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    2)Korea: KYK's performance keeps getting worse and worse.

    Even though I am fan of Kim but I don't think her performance is getting that bad. Rather, I expect she'll focus more on her recovery and get better shape. She always suffered from injuries because she played the national team full time. and If you watched her games she did better for Korea NT last year than in 2017 and 2018. But I admit played at Eczacibasi was the worst part of her club career.

    Kim definitely come across as at least bi, which is totally fine. Her and Nootsara will make a very cute couple. It seems that there are a lot of gay players in Thailand and Brazil NT.

    I wonder why people think she's gay. She has always been that close with her best friends(Fabiana, Mari, Nootsara,Natalia,Yang...). And I know her ex boyfriend and She has been saying that Korean actor Jo Insung is the ideal type since she was a high school student.

    I dont think it is serious injury. She played the whole last match against Argentina. It is strange, because she skipped the match against Russia, where she was more "needed" than against the southamericans.

    Maybe Lavarini wants to see how Korea responds without Kim against some specific teams.

    Kim is resting because her waist and shoulder were in bad shape. The goal of Korea is to maintain their ranking so they will not overuse her.

    one thing i want to say.Chinese clubs are not stupid now.they cant offer more money than TL or Italy league. because China league is short and the transportation is more convenient than in most foreign players can play volleball and also have lots of time to cure their old injuries. here is the price of Tandara 0.5 million dollors. so slotjes can get maybe 0.7-0.8 million if she can keep her best. and kim is 0.8 we can guess her price if it is really some chinese clubs want to sign her

    Kim had received a similar salary as Fenerbahce when she played in China, her agency announced.

    Eczacibasi's failure is not because just Kim is past her prime. Their Setter and MB is too weak. In the last match, Kim was also really bad in the first and second set but the rest sets did good and she is the best scorer, receiver, server in Eczacibasi side. Both ezgi and gamze are too shaky so not suitable for big team. Both Gibbemeyer and Busra do nothing when they meet a strong team. Motta should have changed the lotation of Larson and Kim or sub in Meliha. When Kim and Boskovic were at the backrow at the same time, they could't make it and Larson and Gibbemeyer couldn't score any single point in the Golden Set. And the fourth set of Kimberly Hill's attack was clearly blocked on the court:down:

    Today I loved Zhu Ting: she is taking more and more responsabilities with her passing and that is improving her skills. She is improving a lot her reception. :win:

    I do not think so... She was out of the receiving line at the front row as usulally and she was angry at Yang fang xu for not covering her reception in last set 23-17.

    I think kyk is already past her prime. Larson is obviously stronger than her now according to kyk's performance recent years. Anyway kyk is better than meliha but much more expensive. I think ecz vitra builds the most expensive and strongest team on paper again.

    I still think ecz vitra will fail again! The key to success for ecz vitra still relys on boscovic. Italian teams will make much more trouble to turkey teams next season! :teach:

    Then you must have watched only one match. Obviously Kim is better than Larson.

    Ugh :aww: you devalue Kim and praise Zhu again. Don't you remember Zhu ting's VB was beaten by FB 3-0 twice? Also, 2015-16 season Kim awarded super kupa cup MVP, Best Outside spiker at TL and CL so stop unnecessary comparing.