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    Ok, I see that Gui was talking with Cansu and she run in front of Ebrar, but it's not explanation for such passive attitude by Ebrar. It was clearly her area and she should be aware that Cansu is next to her and looking what's going on with the ball. Also I don't want to blame Ebrar because she is so young... it just happened.

    It's painful because it was crucial moment, I understand, but you have really great coach who built this team. I can be jealous of your NT and I would like to change with you, give us Guidetti and such result.

    That has nothing to do with Guidetti talking with Ozbay, and this is not the first time that Erbar reacts late to easy balls anyway.

    I remember clearly in one of the finals of Vakifbank-Eczacibasi this year, one ball got a good touch by front row player, and Erbar was standing and waiting for Robinson to do the pass, which was too far from Robinson and should be done by Erbar.

    Dudes, I live in Asia, an Asian, I don't feel offended by such gesture. I also have fun if some one teases about the slanted eyes (that I am to some extent). So what? Being rounded eyes, slanted eyes, etc ... What's the big deal? :-) Racially, genetically they are Different. Even culturally. Those are FACTS! Yeah, perhaps because I am not fond of the "PC" charge mobilized in the some parts of the world in the last few years.

    Ofc you don't feel offended, because you are the majority as "an Asian living in Asia".

    But an Asian living somewhere else as a minority will feel different.

    What matters most is that such behavior has BAD implications that can lead to discrimination against the minorities. Historically and even currently, the discrimination is everywhere. That's the big deal.

    Any evidence? Shame on those who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about but make serious allegations.

    Natalia will live with injuries until her retirement, she is not well, the entire club season she had special treatments

    That is just very sad to me. I thought she had a pretty good club season this year. I didn't follow the league though...

    Miss the days when she used to be so lively and smart in attaching... Wish she can get better.

    I said that Giudetti responded a tweet written by fan. When i wrote "he said" I meant that this fan wrote it, not Guidetti.

    Read the post yourself.

    The first "he", which could be a "she" by the equal chance a, refers to the fan. The second "he" suddenly refers to Guidetti. Not clear to me at all.

    Guidetti responded a tweet written by some Vakif supporter. He said that strong vakif is gone and there isnt determination in the players eyes, like they dont care about the result. So he must be very upset at his players.

    This surprised me. I doubt any coach would do this, so I verified it.

    What you said is simply not true. Or maybe you don't know how twitter works.

    Guidetti retwitted someone else's . Someone else, he or she, said that

    "So sad My strong vakif team is gone, I don’t see the determination in the team to win.We played so bad in this match especially we gave up in third set looks like that the team doesn’t care about winning or losing. Too disappointed."

    Guidetti replied

    "Too all our great fans and supporters tonight only one word: SORRY!Novara is really strong and they played amazing!but tonight in VakifSarayi we couldn’t show our spirit and our volleyball and I apologize for that!But is not finished and we have one week to change everything!!!"

    Anyway, wish there will be a good match tomorrow waiting for all of us. Still rooting for Vakifbank!

    It's just unforgivable that Eczaci wasted 5 match points in a row.

    They did nothing in that timeout to change the tactics. Way too confident.

    I think in that rotation they should change: the middle run for one instead of slide, and the setter gives the ball to the right backrow boskovic. Her pipe attack is not as strong as that.

    Serbia makes a great breakthrough, especially Ognjenovic and Boskovic. How beautiful Ognjenovic looks today.

    Italy can get even better each year. Egonu and Sylla cried.... They will only get more stronger from now on...

    Most importantly, yesterday's loss and today's win make me love this China team more deeply! That's the magic of happiness + pain...

    I'm sure that the 5th place match would be very interesting to the Japanese audience and fans.

    I am also sure that it would be a fun game in terms of its contents for some neutral volleyball fans.

    However, that match would be nearly a mental torture for the other team, especially as the reigning champion. USA women's team hasn't gathered too much happy memory in Japan, since 2010.

    I wouldn't watch it.

    There is really no incentive to try hard to win this match from the CHN team's standing point since both SRB and ITA are equally of the same quality... just no incentive... perhaps just the vanity of team's prestige and statistical record... but really no meat all bones only :lol: a match of no practical values!

    Not sure about the NED team's POV.

    It's the mentality to respect every opponent and not afraid of any upcoming challenge. Nothing to do with "vanity".

    Stamina was the problem yes, but who should've come in her place? Hill came for MBH.. Larson was USA's best player this WCH, she did everything, even scoring.. but I agree today she wore out as the match progressed

    Agree that she's the best of the squad. I meant giving up the 4th because of the large gap and sub her with whomever the 4th OH is. Just like what ITA men's team did in Rio semi. Just a thought.......