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    Sorry , I will be gossiper.

    It's (almost) written there (and clarified in social media) that Błażej Kryszałowicz (NT coach assistant, Budowlani Łódź coach) had romance with Maria Stenzel while Milena Sadurek was expecting a child with him. All of the NT girls knew about it and coach knew and he didn't react. I think this shocks me the most as some players might not to want to play with each other anymore.

    wow! If thats true and Milena is probably friends with some girls from the team, im not surprised the girls may not want to work with her and him

    Exactly! I dont think they can just fix it. If 13 girls signed it - there is some problem. And the problem is not with Stenzel and Stysiak, the problem is with the coach and staff. I am sure that there isnt a member of the NT who thinks Stysiak shouldnt play.

    2 spots in one tournament but in VNL he could have tried many more other players, not only liberos.

    And do you really think that Nawrocki is doing such a good job that he should be the coach till 2022 :O ?

    But you started talking about libero position...:what:

    Come on, Krzos was disastrous last season, it was probably her worst season. I am not surprised that she wasn't called. The NT team has 2 spots for libero, one of them took experienced player and the other one was for a player who is the most prospective.

    I dont have a problem with specific players, but for ex. Italy/ USA used much more players in tournaments than Poland. Why did he call Centka/ Mazur/ Stencel/ Polanska when they havent even spent a minute on court? Its only my opinion but a tournament like Montreux should be a chance for some other players to play - thats what Italy did.

    What's your point ? She still outplayed Witkowska and Krzos on NT level. There is no better player than Stenzel and I will remind you that this was her first season as a starter. Maj-Edward was performing good as well, that's why she was in starting six many times. Maria deserved to be the starter.

    She has outplayed Witkowska but Krzos never really got the chance to play in the NT as a starter for a long time. I know Stenzel should be part of the NT but there are tournaments like Montreux or VNL where he could at least try Krzos or for example Jagła and he didnt. And Im not only talking about the libero position because Stencel, Baczynska and Chojnacka also deserved to get some playing time and some of them werent even in the wide roster! And players like Grajber, Murek, Łukasik and Różanski are constantly getting called for tournaments and never show anything special. IMO Nawrocki did some good things to the NT of Poland but its time to say thank you to him and try someone else.

    I dont understand you guys. If 13 players of the NT signed it - there for sure is a problem with the coach and the staff. None of these players said that they dont think Stysiak should be in the starting 6. What they are saying is that Nawrocki is spending too much time on her and Stenzel. Of course Nawrocki has done a lot of good things to the team but I believe that with a better coach - Poland could have reached the final of European Championship.

    The funny thing is to pointing out Stenzel as well, cause Maria is the best libero in the league since she started her senior career, like she REALLY is.

    And what? In the NT she is not playing like in LSK at all.

    Lazovic with 13 points :super:

    Will be hard to beat Chemik with Salas and Gysele. I love watching Cuban players...there's just something special with them.

    I have always wanted to see Wilma, Nancy Carillo, Rosir Calderon and Daimi Ramires in LSK, Cubans are so powerful and strong, watching them is really enjoyable.

    In my opinion Chemik and Rzeszów have the best teams for the upcoming season and they both played well during the friendly games. What i really like about Developres is that all 14 players of their team could play in the starting 6 because they are all on a similar level.

    The team that didnt play well during the friendly games is definately Wrocław. They event lost 0:3 to a team from the 1st Polish league. On paper they have many players with NT experience like Wers, Murek and Kasprzak and also some promising players like Rasinska and Pancewicz but still they make way too many mistakes.

    This is how I would rate the teams before the season starts basing on their performance in friendly games and the transfers they made :

    Best squads and favorites to win LSK - Chemik and Rzeszów :cup:

    Also good teams but their squads look worse than in last season - Budowlani and ŁKS

    Teams that may even reach the semifinal and have built solid teams with better players than last season - Kalisz and Radom

    Pałac is between {Kalisz, Radom} and {Legionowia, Bielsko}, I think they might surprise some better teams because they have an experienced squad with players who have played with each other for a long time.

    Teams for places 8-9 - Legionowia and BKS

    Wisła - they have some experienced players and also a lot of young promising players, they look better than Wrocław and Piła

    And teams who have the worst squads in LSK - Wrocław and Piła