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    Vargas is not reliable to play 2 games in a row at the same level. You can't win trophies with this type of opposite. There is no difference on her volleyball technique-IQ between the first game she played with fenerbahce jersey and the last game. She didn't improve, she was still just uncontrollable power.

    JT is def better and will be much better.

    You are talking out of your ass.

    Last season Vargas spiked over 50% for the season 411/800. And some games she spiked over 60%. She was their best score in literally every single game they played all season long.

    Kupa Cup semis against Vakifbank she won the game on her own by scoring 38 points hitting 68%.

    People even criticized Ana a lot by saying she was overusing Vargas in every single game. Vargas carried them on her back all season long.

    Vargas is 20 years old.... Jordan is already 23 (turning 24 in May).... Vargas turns 21 only in October. There`s a 4 year age difference.

    Thaisa was forced to play, just like Rasic was forced to play CL final 4 while still injured, and Boskovic was forced to play against Conegliano while sick.

    But Thaisa should have sued Vitra and the doctor. What they did was not right, and they can (probably will) do same thing to another person. I`m not saying they are bad people, but you can`t do things like that.

    I feel terrible every time I see her with that knee brace.

    First of all, I am sorry, being off topic. I agree with you on this, but we should not forget Egonu (21y.o) and Boskovic (22y.o) is younger than Goncha. Goncha is 30y.o now. If you compare Egonu/Bosko with Goncha when she was 21/22, yes still they are better than Goncha imo.

    OTOH, I have to admit that Egonu and Bosko's teammates in their NTs are better Goncha's teammates. Goncha scored 35 pts against USA in WCH 2018 but it was not enough because her teammates didn't contribute a lot. It was not her fault. I don't think Egonu and Bosko win the games on their own, reception, defence of Serbian/Italian NT is better than Russian NT. Not to mention, how perfect is Maja's sets to her teammates. When she was in D.Moscow, Fetisova contributed a lot and even D.Moscow defeated Vakifbank in CL last year.

    And Goncharova got injured in the WCH, had she played against China, Russia would have a better chance. I think had Goncha played, Lang Ping would probably have played with B team, because Goncha would push Chinese Players really hard in the game....not something that Lang Ping wanted.

    Just feeling sad for Vargas and her injuries regardless. She was defo feeling the FB spirit. Even died her hair yellow in the beginning of the season 😭 wish her a speedy recovery.

    And wish Thompson good luck, she is great as well. I don't know how anyone could deny her talents and potential. USA will finally have players to actually replace Hooker and not mediocre ones and not even 1 but 2. Annie Drews and Jordan Thompson, I believe 2024 will be the USA peak.

    More love, less negativity to players and users here pls :flower:

    Is great you think this way. Because the american fan user above, posted during the OG QL, something like " I`m praying to god Turkey does not qualify". And he was throwing some insults towards Turkish Players the whole time. Even meatballs, called him out....You are a very forgiving person :saint:

    Fans without volleyball knowledge might think Vargas was better but she was having an awful season, Jordan performs well, we will see how she will do. Against top teams, it will better to judge after she plays top teams, her impact to defense and overall game quality is better so far.

    Vargas was injured before the season started and missed a few games. When she returned she hit over 40-50% in every game she played. That`s not awful. That`s great. And she was expected to help in reception, something she`s not comfortable doing.

    Even Ceren put up good numbers when she played with the exception of one game.

    The lies y’all tell yourselves to convince yourself your favorite player is the best option...

    How many points do you think Egonu will score? If Italy makes it past the quarterfinals I'm guessing around 200

    I expect her to break Mari`s 37 point record for sure.

    She will probably score 10-15 points per set.

    lol as if that means anything 🤣

    It means, that she can block, serve and spike.

    Anyways, Mirkovic played with B,C team in the World Cup, and she did really well, Serbia went head-to-head against every single team in that tournament. Bejlica was 2nd best score and Mina Popovic and Aleksic among best middles....Now imagine if Mirkovic played with Boskovic, Mihajlovic, Rasic, Veljkovic, S.Popovic...... They would have won either Silver or Gold. :woohoo:

    Egonu does not need backup. She can play all 8 games, especially because there`s 1 day rest between every game. So, Sorokaite can be counted as OH, which means they will have 4 already. But I would take a 2nd libero over 4th middles. Danesi, Folei and Chirinchella are more than enough.

    Wow! Finally you realized your beloved Mirkovic is a hopeless case 😂

    You have not watched Mirkovic at all this season. If you watched, you would know she`s playing well and improving a lot. Not to mention Bergamo has the weakest OH line up in the league....In fact they have only 3 OH, and none of them are a "starter". All 3 struggles and the coach must keep rotating and replacing them every single....They even use backup OPP as OH sometimes, and Smarzek too.

    I there any setter that can handle that?? Some top setters in Italy and Turkey are struggling despite having only World Class Players around them.

    Mirkovic is also the second best score among setters, in Serie A. She finished first round with over 50 points.

    I don't think Antonijevic would ever play for the NT again

    The reason only I think there`s a chance she would come back, is because this might be her last chance of a Olympic Medal. And many players are able to put any issues aside for the Olympics. That`s what Brakocevic did.

    Only problem here is that, she certainly would not get much (or any) court time in Tokyo at all, so it would be a full time backup.

    anyone knows if Antonijevic or ZIvkovic will return this summer?

    I would prefer Mirkovic in Tokyo for her to gain experience. But at the same time, Ana is playing great with Pomi, and I love her connection with Mina Popovic.

    Would be heartbreaking for Mirkovic, but I guess I would take Ana "just to be safe".

    Who do you think are possible candidates for next head coach?

    I would not be so sure Serbia will finish #1. Brazil and Japan could beat them. In the Olympics there`s always a favorite team that under perform, while a underdog surprises everyone. Or if Serbia is #1, then Italy or China could under perform and finish #4.

    Even if Russia ( or any other team besides China) finish #1 #2.... They could still lose the Quaterfinal as Serbia, Brazil, Japan can beat them.....even South Korea and DR can beat any team in pool B besides China.

    Whenever she destroys the reception line (thinking of her as OH), I think other players will immediately substitute her.


    Goncharova should definitely not play all 5 weeks, otherwise she will be dead by the start of the Olympics. Busato should focus on serve receive and figure out Kosheleva`s role, and give Ramonova decent playing time.

    is Malova playing right now?

    Yup you right, she played as a non receiving OH in China. This is again what I assume, her position will be different in the national team (OH and Goncha's backup). Busato simply doesn't make his mind up about her position now. Let's wait and see.

    Busato will probably try her OPP and OH during VNL.

    Do you think Russia will play VNL with A or B team?

    Gennari deserves to be called for VNL and if She perform great than She deserves to be in training camp with Orro and Malinov for Olympics to see who is better.

    I think Cambi should be starter during VNL.