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    I don't know how many times I have hit myself while watching CR7 :aww: but he finally made it and put the ball IN :D Congrats for Portuguese and now let's go Germans. Eat Greeks.

    Gigi Buffon is still on fire. If Italy won't advance to semi-final, he will be for me the one to cry for.

    Totally pathetic for this comment to be coming from a female, but I guess us having won the European championship hurt such people more than it should.

    I'll try not to fall down to your level wishing to "eat" X/Y nation just because I don't like their footballing style.

    Djuric said he won't play in the August qualification games, as he'll be recovering from his current injury. However this really shouldn't be a loss considering the level of competition in our group -Sweden, Azerbaijan and Luxembourg. I don't know what is going to happen with Fillipov as well, the past 2 seasons he didn't want to join the team and there's a huge possibility he won't get called up on purpose. Although gotta say I want him around since we don't have many realistic options..

    Also we got a new coach in Dimitris Andreopoulos.

    I think we're ready to qualify for the first major tournament after 2009, if we exclude the WL. Hopefully the following 12 will be called up.

    Takouridis, Protopsaltis, Drogkaris, Tzioumakas, Kokkinakis, Stefanou, Koumentakis, Petreas, Pelekoudas, Konstantinidis, Fragkos, Fillipov

    If you add Djuric and a better setter I think we won't be happy only with the qualification..

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    Hi, I'm new here. Been following this forum for a while, just joined. Good to see another Greek here, hopefully we'll have a lot to say about the upcoming league finals as well as the NT.

    First of all kudos to PAOK as they just beat 3-0 Iraklis and they won the cup. Iraklis-Panathinaikos was an amazing game yesterday, couldn't catch it unfortunately but just saw the scoreline. Iraklis looked pretty tired and they lost Armenakis with an injury in the first set which minimized their small chances of making a surprise. PAOK were superior and deserved to win.

    Btw do you follow the NT?