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    It seems female players have no issues of coming out. We've seen some female volley couples - Marianne and Sheilla, Carol and Anne. But most gay volley players are still in closet. Douglas is the only one who openly comes out. Maybe the pressure on gay volley players is higher than that on lesbian players?

    I knew Mari was gay, I did not know about Sheilla... But that makes her bisexual as now she`s married to a man. When did they date?

    I know that name. A stunningly beautiful woman with hopeful melancholy in her eyes. I just watched her sort of drift away and finally get booted from a Korean Club team. I was immediately drawn to her in a sea of sadness :( Now I will miss her.

    She was MVP ( I think) last year in Korea as they won the Championship. But this season she was not able to perform.

    Kaliningrad vs Kazan was a good game. Zivkovic actually played a good game, she did not use the middle a lot but when she did it was good sets. I really like Cleger-Voronkova...but I was really impressed with their libero as she was digging a lot of balls, she plays great defense.

    It is kinda gross indeed, but I've lost count of how many lesbian relationships with a huge age gap I've seen over the years lol at this point it doesn't surprise me anymore.

    vow really?? And this is coming from a gay male that was saying all the Brazilian players from the NT were terrible humans for supporting a candidate that does not support gays???... And you come here to say a 20 year old dating a 30 is gross??

    This only shows what kinda of person you are... You want respect for yourself...but u don`t care to respect others...u r basically full of shit...

    I`m 28 and my partner is 42. I have always dated older man and there`s nothing gross about that...

    anyways...Please don`t even reply to my comment....just ignore me and I will ignore u from now on... It is not different if someone says 2 guys together are gross

    I`m pretty sure this started last season and this explains why Skorupa left.....If I remember correctly Skorupa said things start to change towards the end of the season and she was feeling somehow uncomfortable and they were looking at her with the side eye and she had no clue what was going on...but up to that everything was fine and they were ready to renew with her, probably their relationship grew as the season went on and they did not want to have them together as this could cause some distraction especially for Egonu.

    some of them could be criticism ?

    I don't know. Brazilian users are the ones saying people does not like Sylla because she's black. Maybe they can explain their side if they want to.

    I personally think Sylla is great and I'm not saying this just now. Go look for past posts and you guys can see when I talked about her potential. But I also don't think people that does not like her are racist.

    I think JT will go far again... as long as Mihajlovic is scoring 20-30 points per game.... But she will need help if they want to win it all.

    I noticed Ageo is not overloading Barun and this will be great for the long run....and if Jaja can produce I think they will be a contender.

    Laura Heryrman must have some minor injury or not fully fit that`s why she not starting.

    Jana Kulan is a big hitter...she can score a lot and play OH as well.

    Beylikduzu is super weak. It was worse than a training session.. U could tell Boskovic was not even into it. And to think there's probably a couple of teams that might be worse than them.... 🤧

    But in Italy things have been disappointing so far as well ... I don't see how Conegliano and Novara won't reach the final again.

    Didn`t Brakocevic said something like the problem in 2014 was that Terzic never talked with her and mentioned anything that Boskovic would be the starter in the WCH? He basically kept her in the dark. I had no idea who Boskovic was so I was just thinking Brakocevic was injured and unable to play that`s why Boskovic was starting.

    Like Mazzanti said in a interview. He had to talk with Ortolani before and explain what her role would be in the WCH as she would be getting basically 0 time on the court. Terzic should have done the same thing with Brakocevic in 2014. I would he confused and hurt as well if I was in her shoes. And then you add the lie he made up about Malagurski been injured.

    Sylla and Diouf "not playing well"...there is only one reason for people to say that and we all know what it is.

    I know what it is.... It is their personal opinion and everyone is entitled to have one. It is no different of you saying Claudinha is such a terrible a setter. She is a very good setter as she led 2 different rosters to the SuperLiga final.. Only setter to reach the final as a non Osasco or Rio in many years. But still all u do is bash her without giving any credit.

    U simply does not like Claudinha personally... And u have the right to do so. Just like some people has the right to dislike Sylla and Diouf. And their skin color has nothing to do with it.

    That's an exaggaration to say that she carried them. She had a very strong support in Neriman, who didn't have all that many points less than her that season (not to mention an excellent pair of MBs, Heyrman-Belien, perhaps the most efficient MB duo of that season, as well as C. Bosetti). And MVP in Romania...

    All that may be more than most players can achieve, but it's a FAR cry from the heights she was in 2010-2013. I doubt she is even among Top 20 Opp in the world, nor has she been that for years (with possible exception for the aforementioned 2016/17 season). It's just extremely unusual for someone that good to fall that far as early as her mid-20s, even if we account for pregnancy.

    Trust me ...I`m not even a Brakocevic fan...but she`s certainly among the TOP 20....if not still TOP 10...Who is doing better? Boskovic, Egonu, Sloetjes, Boz, Tandara, Li YingYing, Haak, Rahimova....who else? From there we drop a few notches and we have....Lippmann, Barun, Diouf, Ortolani, Bruna Honorio, Helic, Gong, Smarsezk,Olesia,...and Brakocevic is right here with this group and I still don`t even have 20. Go check the stats for OPP is any league u want and u will find some very poor numbers....much worse than Brakocevic`s. Let`s say she was American/Polish/German,Belgium just to name a few and she would be a starter in their National Team.

    That last time Brakočević was truly impressive was probably back in 2013.

    Also, I'm not that impressed with how she apparently considers it beneath her to be a sub for Bošković on NT, but it wasn't an issue when the Olympics were on the line. :whistle:

    But why would she want to spend the summers away from her child and husband if the only time she will get to play is when Terzic wants to play "Circus" ( examples: against the NED in the OG and WCH.....against Japan WCH...and all those GP games when they simply show no interest in giving any effort. Brakocevic is certainly much better than that and she does not need to be playing "Circus". And she totally deserved that Olympic Medal as she is still a icon of Serbian Volleyball such as Nikolic.

    And is actually good that she does not want to sit behind Boskovic as she`s the best in the World and no one will get past is better to let someone younger sit there to gain experience....I think Terzic should even consider having younger backups instead of Bjelica ...but even Bjelica is still young so that`s ok.

    Janko Brakocevic just added another MVP to her list last weekend in case u don`t know...Plus 2 seasons ago when she played for Modena she was the league`s 7th best score only behind big names such as Egonu and Barun. She did not play well in the final and semis...but she carried them all season long.

    Japanese Camera Work

    Watching these club games we get to see a lot of full points, often a handful in a row, from end of court, behind the server. Super cool for seeing how plays develop, get run. Combination plays are the best.

    U will think that I`m lying. But last night I enjoyed a lot watching the behind the server angle and I was about to write about it....and yeah it is very cool to see their movements on the court. I really like the Japanese game angles....expect when they only focus on the foreigner.

    She (Dajana Boskovic) was actually taken into custody in the US (while being there in order to play in the NCAA) by the police for theft some years ago! Reportedly she stole material for a value of between 100-750 dollar and faced a charge for class B misdemeanor. However, she went out of jail quickly. Not sure whether this is actually relevant to share but now I did it anyway.

    Yeah, this has been posted here when it happened.... and I think she got banned and was not able to continue with her studies and could not play anymore, so she went back home and took 1 or 2 years off.