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    Is everyone ready to watch another Oscar deserved movie between Serbia and Japan? I'm curious how good it will be?

    I guess it can't be better than what they did in 2012 Olympic Qualification Tournament. But it might be better than WCH'18.

    Ps; I guess Japan-Serbia will play in last day of group phase. Serbia will already ensure first place in the pool...?

    In Rio, Serbia lost the final match for the Netherlands in 3-2 and Boskovic did not play whole match.

    Boskovic also did not play against Puerto Rico.

    And those matches did not help or screwed any other team. And did not influence any final results, or helped Japan.

    Terzic does what's best for his team.

    So yeah. If Serbia has secured first place, does not expect Boskovic to play against Japan.

    USA, BRA and CHN have always been medal contender for many decades whereas Europe always had almost 10 teams which are not good enough to beat these 3 but can beat the rest of teams in other continents. However recently, Europe has two powerhouses SRB and ITA that are serious medal contenders for OG and WCh:super:

    USA, BRA and CHN have always been medal contender for many decades whereas Europe always had almost 10 teams which are not good enough to beat these 3 but can beat the rest of teams in other continents. However recently, Europe has two powerhouses SRB and ITA that are serious medal contenders for OG and WCh:super:

    are you new to volleyball???

    in case u don`t know Italy won WCH 2002, WC 2007 and 2011

    Russia won WCH 2006, 2010.... while Brazil and USA could never beat them in order to win a major.

    Brazil won their first major in 2008, 2012....and USA 2014.

    China and Japan are a different history.

    Russia has always been a powerhouse....even more than Italy and Serbia are today.

    Well that applies only if Brazil, USA and China got their tickets at the Continental stage. But no, they all got into OG at the first round by beating teams from all over the world. China got the Tokyo ticket by beating three European teams and the Rio ticket by winning the 2015 World Cup. Same applies to Brazil and USA. I'm not saying they don't have regional advantage, but in this case, they clearly got in because they were stronger than the other teams.

    What I`m saying is: Brazil, USA and China has always qualified for the World Cup because they don`t have any competition in their region. Europe can send only 3 teams to the World Cup.

    WC last year did not mean anything: But Italy did not qualify because there were 3 other European Team ahead of them. But who is stronger right now? Italy or Brazil/USA???.

    Like I said during my post... These 3 teams does have advantage to be used FOR when they are not as strong during a Olympic cycle.

    During Beijin cycle USA was not playing well. Finished 9th at WCH. But they still got to play at the World Cup and yes they won their OG ticket there....But would have they qualified for the World Cup if they were playing in Europe? In order to qualify they would have to win Gold or Silver at ECH.....just to have a idea. Russia won the WCH 2006 and 2010, and yet did not qualify for the Word Cup.

    Do you really think USA would have beaten Italy, Russia or Serbia at 2007 ECH, when these 3 teams medal in 2006 WCH, while USA finished 9th? I don`t think so. Which means , they would have not qualified for the WC, which also means no chance of a Bronze medal and OG ticket here. 2nd try: win the European Tournament Qualifying. Do you think they would beat Russia there? I don`t think. Which means no OG ticket here.....3rd try: World Olympic Qualification: They would qualify to the tournament depending on their ranking. But since they were not playing well, there`s a chance they would not even qualify.

    As you can see...they were struggling during those years, but YET they were able to qualify for the Olympics and won a Silver Medal.

    They qualified for the WC as 2nd in Norceca. Simple as that.....went to the WC and got their Ticker by winning a Bronze Medal.....but what if Russia the reining Word Champions played???....and I won`t even mention that China did not have to play.

    Brazil on the other hand... That would have not been a problem at all if they were in Europe. As they were really strong during that cycle. They would have qualified for sure... or would they? If they lost for Italy in the WC and lost for Russia in the WCH....don`t you think they would have lost for them in the ECH too and fail to qualify for the World Cup? .......

    This is what I`m saying. Netherlands is out of the Olympics, as they are struggling, But if you still put them at the Olympics, there`s a chance they would play well there and win a medal.

    I`m not talking about this new Olympic Tournament. Yes Brazil and USA beat Bulgaria and Arzebaijan. But what if they played Serbia and Italy? NO PROBLEM AT they would easily beat DR and Argentina....but what if they had to play in this tournament we just watched this past week??...You never know.

