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    Barber and Wilczek got eliminated at the last minute.

    So Vanjak eventually did catch up with the ECH which is actually a bit surprising...( I thought she hasn’t restored to the best version of herself and would have to focus on the upcoming professional season or something:what:)

    And I am not a big fan of the idea of cutting out Barber instead of Stigrot. It’s true that she hasn’t done a decent job in reception recently but IMO her attacking capacity is more needy at the moment. Overall Stigrot didn’t have a more convincing performance in attacking during the 2 friendly matches even the whole summer anyway.

    German 15-roster for ECH-preparation

    OPP:Lippmann, Drewniok

    S: Hanke, Kästner

    OH:Geerties, Poll, Stigrot, Alsmeier, Barber

    MB: Schölzel, Gründing, Weitzel, Wilczek

    L: Pogany, L.Bock

    One member will be eventually cut out after the friendly-matches with Poland which takes place on 15. and16. August.

    Apparently Orthmann who is currently suffering an injury in leg didn't make it to the final preparation anyway. Neither did Ivana Vanjak who hasn't yet recovered to the level of ECH.

    Chances are that Natalie Wilczek would join the roster for the Olympics Qualification as 4th MB despite the original one published by DVV cuz COINCIDENTALLY she also arrived in Frankfurt Airport last night.

    I’d love to see her in place of Schwertmann since her serves in VNL were somehow impressive and she might play a bigger role than Leonie probably in the not too distant future.

    Anyway we will see in a few days8o

    According to the update of Orthmann's social media, she's in Monza,Italy. Apparently she won't be in the german roster of the tournament.

    Utterly confusing agian...:white:What's going on with the german NT???

    Pregnant was my first thought, too! But as you said Matthias, it can't be the reason, when you read the full article.

    I do wonder the actual reason behind all this since the statement given in the article wasn’t that convincing at all. :white:

    She’ve mentioned in an earlier interview that she was eager to play OG and we can see that she was absolutely serious when saying these words. But within such a short period everything suddenly turned upside down. Shortly comes the IOQT and there will only be three matches. Still she decided to quit immediately, which means no farewell matches and she was even not willing to give one last shot for her OG dreams. I believe three more matches do no harm considering her declaration stating that she would like to continue her professional career and maintain an excellent level in club games.

    There’s definitely something bigger behind her retirement from NT, something more than physical concerns.

    Just saw the article published on DVV anouncing the end of Durr's career in NT.

    Way too surprising and abrupt for the Fans ,it was so weird,there's no signs before...

    A HUGE loss for the german NT apparently, I don't think neither Pogany nor Lohmann is ready for the regular libero spot...

    so the german teams are financially able to play in the CL in the upcoming season?