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    I don't get it why is Christina getting so much "hate", her performance at WCCH was on very good level, and the most of time in Seria A, break record for the most blocks in single match, but when you read some comments here you would though that She is playing like Gibby in Eczacibasi. :gone:

    I don`t get either. ...I`m Serbia fan and I would love if Christina does not make it....because Serbia would have less trouble against Italy without Christina on the floor . But she`s doing amazing this season and totally should be in Tokyo.... Don`t get some users think Folei a.k.a the best middle in Serie A should not go either..... :rolll:.

    I would take Pici over Genari..

    I actually feel bad for Pici, did Mazanti tell her that he would not even consider taking her? She`s a legend, and i don`t think Mazanti or anyone should be playing with her like this. She deserves respect. Mazanti should have told her what he`s plans are.

    I had no idea Rachel Sanchez and Marte were playing in Division 2. They could be very useful in DIvision 2. Same for Dajana Boskovic.

    Dilik retiring is a big loss for Turkish League in general ;(.

    beri Hopefully VVSL management and Turkish Federation will take everything into consideration moving forward and looking to make changes already next season. Otherwise things will get out of control and soon enough more than half of these teams won`t be able to create a decent team, and in that case why will the TOP3 keep investing, when they already knows they will finish Top 3, but at the same time they are not winning CL or WCH.

    Boskovic playing against Belyikduzu..... Motta what r u doing :wall:

    Rasic 12 points (62%) :win:

    This is so crazy and sad. I hate saying this but the level this season has been too low. If the TOP 3 were not too strong, that would not be a problem at all. But there`s really no competition at all for them. Will next season get even worse??.

    I was talking with Ksyusha about that. And she suggested keeping only 8 teams in the League and they play each other three times. I actually like this idea, and there would be better matches than we have right now.

    But another problem is that, even teams like THY can not create a good team. Yesterday was embarrassing, all 3 foreigners on the court and you could not tell which one was worse than the other, their reception line is awful...... While Seyma was sitting on the bench... What was Abbondanza thinking?..... Before anything, a lot of these teams must have better management and better coaches. They really can`t put a good team together or get them to perform well.

    We know the semi finals match ups already.

    Mingardi is having a great season, but remember this is not her "first" great season. 2 seasons ago she was one of the best scores of the league, but then they decide to convert her to OH. And she wasted a half season in Modena and a full season in Bergamo as OH.

    If she stayed as OPP this whole time, by now she would be the perfect backup for Egonu. She should certainly play VNL and show what she can do. But I think right know Sorokaite is the perfect backup since she can play OH too.

    Adenizia is one of the best blockers in the world, and she can come in to block for Macris.

    Carol won`t make it. She spend last summer on the beach, while Natalia and Gabi were playing VNL while still injured. Ze Roberto will never forget that....He craves that VNL money. He will take Valesquinha or Janina to Tokyo but not Carol.

    Adenizia is over 30. Adenizia is not fully healthy. BINGO = Adenizia has secured her spot in Tokyo.

    ......Unless someone older and more injured comes back....

    But Bonifacio was injured last 2 seasons too.

    It is funny that in the 3 years prior the Olympics everyone is injured. But come the Olympic year, everyone is health and ready to help the team anyway they can.

    I bet Stevanovic and Boyer are ready to put aside and move from any issues they had last year, and are ready to help the team anyway they can ;)

    If this is true then I can’t blame Cate at all for being angry. She’s having a better season than Pietrini and Gennari in both reception and attack. Even if Piccinini or Lucia return to the shape they were in before their time out, they aren’t all-around OHs the way Cate is. What does she have to do to prove to Mazzanti she’s good enough?

    Exactly. And even if she does well in VNL, they won't take in consideration because VNL is worthless. If she does not play well, they have the perfect excuse to keep her out.

    And she must be training with Malinov, Oro, Sylla, Genaro in order to create chemistry. Otherwise I would not even expect her to do well at all in Tokyo.

    Chemistry is everything.

    Ishikawa is playing with Toray this season. She was twice MVP and Gold Medal winner last summer in U20 and Asian Champs. Apparently her brother is a famous boy player in Japan. She's your favorite 172cm :rolll:

    Toray is my favorite to win it all :box:.

    So she`s playing with Kulan....I just wish Japanese Federation could buy a few inches from Kulan`s height and transfer to Mayu Ishikawa. Make her 1.85cm and she will be one of the best in the world.

    Her brother plays in Italy and he does very well. He should advice her sister to go play there as well. .....

    It will be interesting to watch Mayu Ishikawa's development. She's still got a little micro-violence in her swing. If that goes away in favor of a wussy-whack I'll tell pope what's really going on with Japanese swingers.

    I have not watched a single match of V League this season. Is Mayu Ishikawa playing there or she`s playing HighSchool/College ??

    Is Miyu Nagaoka back? Has she played at all?

    S.Popovic was the one that gave China Gold Medal Point.

    Rasic took over 4th set and brought Serbia back to tie the game late, but lost 25-23.

    Since Rio, Serbian players have played in may many important games in club and nt. They gained a lot of experience. If they face China in Tokyo, things will be very different and Serbia won`t feel like such a underdog. After Serbia won against NED in the WCH, Maja asked who they wanted to play in the WCH final?, and Maja said CHINA..... Serbia is not scared of China anymore.

    In Rio Mihajlovic and Malesevic had no backups. Nikolic was way past her prime and Busa was still very young. Now they have a more experience Busa, Blagojevic, Milenkovic and Lazovic.

    In the Final, Hui and Xu Yunli played great and helped Zhu a lot...But they are not there anymore. So who is gonna help Zhu?

    it is a very difficult situation. Pici is a legend and she does deserve another chance to win a OG medal.

    But at the same time, she has been out of the Nt for a while now. While C.Boseti had a terrible injury and she does deserve to be there too.

    Maybe C.Boseti is just afraid that Mazanti will take Pici no matter what. So playing VNL will be just a waste of time for her.

    They went through same thing in 2011-2012