    Next cycle if Serbia struggles, just put them in America, Africa or Asia...and there will be no struggles as they will still qualify for every major.

    and I could get into how Brazil qualified for London....just use same examples above.

    But Russia also remains on top since forever and they have to compete in Europe. It's not like they have been as strong as they used to (certainly below Serbia and Italy atm) but they still qualify for the major tournaments like WC, WCh, and OG

    Until Rio, Russia was still really good. in 2015 they finished 4th in WC, beat USA in 3 sets, and lost for Serbia in 5. And won the European Championship.

    I remember everyone was predicting a 5 set in the quaterfinal Serbia vs Russia in Rio. It was a total shocker that Serbia destroyed them.

    They reached final 6 in WCH 2014. And they lost in London for Brazil, same way Brazil lost for China in Rio.

    I would say Russia`s level dropped only after Rio. Until then they have always been among the top teams.

    And how did they qualify for Tokyo? By beating South Korea..... Had they faced Italy or Serbia I doubt they would win. And having to face now Turkey, Poland, Germany and Netherlands....I honestly don`t know if they would have qualified.

    and I find one thing about top teams out of eour.Why asia,north and south america have top teams in the world and the whole level of those continents are weak.Brasil,USA,China,Japan always have good setters in every generation.even though some of them are not top setters,they still have pretty good level.but In eour teams,their setters training are not steady.

    The reason Brazil, USA, China and Japan always remain on top. It is because of course they invest a lot in volleyball and they have millions of girls playing the sport. But mostly important, the reason they always stay among the top teams is simply because they have no competition in their region, so their spot in any major tournament is always a guarantee.

    Netherlands finished 4th in the OG and WCH. But now they did not qualify for the OG. But if they had to play against Thailand, DR, Argentina, they would have qualified easily. And once in the Olympics they could still fight for a medal.

    Brazil, China, USA and Japan all went through some generations that were not so good...but still they played in every major tournament. European Teams can`t afford that. In order to compete or stay on the top they gotta truly be the best of the best.

    Take Serbia as a example. It is uncertain if they will be in Paris. But if they had to compete against Argentina, DR, Thailand.....It would be certain they will be in Paris because even if their level drop, that would still be enough to beat Argentina, DR, Thailand,Korea.

    Its called professional sport, they cant just send them home for two weeks to lay in a bed.

    Its called professional sport, they cant just send them home for two weeks to lay in a bed.

    Exactly... That`s why they should not be crying and complaining all the time. But they do that because they want us fans to feel bad for them. That`s called playing victim, and that`s exactly what they do.

    edit: I was not saying they should have been sent home. But they should have used 2 week break to just practice and weights. No need to be playing actual games and having to travel for that.

    But it was over the holidays. Letting them go home to spend time with their families would not be a bad idea. In Poland they gave some teams a few weeks off before the semifinals last season and they allowed players to go home during that time.

    I assumed the Olympic break would also give the players a break to rest and relax.

    Remember that is the major complaint among players and clubs? They play so much and the NT is so exhausting, players have not time to rest and that put their healthy in risk.


    There's been multiple tourneys and friendly games going on.

    Conegliano won one with Egonu scoring 22 poitns.

    Scandicci won a friendly with Lubian as OPP, and she scored 17 points.

    This only shows how hypocrite volleyball people are. They all complain the amount they play and that's the main problem in volleyball right now... But then they're giving the break they wanted so much, but they all decide to go ahead and play a bunch of worthless games instead.


    France has not played well in a major since 2014. Nobody screwed with them in Rio, they did not advance because they lost on their own.

    Italy had already secured #1 and Piano got injured. They had nothing to play for against Canada. That screwed Brazil but not France.

    France needed to win against Brazil no matter what in order to advance.

    I think one of the reasons they wanted Morrison gone had to do with the way he was training them. In the past 2 seasons was there a Dutch player not injured? And they all develop injuries while with the NT.

    Nika played great in 2017, but then she was injured when she joined her German team.

    Last season Plak, Anne, Louis and Belien were all injured after the WCH and wasted a club season because of that. Sloetjes multiple injuries.

