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    Thaiza attacking twice from the back....And this is at the Olympics...even Sheilla set her back there... There`s hundreds videos of Thaiza attacking from the backrow on youtube.



    Thaisa played as OPP in the first set in the double sub with Dani Lins.

    Natalia just said she can not even jump yet...she will be able to jump in 2-3 weeks. Maybe that explains why Fe Garay came (had to) come back.

    okk...."Gloria Cup" Turkey,Italy,Russia and Azerbaijan....August 22-26

    Serbia will be in Slovenia to play against the host plus Netherlands and Azerbaijan.

    Maybe the Serbs were invited and they declined.... at least I would think Turkey/Italy/Netherlands would be more interested in playing against Serbia over Russia/Azerbaijan.

    Does Serbia has any friendlies scheduled?? Brazil will host USA for 4 games and then they also have Mountreux....( Italy,Turkey,Russia will be there as well)...Netherlands will host Italy,Turkey,Russia for the "Rabobank Super Series".... I heard that Turkey will host the "Gloria Cup"?? I`m not sure which teams were invited I don`t think Serbia is among them??...

    Please don`t tell me they will be playing AGAIN against Bulgaria... I really wish would play Mountreux or at this "Rabobank Super Series".

    The level of this Tournament won`t be any good... They will play in December....basically a month after the World Championship.... Players will be joining their clubs right after the WCH is over without getting any rest and I doubt anyone will want to jump on a plane and head to China just after they arrived in their respective clubs.

    Not to mention I heard that the Olympic Qualification will be played in January....but this is just a rumor.

    Anyways...I just hope Eczasibasi won`t get a wild card.....I certainly don`t want to see Boskovic playing 3 tournaments in a such short period of time.

    The reason Argentina is so highly ranked is because FIVB divides the America continent South & North. It makes no sense because in the Pan American Games and Cup they all compete together so why when it comes down to qualifying for the OG and WCH they get divided?....I think it is because back in the day Cuba and Peru were strong teams so America had 4 good teams with Brazil and USA. But if USA had to compete with these 3 there would be a chance they would not qualify for the Olympics. Like for 1992....the continental qualifications were played first and Cuba won the North America ......but USA qualified for the World Cup and as best North America Team...but let`s say if USA had to compete against Brazil and Peru as well there were a chance they would not finished 2nd or 3rd best America Continent team and not qualify for the World Cup and stay out of the Olympics.

    FIBA does not divide South & America ....FIVB should do the same ....Peru and Cuba are not good teams anymore...and South America only have 1 good team ( Brazil).

    FIVB wants to focus in 2 markets ( China & USA) That`s why they created the "Joke Tournament" for the Olympics that qualified Mexico and Puerto Rico ( which happens to be a US territory) ...and that`s why they are giving more spots to North America in major tournaments.. because that`s what the US is asking for .....and that`s why China and USA will be hosting VNL finals. So they will be getting what they want.

    Oh your chart was very nice...,,,and that truly shows Japan is not doing anything wrong or taking any advantages over the others, they are simply following the rankings. They would easily take down T&T, AZE, KOR and THA...only difficult game would be against Serbia....and facing USA and Italy in the 2nd round is that same as facing Brazil and Serbia.

    Japan owning the World Cup? Well that is what I heard...I think they were the ones that created it.

    The reason Japan is always hosting is mainly because other countries can`t afford and they don`t have nice facilities, nice food, and friendly-host people...people should be thankfully that Japan can afford to host all these volleyball tournaments, if we were to depend on other countries maybe the only volleyball tournament out there would be the Olympics.

    Japan will be hosting the World Cup next year but it won`t be used as Olympic Qualification.....I guess it will be just a friendly tournament...I heard that is because Japan simply "owns" the World Cup so they can`t or won`t let any other country take it from them....but it could be just like any other country simply can`t afford hosting such a long tournament especially because they would not be making any money in return.

    The reason I said if Turkey wanted to be in a weaker group they should have won a medal at the Olympics is simply because Turkish fans are complaining Turkey is in a such tough group when they have won absolutely I don`t get why they are complaining .....but they would think it is ok if either Brazil (2x OG champions) or Serbia ( Silver in the past 2 major tournaments) were in the Group with China.

    And yeah if Turkey had won or medal in tournaments they would have more points and they would be a easier group.

    Group A: Japan (host) Group B: China #1, Group C: USA#2 Group D: Serbia #3

    Group: A NED #8 Group B: Italy #7 Group C: Russia #5 Group D: Brazil#4

    and from there it was a random draw...

    I think I get how things tilt a little in Japan's (as host) favor to keep attendance up (or whatever) but how is all the rest of this tournament rigged? Seems like everybody from different parts of the world think it's deliberately back-roomed against their team. I really don't get it. Does FIVB put sticky stuff on those random ball draws so that the best teams (in their mind) end up in the playoffs? Or is the whole way it's organized make it so that random ball draws have no effect on FIVB's pre-determined outcome.

    No the tournament is not rigged. The Final 6 I wrote is just my own prediction, like I said volleyball is not like soccer, so we won`t see like China exciting the tournament in the first round just like Germany did in Russia... there won`t be big upsets simply because the "weaker" teams can`t compete against the stronger teams in volleyball ( and many other sports) it is easy to predict who the final 6 will be.

