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    they wanted to steal Anne and now Sorokaite

    .. This is a low blow. They r showing signs of desperation. Are they scared with the new format where they can't force the Turkish teams to face each other in the semis?...maybe even more scared if they face one of the Turkish in the quarterfinals?...

    Well... Money won't put them in the finals this time for sure.

    MILENA RASIC: THE SILENT WARRIOR…e-silent-warrior?id=80405

    "One person who Rasic is hoping to be with on the court with at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games is setter Maja Ognjenovic.

    “She’s the best setter on the planet and our team’s perfect brain. When everyone is expecting a ball on Tijana, Maja pushes it to Brankica [Mihajlovic] to hit against a single block. A great setter is someone who does something completely different from what the opponents think they will do. All players are different and the setter needs to know what kind of set fits each hitter and Maja knows us that well.”

    So this round of the Cup is not shown on TV at all? Boo!

    It is very simple. Volleyball is just not popular as soccer and other sports. There's simply not enough fans, which means low ratings which means there's no sponsors.

    So the only way it is to have small paid services like LVF TV , fivb Tv and so on.

    Nothing is free. Sports are not FREE. The ones that u r watching for free on TV are actually not free, sponsors are paying for it.

    But for your lucky I think the 2bd game of Scandicci Vs Dorene will on Rai.

    I told u guys Pomi's problem was not the setting... But the management... Same thing happened last season. I knew something was up.

    So the coach and staff are the ones that should go since they r creating drama and not keeping players under control. And they put the rumor out out of wanting to get ride of Ariguetti on purpose...

    Here`s the video of how it all went down. Herrera is a Diva...she was ready to knock the ref. down on the floor, she was not having it....and I loved it...bring it on. :super: People that thinks woman should act nice and polite all the time r so far behind. They are allowed to show their emotions.

    I love players with a bad attitude.....I would love to see Ebrar vs a Cuban.

    I like having more than 1 host.

    But this is what I would do.

    Cancel VNL.. And then use VNL's format to the WCH. Don't need to have everyone facing each other since there's 24 teams. But each team would face 12 different teams once in the preliminary round.

    This way we would have full arenas instead of playing with empty arenas.

    And then one of the teams qualified for the finals is chosen are the Finals Host.

    All the prize money from VNL goes into the WCH.

    The night live streaming of V.League matches came to an end :(

    The channel on youtube had a almost H.D I was like VOWWW this is awesome and then it went down. But I guess this explains why it was taken down...they probably were getting the stream from the V.League website and they tracked them down. I could not find anything not even on videostream ( they are down...but i have the chrome extension).

    Hopefully the people streaming from youtube will create a new channel and start streaming them again.

    :lol::aww: every year same story, let's rewind this story and wait...

    I don't know whether I like or dislike Molten ball, even Buijs looks like a good enough receiver now.

    Monza played pretty good vs Conegliano, they will have great chances in Challenge Cup. I thought Novara's level was a bit down today except Stefana.

    One thing that I noticed....a lot of the "star" players in Italy are leftovers from the Turkish Teams...They all went to Turkey with the hopes of becoming the next Zhu or Rasic....but after 1 or 2 seasons they were sent right back... Like "Thank you, next".

    God have you watched the match ? Have you seen long rallys, great defence, great attacks from both side ???

    I did... but I left after 2 sets because I already knew Conegliano was gonna win....<3

    I can`t wait until Conegliano and Novara faces Vakifbank and Vitra... just because I want to see your reaction.

    By the way u said the level of Turkish League is so terrible and then Nilufer just took 1 set from Vitra....let`s see how many sets Conegliano will take from them... OHH Yeah I forgot they have injuries ...:lol:

    What the end by Fabris, last point pure magic !

    Brava Monza, I hope this is only their start in this second round, Seria A got one more great team !

    So as long as a team take at least 1 set from Conegliano they are considered a great team :cheesy:

    After her overall good performances I was hoping Orthmann could keep her place on court after Buijs' recovery and Begic would go to bench, but lately Orthmann has been performing rather poor and Begic is much more stable :|

    Lippman`s level seems to be dropping lately. AT first they were the new girls, but now they both are getting a lot more attention so this is the time we will see what they are made of. Haak made it....I hope the 2 Germans will do the same.

    I wish Begic was Serbian and she could fight for OH2.

    Middle level and “the weakest” teams in Turksih league looks bad. Like I said in Germany, they don’t have world class teams but they don’t like amature. They are fighting. They are missing teams like before(Nilufer, Besiktas, Gala etc) . That is why level of league droped even though Vakif and Eczacibasi has one of the strongest teams in World. Vakif stronge as always but Eczacibasi maybe even stronger.

    Maybe that is the reason why others don’t put so much money in their clubs like before.

    the level is low as u why r u still wasting your time with the Turkish League?? All German League games are streamed go ahead and start watching them if u like their league better and leave the Turkish League alone.