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    TBH, I feel unfair for Motta. Vitra lost to Conegliano because bosko was sick or injured. But people keep chopping Motta's head. This is as same as if we blame Gui because Zhu was badly injured (fictive scenario) and Vakif lost to Conegliano in the SF last season. As for the "bad setter" in this club, I also disagree with this assessment. It's easy to say that Vitra didn't pick up a good setter. But honestly, they don't have many choice. In fact, tell me which setter was available in the market at that time can fulfill vitra's need. For me, the answer is none.

    Skorupa was.

    Mirkovic should get the best setter award. Her performance during this tournament was actually good while Rabka had a good game yesterday but today she did absolutely nothing.

    I hope these players will play in NT this year:

    Developres: Witkowska (MB), Zaroślińska (OPP)

    Chemik: Chojnacka (MB), Grajber (OH), Łukasik (OPP), Krzos (L)


    Kamila and Iga both played really well today, Kasia is still one of the best opposites in Poland, Martyna's receprion is very good and she has a diffucult serve, and Ola had so many good defence actions today and yesterday.

    I think he's annoying as hell and I don't like him at all, he's cocky and knows nothing about female volleyball, but I agree with him that Krzos's out of system sets are horrible, even the player knows it, Stenzel outplayed her in it. Beside's don't be so hard on Maria, cuz she has two ex - opposites next to her, and she's was doing a lot today. Both liberos was playing good in defence though and Aleksandra deserved to be praised for her performance.

    im not actually ! i think stenzel is great but i dont see anythink wrong in setting on straight legs on that level, ok her sets were not good but he didnt even say one good word about her, while he kept on complementing maria for everything. swedrowski is ok, but kadziewicz knows absolutely nothing about womans volleyball and he keeps on talking like he was somebody while in case of womans volley he is nobody. dont get me wrong i know he was a great player but.. come on

    That`s interesting. Of course I don`t understand a single word they are saying. But for whatever season I always get the feeling they are doing a nice job it is good to know.

    What do they say about Busa? I just get the feeling from their tone as they are always talking bad about her whenever they mention her name ( I can at least pick up players names when they say but that`s about it).

    the level of commentators in lsk is just horrible. there's not a single match without them making a mistake in someones name. but kadziewicz just pisses me off, i understand that stenzel is young and promising but putting her over by pointing out someone elses mistakes isnt proffesional and he keeps saying ,, its nothing personal but ..."

    they always remind that busa is a world champion and actually they say mostly good things about her.

    Pity that Femke isn't there, Tobiasz is embarrassing herself, these kind of sets are acceptable in 3rd league. :mad:Level of the match is nightmarish and I don't regret that I missed almost 2 sets of it.

    hahahahahahh xd i guess everyone can agree that the setters arent the best position today :D . but both liberos are doing ok.

    I was waiting for you to point out every of Marlena's touch. It amaze me that you can judged player who just came in after 2,5 sets and played about 5 rallies. She was suppose to do miracles straight away. For the record, she didn't do much, that's correct, but Mirković is also pretty bad.

    probably youre also right, she doesnt really get the chance to show her skills, but when mirkovic is playing bad ( which is quite often ) - she rarely changes the game, while replacing her.

    And people here r just crazy about Buss and Mirkovic. They talk when they play bad but does not say a thing when they play well.

    that is true, actually bianka is doing good in lsk and most of her games are really ok. sladjana makes mistakes and today she was bad but in the polish league she sometimes does really well and even in cl her match against moscow was ok. i also think that even though some sets by sladjana were really bad in todays match - the attackers could still do more with them than just make a mistake.

    whats wrong with Polish NT setter..why isnt she playing instead of Mirkovic with whose performance many Polish users are not happy ?

    i mean ok mirkovic is doing bad but plesnierowicz came to replace her, made mistake ( double touch while setting ) and left the court. she came back in the 3rd set but didnt change anything. but yes i think she should be getting more chances. but i also have to admit that mirkovic had some good games this season in lsk.

    After watching Chemik vs. Fenerbache, the clear difference is set quality and no bail out hitter for Chemik. I feel like none of the pins could score...

    I truly feel bad for Ogbogu and I hope she leaves next year...

    you are right ! libero and middles played really well, but mirkovic and grajber were bad again and busa and opposites were average.