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    Seems like you have quite a lot of free time, do you also want to make one for certain people complaining about Hande all the time?

    By the way, well done, it is a good compilation. Next time you have those crazy ideas like 'Busa is one of the best outside hitters in the world', read this post 😉

    seems like you always have to throw Hande into this converstation and start comparing them for no reason...

    Busa's fall continues, terrible attacking and even struggles at reception 🤦 I hope her signing with Vakıf won't be true:wall:

    Busa better than Hande?😂😂😂 Good joke, do another one:roll:

    She played in Fenerbahçe and crumbled. Even her reception was bad. Some players only shine small clubs once they have less pressure.

    Hande is good for Nilüfer? And Busa is good for Vakıfbank? Lol😂😂😂😂

    She is so not! her attack is very mediocre and this season her reception is also nothing special. She is contributing as much as other local mediocre OH in PTT

    I agree, with such a short height she is playing better than Busa at both reception and attack even though she played against all the big teams. I hope she can move to a bigger club next season

    Hande earned quite a lot in her club career unlike Busa who just flipped badly at pretty much every season.

    Another terrible game by Busa. 23% attacking :white: and it is just against a mid level team, Sarıyer belediyesi :aww:

    Sad thing is Busa is paid more than Merve Tanyel although Busa is not playing even as good as Merve who is normally an average OH. Just to point out how badly Busa is failing this season😉

    She can keep getting free medals with NT thanks to Boskovic, but in club season her true shape is visible🤷

    Indeed Busa wasn't even best Serbian OH. Impact-wise on Serbian NT's success, Busa was the 6th or even 7th player. As mentioned by another user above, she is more comparable to Grajber.

    Well I wouldn't be surprised. Some Serbian fans said Busa is one of the best outside. You see, there are crazy fans in every country:roll:

    No surprise from my side, we should remind those blinds who were bitching everything in PTT but busa as if she was not just a mediocre player 🤦 we see her true worth, no surprise.

    I wanted to ask this a long time ago, did she hurt you?

    You are CONSTALTLY bringing her into every topic, using her to compare with other players, and commenting every single game of hers. This is like an obsession. And many times you are the one starting the topic of Busa for no reason.

    Not to mention there is way more of these posts coming from you and basically hating on her

    My unpopular opinion says that:

    1. with current shape and mental shape Różański is not NT material. She should not be in wide 14 as we have quite many good OHs at the moment.
    2. Stysiak will never be so good on the right side as she is on the left.
    Unfortunately Lavarini will wait for Olivia whole season and missing good Smarzek doesn’t give a chance on Magda as OH.

    so you think Stysiak is better as an OH than as opposite? Well, that is an unpopular opinion indeed :D

    I don't see it tbh but maybe...

    I'd like to see Szczyglowska start but I think it's unlikely, I think what is more possible is Nowicka over Wenerska.

    That depends what do you mean by a good setter. He played in Poland for two years and was as mediocre as anyone, basically. Not bad per se, but definitely not good as well. He just was.

    if I remember right, in his first season in Warsaw he was good and he stayed there and then the whole team had a really bad season and I think he got benched by Blankenau

    People here have some kind of obsession with setters. It takes a couple of bad sets to call a setter terrible here. And the truth is that none of the heavily critisized setters lately is actually terrible. Wołosz is playing good, Macris was also doing her job for Fener and even Orro is definitely not as bad as people claim.


    Budowlani 3 : 1 BKS

    (24:26, 25:22, 25:17, 27:25)

    MVP - Fedusio

    Fedusio 21, Kazała 20, Durul 10/ Szczepańska-Pogoda 22, Damaske 17, Janiuk 15

    Great result for both teams honestly, unexpected. Budowlani after the regular season were a different team, huge success beating Chemik and taking the 3rd place. The whole team led by Durul and Fedusio played great, Kazała was very important in those last games, Łysiak was fantastic for the whole season and Polak's setting and charisma were also crucial.

    I don’t know how old Startseva is, but FB should be looking for a player who is reaching her prime and who can set a good block. With two youngster FB has, they need someone who could develop a good chemistry with them for the future. Wolosz is what 33 years of age; she will be 34 next year, because of her age she won’t be able to jump as high and etc. But I wish her the best!

    Startseva is a year older

    where do you find stats for Turkish League games?