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    One thing that you guys missed, is that it was not only a rumor about Fenerbache wanting to sign Li Yingying. In fact a Turkish scouter went to China to watch the Finals. But some people are saying he went there to talk with Kim as well trying to convince her to come back to Turkey, while some are saying he went there just scouting for young players in gereal.

    But he took a photo with Li Yingying, which means she surely caught his attention. In guys can see the photo in this link...just scroll down and u can see.…hampionship-finals?page=3

    We don`t know if she will at the WCH. But I bet Fenerbache is already looking ahead, because if she does make her debut this season and she does turn out to be good as Zhu, Fenerbache certainly wants to be one signing her this time ahead of Vakfibank.

    And yeah she`s young and they might not let her go...with if Lang Ping thinks this would be good for her...of course she will go to Turkey.

    I would love if Vitra could sign Kim or Natalia...and I would die if they could sign both.
    Natalia and Kim are a great duo, they won Turkish League and Cup...only lost CL because they had no OPP ( Polen is useless) ....Natalia-KIm-Boskovic :cheesy: ...I bet Maja would not mind only playing CL.

    Being admin, I see the IPs of users and I also see when different usernames use the same IP.

    Thus, I think all users should know that "pope" is the reincarnation of "rbdfabio", banned some months ago :whistle:

    If you behave better you can stay, but I won't hesitate to ban you again if we get back to the level of discussion we had back then here in the forum :!:

    I had to create a account again, because sometimes you actually need one. Like the other day I was not able to access TRT Sport website, and I did not not know what to do, so I created a account and had to send private messages to a couple of users to ask if they were having the same issue.

    And I won`t be posting much, only when I need to ask something or so. I did the Carol Anne thing only for fun...and I won`t do it again. Thanks.