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    If it was wrong , pro-Guidetti press in Turkey would already shared the salary. I don't think Haak is taking 1 million euros alone but I believe Vakifbank is paying both her and her agent a total of 1 million euros. Considering Guidetti's very close relationship with her agency, this transfer raises many question marks.

    Speculate whatever you want.

    I know nothing and don't care about it.

    I simply want to point out that you included a link proving the opposite of your claim.

    When did any turkish club confirm the salary of a player? What did Vakifbank say about the salary? When did they deny the rumors? Am I missing something? Neither the player nor the player denied the salary rumors.

    Both Italian ,Swedish and international press (worldofvolley) are reporting 1 million euros per year.…ast-betalda-idrottskvinna

    What are you talking about?

    You have the link. Read those words.

    Haak says "Det är överdrivet" Google translate tells me it means "It's exaggerated."

    What denial do you need? Her payment slip?

    C’mon! He was consistent from the beginning till the end of this WC.

    He definitely deserved the MVP :wavy::wavy:

    Well, you can have your opinion, and I can have mine.

    In the 5th set against Poland, which is really the time that Brazil got challenged, Alan wasn't the star. In fact, the big save from Poland was hit outbound by him.

    And again, most of the out-of-system balls of Brazil was handled by the OHs.

    This is not denying Alan is a very good young player, and very well-rounded indeed. But MVP would be overrated to me.

    Alan got the MVP because the best opposite was made to Nishida.

    He did well, but didn't live up to the MVP standard to me.

    Most of the difficult balls of Brazil went to the outside, and too many errors of him at clutch time.

    Congrats Brazil!

    They didn't play as well as against USA, but good enough to collect another solid win!

    Dream team to me:

    Leon Leal


    Lucas Holt



    MVP: Bruno

    Honorable mention: Russel Alan Sanchez

    Aaaaaand cutest: Luke Perry:love:

    Congrats to Chinese girls!!

    Zhu, and even Zhang, used quick RIPs much more in this tournament than before. I believe that this highly effective offense tactic is a weapon that China saved for this tournament. Zhu's Back-row attach becomes even faster. Yuan's slide also got improved a lot. What would happen next year? Will there be new tactics? Looking forward! Hope Li Yingying can get better in 2020, a little bit disappointed by her in the last few matches...

    Surprisingly good to me was Korea. I also liked Lazovic from Serbia a lot.

    Quite disappointed by Brazil and Japan. Their technique levels seem to have dropped....

    True, but to be fair, China had no reason to be frustrated, unlike USA. I mean, give Karch a break, his team was being murdered there :D

    In fact, there is a rule of FIVB explaining such situations: When two opponents touch the ball simultaneously over the net and
    the ball remains in play, the team receiving the ball is entitled to another
    three hits. If such a ball goes “out”, it is the fault of the team on the
    opposite side.

    This logic behind this rule is what I explained. There is no way that a player, in this case Zhu, touches the ball last and it goes out on this player's side.

    Apparently, Kiraly forgot this rule, and was wrong to argue.

    The ref's call was 100% right.

    It is possible. From the slow motion replay you can see the ball was blocked by Lowe and the ball was kept in between both players' hand for a short period of time. It is hard to tell who touched the ball last. To replay this point could be a better solution.

    The replay cannot show everything due to the angle. Physically, it's impossible that Zhu touched with that ball last, because it's one motion with Zhu pushing forward and the ball moved back ward to China's side.

    BTW, that Bartsch net touch in the first set was right caught by the camera. No replay, no shouting and finger pointing from China's side either.

    "The hitter touched it last" Meaning that the ball stayed in contact with Zhu longer than with the block.
    These situations happen sometimes and it's hard to make a call. IMO Karch was right.

    I don't agree with you. We can analyze this logically. Zhu was pushing hard with that ball on Lowe's hand, with forward momentum. If zhu touched last, that ball would go to the freezone of USA side. however, that ball was going outbound on China's side of the net, which means physically it's impossible that Zhu touched that ball last. To me, that was just USA's coach being whiny and lost his cool.

    Yeah she hit the last ball crosscourt at a sharp angle. It's impossible for the ball to pass back outside the antenna (without hitting the bench or the stands)

    shame on ref

    It has nothing to do IMPOSIBBLE to pass back or not of the next move.

    That ball travelled right inside attennas, miles away from traveling outside, so Russia player has no right to play that ball!!!

    I agree that the ref is pretty bad. Zhu might not be able to express herself fully in English, but the ref should think twice when Zhu explained it to her.

    Because that ball is not even clost to antenna at all, as the picture I showed in

    <a href="">FIVB World Cup 2019 - Sept. 14 to 29, Japan</a>

    Zhu tried to block Romanova's way from saving that ball.. the ref was right to give the point to Russia

    I love it when the interference violation rule is enforced. Zhu Ting is a goddess but she's dead wrong with the complaining.


    The ref was wrong, as well as many posts!

    If a ball goes to the freezone of component through the net within two antennas, that ball is already out.

    So in that case, the russian player has no right to play that ball after it's in the freezone of chinese side.

    See the figure below from FIVB rule documents:

    Also: here is explanation of that rule:

    10.1.2 The ball that has crossed the net plane to the opponent's free zone
    totally or partly through the external space, may be played back within
    the team hits, provided that: the opponent's court is not touched by the player;