    Japan gets a easier draw because they are the host.... and the host enters the tournament as the number #1 seed AND THIS IS WHAT ALL THE USERS OVER HERE DON`T GET.... with happens in every tournament in every sport... Just like Brazil got in the weaker group in Rio.... London in London...and so on....THE HOST ALWAYS and WILL ALWAYS be put in a weaker group... They are paying for the whole tournament and they must at least get something back....and this is what they get.

    Russia did the same in the World is not just FIVB.....FIFA does the same thing... and so does everyone else.

    and look how their brackets were set up.... Right on the Round of 16 Brazil`s group would face Germany`s group.....Germany did not even make it out of pool play but we could have seen a Germany vs Brazil right in the round of 16.....

    Now imagine if FIVB set up a bracket where let`s say USA would face Brazil? or China vs Serbia in the round of 16?? People would be hating on the Japanese and FIVB....saying everything is in order to favor Japan and all that....

    sitenoise response is more directed to the users that are always complaining about the draw and blaming FIVB simply because they don`t understand the host always does and always will get put in a easier group... Please don`t think I`m going off on you ok???????

    Korea,Thailand and Azerbaijan are more dangerous teams than Argentina,Cameroon,Mexico,Kenya,Kazakhistan..arent they ?

    even Puerto Rico isnt a good team i wrong ?

    Yes...but you forgot to mention that Pool B has Canada and Cuba....China/Italy/Turkey can beat these 2 even if they play with their legs tied....even Bulgaria will do the same.... China/Italy/Turkey are already qualified for the 2nd what`s the big deal here? Yeah it sucks for the 3rd placed team as they won`t have any real chances in advancing basically.... but let`s keep in mind Turkey and Italy has been sucking really bad for a long time and just now they finally got stronger... so is not like that they would deserve to be in Group A or D. If they wanted to be in a weaker group they should have won a Medal at the Olympics and World Cup like Serbia did.

    u forgot to mention Pool C has Trinidad and Tobago, and Arzerbaijan is not even part of the elite of volleyball ( not even close). Do u really think USA and Russia will have any problems against Korea and Thailand?? so yeah USA and Russia are already qualified for the 2nd what`s the big deal here??

    Unfortunately volleyball is not like the World Cup where any team can loose to anyone and we never know what`s gonna happen.

    Final 6.

    Brazil - Serbia - Netherlands/Japan.

    USA - China - Italy/Turkey.

    The Serbians need better agents and they must be smarter.... MIlkenkovic will be a backup in Scandicci ( I still can`t believe this as she will get 0 playing time).....Busa and Mirkovic backups in Chemik....Lozo in Kazakhstan OMGGG...she should just stayed with VIzura... Bjelica in France ( she can do better than this) ....I wonder if Aleksic will bench or start in Albaj?..... Pusic, Malagurski, Malesevic all without a club still? ..

    That`s not good this young generation must be playing and gaining experience so they can take over after 2020. Otherwise Serbia`s level will drop drastically.

    Pool C ?? Russia is the weakest team among the TOP teams....Azerbaijan ??? The only FIVB tournament they play is WCH, other than that they don`t even belong among the Top 24 teams in the WCH.... that 4th place in ECH was only because they hosted.

    Thailand was terrible at VNL finishing in #15 while Korea #12.

    USA will finish 5-0 without loosing a single set.... and this should already be enough to put them in the 3rd round as long as they beat the 4th place in Pool B ( very likely Bulgaria). This because at least 2 teams of China/Italy/Turkey will bring to the 3rd round at least 1 or 2 looses.

    Russia also will finish 4-0....

    If China/Italy/Turkey split wins, they could all go the 3rd round with 4-1...and as long they all beat USA ( not very likely) ...all 3 could advance. But let`s say that Turkey loose for China and Italy they will go with 3-2 to the 3rd round...and unless a major upset happens with USA/Russia/Italy...Turkey will go into the 3rd round with no realist chances in advancing....That`s why I hate this format ....carrying points is not only not fair but it is boring....basically every team that finishes in 3rd or 4th place has no changes in advancing unless major upsets happens in the 2nd round.

    Taubate had no lucky in the past 2 seasons.... They signed Gavin Schmitt but he got injured before the season started, he arrived late and after 2 games he got injured again. ... This past season they signed Ivovic and he got injured.... He arrived on time ( I think) but was not 100% until the 2nd half of the season....

    That`s why they are being very careful with Lucarelli.

    Will Conte be at the WCH? I read that he has already joined Taubate as they already started the preparations for next season... I have never seen a player do that, join the club and then leave for the NT.....usually NT players won`t join the team until they are 100% done with the NT.

    Terzic should take Mirkovic as the back setter and not Zivkovic. Because after 2020 of 3 ( Maja, Zivkovic, Anna) will be retiring Serbia will need a setter to take over.

    Maja does not need to play VNL...just let Mirkovic and Danica/Cirocovic play....And the World Cup also will be just a friendly tournament and Maja does not need to play as well... But I think she certainly should play at the OG qualification tournament considering Turkey and Italy are stronger and even Poland will be a dangerous team.

    I`m so happy....because this "Silver" ( Golden) generation of Serbia truly deserves this.... We don`t know what will happen after 2020, but now with Maja back they will be able to fight for Gold in the WCH and OG ( assuming Maja wants to be there).