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    MKS Kalisz 0 : 3 Pałac Bydgoszcz

    ( 16-25, 19-25, 23-25 )

    MVP - Magdalena Mazurek :thumbup:

    Gałkowska 13, Gromadowska 8, Szperlak 6, Centka 6, Ptak 6, Dascalu 17, Bidias 16, Ziółkowska 12

    Pałac finally playing good. They had a horrible begging of the season but Bidias really helped them. Her reception is great.

    I do believe next match between Conegliano and Novara is gone be so different. They are growing day by day, they have very good coaching staff so that is not strange at all to see from them.

    So I can’t wait for their next match between them and to watch Novara fighting against Turkish teams.

    Novara is such a young team with full energy and working with coach as Lavarini can bring them only positive things.
    Only negativ thing about their game is that Smarzek is not performing what everyone are expecting from her... But they have one of the best OH duo in Seria A.

    but lately Smarzek has been better, am I right?

    Chemik Police 3 : 2 BKS Bielsko - Biała

    ( 26-28, 20-25, 25-18, 25-16, 16-14 )

    MVP - Iga Wasilewska ( playing mostly as OH :D )

    Brakocevic 24, Wasilewska 20, Baijens 14, Orvosova 23, Kazała 17, Janiuk 9, Kossanyiova 9

    I am happy for Andressa. She’s a good player and I knew she could deliver more as she did it today.

    Skorupa is a setter who loves playing with middles and when she notices that they are scoring - she gives them more balls. Today Andressa was great so she got 20 sets. If she keeps this efficiency - I am sure she will be scoring at least 10 points a match. And she didn’t make many service errors today :love:

    ŁKS Łódź 3 : 0 MKS Kalisz

    ( 25-12, 25-14, 25-19 )

    MVP - Katarzyna Zaroślińska Król :thumbup:

    Zaroślińska 22, Wójcik 13, Lazovic 11, Gałkowska 10, Szperlak 4, Gromadowska 4

    Suprisingly bad performance by Kalisz since they won their 2 last matches. The reception was terrible, Łódź played good, some nice actions by the Bongaerts - Zaroślińska duo.

    My list ( these may not be the most popular choices, but all the players mentioned were great during the decade and watching them was the most entertaining for me :lol: ) :

    Setter : Ognjenovic - she is completly unique, has a magical touch, although I didn't really like her in Poland - since she moved to Italy she was a pleasure to watch + her tips are great, it's really hard to guess when she is going to do them. Some other players i would like to mention are : Skorupa - I love her playing style, she always knows how to use middles and her one handed sets are great. I think her best years were in 2010-2015 but even after she was still playing for the best teams and now she is outshining every other setter in the Polish league. Fabiola - she is probably my favorite Brazilian setter but Dani Lins is close. I remember her crazy sets to Akinradewo when she played in Volero and I also like her experience and personality on court.

    Opposite : Gamova - she was phenomal mostly in the previous decade but the 2010/11-2015/16 seasons were fantastic by her too. She led Kazan to winning Champions League and CWC which speaks for itself. Other players are : Tandara - she is very strong, I love her pipe attacks and she seems a very nice person I still want her to play in Italy or Turkey because she definately is one of the best for now, I hope she goes to Tokyo and leads Brazil to a medal. Skowronska - the decade was really good for her, she won a lot of trophies and despites her injury she still managed to come back on court and did great in Brazil. I also liked Goncharova and of course Egonu and Boskovic.

    Middle Blockers : Thaisa and Eda - I think they are special because they can really make the dieffrence for their team. Thaisa is another unique player, she can attack from the pipe which is rare for a middle blocker and for Eda scoring over 20 points in a match is normal . I can't forget Koroleva who IMO is still one of the best in the world and also Adeniza who has a special energy which i really like and lastly Pleumjit who I also consider one of a kind.

    Outside hitters : Sokolova and Piccinini - they both won the CL during the decade which is a fantastic achievment but I also think they were the leaders of their teams wherever they played. And Francesca still has a chance for her 8th CL gold :lol:. Kim Yeon Koung and Zhu Ting are also phenomenal and still playing on a very high level. On this position I will include a bit more players because there is truly so many great ones : Glinka, Gozde, Kosheleva, Calderon, Mammadova, Jaqueline are also worth mentioning.

    Libero : Fabi - I think she was just the best. And her positive energy was always a great addition to any team. Other great liberos are Gizem Guresen and De Gennaro.