    Djkema even took a half season off, probably she realized she needed time to rest otherwise she would develop a injury too.

    Robin was the only one injured with her club.

    They had a armature coach and pushing them way too hard desperate for results.

    Ze Robert does the same thing, and that's why Brazilian players are injured all the time. Guidetti has been called out Ze Roberto on that.

    Injuries is what destroyed the Dutch team.

    Imagine if after a season with NT Boskovic, Maja, Mihajlovic, Busa and Veljkovic are all injured? You don't have to be a expert to realize something went horribly wrong during training.

    Jay is the starter setter for Canada NT throughout the tournament in WCH 2018, while Sanders was his sub. I don't think Walsh has a chance to take over these two. He did not even get a chance in this QOT series.

    Sanders was a sub in the WCH because he was injured, that`s why Jay was starter. But Sanders is still dealing with his back injury and he even ended his season in Poland already due to his back issues. Good thing he can rest until VNL starts. I just hope he`s able to play the whole Olympics.

    I do think Jay is ahead of Walsh, but I personally would take Walsh because he`s younger and gaining experience would be important. But if Sanders is still not 100& in Tokyo, then I guess Jay might be a better option. ( But Canada did not play well in the WCH with Jay).

    Jay also was injured and had surgery this past summer. I just hope Canada will be healthy for Tokyo, they had so many injuries in 2018 and 2019.

    Kim had 4cm rupture in her abdominal muscles, but she took painkillers and played final game. Maybe she should rest more than a month.

    Vitra is screwed now.... Motta will let that terrible setter play Turkish League as 3rd foreigner on the court. I wish Boskovic would fake some illness just to avoid playing with her.

    Or Kim is the one faking this injury to avoid injury by playing with that awful setter?? :rolll: Tokyo is just 7 months away ... (I`m just joking.....I wish Kim a speedy recovery).

    I don`t think so.

    Backup setter Walsh or Jay?

    3rd middle Szwarc or Van Berkel?

    4th OH Barnes, Marshall, Derocco?

    I want Barnes to make it because he`s young and would gain experience, but Marshall and Derocco are probably ahead of him right now especially because Marshall can play libero too . Same reason why I want Walsh over Jay.

    That's all true, but it's not like Malesevic had a good season here. She was bad just like her teammates and she wasn't enough to cover Tandara in the reception line (like she used to do in the NT with Mihajlovic). In many occasions, she was subbed fairly.

    I agree with you that Malesevic should have performed better, there`s no doubt about that.

    But what I`m saying is that, when you have Oh2 covering Oh1, you should not be setting Oh2 much. Like Serbia barely sets Busa and Malesevic at all, they get 10 or less sets. Remember Malesevic scored only 1 point in Rio semis as she fully covered Mihajlovic. But in the final Malesevic scored 12 points, and that was because Mihajlovic struggled and even got replaced.

    We saw that in the World Cup, Busa even scored 20 points against Brazil, as she did not have to cover anyone. But when she`s covering Mihajlovic she will never get to score 20 points, because she won`t be getting much balls at all.

    Luziomar expected Malesevic to cover Tandara, but he had Dani Lins still setting Malesevic way too much, when she should be setting mostly to Tandara and Bjelica.

    Anyways...I just feel super sad for Malesevic. I hope she can still bounce back.

    I`m so glad Turkey qualified. But Netherlands, Germany and Poland should be in Tokyo too. Oh well

    Just like Lang Ping, Guidetti will be coaching 2 different teams in the Olympics.

    I hope Guidetti won`t take VNL seriously like he did past 2 seasons. I don`t think Naz, Eda, Boz should play much at all. Because if he does, it will end up just like in 2018.

    I think their roster will be:








    Her season in Osasco bad to say at least. She was constantly subbed by Gabi Guimarães - who's now playing as libero.

    Part of that was because Tandara played OH that season with Bjelica OPP. And Luziomar would replace Malesevic when she could not score, and Tandara is not the same player when she`s playing OH. Luziomar tried the same thing this season with Bjelica OH.

    And I remember fans online during live chat matches complaining about Luziomar because he was replacing Malesevic for no reason, especially because Gabi would come in and not do much. And remember that season he basically had 4 OPP, Tandara, Bjelica, Paula and Lorene....and I remember fans complaining about that too....