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    I agree with your roster.

    Kosheleva has been playing very fired up in China and that's how the Russian team should always play. I dont think she should sign anywhere after the season in China is over. Last season she went from Sesc to Scandicci and got injured. She should just rest and join the NT for VNL.

    I agree about covering someone but I’d say reception is one of her strengths. She’s obviously not “brilliant” to the level of someone like Robinson, but she’s still a very good passer.

    Robinson can not cover either. If she could, Terzic would have her covering Mihajlovic, instead of having Mihajlovic and Vargas receiving.

    They probably have practiced that a lot already, but Robinson is not delivering. That's why Terzic is even using Vargas to receive to help everyone. And why would he do that if Robinson could simply cover Brankika?

    But when they played with Fatma, she fully covered Mihajlovic, just like Busa/Malesevic does.

    Anyways. The user above was not saying Gabi must cover anyone. He was saying Gabi's job is to cover the back court as a defender and not receiver.

    For me EczV letting Hande Baladin bench after that Ech performance needs to be criminalized! She is benching for Natalia and KYK in 2019, unbelievable! She was our MVP on almost beating Serbia to become Ech champions and look what EczV does. They deserve to lose every single cup again for this! Meanwhile they are letting the Americans (Carli and Lloyd) stay in Turkey also with a good salary for no reason at all as vacation or something. I always liked EczV and what they stand for, they are historically the biggest volleyball club of Turkey for sure, but this is unacceptable.

    They let her only play (with melis durul!) in unimportant matches and will immediately sub her at mistakes :down:

    I`m pretty sure Gamze, Beyza and Hande won`t get to play any Champions League or Club Championship. :wall:

    Oh thank you God, Now I believe She will be ready for WCCH. She has nice time to get in shape. :D

    Novara is so unlucky with their injuries this season :(

    I did not watch the game.... but I`m super glad she`s back. I just hope they are not rushing her return. This could turn into a big problem later. And from what I remember it was said she would return only in January?!....Anyways..... Can`t wait to watch her <3

    I think high level players like Rasic have reached this level and became these wonderful athletes because they are constantly challenging themselves. If she's not bored, she'll be eventually. Not one single top player is content to be on the bench even if they are making lots of money. I know she will play in Champions League, but I don't know, for me it is not enough...

    I agree with you. But Rasic has been dealing with a few injuries lately. She got injured 2/3 seasons ago in the quaterfinals against Besiktas. She played CL final 4 while still injured. Then she got injured again before the 2017 ECH ( She made the roster, but only played a few points against C.Republic). Last season she was out a few games with another injury.

    It is actually a good thing Vakifbank did not need much of her and they can rotate players. But if she was playing anywhere else where they start almost every game with the same roster, well that would have been a problem for her team, and even more for Rasic herself.

    SLoetjes went to through the same thing, but Vakifbank and Netherlands needed her, so she did not get enough time to rest and heal, that`s why she`s in a such bad shape right now.

    Rasic playing well?! Even Melis outplayed her lately:what:

    vs Aydin - 15 points (56%) ( 5 blocks)

    vs PTT - 8 points (31%) (3 blocks)

    vs THY 14 points (88%)

    vs Fener 2 points (50%)

    As u can see she`s done well in the games she`s played.

    There`s no reason for Rasic to leave Vakifbank. She`s making a lot of money, while not having to play a lot. While living in a amazing city and not having to travel much at all. She`s not a upcoming player that needs to play in order to develop. Not to mention she already won everything with Vakifbank. Only reason for her to leave Vakifbank would be that she`s "bored" and ready for some new adventure.

    Diouf was unstoppable when the season starts last season, she carried the team a lot actually.. but throughout the Superliga her volleyball faded away... Let's hope that it isn't the same fate of Rahimova, but I have my doubts... SESI is a really unstable place to play

    The State Championship is very demanding as a pre season tournament.

    Turkey and Italy are halfway through the first round already , while the Superliga has not even started yet.

    They should have managed Diouf a little better. But she gave everything she could early 0n and had not much left by the end. But of course she was great in the quarterfinals.