    I am sure I forgot someone but still I think it's a good list :cheesy: It's a pity that some of them will not be seen on court anymore :tzz:

    Energa MKS Kalisz 3 : 0 BKS Bostik Bielsko Biała

    ( 25-22, 25-17, 32-20 )

    MVP - Zuzanna Szperlak :cup:

    Szperlak 17, Gałkowska 16, Gromadowska 12, Kazała 14, Orvosova 12, Szlagowska 11

    Very good match by Kalisz, Szperlak is great, she has the best reception and still is the best scorer. Also I think Gromadowska is a nice addition to the team.

    DPD Legionovia Legionowo 3 : 0 #Volley Wrocław

    ( 25-15, 25-23, 28-26 )

    MVP - Julie Oliveira Souza :thumbup:

    Oliveira Souza 17, Różański 13, Rivero Marin 12, Jasek 11, Witkowska 9, Murek 7

    Wrocław can’t think of winning matches with attack like this. Today they had 24%...

    Also some statistics after the first half of the season :

    TOP 10 blockers :

    1. Kamila Witkowska - 51 :cup:

    2. Klaudia Alagierska - 41

    3. Agnieszka Kąkolewska - 38

    4. Nadja Ninkovic - 35

    5. Karolina Fedorek - 34

    6. Gabriela Polańska - 33

    7. Magdalena Jurczyk - 33

    8. Maja Tokarska - 32

    9. Małgorzata Lisiak - 30

    10. Magdalena Janiuk - 30

    TOP 10 best scorers :

    1. Bruna Honorio Marques - 247 :cup:

    2. Veronica Jones Perry - 242

    3. Katarzyna Zaroślińska Król - 232

    4. Jovana Brakocevic Canzian - 205

    5. Janisa Johnson - 193

    6. Ewelina Żurowska - 168

    7. Monika Fedusio - 164

    8. Joanna Sikorska - 162

    9. Gabriela Orvosova - 162

    10. Olivia Różański - 157

    TOP 10 servers :

    1.Katarzyna Zaroślińska Król - 14 :cup:

    2. Katarina Lazovic - 14 :cup:

    3. Bruna Honorio Marques - 13

    4. Jovana Brakocevic Canzian - 11

    5. Anna Stencel - 10

    6. Alexandra Lazic - 10

    7. Zuzanna Gorecka - 10

    8. Alexandra Dascalu - 10

    9. Andressa Picussa - 9

    10. Sonia Kubacka - 9

    TOP 10 receivers :

    1. Magdalena Saad - 67,88% :cup:

    2. Maria Stenzel - 65,71%

    3. Krystyna Strasz - 64,04%

    4. Justyna Łysiak - 63,25%

    5. Paulina Maj Erwardt - 62,33%

    6. Anna Pawłowska - 59,01%

    7. Zuzanna Szperlak - 57,87%

    8. Martyna Łukasik - 57,82%

    9. Magdalena Grabka - 56,99%

    10. Regiane Bidias - 56,73%

    Most MVP awards :

    1. Veronica Jones Perry - 6 :cup:

    2. Olivia Różański - 5

    3. Katarzyna Skorupa - 3

    4. Magdalena Janiuk - 3

    5. Bruna Honorio Marques - 3

    6. Jelena Blagojevic - 3

    And many players with 2 awards :)

    Some teams played less and some played more obviously but I think it doesn’t affect the rankings very much since the team with the most games played is Piła ( 14 played/ 1 won ).

    My personal best team after the first half is :





    ( Gajewska, Jones Perry, Polańska, Gawlak, Szperlak, Kazała, Szlagowska, Saad)

    I am watching a game in Tauron Liga between Radomka and Chemik and Skorupa is doing amazing and it reminded me that when she was presented in Radomka - the coach Marchesi said that ,, ok maybe we are not Fenerbahce or Galatasaray but...”. I get why he mentioned FB ( she played there ) but do you guys think its possible she was to play in one of those teams this season ( especially Galatasaray ) but refused because of COVID?
    I know it may sound like a conspiracy theory and maybe he just mentioned these 2 teams because they came to his mind but I am just curious if you think its possible ^^

    Fener needs to build a team for the future, not going year after year. First they need good local player. You need to create your team around domestic players not around foreign.

    What will Stysiak bring in too their game ? She is the same player as Vargas. Spiking hard but with many errors.

    noo she’s not... she doesn’t get blocked that often and she also has way more variations of her attack ( she uses the opponent’s block and she tips sometimes ) I also think she is a better server ( I noticed that Vargas doesnt always jump serve anymore ) ;)