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    Some people now will forever see her as “the Playboy girl” rather than appreciating her as the very good player she is.

    I'm not sure how Playboy is doing these days in Brazil anymore. Things might have changed.

    But back in the day (when Mari did) Playboy has been a huge thing. They only had on the cover big celebrities including singers, actress and so on.

    The women used to get paid a lot of 💰 but they would do it also because it was a huge honor and exposure to be on the cover.

    I wish Sheila, Jaque, Thaisa or Fabiana would have done it. I'm not sure if they were ever asked to do it. But in the past Playboy has invited players like Virna, Ana Paula, Leila.

    I'm gay but I used to love Playboy.

    Mirkovic was with the main squad for whole week, it didn't seem like it is helping to neither side😏

    1 week....u said it all.... Mirkovic needs more than 1 week to show what she can and can`t do.

    It took Fofao 18 years to win a Olympic Gold. Mirkovic is not ready right now.....That`s why she must play every tournament before Maja retires when that happens Mirkovic is ready to take it over ( I`m pretty sure Ana and Zivkovic will be retiring from the NT after Tokyo).

    This is Mirkovic`s first tournament as the main setter. In fact when did Mirkovic ever started a game for the NT?? As far as I can remember, she probably only started in the Mountreux 2 years ago????

    So if she plays all VNL and backup Maja in ECH....I`m pretty sure she will be better by 2020 and will be capable to backup Maja in Tokyo.

    Congrats to Turkey! They all played well, and as much as i hate to admit Ebrar was great, really smart attacking choices and her defence on Boskovic is always great. Brankica had a nice set only when libero is setting, the rest she was tipping. xd Mirkovic has fine sets, except to position 4.But since Boskovic was seeing Vakifbank logo in her mind and their bad reception it couldn't work.

    Good point. Guidetti knows Boskovic so well...he knows how to stop her even more than Terzic ...since Terzic just played against Boskovic for the first time this season.

    That's why would be mistake for Terviz to bring Zivkovic back.....he needs to take Mirkovic to the OGQL, ECH and OG....this way she can learn from Maja and gain the experience to be with the team during big tournaments. He should already have taken Mirkovic to the WCH. ..

    Maja never needs is not necessary to have Zivkovic there.

    Serbia would play better with Zivkovic or Ana...but winning VNL is not priority...Mirkovic getting this experience is more important.

    Mixture of B and C squad today for Serbia, with a few D team players. Having that in mind, not too bad. I particularly liked our middles today, Mina Popovic and Maja Aleksic. They have proved themselves as options #4 and #5 in that position, behind the Big 3. Lots of points, with good percentages for both.

    I really liked Antanasijevic. She looked a bit nervous at first ( so did the whole team) but after the second set she did well. But of of the sudden when they were leading 20-14 in the 3rd set she got replaced by Mirkovic. That was weird ....I wonder if she got hurt or felt some pain? Do you know what happened?

    Serbia`s middles are always really good.

    25-15 in the first set, low level match so far. The only thing Jasper can do is serve, she can't receive properly and is tipping everything because she can't attack:wall: We are really in trouble if Balkestein-Grothues quits. I'm sorry, but Mirkovic really is a bad setter. Against such a weak team she goes over and over again to Boskovic! luckely for her, Dijkema isn't doing anything better:down:

    Have you ever watched Serbia play?

    With 2 player reception ....the reception is usually not good and they can't really set the middles.

    Not even Maja is able to set the middles that much at all.

    They are playing at home and the fans came to see the stars. Imagine how disappointing you if showed up and Boskovic and Mihajlovic are not playing :aww: