin after the Payne disaster...

    a little bit confused about the expression backup OPP here

    Is she gonna be the substitute for Payne who might eventually fail to get incorporated in the roster?

    O the there's gonna be another OPP other than our "renowned" Payne and Keller is likely to be the backup OPP?

    Nawaro signs Jana Schweigmann from Allianz MTV Stuttgart II

    Nice transfer! Good to see more and more promising youngsters making their leap into the first division.

    Looking forward to the formation of Straubing and surely gonna keep a close eye on how it's working out. Hopefully Gryka would develop a nice connection with her attackers.:rose:

    FIVB will decide about Kelsie Payne's transfer because apparently she has valid contracts with both Schwerin and the Korean club:…nd-in-korea-unter-vertrag

    I mean, shouldn't she get banned or penalised or at least sth for her hyper-unprofessionalism?

    AFAIK at first she accepted the contract from part of Schwerin and made a statement about how excited she was to be part of the German top team (tracing back to the official source in an article published on the club web)

    And then all of a sudden she just made another appearance a few weeks (or days) later on the Korean video conference expressing basically the same about launching in the Korean league.

    She and her agent have to learn a lesson from this. The professional market does NOT work this way.

    Would be good transfer, but IMO they better spend the money on a good (offensive) outside hitter who can play next to Geerties.

    Hope they would invest in Cyris, otherwise I don't see any point for her staying on the bench for the most time of the season.

    Or maybe loaning her to somewhere like Straubing would be a nice option where she gets lots of playtime.

    New modus will be introduced in DVV POKAL for the season to come in response to the Coivd-19 situation.

    The participation of teams below the 1st division will be suspended for one season.

    Besides, instead of drawing lots for the matches after each round, matches will be played in a cup tree. The current cup winner and three other teams are seeded for the quarter-finals. The remaining teams determine the four other quarter-finalists. In a one-time draw before the start of the season, the first round matches and the home right for all further rounds are determined.

    But what remains the same is that the final will still be held in SAP Arena, on February 28, 2021.

    mhmm dont see this like that ... since Scholzel is back she absolutly no chance to step ahead to Weitzel or Scholzel.... also with Strubbe another much more physical player is coming ...

    But she's really a nice sub...

    Sure Weitzel is more inclined to convert into the next big one but it's the experience and blocking techniques in which there is a lot of room for her to improve

    I'd like to take the match against Poland in the EURO Championship as a vivid example

    She did contribute a lot especially in blocking after coming into field but yeah anyway i'll have to concede you the point that the promising youngsters might be presented with more opportunities to develop themselves in the wake of this

    I think Bongaerts is ready for the next step in her career, but with the current situation she probably will have less offers. This makes me think that the chance is relatively high she will stay in Schwerin, because she will be the starting setter and play champions league(?)

    If Bongaerts leaves Schwerin, I would like to see Seliger-Swenson as their setter. She is able to play a fast game and that fits the style of Schwerin!

    IMO Schwerin might try to get Kemmsies back

    but less likely to establish her as the starting setter at the very beginning of the season (at least i don't think she's ready for that although i cant really say she's doing a bad job in Swiss league)

    EDIT: Also an important factor whether Schwerin will be given the CL spot and be financially able to afford the participation.

    I was sort of wondering if Lippmann will stay in Schwerin especially if they are allotted a spot in CL next season.

    She didn't intend to stay in Bundesliga and had confirmed before in an interview on television(if I recall correctly) that she would again play abroad before the transfer market was heating up.

    But given by the circumstances, more specifically the pandemic stuff, I wouldn't be astounded if she once changed her mind.

    The same goes for Geerties.