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    Game went as expected. Will Ecza be able to find a solution to this next game? Considering Marco Motta's style, I don't think so.

    • First set went good for Ecza. I could finally see all three spikers of Ecza playing at their finest, which was what everyone had anticipated pre-season.
    • Starting from the second set, Vakif started targeting Simge, instead of Larson (1st set) and Kim (1st and 2nd) and she was extremely unstable. This led to Gamze's sets being unstable as well. Simge gave too many chances to Vakif.
    • Serve misses. WOW. It felt like Ecza was failing 3/4 of their serves most of their time, especially Boskovic.
    • Vakif was extremely good with defense, even Zhu was doing a lot of the digging. On the other hand, not much great defense from Ecza's side.
    • I'll have to disagree with the previous opinions that Ezgi is the best Turkish setter. I think Cansu is the best setter, with both speed and accuracy. Her timing with the mbs are great, which allows even short spikers like Kelsey to spike easily. Especially her cross-court sets.
    • Guidetti learned from his past mistakes (that fifth set ....ha!) and made challenges that all were successful.

    I think they should just stick Merve in instead of Busra. Sure, Merve still make many mistakes on the net but it's not like Busra's much better. And also, switching either Jordan or Kim out and replacing with Meliha won't do any good. Meliha's receives are much worse and attacks meh. Gibby won't do the magic either, she's nothing like Rasic.

    Yikes, this match is horrible. lol What happened to Eczacibasi?

    The serves are now targeted at Simge, not Jordan or Kim. Simge's receives are unstable rn, and Gamze's sets to the left unstable as well. Vakif, on the other hand, is showing great defense and Gizem digging all of Boskovic's spikes. Ecza's mbs are unable to find the correct timing too. I wonder if they'll be able to find their way out of their mess. If not, Vakif is going to take this set.

    Kim was not (always) on a weak NT. Korea finished 4th in London. As a comparison İtaly's best result in history is 5th place...

    That was probably because that was 2012 after Kim won CL with Fenerbahce. I remember she scored way much more than Destinee Hooker who was overall #2 in pts. If looking back on her performance, it’s because the Korean NT is weak that they couldn’t get a medal even with a player of MVP performance on the team.

    A team over-relying on ONE player.. that may be an environment for a player to show his or her best performance but it will tire them out quickly. I hope Melissa Vargas stays in Fenerbahce and works out her NT arrangements so she gets a chance to shine and maintain her good performance for a long duration.

    Anyway, I’m so excited for tonight’s game! Oh, I hope Fener wins

    Vakifbank didn't win 2nd set, neither 3rd set. She was not able to attack at all for the first 3 sets and received/defended average, that why she was replaced by Tugba, rare. KR was much better last two sets

    Ok then, fine. I'm referring to whatever set Vakif won today.

    I'm just sick of some Vakif fans scapegoating Kelsey whenever the team loses because I feel like she's always doing extremely well in her position Guidetti has allocated for her in the team. There are such strong attackers in Vakifbank and it's not Kelsely's role exactly to kill the ball. She even plays Libero for the US NT.

    How great it would be to see Vargas in NT:super: I am curious if is there any offer from Fenerbahce or TVF to Vargas. Is it possible to see her in NT. I can see Vargas will be next Yeon Kim of Fenerbahce (she played 6 or 7 years for them)

    I agree. Vargas has such talent that it's a waste even to play on the Cuban NT (it's honestly a mess). I hope TVF offers!

    I wish Vargas will be the next Yeon-koung Kim of Fenerbahce, except maybe this time they can succesfully pull her out of a weak NT, unlike Yeon-koung who is utterly wasted in the Korean NT.